Wounded family systems

A systems analysis. Core beliefs and roles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHXpT4DqwQk

FBI Going to Pot - To Start Recruiting NA Members?

FBI Needs Pot-Smoking Programmers to Fight Cybercrime, So May Bend Drug Rules

By Elliot Hannon
MAY 20 2014 8:31 PM

What does it actually mean?

Most stepper cult slogans are pretty nonsensical when considered in the cold light of day. But what does 'my disease is doing press ups in the car park' actually mean? To be honest although I have heard most things reported as said on the Orange Papers and similar, over here. If there's one thing the cult of steppism is, its pretty consistent, over time as well as distance. I've also heard some pretty wacko statements at stepper cult indoctrination sessions/meetings and lets face it steppism IS a pretty wacko cult, dangerous to the point of death, but still pretty wacko as well.

Stepper Cult Joke Number 6

When is a disease not a disease? When its self centeredness

Steppism:- Irreproachable Support Group Network or satanic cult

An Irreproachable Support Group Network, what is the evidence? If you don’t mind screwed up minds, despair, suicides and 13th stepping, it could be described as irreproachable. If on the other hand you dislike one or more of the preceding characteristics then steppism, far from being irreproachable has a lot to hide. Censorship of any criticism of the stepper cult does spring to mind.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEdqx1LMvQA The upside of carrying around resentments, why they are hard to let go of, and the family of origin.

"10 things rehab centers won’t tell you: Look out for pricey programs, unorthodox therapies and lackluster success rates" By Charles Passy, MarketWatch May 16, 2014

1. We’re not always that effective. 2. Our success rates may mean little. 3. A pricier program is not necessarily a better program. 4. Our staff may not be all that well-schooled. 5. We’ll invade your neighborhood. 6. We may be running a scam. 7. Some of our therapies aren’t exactly scientific. 8. Be prepared to get in line for services. 9. Private equity’s gain could be a patient’s loss. 10. You may be better off at home.

"Cleaning Their Own Houses": Hypocrisy and Dangers in 12-Step Recovery Programs

CLEANING THEIR OWN HOUSES: Hypocrisy and Dangers in 12-Step Recovery Programs CONTENTS 1. Addiction isn’t about drugs- neither is recovery 2. Crimes in addiction and recovery 3. A mistake doesn’t make a lifestyle 4. “WIIFM?” 5. Peers 6. Drug Court 7. Defensiveness 8. Environmental influences 9. Parenting 10 Honesty, Rigorous 11. Marijuana 12. Relationships 13. Families 14. “Amends” 15. Consequences

More on why psychiatry is bullshit

This is from Eanest Kurtz's website: http://ernestkurtz.com/
Ernest Kurtz received his Ph.D. in the History of American Civilization from Harvard University in 1978. His doctoral dissertation was published as Not-God: A History of Alcoholics Anonymous.
So his doctorate is in liberal arts, not medicine or science.

"AA is not a fraud: Why haters are afraid to listen: Here's why the program works, no matter what critics say: It's really about listening, living, spirituality and joy " on The Salon May 17, 2014

I’m beginning to think that the main proof that Alcoholics Anonymous is, as its members claim, “a spiritual program,” is that it is attacked so often and so viciously. These attacks usually come from people who are trying to sell something – books or drying-out programs, mostly. What troubles them seems to be that AA, like all genuinely spiritual realities, is free.

Addiciton created in the Brain

It appears addiction is not lack of a higher power https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLFXZKzYUlE

Deprogramming- My Viewpoint

In brief, I’d take Deprogramming to mean freeing oneself from the harmful messages and approaches used in A.A. With that in mind, the short chapters in “Deprogramming from the Programs” include: INTRODUCTION 1. FREE WILL IS A GIFT FROM GOD- whether you believe in God or not, there is much involved in free will, and many reasons you should not give it up or give it away. 2. “SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE”- who, exactly, are these individuals who “know all about” other people, other people’s lives, from your life history and present situations to what you should do about health issues?

Deprogramming --- I’m feeling kind of alone here...

