Repent ye sinners, forsake your humanity and rot in AA Hell.

That in a nutshell is AA’s “plan of action” for overcoming your “disease”.
I’m not going to waste any time here proving that AA is a religion because I’ve already done that. Just read the steps or the first half of “The Freedom to Recover” if you still have any doubts.

Why I Have Joined "the Anti-AA/NA Movement"

What came to mind was an experience I had shortly after renting my first apartment. I’d purchased a beautiful chocolate cake from a local bakery, and my toddler and I were both looking forward to eating those delicious swirls of frosting. After leaving the apartment for a few minutes, I came back to find unusual-looking insects crawling all over the cake. From my experiences in “the programs,” “Steppers” do the same thing: take over and destroy what belongs to someone else.

I continued to attend stepper cult meetings because of the fear of substance misuse and death which they implanted in me

Yes, I went to stepper meetings because they said I would abuse substances and die if I failled to attend their meetings
100% (3 votes)
No, I went to meetings because I knew that the 12 steps were Gods meesage of salvation to mankind
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 3

Control by:Fear the Wrath of God

Long ago.In the mists of tiem,someone realized that to control
maximum amount of perons =use fear.Kings warning of death
Punishment by Lords and kings
But religious ones ralized why talk about the Love o God
when Fear is much more effective.Deatailed descrip[tions of
Eternal damnation/Hell fire and Brimstone
Just by accident,watching Blood and Bone,I ran across
an unusual piece of info.When Gheghis Khan attacked Rome;
the Pope sought to impress him witht heir pirmative "Superstitions".

Do US Courts coerce anybody to any other religion other than steppism?

0% (0 votes)
100% (1 vote)
Total votes: 1

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Founder Believed God Would Help Drunks. Tried to Hide It.

On February 10, 1938, Clarence H. Snyder, a hopeless alcoholic, was admitted to Akron City Hospital in Akron, Ohio. His admitting physician was Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith.

The admitting physician was an ass doctor.

"Nor should we fail to mention other hundreds who have quietly stopped drinking and resumed normal life." William G. Wilson, Alcoholics Anonymous, 1st edition/2nd printing (March, 1941), page 394.

​"Nor should we fail to mention other hundreds who have quietly stopped drinking and resumed normal life." William G. Wilson, Alcoholics Anonymous, 1st edition/2nd printing (March, 1941), page 394.

Bill's chapter titled "Now We Are Thousands" replaced the Pat Cooper/Ruth Hock testimonial "Lone Endeavor" with the 2nd printing of the 1st edition. "Now We Are Thousands" may or may not be in the 75th Anniversary Commemorative edition of the big book.

The 75th Anniversary Big Book is now in Stock!!

The 75th Anniversary Big Book is now in Stock!!

Posted on April 7, 2014 by janis

We received our second order of the new 75th Anniversary Edition of the Big Book, so it is available and in stock for anyone wanting to buy them. The new edition cost $12. We ask that groups keep their order to one case until we get a constant supply coming in to the office.

AA founder, believed LSD could help Alkies. Tried to hide it.

Author reveals Bill Wilson's acid theory, but his experiments upset other Alcoholics Anonymous members
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Amelia Hill
The Guardian, Thursday 23 August 2012 13.37 EDT
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Clearly it does NOT necessarily “work if you work it!”

Ok, I read this sad cry from help off one of the AA websites. Clearly it does NOT necessarily “work if you work it!”
“WTF!!! I'm doing all the right things. I go to at least 12 meetings a week, I stay in close contact with my sponsor, I do plenty of service. I'm Always working on my steps & most of all.... I have a Great relationship with my higher power. 11step all the time. WHY??? Do I feel so depressed????”

God dosent actually remove any shortcommings, you just ask Him to

I was reading through the same stepper cult literature when I realised something about step 7. You ask God to remove you shortcomings albeit humbly. Nowhere in the 12 steps does it say that God actually does REMOVE these shortcomings. Much the same as it doesn't say anything about stopping drinking in those 12 steps. You could actually had a Moderation/Harm reduction Anonymous and not change the 12 steps one bit. Anyway its actually a good thing it that the 12 steps do not claim that God actually does remove your shortcomings if you HP is a lamp post or a kettle or similar.

Fate is the Hunter/PREDESTINY

Was watching an old movie.Fate is the Hunter.
Plane crashes and lawyers looking for whom to sue
53 dead.One stew lived.and Glen Frod searching for why did it ahppen
In front of board o inquiry states was"Will o God" predestiny
so everyone wanting his skin and he takes same air craft up
to duplicate the crash.Simulation.Sets course and feathers
engine which was hit by a seagull.then nothing happened
then flashing red light/warning panel for other engine out
Plane going down,Resets feathered engine and going back up he notices

The Oxford Group

I was reading some stepper cult literature. I cant stomach much of that stuff nowadays but I was reading that statement thing about AA. They do declare that AA is not allied with any sect. But is this strictly true? We all know that the stepper cult is all lies and fear mongering as well as its more famous role as a breeding ground for sexual predation. But while they claim not to be allied with any sect are not the false doctrines of steppism just copied from the false doctrines of the oxford group cult?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): This Car Stops at All Meetings

Standard english translation = I am an AA member & I don't have a job!

