Janus, why is acceptance so great? If we just accepted things as they were, wouldn't Americans be working 12 hour workdays 7 days a week? Wouldn't black South Africans with AIDS all be dead because they couldn't get antiretrovirals? Wouldn't women still be denied the right the vote?

Spiritual, Not Religious

I can't believe AA gets away with this and AA members, some of them atheists, actually believe it. It's so obvious that it's a religion. Not only do the AA faithful get angry if you say it's a religion, some will disparage other religions!

AA caused me to drink more.

I can't count the times I cracked another beer and said to myself, "I'm powerless over this disease and so I might as well go with the flow and drink."

I wonder how many people there are out there who never may find the information contained in the Orange-Papers or other sources of such information. I'll bet there are alot of them.

The Power of Stepper Troll Provocateurs

As I look at the ebb and flow of things in OPF, I have to admit that I stand in awe of the power exerted here by in-house stepper trolls.

Coroners' Reports

How many coroners' report list 'attending meetings' or 'working the 12 steps' as the cause of death? One of the myths on this forum is that AA kills people who would otherwise survive. Common causes of deaths are - drunk driving, violent assault by someone who is intoxicated, drug overdose (accidental or deliberate), liver failure etc. Even moderate alcohol consumption raises the risk of heart disease, cancer and dementia.

How much time does "one" AA meetings take away from your real family for your AA family per occurance?

1 hr - AA Meetings are usually only 1 hour long
0% (0 votes)
30 minutes - Minimum drive time to the AA meeting back and forth
0% (0 votes)
40 minutes - Arrive 20 minutes before and leave 20 minutes after the AA meeting
0% (0 votes)
1 hr - going out for coffee with your AA family before or after AA meeting for coffee
0% (0 votes)
30 minutes talking with your AA Sponsor/Sponcee about the AA meeting
0% (0 votes)
1 hr - picking up or dropping off friends or prospects(newcomers) to the AA meeting
0% (0 votes)
All of the above at a minimum for each AA meeting
57% (4 votes)
Other-please explain in the comment section below the actual time spent by your experiences of attending AA meetings
43% (3 votes)
Total votes: 7

How Obamacare Is Killing AA’s Membership
someone commented this but it deserves to be top posted

It has finally happened , the recovery industry now has sugar rehab There is far more money in treating an in curable family disease than curing one. The crafty simply create a new disease, to sell old treatment. One must wonder what direction this will go.

OK - So I like Controvery!

Many who post on the forum have overcome alcohol/drug issues. Doesn't AA deserve credit for that? Even if you didn't get better until after you left AA, is it possible that happened because of exposure AA/12 steps.

AA’s 12 Steps don’t teach you how to stop drinking and neither to their meetings! Part Two- by Rolf Ankermann

So in Part One I lambasted AA’s idiotic custom and “suggestion” that people who haven’t drank in years, identify themselves as alcoholics every time they speak. Again, it all just adds to the powerless and diseased for life message.

Are people in AA happier?

Are people sober through AA actually happier than people who gain sobriety out of it? I ask because this seems to be one of their big argument for participation. Being unhappy in sobriety is the mark of a dry drunk. I asked by husband and he said that he met plenty of people in AA who didn't seem happy. But I guess they weren't working a good program. Heh heh.

Removing liberal arts from college?

Here is a good article I found. The author is spot on. Some people will say this is off topic, but the point about liberal arts being pretty much worthless is VERY germane to the subject of Steppism and the substance abuse treatment industry:

There’s something severely wrong with postsecondary education in the United States.

Where is my mind? where did everyone go? or am i gone?

did i hear an aa dead horse beating around here?

REEFER MADNESS a 1930s anti mJ propganda movie.. hA!..its a big stigma fail now.

a local rock station use to promote this midnight movie in the early 70s - as a joke/protest.
because i was very liberal thinking and thus quite inoculated to gov stigma/propaganda.
i saw my addiction struggle as a one of life's valuable transcendence experiences.
by my own account i am an esoteric shaman. who transformed dependence into inner freedom.
lost a union job but became an engineer because of the problems i overcame. other wise i probably would have sat on my union ass and never been forced to learn to achieve more difficult goals,

Anti AA click ad an anti AA click ad. I would say this movement has gained some maturity.

