Where would you tell a person targeted as a "Prospect" for Alcoholics Anonymous or any 12 Step cult to go to learn how to respond, resist and get the cult fanatics out of their lives on the internet?

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Both http://orange-papers.org and http://orange-papers.org/forum
75% (3 votes)
Other - please explain where and why in the comment section.
25% (1 vote)
Total votes: 4

Are you bored?

Are you all just sitting here sucking on janus' dick still? If you are bored/tired of that, you might be able to actually help someone over here. https://voat.co/v/atheism/comments/460825

I have a question

Is God as we understand Him willing to prevent “Alcoholism” but just not able? then He can’t be omnipotent “The same as God” right? Or is he able to prevent “Alcoholism” but just not willing? Then he must be malevolent, “All powerful”? Or is he neither able to prevent “Alcoholism” nor willing to prevent “Alcoholism” in which case why do we call him God? Soberman


We don't need no stinking psychs nor therapists.
came to BELIEVE HP SAUCE could cure alll mental disorders.
Denial surely tis true as COMORBIDITY for over 50%
means that they will neer get help from any genuine PROFESSIONAL
since goddddddddddd
group o diseased,dishonest,dumbassed,devious,degenerate,disgusting,demented,drunkards
will cure whateer ails you.don't need no stinking professionals
OMG what could someone with decades of experience
minimum of one decade of study of min/ unbalanced minds

The Myth About AA and Suicide

Alcoholism, along with other mental health conditions increases the risk of suicide. As you can see from the article below, Russia has one of the highest suicide rates in the world (along with one of the worst alcohol problems):


Just for Janus....Cult characteristics, recruitment methods. etc.

I came across a fascinating article on another site titled "How cults recruit & indoctrinate their members"
Different cult but same tactics.

So I am sitting in an ER waiting room

Not for myself, but with a family member. There is a rack of AA propaganda in the waiting room and I have time to kill. I have not been to this forum, or others like it much, as I feel I have simply grown passed it and moved on. However reading through the AA propaganda I am realizing that I have forgotten how sick, vile, sinister, and deceptive the AA faith is. I may start posting around the interwebz again. This cult is killing people.

UK Study from 2007 to 2011 Shows Interesting Trends in Workplace Drug Use by Age Group and type of Drug - Alcohol was not included.

Nearly a million employees in the UK 'have drugs in their system at work'

Between 2007 and 2011 screening firm sees 43% increase in number of workers testing positive for drug use

By Daily Mail Reporter

Published: 23:00 GMT, 1 July 2012 | Updated: 06:41 GMT, 2 July 2012

How do you actually spell Julius whats-his-name...you know him that was murdered by Brutus at the ides of March

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Don't know had too much booze....I think I'd better get to an AA meeting before I end up in jail, instituitions or dead
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Why the 4th/5th Steps are useless and evil

I am Soooooooo tired of the 4th/5th Step defense used by Steppers when they try to convince you that the Steps actually address underlying issues.
Their rational is that you do in fact have to take a look at “your past” behavior and such in order to improve your current and future situations.
That’s of course true if when looking at your past, that you analyze such things as your coping skills, responses to life’s stresses, etc….and then acquire new skills and knowledge to adjust accordingly.
Unfortunately, that is NOT what Steps 4&5 are even remotely about.

If Bill W (aka Bill Wilson, William Griffith Wilson) the co-founder of AA was alive today would his name be found on the Ashley Madison site (the adultery site) and would he claim it was because he was an Alcoholic?

