by A. Orange

In his second book, Bill Wilson declared that,

It is a spiritual axiom that every time we are disturbed, no matter what the cause, there is something wrong with us. If somebody hurts us and we are sore, we are in the wrong also. But are there no exceptions to this rule? What about "justifiable" anger? If somebody cheats us, aren't we entitled to be mad? Can't we be properly angry with self-righteous folk? For us in A.A. these are dangerous exceptions. We have found that justified anger ought to be left to those better qualified to handle it.
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, William G. Wilson, page 90.

It is difficult to count how many times well-indoctrinated Steppers have accused me of "having a resentment" and being angry (and hence of being "spiritually inferior" and "axiomatically wrong" and "insane"), but here's a partial list:

  1. ...lot of it makes sense but other part say to me that the writer may hold resentment and may not even be christian...

  2. I hate to say it, but I think you have a RESENTMENT.

  3. This is not a rigorous criticism of AA, this is a blatant rant of a small intellect and a big resentment.

  4. There is no spiritual condition when resentment fills a heart, let alone the capacity to MAINTAIN one.

  5. sounds like a resentment.

  6. you sound like you have a hidden agenda a resentment towards aa that is driving you to destroy it.

  7. You have a deep hatred of AA, and you've channelled all this energy into this website.

  8. Another 10,000 pages, and you just might get this AA resentment out of your system.

  9. I'm trying to understand what kind of personal experience could have made you so angry and so intensely motivated to steer others away from AA.

  10. And work on the little resentment machine in your head.

  11. 'Resentment is the "number one" offender.'

  12. Carrying around such a huge resentment can't be good for your back.

  13. Sounds like you have a resentment towards AA as a whole.

  14. I don't understand the effort you seem to put in, unless you have some resentment about it.

  15. My my what a resentment!

  16. If I have a problem or resentment against someone, my sponsor and other people in AA tell me to pray for the bastard

  17. Your mind is full of logic, yet you are full of hate and anger.

  18. You are clearly an angry guy. I think most people would take your entire argument alot more seriously if it weren't so painfully obvious that you have anger issues you have not yet worked out yourself.

  19. who seems to act out of anger, resentment, and hatred...

  20. But, as AA talks about, you need to move on from your resentments and hatred of AA or it will destroy your quality of life.

  21. You sound like you have a lot of anger and resentment.

  22. ...such a hate in your heart...

  23. ...try losing some of your anger and resentments.

  24. it seems to be nothing more than a dump site for what appear to be resentments toward the Fellowship

  25. sounds like you have a serious resentment

  26. Why the big resentment against Bill W and AA?

  27. You are one of the most resentful persons i have ever heard of.

  28. This website has an astonishing amount of information, and is draped in an even more astonishing amount of vitriolic hatred for AA.

  29. You make some valid points. Unfortunately, they are completely lost in the completely over the top hyperbole, anger and rage with which you express them.

  30. do you think god enjoys your hatred and intolerance?

  31. I am so sorry that you are so confused and angry

  32. Enjoy that anger buddy

  33. the second point that I made about you being "so very angry". I'm sure that's the corrosive web through your life.

  34. Your logic seems flawed because it is fueled by frustrated anger, instead of cool detachement.

  35. Your site reads like something written by the Unabomber: an angry, literate, pseudo-scholarly rant (with footnotes, so it must be real). All I ask is that you not become conversant with explosives.

  36. I'll be praying that you get over your obvious resentments someday...

  37. Your history is nice and some of your points are very valid but you seem to have resentments galore.

  38. ...your venomous fangs just keep showing through. You sure do a hatchet job on a program that has saved millions of people from a hideous death and insanity at this point in time.

  39. I only skimmed the rest of this pseudo intellectualism. I was put off by your rage.

  40. I just hate seeing an intelligent person such as yourself going on in life with a "grudge".

  41. It is obvious that you have some kind of resentment toward AA to write that.

  42. The anger and resentment you have for B. Wilson seems genuine enough but aren't you throwing the baby out with the bath water.

  43. Anyone with that much hatred fostered by self righteous "knowitallism" must be in enormous inner pain and narcissistic as well.

  44. Sure reads like a resentment.

  45. It's too bad you have injected your writings with so much venom....

  46. Why do you have such a deep seated animosity?

  47. sounds like you have lots of hatred.

  48. You seem like a very board person who seems so angry at AA that you your life must really suck,Whats the matter you cant stay sober.. Hope you get laid someday.

  49. That's quite an elabrote resentment you have.

  50. You really are full of resentment and self delusion.

  51. Your anger is showing.

  52. They market to resentment

  53. still carrying some pretty huge resentments?

  54. Your tone of rage seems to suggest that you are ... a mental defective...

  55. ...when individual human growth is so apparently stunted and crippled by resentment...

  56. It seems you have a deep running resentment with the 12 Step Programs...

  57. Please take your extreme resentment out of your mind...

  58. are you angry about something?

  59. Either you are a practicing alcoholic who doesn't want to abstain from the use of alcohol or you have some kind of a resentment towards AA (possibly an Alcoholic in your life and you are jealous of AA).

