Dissecting the Big Book.

A dissection of the BB, pgs. 9, 10,11, &12
He had come to pass his experience along to me – if I cared to have it. I was shocked, but interested. Certainly I was interested. I had to be, for I was hopeless. (it’s absurd how much credit he gave this guy who had not drank for 60 days. What of it man? Weird. Why didn’t I notice this one thing before?)

Are You Controlling Your Life?

Did you organise your own conception? Your coming into existence depended on millions of unknown interconnected events that lead to every one of your ancestors getting together at exactly the right time to create you.

The moment of your conception decided what your genetic inheritence would be. You are the product of your genes and your environment. Nature/Nurture - were you responsible for either?

anonymity? if you ever go to aa ; you are branded for life

they follower you and point and give you bad critical reviews (to help you of course) and nevertoruin your rep or name drop kick to float their leaky soul boat.

Forum Attack, Hacked or Flooded

What's happened here??? Any ideas???

Here comes a new 12 stepper movie...

MSNBC was just doing a puff piece on this new film.


From the trailer, it appears to be a major infomercial for the recovery industry. This film was also referenced in the state of the state address by the governor of Vermont.

I am guessing that other media outlets will be pushing this.

We need our people to show up in the message boards of places promoting this film to correct the potential misinformation this film is about to promote.

Daily Inventory

White Deer Run Treatment Centers provides a handout entitled, "Relapse Warning Signs." It states, "Any successful recovery program involves a daily inventory. One of the aspects of a daily inventory is to go over the relapse warning signs and relate to self, to see if we are experiencing any of the signs, so that we can prevent relapse.

Relapse does not begin with the first drink/drug. Relapse begins in a behavioral dynamic, which reactivates patterns of denial, isolation, elevates stress and impaired judgment."

Restore Us to Sanity?

The implication being that we were insane in the first place.

AA actually perpetuates the idea that members are somehow insane, and will always be that way, with slogans like... "I need a checkup from the neck up."... "When I'm in my own head I'm in a bad neighborhood."... and "My best thinking got me here."

Contradcition? You decide...

"we tried to carry this message to alcoholics"

"Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion"

Not to mention all the tv and radio adds, active recruitment at 'treatment' recruitment centers and, posters, banner ads, internet spam (eg.. 'recovery links'), sidebar links on forums, active aggressive recruiting on the web,... et al.

Here's the part where someone tries to tell us that the web is not media, therefor is in no way similar to "press, radio, and films." lol

How the Big Book fails to Answer Our Most Important Question-Why' we as members of AA get drunk.

How the Big Book fails to Answer Our Most Important Question-Why' we as members of AA get drunk.
There is so much senseless pain and misery in AA that I came to find it impossible to believe that there is a good and loving God who is in control, despite my knowing all the standard rejoinders that members of AA give.

I think the cult of steppism is absolutly amazing because

The stepper god, who can also be a tree branch just loves alcoholics and gave them a special program to solve all their problems
14% (1 vote)
Bill Wilson and Doctor Bob are spiritual (not religious) giants and true messangers of the stepper god
0% (0 votes)
The 12 steps are a 'perfect program' infalible in working to solve a substance misuse problem provided you work it right
0% (0 votes)
Stepper meetings are just full of mentally stimulating subjects to think about and slogans to learn
0% (0 votes)
There are some cracking members of the opposite sex (or same sex if that is your preference) at stepper meetings
0% (0 votes)
Actualy I dont think the stepper cult is amazing just a lying, fear mongering, coersive predatory cult
86% (6 votes)
Total votes: 7

Just For Today

White Deer Run Treatment Centers provides a handout entitled, "Why Are We Here?" On Page 10, "The Disease Concept; A Problem of the Mind," it states, "Addicts have an obsession with drugs that forces them to use against their will. We have lost our choice to use or not to use drugs. Once we start using, we continue to use despite the negative consequences of our addiction. We can cry, promise and swear but we always use again. By countering our obsession, the program breaks this cycle. The program (12 Steps) restores our choice to stay clean, just for today."

Blackmail anyone?

One of the more dangerous rituals in the 12 step cult religion is the practice of divulging all of your dirty laundry to people who all manner of fucked up, and will just as likely as not, betray your trust on a whim or for personal gain.

5. Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

Personality Transplant

If you hate yourself, you will fit right in with AA.