Of course Bill Wilson would claim he was an adulterer on Ashley Madison because of Alcoholism.
20% (1 vote)
Bill Wilson the co-founder of AA didn't need an adultery site like Ahshley Madison, he'd just go to an AA meetings.
20% (1 vote)
No, Bill W co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous didn't need an adultery site like Ashley Madison to find people to hook up with.
0% (0 votes)
No Bill W would just say what happens at an AA meeting stays at the AA meeting and wouldn't trust the Ashley Madison site.
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No, Bill Wilson would never be an adulterer and would never use Ashley Madison to cheat on his wife.
20% (1 vote)
Other- explain below in the comment section why Bill W (co-founder of AA) would never join an adultery site.
40% (2 votes)
Total votes: 5

Being Drunk is a Choice

I have no idea what AA means by "We were powerless over alcohol,. Do you? Soberman


Did you wear your sexiest clothes?Spend an hour
putting on your best makeup-then go toa club?
Drink and dance with your "friend'?
then invite him in fora night cap?
well then you chose tobe RAPED.
Did you walk home instead of taking a taxi
with the doorman registering the cab number
When as an altar boy-you were with the
did you feel special-then you choose tobe RAPED
blame the victim is a fun game eyy woht
So being raped is a CHOICE.

Why our resident Troll Janus has Lost

1-For a year and a half Janus has tried to convince us with "facts" that AA has some semblance of efficacy in helping people
overcome dependency issues.
Now besides the Fact that she claims there are no such things as Facts (this in and of itself is beyond amusing considering that she hunts down surveys and FACTS that supposedly back up her claims) she recently
finally admitted that the 12 Step method offers nothing in terms of overcoming dependencies beyond the pathetic occasional

The sequel to "12 Steps to Dead" will explore and expose....

Yes, it will be a novel as well but I'm hoping to bring to light some of the behind the scenes nuttiness that MUST occur at
the "corporate" or organizational level along with other controversial issues.
12 Steps was pretty on the money because we've all seen and witnessed what goes on in and around the rooms so this is
much more of a challenge.

The Buprenorphine Effect on Depression

The Buprenorphine Effect on Depression
By Richard Gracer, MD


Patients with opiate addiction, who are treated with buprenorphine, often ask why the buprenorphine eliminates their depression as well. Many of these people have never felt better in their lives since starting this drug.

Troll awards

Time has come to again hand out awards to our trolls. Janus gets the chip for longest reining troll, Jim battle get the chip for religious troll, any others?? what do you think?

Addiction Is a Choice

By Jeffrey A. Schaler, PhD
*I only partially copied from this article; a book review

Is addiction a disease, or is it a choice? To think clearly about this question, we need to make a sharp distinction between an activity and its results. Many activities that are not themselves diseases can cause diseases. And a foolish, self-destructive activity is not necessarily a disease.

Stepper Cult Tip

13th Steppers, don’t use traditional 12 step indoctrination for your chat up line, when trying to exploit 12 step cult victims to satisfy your own carnal desires. Lies like its jails, institutions or death if you leave the stepper cult, or God, who can also be a doorknob will miracle away your desire to consume alcohol and your shortcomings if you ask Him humbly provided you attend the stepper cult for life, don’t seem to turn people on sexually.


Please contact me. It's very important.

Stepper Cult Tip

Aspiring Stepper Cult Guru Wooden Puppets (like Pinocchio)......Don't tell fear mongering lies as human stepper cult gurus have ALWAYS done, when indoctrinating frightened, confused new recruits........else your nose will just grow and grow and your intended victims will know straight away you are just lying

Monica's film, 'The Thirdteenth Step'

Has been invited to five more festivals. See 'leavingaa' for details. Please try to support this film by attending the screenings. I think that Monica is doing q and as afterwards, so invite the aas. :)

The Varieties of Religious Experiencers

Chapter 4: Rolf Ankermann: Freedom to Recover Another major source of inspiration for Bill came from the reading of William James' book, ,

The Seeds of Alcoholic Anonymous

Chapter 4: Rolf Ankermann: Freedom to Recover

How the bizarre 12 step religion came to be

Chapter 4: The Freedom to Recovery By Rolf Ackermann How the bizarre 12 step religion came to be Bizarre, fantastic, grotesque, weird share a sense of deviation from what is normal or expected. Bizarre means markedly unusual or extraordinarily strange, sometimes ...

There is only one way to get rid of Janus?

Starting now. I will never respond again to one of Janus Post, I will never change my mind. Good by Janus. Soberman


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