‘That 70s Show’ Star Lisa Robin Kelly’s Family Suing Rehab Center For Wrongful Death - PAX House, Califorina - June 2014

‘That 70s Show’ Star Lisa Robin Kelly’s Family Suing Rehab Center For Wrongful Death

Posted on Jun 10, 2014 @ 7:32AM

Nearly one year after the tragic death of That 70s Show star Lisa Robin Kelly, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned the actress’ family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the rehab center she was enrolled in at the time of her death.

The Bucket of Crabs, or Why AA and Alanon Are Bad For Your Health

The Bucket of Crabs, or Why AA and Alanon Are Bad For Your Health Posted on May 12, 2010 by Dr. Mary Ellen Barnes & Dr. Ed Wilson The “Bucket of Crabs” is one of our favorite analogies. Pulling crabs out of traps on Kodiak Island, we’d just toss them into a big bucket – no need to put a lid on the bucket. Why not? Because as soon as one crab would start to climb out, the other crabs would drag him, or her, right back down into the bottom of the bucket. There’s no escape to life back in the ocean. And that keeps happening until all of the crabs end up in the steamer. The point?

Email to My Husband

As I am coming to terms with your involvement with Alcoholics Anonymous and setting out on my own 12-Step journey I feel that it is important that you understand something. I will never believe that you are an “alcoholic” or a “junkie.” I do not believe in the disease model. I will never believe that your issues with substance abuse define you or me or our family in any important way.

Again out of curiosity............

has anyone who attends or attended the stepper cult ever 'moderated' or returned to fairly responsible drinking due to working (?) those 12 steps? Which incidentally don't mention any 'abstinence' from alcohol whatsoever. Or does this God, who can also be a fish bowl or Ford Escort or something equally nonsensical, just miracle everybody to stop drinking.......provided you attended AA meetings and work the 12 steps and blah! bah! blah!

The Stepper Cult – An irreproachable Self- Help Organisation that has saved the lives and sanity of millions of substance misusers

……or a lying fear-mongering 1930’s predatory and coercive cult that has ruined the lives and driven millions of substance abusers insane? And driven many many others to suicide.

What is the OPF best used as?

A method of stepper cult deprogramming
0% (0 votes)
A mehtod of exposing the lying, fear-mongering, predatory, coersive cult of steppism
0% (0 votes)
Both of the above
50% (1 vote)
A means to slag off any Anti Stepper that does not belive as you do nor post as you wish
50% (1 vote)
Total votes: 2

Stepper Cult Joke

When is recovery, NOT recovery? When its from an incurable disease

Out of Curiosity--Currently Attending 12 Step at all? Details?

I am wondering who here is attending AA meetings these days. As some of you know, I have been attending a bit since February. I was going once a week or so. For about a month I went three times a week. Now I have not been in two weeks. It has been awesome not going. I had a few reasons for going back. I have gotten into them a bit in previous posts. I am wondering who goes if any? If so, how often?

How Did This Happen?

I really do love and respect my husband but some small part of me is disappointed that he could get sucked in by all this bullshit. More than I was disappointed by his relapse! And when I flip out, like I do on occasion, he can tell. I get sarcastic. And nasty.

Stepper cult Joke

When is an Alcoholic not a 'real Alcoholic?' When they stop drinking by any other means than AA

Do Mentally Ill have Rights??

Seems that most suffering from mental disorders have almost zero rights. we'll decide for you who you should ahve realtionship with we'll decide if meds are working or not We'll srap you into 4 points if you disagree. we'll assume CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE in seeking **&*&&&&*& noone's interested so why mention it? But it's all the same Youre sick shut the fuck up and OBEY ME OBEY ME I will take control voer your life. Control freaks drawn like magnets to assume IF I can take control /that's best. Ridicule,insult,humiliate,degrade=CONTROL

Bayou Dorcheat Jail in Webster Parish, Minden, Louisiana is changing policy on making inmates attend church and Alcoholics Anonymous - July 2014

Bayou Dorcheat changing policy forcing inmates to attend church Posted: Jul 01, 2014 10:18 PM UTC Updated: Jul 02, 2014 2:35 AM UTC By Fred Childers MINDEN, LA (KSLA) - Prayer and prison. Does it mix? Some inmates and even those in charge said it doesn't blend, based on certain Louisiana guidelines.

A Crack!

Last night my husband and I went to a joint A.A./Al-Anon meeting and I think he really started to see what I wanted him to see. And so much more! He told me that he thought of A.A. as a bridge to a better life but that he sees a lot of people get stuck on the bridge and some people even hide there. He also admitted that he sometimes has a problem knowing his own mind and acting in the world of his own volition, which I thought was so courageous. It gave me a lot more respect for him.

The Stepper Cult - Faith Healing or Fear- Mongering Cult?

Many people describe the stepper cult as an example of faith healing, but is this really so? Lets examine this idea a little further.