AA Keeping Safe

An anonymous member in Washington explains how the group tries to keep members safe from predators. Specifically a 13 year old girl.

Did they notify AA? Yes
Did the GSO or AAWS intervene? No.
The group was told to handle it at their discretion. So.....
Did anyone from the group call the police? No!

As we all know there aren't any safety procedures set or guidelines to follow. If other members don't see or aren't watchful, or if there isn't an alert “old-timer" member that cares enough to step in, the predators continue to victimize.

Powered alcohol

Request for Information

This is relevant as I lost most of my email contacts. I know there is some computer experts on this forum and I need some advice. I lost an email account with yahoo. Does anyone know how I can get this email account back, or at least get access to this account or my contacts email addresses back from yahoo?

I need these contacts if I try once again to establish some alternative support network in the UK.

I Died and Went to Hell, too!

IMPORTANT!!! First read below! - To Hell and Back!

Watch the short video stories of two former atheists who believe they died and went to Hell. Both of these men are doctors with PhDs. One is an "alcoholic" physician who partied with famous people like Ringo Starr of The Beetles and Hoyt Axton. Clink this link to watch "To Hell and Back" -

IMPORTANT!!! First read below! - The Scientific Case for the Existence of God! (What Some OPF Members Don't Want You to Know)

A few months ago, I noticed that some OPF members were doing something very strange. The reason that I am not going to tell you about it on this blog is because, from time to time, someone uses their internet skills to make it impossible open the comments and read them. Realizing they might do the same thing to THIS post, I have place it on another blog. The link below will take you there:

New Blog:

The God thing

Some may say this subject is not relevant to substance misuse and I would tend to agree with them, particularly Atheists, except that a certain 1930's cult, which likes to scare its victims with woffle about their version of God and their version spiritual things in general (as opposed to actually discussing any real strategies for substance misuse control ) This cult of steppism appears to have been allowed to dominate the substance misuse sector in the developed west.

What OPF Want You to Know about God. and Alcohol addiction

1. By God we mean that which is all loving, all knowing, all powerful.
2. A God who is all loving, all knowing, all powerful would want to eliminate alcoholism.
3. Alcoholism continues to exist
4. Therefore a God who is all loving, all knowing, all powerful does not.


My big plan: I will never drink/smoke again, I will never change my mind.

Is AA’s stance on powerlessness religious in nature? Read the following and you decide.

Good morning folks, just a little more proof that AA’s stance on powerlessness is completely religious in nature and originates from Christian thought and beliefs.
These are from the thoughts of Ludwig Feuerbach which I came across while actually reading about Friedrich Nietzsche; What Nietzsche Really Said, by Robert C. Solomon and Kathleen M. Higgins. From pages 86-87;

What is the best way to expose the Stepper cult?

In fighting and name calling is not the way to expose this cult. But what is?

Medium Picks up Hitchhiking Ghost of BillW⑬™

(The Ghosts of Christmas Déjà Vu obtained this rare look into the life of Scott Wallpain, a medium who claimed to have interviewed hundreds of famous ghosts while driving around the United States)

GCDV: You’ve said that you’ve encountered hundreds of famous ghosts. Are all the ghosts you meet famous?

SW: No. Just this morning I awoke with a small girl in a Sunday dress and pigtails tugging on my arm. “Wake up, wake up,” she said. “What is it?” I asked her. “I want you to tell people to stop abortion,” she said. “Because mommy killed me I never got to be a little girl.”

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): The King of 13th Steppers

The King of 13th-Steppers by Michael X.

This scene is not fiction! Bill Wilson's womanizing is legendary:

AA’s Own Stats Show Slow Demise

just thought it good to reshare information (fact) that aa is in decline!
and wo the rehab ripoff racket - aa would practically disappear.
the demise of aa is due mostly to the common sense of the average man/woman.

AA’s Own Stats Show Slow Demise - from Stinkin' Thinkin'_files

This piece was written for Stinkin’ Thinkin’ by a regular reader — an ex-AA member with 29 years in the program. Thank you!!

Get out your slide rules, nerds! – ftg


IT'S STRANGE but life changes.time was when on Martha's Vineyard
mom working for Scotty Reston as write for papaer.I would go to awesome
church Christmas eve just listen to music and see Stained glass inside.
Immense feelings o love from Lord and home to sleep
Being reminded /hey it's EASTER.Stage is set for memories o past
times when Easter was church day/different churches/mom kept changing
from one to another to another /uet still special day
I have no doubts about Jesu having been the MASTER o histime

My true recovery

I only went to one rehab and it was a 30 day rehab. The clinical director could not stand AA because he felt it promoted lazy thinking. He felt AA took the responsibility away from the person who abuses alcohol in two ways, one by passing the recovery over to god and two it was pre-determined that you would be an alkie, because you have the gene and it is a disease.


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