I understand and sympathize with the need/search for “what does work,” “the correct way to deprogram” &/or whatever else anybody may choose to call a personal roadmap out of alcohol/drug reliance as well as the evils of the stepper cult route. I wrestled with it at great length and practically drove myself nuts with that search.

The Correct way to deprogram

I totally agree with the previous post on the need for genuine alternatives to the false doctrines of the cult steppism, which have been allowed to dominate the field of substance misuse for so long. But on the subject of deprograming, what, if there even is, is the correct way to help others deprogram?

What this Forum lacks is telling what does help.

I know I won't be poop-u-lar for posting this! I realize this is foremost an Anti-AA site - and I am behind that movement 100%. There were some other posts that had me thinking about this.

Feel Sorry For A.A.'s

There's a comment in the Big Book, and you may have heard it yourself- A.A.'s 'feel sorry' for the rest of us. There's a more sensible way of looking at the subject:

On my internet travels today, I saw this.

http://truetalesfromalcoholicsanonymous.wordpress.com/2008/01/23/the-ant... A couple of excerpts from the article: “If you think you are an atheist, an agnostic, a skeptic, or have any other form of intellectual pride which keeps you from accepting what is in this book, I feel sorry for you”.

Burning Tree: Long-Term Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Center Boasts a 73% Success Rate?

This ad presents the "facts" of 12 Step immersion? 30-90 day 12 Step treatment centers only have a 31% "success rate".

Burning Tree boasts a 73% success rate over a 4 year period? But, notice the qualifier? This 73% is only for the participants that "completed" the "entire Continuum of Care".

Also, note the crosses in the ad, that imply death for the other 69% and 27%, respectively, that did not remain sober.


I probably should not have been surprised to recently learn Bill W's wife was one of the co-founders of Alanon (along with another woman). A question to anyone here who might know the answer: how much influence did ol' Bill have in forming Alanon and creating all of its malarkey?

There is NO message in Alcoholics Anonymous except "Keep Coming Back"

This guy's got a really good take on the whole cult. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKE8a1cz06U&feature=youtu.be It seems that this was made in 2000, so it's nothing new.

the bad apple of the self help movement does not fall far from the aa tree

wayne dwyer - scott peck melody beatty ann smith bradshaw dr phill oprah dr drew etc

The Dangers of Powerlessnes

http://voices.yahoo.com/the-dangers-powerlessness-4732602.html The Dangers of Powerlessness The Dangers of the AA Doctrine Vincent Van Noir, Yahoo Contributor Network Oct 26, 2009 MORE:AALearned Helplessness FlagPost a comment Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous like many other religions preach a doctrine of powerlessness. The idea of being powerless is a dangerous notion to believe. When individuals believe in this concept they become vulnerable to many irrational thoughts and being taken advantage of in life.

Road Less Traveled author Peck, AA thoughts

Not too long ago a post of mine mentioned Peck and a few members here who had been a "fan" of his were discouraged by his AA interests. I just came across an interview Peck had with Playboy Magazine, 1991. The q&a was about Alcoholics Anonymous. Here are the few relative paragraphs: " Playboy: You've said that the success of "The Road Less Traveled" is connected to the proliferation of groups such as A.A. Why are A.A. and its offshoots so popular?

Happy Mothers Day

To all the mothers here on this forum, I hope your day is filled with happiness......:-) Take care RC

The Mindless Fool’s Progress

I’ve been inspired by LFOD’s contributing that sorry old graphic “The Drunkard’s Progress” to this forum and so to parallel it, I offer “The Mindless Fool’s Progress”... Step 1: Attends first AA meeting. Step 2: Attends other AA meetings out of curiosity. Step 3: Escalates AA meeting attendance to regularly and frequently. Step 4: Starts to believe the 12 steps, never questions AA dogma and abandons critical, rational inquiry. Step 5: Adopts the 12 steps as a personal credo and as an infallible guideline for living.

The Drunkards Progress

Step 1: A glass with a friend.
Step 2: A glass to keep the cold out.
Step 3: A glass too much.
Step 4: Drunk and riotous.
Step 5: The summit attained. Jolly companions, a confirmed drunkard.
Step 6: Poverty and Disease.
Step 7: Forsaken by Friends.
Step 8: Desperation and crime.
Step 9: Death by suicide.


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