What would be a good name for a press package explaining the problems with AA/NA/12 Step? Please explain your answer.

Why AA might not be good for you.
14% (1 vote)
Why 12 Step programs are not good for you.
14% (1 vote)
Why AA and all 12 Step programs are a cult.
29% (2 votes)
Other, Please give example of name and give reason for use.
43% (3 votes)
No need to write a press package since AA/et. al. will just lie about it.
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 7

Orange, what security do you have in place on the forum?

Hi Orange, Not long ago, I had one of my OPF posts hacked and my words were redirected to aa. My thread, which you had to fix, is here: http://www.orange-papers.org/forum/node/5317

Checking Out

Thanks for the OPF, and all that gets done (and not done...lol) on this site. I haven't been active regarding topics here since taking up another cause, and am working hard to start something positive for people dealing with other health issues. I enjoyed my time here, and with a few exceptions, the friends I made. I never formally said goodbye, but felt I should at least put up a "goodbye" post.

Al-Anon Makes Me Angry

Sometimes, after I go to Al-Anon meetings I get very angry about the things that addicts and alcoholics have done to their families. There are women and men there who have been physically and emotionally abused. I listen to their stories and it breaks my heart. Then I get in the car and I become angry at my husband for using drugs and I start wondering about things. Is he still using drugs and lying about it? Has he had affairs and neglected to mention it in his "amends" (because it might cause more harm)? Has he sexually abused our daughter?!

Robert Downey Jr's son arrested for cocaine.

Statement from the actor...
"Unfortunately there's a genetic component to addiction and Indio has likely inherited it. Also, there is a lot of family support and understanding, and we’re all determined to rally behind him and help him become the man he's capable of being. We’re grateful to the Sheriff’s department for their intervention, and believe Indio can be another recovery success story instead of a cautionary tale.”

Massachussets General Hospital (MGH) to start mandatory substance abuse screenings of all patients and "Recovery Coaches" to take people to AA - Fall 2014

MGH to screen all patients for substance abuse

Querying part of effort to treat addiction
By Liz Kowalczyk | Globe Staff June 30, 2014

Massachusetts General Hospital will take the unusual step of questioning all patients about their use of alcohol and illegal drugs beginning this fall, whether they are checking in for knee surgery or visiting the emergency department with the flu.

Hi Folks!

Orange has given me a second chance. I'd like to say I'm sorry for what happened on this forum a while back. I hope that all of you can see it in your hearts to forgive me. Looking forward to participating here in the future.

Lord's Prayer

My husband has been in A.A. for over three years, going 5-7 times per week and I never asked him anything about it. I didn't want to know. I figured it was his business, just like the addiction. I was angry, hurt, disappointed to find out he had been using and hiding it from me. I told him he had a get out of jail free card, that this was his one fuck up. I didn't want it in my life or the kids' lives.

The news from Box 459, Summer, 2014 issue.

http://www.aa.org/newsletters/en_US/en_box459_summer14.pdf Items of interest: 1. Subscriptions to the Grapevine continue to decline. There were 77,126 Grapevine subscriptions in 2013, and 2014's subscription estimate has been revised to 73,401. 2. The January 1, 1014 estimate of aa's membership is: 1,296,037 members in the US 93,565 members in Canada (US & CA totals = 1,389,602) 35,799 members in "Correctional facilities" 6 "Internationalists" 65 "Loners" 712,949 members outside of North America

well 95% of people at AA are actually anti aa(s)

well 95% of people at AA

Alternatives to AA

When anyone anywhere reaches out for stepper cult deprogramming.....I want the hand of AAA to be there always. The only requirement for membership of AAA is a desire to expose the stepper cult. God grant the me the courage to change the things that I can.......especially the false public perception of the stepper cult.

OPF Circle Jerk

I *see* you. :) Thanks for letting me beat everyone; it's **totally** my empty mind that allows me to kick everyone's ass. Hope all is well. I wish you'd give us a bit more insight into who you are. Another anti aa-er from the ST days or even from right now? Hmmmm. Or maybe you' re yet another AAer with an ax to grind? Put in some clues even if they're overly general memes. C'mon!


#1-POWERLESS-all those robberies and that one time when girl was home and I accidentally RAPED HER now I'm freed from guilt-OMG I was powerless.see cool,huh and Unmanageable=God sould ahve been watching me and given me a spiritual ENEMA to help me.It's all GOD's FAULT. #2.God restore me to sanity=no d-blasted shrinks Prison that blasted psych knew all about how my shitty daddy kept hitting me beating me and my mommy was drunk did not protect me.Psych even knew how I hated everyone !! ballasted shrink could ahve actually changed me and I'm a thief and I dig it.Now w/AA no shrinks /no pyschs

munchousen by proxy alcohol disorder? it IS catchy.....

munchousen by proxy alcohol disorder? it IS catchy.....


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