  60. Did you have to study hard to document your resentment???

  61. My oh my. You are such an angry man.

  62. I can say this I surely pulled some deep anger out of you, you certainly have a deep anger of AA and a weird understanding of terriosts

  63. Reread your article, you angrily went on and on about it without any thought as to the context of when the book was written.

  64. it seems like a lot of anger just put to the pen.

  65. You're Angry

  66. My donation is to recommend you work on your resentments.

  67. Mostly it screams anger at me.

  68. You are probably a jealous, hateful, destructive and deceptive Jew

  69. See a mental health therapist. You are VERY angry. Not logical, rational, or whatever.

  70. I can tell you have a resentment towards A.A.

  71. Chill out, the aggression must be killing you. As for the resentment .....

  72. Only an angry alcoholic would spend the absurd amount of time I am certain it took to compile all of your 'evidence' that AA is a cult.

  73. Why are you so angry? Why waste so much time attacking anything.

  74. I understand your bitter and hate filled attitude toward AA

  75. Get rid of your resentments and start working the steps. You are very sick

  76. This publicized attack is littered with half truths and ignorance. and a heaping helping of hatred.   ...   I've kept my resentments to myself.

  77. I have had some hum dingers as resentments but yours is so vicious, I feel compelled to let you know that it's likely to kill you.

  78. So, go on with your fantasies and your resentment.

  79. I read your papers and couldn't help wondering why your so angry.

  80. I just read your article on AA, and your hate filled views of it.

  81. Your blasting of AA is not unique I have seen many take irrational and hateful stands and paint a picture that wasn't based on facts but appeared more to be a `large emotionally charged rant.

  82. what really amazes me is how angry and cynical those are (like yourself) that come to A.A. looking for help, do not truly try to change, and poke holes in everything suggested.

  83. All I can guess is that you really have a problem with AA and this resentment will cause you much more discomfort than it ever causes Alcoholics Anonymous — Here IS a "lecture" Please donnot let you resentment push you to dissuade those for whom it will work from giving it a try

  84. "I can not imagine how much hated and anger would have to go into this work that you do."

  85. It's amazing how one resentment can turn your life into nothing more that hate filled speech.

  86. You simply sound like an angry child with no real purpose.

  87. Sounds like someone has a major resentment towards AA.

  88. I don't know where you acquired it, but you have one of the most severe resentments I have ever seen.

  89. Finally the truth — you have an ax to grind,

  90. are one resentful asshole. ... You have a huge resentment or emotional problem you need to address before it kills you or gets you beat up. ... Oh yeah, nurse your resentment and whine like a whiny bitch. ... I guess your resenting judgmental ass doesn't see that.

  91. Sounds like you have some resentments!

  92. I am disturbed at the venom you use to describe A.A.

  93. You are an idiot and should not be allowed to have a computer...

  94. I don't know whatever happened to you that left you so full of hate...

And the constant A.A. yammering about "resentments" has led to these discussions of resentments:


  2. ...your alcoholism can manifest itself in a lot of different ways. Here are a few: Drinking, depression, anger, resentments,...

  3. The greatest enemies of us alcoholics are resentment...

  4. Resentment, grudge, hate, and retaliation are burdens.

  5. what about the anger thing?

  6. Perhaps it is not resentments that are the number one killer of alcoholics but isolation.

  7. Such folks may use due to trauma, stress, or just because they like it, and even enter an addictive thought pattern of entitlement, resentment, etc.

  8. I'm resentful at: (moral inventory)

  9. ...what he [Bill Wilson] is really confessing to is feeling resentment about getting caught.

  10. When I expressed my feelings of resentment towards AA to a "friend" (who had introduced me to the program), he told me that "criticizing AA is a loser behavior".

  11. ...if we face our resentments, fears, and sex problems...

  12. Going at it exactly like the Big Book outlined (listing fears, sex problems, and resentments)

  13. the Diagnostic Statististical Manuel and The Addiciton Studies of American Medicine defines addiction/ alcoholism as a symptom of a deeper issue rather it be unresolved resentment and issues, personality / cognitive behavior disorders

  14. When you get a flame from a Stepper, have you ever considered telling him that he has a "resentment"?   and   When Jesus Christ preached to people about morality, I don't recall him ever mentioning resentments.

  15. However, I refuse to be a doormat and I like my resentment, it reminds me of the fact that I have a back bone!

  16. However, my personal experience is that most people who are true alcoholics, who stop drinking on their own will, are not in recovery. They are still bound by fears and resentments, and are not living a serene life.

  17. Lois Wilson was "axiomatically spiritually wrong", as Bill Wilson put it, because she had a resentment...

  18. take a look at yourself. where have you fucked up? what are your resentments?

  19. What has made you so angry and bitter at AA? And at the idea of God, for that matter?

  20. A clinical study of A.A.: A.A. does not reduce anger.
    Negative Affect, Relapse, and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Does AA Work by Reducing Anger? says that A.A. will not relieve you of "having a resentment".

Oh well, have a good day anyway.

== Orange

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