My last Alanon Meeting

My last Alanon Meeting

Yes I started attending with a bias. About 20 yrs after my spouse started AA. I was looking for two things:

1) reaffirm my thoughts
2) see where I was wrong.

I went to about 30 meetings in 20 days.

I must remain teachable?

What does that even mean?

God's Will/What Is/Reality - Going With The Flow

The idea sometimes mentioned in meetings that one can 'take back one's will' or 'do God's will' is based on a delusion. 'God's Will' is simply 'What Is' or 'Reality' for those who feel uncomfortable with the concept of a supernatural deity. Nothing exists that isn't God's Will/Reality, so any kind of battle against it is impossible.

Help! Gamblers Anonymous (GA) in Swindon, South West England needs help in finding prospects. Meeting numbers are down and they need more prospects! Something must be wrong!

Number of gamblers seeking help drops

First published 04:00 Tuesday 9 September 2014 in News by Barrie Hudson

THE Swindon branch of Gamblers Anonymous is reaching out to members old and new as numbers at the meetings fall.

The organisation uses mutual support and advice to help problem gamblers to break their compulsion.

Regular AA meetings to stay in touch with others

I have my own mind. Yes, I read the BB.. and even before reading the Orange Site, I had studied the history and listened to many of the original members who verify much of what you say. I think this is a wonderful site. It is sad that so many Regular AAs have to stick to their guns and not open their minds to the truth. \ But... for me, AA is still good to stay in touch with others who are staying sober. That's the end game for me.. staying sober. Now that I'm 17 years into this, people don't harrass me as much for speaking my mind. I always have. Also I enjoy the fellowship

How did Alcohol Anonymous Invent Christianity?

I will use the book “Jesus Interrupted “, written By Dr. Bart D Ehrman. Christianity is very much about the Big Book, playing the role of the Bible with, Bill Wilson, “Big Bill” playing a role of Jesus Christ. Most alcoholic Christians come from churches that preach the Bible, teach the Bible, and adhere to the Bible and so do alcoholics in AA teach the Big Book of AA, and adhere to the Big Book of AA’

"My disease"

If a person wandered into an AA meeting not knowing what it was and heard something like the following, what would they think?

Fathers day..i need to share

its fathers day here, i dont know about the rest of the world..but thats what it is here. A day when we reflect on families..this brings me to my point.Im thinking of my children,and most of all my oldest Dallas.. hes been dead for over ten years now. One of the things i liked about AA was shareing,not the drunkalouge style,the gut purgeing honest style.Its something i miss.Its the last place in the world you should speak about things you dont want others to know of course..but when i felt crazy in the head it was soothing to just dump it in a meeting ,then walk away.

Something I think I should share with the group.

I have been informed that what I share on line has been seen by people that work for a corrections facility, 12 step people. They shared certain things I said and later deleted from OP facebook with each other. I don't even know who saw what but I was given a warning and a threat.

Boniface and Bill's bad behavior

Before Bill Wilson was banging Helen Wynn into sexual submission and dropping acid, Boniface wrote,

We Must Stop the Stigma Associated with Addiction

I hear this said all the time in the media, by health professionals and politicians.

I would like to see replies to this statement: AA reduces/increases the stigma associated with addiction.

I would actually like to see answers supporting both reduce or increase.

AA’s 12 Steps don’t teach you how to stop drinking and neither to their meetings! Part One- by Rolf Ankermann

So in a recent blog I pretty much established, in my opinion anyway, that there is absolutely nothing contained within the 12 Steps that actually teach people how to stop drinking.

When asked about this in various forums, a common response by the AA faithful was that “Well it’s in the meetings where you really learn how not to drink?”

Really? Ok, then that of course begs the question of HOW. Just how do the meetings themselves teach one to stop drinking?

Debunking Alcoholics Anonymous: Behind the myths of recovery

I found this article while I was searching on the web and thought others would enjoy reading it.

Acting ondcp Director Michael Botticelli

I apologize if we've discussed the current activing director for Office of National Drug Control Policy. I have seen a few vague references online about how "this stepper" is foistering his "stepper shit" on us. This is sort of laughable. While I have made it clear that I think AA does very little to embrace options other than AA, I certainly do not think a "sober" member of "AA" has a "stepper agenda" just b/c they're in AA. Yes, sometimes. Not always. Or if he does, this needs to be found in our media and pointed out.


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