Mystical Experiences in Addiction Treatment

An interesting update to the research carried during out during the 20th century on using LSD to treat alcoholism:

Note the quote:

"The stronger the person's subjective response to psilocybin and the more they reported dimensions of mystical quality to the experience, the greater their clinical improvement in terms of both their drinking and their psychological status."

It's now officially "The year of the sheep" and therefore time to reveal the big secret to the herd

For all of the cute but disillusioned and brainwashed sheeple in the rooms, today is the day that they can unshackle the
the chains that bind them and they can for the last time chant in unison those immortal words; "WE THINK NOT".
Only this time they can scream that chant when asked "Are you an alcoholic?"

How Is Recovery Portrayed on TV - Nurse Jackie (Showtime)

Nurse Jackie is an American medical dark satirical comedy-drama series. It premiered on Showtime on June 8, 2009.[1][2] The show's seventh and final season will premiere April 12, 2015.[3]

How Is Recovery Portrayed on TV - Mom (CBS)

Mom is an American sitcom that premiered on September 23, 2013, on CBS. The series stars Anna Faris and Allison Janney and was created by Chuck Lorre, Eddie Gorodetsky, as well as Gemma Baker. On March 13, 2014, CBS announced the second season renewal of Mom.[1]

How Is Recovery Portrayed on TV - Shameless (Showtime)

Shameless is an American television comedy-drama which airs on Showtime. This remake of the award-winning British series is set in Chicago's Canaryville[1][2][3] neighborhood on the South Side, although filmed in Los Angeles, with the exterior scenes filmed in Chicago.[4]

Substance Misuse Sector Joke

When is a 'personal attack.....NOT a personal attack?.......When Rolf calls you a fucking asshole LOL

Substance Misuse Sector Joke

When is censorship of AA....not censorship of AA.........when Smart Recovery demand it

Substance Misuse Sector Joke

What's the difference between Smart Recovery and AA?.........Smart Recovery demand censorship of any criticism of AA.........AA DONT

Cognitive Dissonance in Alcoholics Anonymous - an Eye Opener

Published on Feb 16, 2015
Using Leon Festinger theory of cognitive dissonance I dissect relevant and common attitudes held by AA members about recovery, as well as explain some of the dangers of cognitive dissonance in AA/12 Step.

Bill Wilson rips the wife

We are all familiar with the degrading and chauvinistic chapter "To Wives" from the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book. Forum contributor 'The New Black' made a post recently that reminded me of that chapter when he mentioned how the 12 Steps aren't even about alcoholism.

Slimy - that is the word!

Alcoholics Anonymous: The Honest History 3 - Bullying is rampant

Published on Jan 30, 2015
Somehow AA members' learn along the way that carrying the message involves bullying. Does AA attract bullies or create them? Or both? This third installment is about current online trolls, those harassing ex-AA members online, and making fun of different modes of recovery. Is this what AA was like in the beginning, or did it turn into this? Watch and find out.


An oldie, but a goodie that hasn't been posted on the orange website yet. Written by a Catholic Priest and a good description of religious contradictions of AA. This was written early on in AA history. I commend people that penetrated AA's mask of "spiritual, not religious". This is a good reference for anyone that would like to describe some complications the 12 Step approach could have on many different religious people.

From the ECCLESIASTICAL REVIEW, Vol. 106: 285-288, April, 1942, by Paul L. O'Connor, S.J.

DUI’s, forced treatment (mandatory AA attendance), and incarceration-Big Brother needs to Butt Out!

The first and most obvious reason why nobody on this planet, or at least in this country, should be forced to attend AA meetings for a DUI conviction is due to the fact that to do so goes against the establishment clause of the First Amendment of our very own constitution. You know, separation of church and state and all that.

This stupid idea that the courts should somehow be our conscience and try to help us with our “problem” by sending us to AA or rehab or counseling, etc….is very creepy and Orwellian.



The Sherlock Holmes on ELEMENTARY sure is stupid.

The Sherlock Holmes on ELEMENTARY sure is stupid. He seems to be utterly unable to see the obvious.

This Sherlock knows every tiny detail about obscure things like ancient Egyptian antiquities and the workings of the New York City transit system, but he is utterly oblivious to the medical research that has been done to test whether 12-Step groups actually cause people to recover from their addictions.

What even such as me must admit about AA

For all my previous Anti Stepper Cult posts, I must admit the steppers NEVER locked me out of the meeting I was chairperson of. The steppers never banned me from being a Stepper chair person.....and incidentally the steppers have NEVER RVER insulted me no matter what I've said about that's the truth whether they are indoctrinated or not........and I know their is ALWAYS a place, even for me at AA.........these things are true, whether I like to admit them or not

If theres one thing WORST than the stepper cult

If there one thing I learned when I tried to promote MM and Smart in the UK. There is a lot worse than the stepper cult.......MM, Smart Recovery and the OPF for starters..........come back AA...all is forgiven....and I do mean that most sincerely. After meeting the members of those 3 totally screwed up steppers aren't that bad after all and that's hand on heart stuff from a rabid Anti Stepper. At least you have the excuse of being indoctrinated by a cult, the Treatment Sector and the media for starters.

'Don't change your behaviors- just change the rules!'

I'm wondering how many other members here have heard this approach.

When I was relatively new to these programs, and only involved on a minimal level, it first came from one particularly-screwed-up 'Stepper.' The individual was around my age, female, and had been in numerous programs for many years.

Researchers at the University of South Florida (USF) find possible murder by buckshot at the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, FL - you can run but you can't hide

In yet another revelation from the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, FL, researchers at the University of South Florida (USF) unearth more questions about this "troubled teen" camp. USF has until the end of 2015 to discover what actually happened in this "camp." Please talk to your congressmen and lawmakers to extend this deadline.

Re Terry/Orange's Home Situation

I was reading the letters and Terry mentioned he had to move , he was suffering a bad back , had to leave the place he was living and was going to be homeless. Does anyone know how he is making out?

In your opinion has Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) been getting more bad press as being "cult like" or less?

Yes, Alcoholics Anonymous has more bad press than good in 2014-2015
83% (5 votes)
No, Alcoholics Anonymous has been getting more good press in 2014-2015
17% (1 vote)
Alocholics Anonymous has always gotten bad press as being a cult. It's just more widely read in 2014-2015
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 6

What colour socks does NoAAUK currently have on?

0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Green and Pink stripped
100% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
Other, please mention in comments
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 1

Stepper Cult Joke

When is it all right NOT to criticise the stepper cult? When Smart demands that you don't

Have we heard this before? Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Oklahoma Metro recovery group responds to charges of sexual battery against former member Antonio Maldonado Dec. 2014- Jan. 2015

Metro recovery group responds to charges filed against former member

Posted: Dec 30, 2014 11:36 PM UTC Updated: Jan 20, 2015 11:36 PM UTC
By: Thabie Sibanda, Fox 25 Reporter

Members from a “Narcotics Anonymous” group are responding to sexual battery charges filed against a former member.


Everyone must make me the center of ttention.Caint ignore anythign I say causeI WANT ATTENTION.must debate with me/INGORING ME IS AGAINST THE RULES. I just want ATTENTION.I ME ME I.I ME ME I. INSANE but damned Drs say I need meds and screw them i'm going to CONTROL EVERYONE.all will bow down and engage with my INSANITY. I ME ME I.I ME ME I.I need attention oey me BOO HOO HOO. now when I say anything respond.caint ignore me or I'll have a hissy fit and make s50 entries on OPF /who am i now


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