The Religious Roots of Alcoholics Anonymous
and the Twelve Steps

by A. Orange

Chapter 25: Obscurity

As Moral Re-Armament faded into obscurity and became a forgotten footnote in history, the few remaining die-hards still defiantly proclaimed:

Those who try to silence Frank Buchman's voice can claim some success. But that voice can never be silenced for those of us who have heard it, or rather, those of us who, through Frank Buchman, learned to experiment with God — to listen to "the sound of a Voice coming from something not ourselves, in the existence of which we cannot disbelieve. Without it we are no more capable of saving the world than we were capable of creating it in the first place."
Experiment With God; Frank Buchman Reconsidered, Gösta Ekman, 1971, page 84.

The Moral Re-Armament organization has since languished, but still exists. MRA still maintains national offices in Washington D.C. and London, and still owns the large resort hotel/castle and estate in Caux, Switzerland. You can find them on the Internet at — the headquarters at Caux, Switzerland,
and — the British branch.

Oops! They changed their name yet again. Now they are calling themselves "Initiatives of Change", and their new URLs are:

2019: Ooops again. Much link rot has set in during the last nine years (2010—2019). Most of the links below are now dead. But this link is still good and leads to others:

They have many front groups, like

A much less political web site is the museum of the Caux Grand Hotel: [Dead. Badly misconfigured. It complains that you are not allowed to access the root.]

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