The Alcoholics Anonymous Judge, Rogellio Flores, re: Karla Brada, Eric Allen Earle

Rogelio Flores is the judge that sentenced Erica Allen Earle, a violent convicted felon, to AA. Earle had been sentenced to AA by the judicial system a couple of dozen times and admitted to using it to pick of fragile women to take advantage of. After seducing Karla Brada and financial breaking her, Eric Earle beat her then later murdered her in a drunken rage.

Judge Flores was also an elected Class A trustee for the General Service Board of AA. Below is a historical account of Flores found on the AA website (it was also released to the press).

I moved into a new place

Things do get better... even without joining the cult.

Imagine that?

Alcoholics Anonymous - Sponsor vs. Therapist - A classic youtube video

Uploaded on Sep 25, 2008
The following appeared in the Northern Illinois Area Service Newsletter. It is clearly a war on self.

And the Winner is..for Best Internet Forum (OPF) Hacker

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Any other OPF member
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Remember the 80s?

How is AA going to be brought down?

Ok, before you all go off screaming bloody murder, this is simply MY opinion.

AA the way it is today was not caused by the alcoholic?

Could it be that AA the way it is today was not caused by the alcoholic? I attended my first AA meeting in Douglas Arizona some time in 1962. I stayed sober for one year. Those meetings were nothing more than 2 or more alcoholics helping each other to stay sober. We did not open with the Lord’s Prayer. We did not close the meeting with it. It was the same way when I returned on Feb 22, 1970. About 5 years later the jitter joint were started and they used AA. They would hold AA meeting. They would bring their patients to our meeting. Alcoholic or not. That’s the way it all got started.

First came Angry Birds, then came Angry Orangies

Hello again, Eddie,

Thanks for the letter and the compliments, and the vote of confidence.

I'm really sorry that the hard-core anti-Steppers drove you off of the forum. That does not help the cause.

Suicide in AA

I've got plenty of other things to do at the moment, than to ONCE AGAIN troll through the Anti Stepper Cult Websites and video's to extract some evidence of the stepper cults obscene suicide rate (and sexual predation rate).

Youngsters and teenagers in AA, despite denial by brainwashed members

All too often AA trolls come along and claim that children or young people don’t go to meetings and carry on try to defend the dangers of the program as it might relate to adults. I personally have seen children, teenagers, and young people at meetings on a regular basis. Some were there because their parents didn’t have a sitter for them but the bulk that I have seen were members themselves. The followings is some back-up to show that young people are regulars in the program.

Brake fluid Addiction

There's a bloke in town who's addicted to brake fluid, but he says it's no problem, he can stop anytime.

wonder what AA úd make of him.

Happy Birthday Florence R.

Florence Rankin Kalhoun was born on December 17, 1895. Her troubled life would be plagued by bouts of heavy drinking, which ultimately led her to the basements of Alcoholics Anonymous. Florence's story hit the big time when "A Feminine Victory" made the first edition of the Big Book, where she wrote,

I know that my victory is none of my human doing. I know that I must keep myself worthy of Divine help. And the glorious thing is this: I am free, I am happy, and perhaps I am going to have the blessed opportunity of "passing it on." I say in all reverence-Amen.

An old Christmas favorite!

Billy boy
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In his Billy boy underwear

Watch out girls for that Billy boy rock
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Russian Drug Tsar claims that brainwashed Methadone Addicts are causing a Ukrainian Revolution in December 2014

Cults, Drug Addicts Fomented Ukraine Revolution — Russian Drug Tsar

The Moscow Times, Dec. 12 2014 15:34, Last edited 21:16

Russia's top anti-drug cop claims to have identified the cause of the Ukrainian revolution — which, he said, was enacted by brainwashed methadone addicts.

Ukraine is one of more than 50 countries offering opioid replacement therapy to heroin addicts, who receive a milder opioid such as methadone in a palliative bid to ease withdrawals and drug cravings and decrease the danger to addicts.


Another question: the funniest things ever seen or HEARD at AA cattlecall. dingalings meetings. Personal feeling is for such arrogant ones LAUGHTER HURTS THEM MORE THAN ANY TORTURE IMAGINEABLE SO HOW ABOUT SOME laughs.reach back/wayback machine and funniest,dumbest,most ridiculous ever seen -heard,experienced at AA ?/ meeting/cattlecall?/cult gathering?/hiding place for no-responsibility?/ gathering of the CONFUSED?,/ source of AA diseases?/ place of devious,dishonest,dumb?

We Need a New Blog Entry

How is everyone? In three sentences or less discuss the creepiest person you saw or heard in the rooms. Go.


OPF consumed with wow we got a stepper someone we can ATTACK !! gr-8. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


OPF consumed with wow we got a stepper someone we can ATTACK !! gr-8. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Are steppers 'phychopaths?'

Yes, some of them do fit the profile
75% (6 votes)
No, they are just nutjobs that like to constantly woffle about some 1930's cult indoctrination
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13% (1 vote)
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A scientific test of the ridiculous powerless idea.

Walk into an aa religious cult meeting and set a bottle (or several of different types...) down on the table. Move them around, pour them in glasses, throw some in the garbage, put some in the coffee (make sure every one knows you did) leave some on the table.... etc. Oh, here's a good one, make some booze to take. The ultimate in power over alcohol, create it, then destroy it. This alone will prove people are not powerless over alcohol, but there is more. Sit down and watch everyone else proving they do indeed have power over alcohol.

What's Happening at The Grove?

I don't know, but most of the comments on The Fix have been deleted! LOL!

Residents of Capistrano (Capo) Beach, Dana Point, Orange County California have had it with the 20 Sober Homes in their neighborhood and 40 of them showed up at a City Council meeting in Nov. 2014 to voice their concerns.

Capo Beach Residents Ask City’s Help with Nuisance Sober Living Homes

by Dana Point Times on November 21, 2014 By Andrea Swayne

Capistrano Beach residents attended Tuesday’s City Council meeting en masse to express their frustration with what they call a proliferation of sober living homes in their neighborhood.

Stepper Cult Joke

What's the difference between the steppers and some of the OPF posters? The steppers have to pretend to be spiritual (not religious), at least at those macabre stepper cult indoctrination sessions/meetings (or else they are scared into beliving they will drink). Some OPF posters realise they can be as nasty as they want....its totally irrelevant as regarding the desire to drink

and one of the biggest problems is:

I refer to it as frame of reference. It seems to be only human nature for people to have a hard time grasping anything that's not within their own personal range of experience and knowledge. While some actually exploit this issue, for others it's nothing more than an honest mistake.

Looks like I was wrong.

Apologies to Monica Richardson. Looks like she's really getting things done.

Is Emma Knutt's insanity due to his/her/its favourite hobby? ?

Yes- and he/she/it should go back to it, & take the other trolls along
60% (3 votes)
no- EK's insanity is only due to his/her/its *Anonymous program
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other- please explain
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Enough Already With the Dammm Doorknobs

Every time I read remarks about the 'doorknobs,' I can almost imagine 'Steppers' snickering up their sleeves.
Point 1: If you read through the books- including the BB chapter on agnostics- you can see the approach is based on causing people to believe they have complete freedom of choice, while at the same time making it clear that if you 'KCB' you will eventually begin to see it THEIR way.


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