If you don't hate yourself, AA will teach you to hate yourself and convince you that you need a personality transplant in order to solve your drinking problem.

If you are smart enough, you will see through the bullshit and leave before they can get their dirty mitts on your personality.

Unfortunately, I bought into their bullshit for years. It took a long time to deprogram from AA.

Has AA ever given a damn about alcoholics?

In the early days Bill W was interested solely in numbers. He didn't care who they were or where they were from, he just wanted lots of them. He saw, very early, the money making potential of many people giving a little and pursued the numbers relentlessly. He was even kicked out of the Oxford Group because of his lack of discernment concerning new members.

RIP my friend passed 3 years ago.

I wasn't thinking about posting it but somehow I want to now.

A song for Frank Buchman

And any other homophobes...lol


(Apologies - can't embed videos)

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): The Long Road to England

The NHS Endorses AA - After 80 Years

Posted: 20/02/2014 17:00


Public Health England recommends the use of self-help groups like AA.

the human mind is the evolution of the universe itself looking back to ponder its own existence

the human mind is the evolution of the universe itself looking back to ponder its own existence


Where did the term "bashing" come from?
The first time I remember it being used was when a gay kid (I think his name Was Ryan) was tied to a fence and beaten to death. Then people started using the term "gay bashing" all of the time.

"Bashing" indicates that some form of persecution, or physical violence has taken place.

Is it really bashing to question, or criticize AA? I don't think so. I think the word is often used out of context.

Who was the first stepper solemn head bobber?

A stepper with a gammy neck
33% (1 vote)
A spiritual (not religious) giant who totally agreed very solemnly with stepper cult doctrine
0% (0 votes)
A complete nutjob who just liked nodding his/her head amonst other meaninglees pursuits (like attending a stepper meeting)
67% (2 votes)
Other, please explain in comments
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 3

God the Father and Jesus Christ are Against the Codependency/Recovery Movement (Part 2))

Watch the short video stories of two former atheists who believe they died and went to Hell. Both of these men are doctors with PhDs. One is an "alcoholic" physician who partied with famous people like Ringo Starr of The Beetles and Hoyt Axton. Clink this link to watch "To Hell and Back" - http://the-gospel-made-plain.blogspot.com/ and read the rest of this post if you can open it.

Grand Opening Invitation - SoberLifeStyle


I got an email from this place (appears out of the blue) and wonder if anyone knows about this "program".

"We are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of:
www.soberlifestyle.org, the ultimate website for all your recovery needs!


I read Games Alcoholics Play by Claude Steiner which describes a number of games and their positions , I do have the opinion that the role of sponsorship is the rescuer position to the newbies victim.
It was postulated that when rescuers run out of victims/newbies to rescue an entire chapter will empty out the drinking begins and the game resumes itself.

A take on stepping out of Chaos:

Is this the Alcoholics Anonymous definition of "Dry Drunk Behavior: Cunning, Baffling and Powerful "Stinkin Thinking"?

Dry Drunk Behavior: Cunning, Baffling and Powerful "Stinkin Thinking"

Marilisa Sachteleben, Yahoo Contributor Network
Feb 10, 2011 "Share your voice on Yahoo websites."

Alcoholics Anonymous talks about an emotional condition called "dry drunk". Recovering alcoholics and even non-drinkers may exhibit dry drunk behavior. What is dry drunk behavior? One common symptom is unreasonable thinking called "stinkin thinkin". Stinkin' thinkin' is irrational, self-centered thinking that focuses on the negative and blames others for everything.


"If God didn't exist, it would be necessary to invent him" - Voltaire

How many ways are there to admit you are powerless over alcohol

33% (1 vote)
2 - 10 ways
0% (0 votes)
10 - 100
0% (0 votes)
over 100 but only one way is correct
0% (0 votes)
There no correct way, you are NOT powerless over a dead plant
67% (2 votes)
Total votes: 3

the high death rate / gov involved? Chinese death sentence.

the fentynol deaths and the gov
the gov has been lying since jfk to 911 to wmds on and on
i am suspocious of the gov regrowing poppy in afghanistan
the elites can control the under classes
2 million in jail
now the hoplessss unemployed who get in dispair , use to relieve their pain
and then get busted with felonnies and so feel its their own fault they can;t get decent work -

just feels good to say fuck aa

oh i hated that fat popes billshit Glad i don't have to kiss the local popes ass in aa anymore


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