The Mindless Fool’s Progress

I’ve been inspired by LFOD’s contributing that sorry old graphic “The Drunkard’s Progress” to this forum and so to parallel it, I offer “The Mindless Fool’s Progress”...

The Drunkards Progress

Step 1: A glass with a friend.
Step 2: A glass to keep the cold out.
Step 3: A glass too much.
Step 4: Drunk and riotous.
Step 5: The summit attained. Jolly companions, a confirmed drunkard.
Step 6: Poverty and Disease.
Step 7: Forsaken by Friends.
Step 8: Desperation and crime.
Step 9: Death by suicide.

Stepper Cult Joke Number 5

Little Bill asks Big Bill ‘did God, who can be a pair of Union Jack boxer shorts, remove your shortcomings when you asked him to……humbly?

Big Bill replies ‘Yes, but I’ve got new shortcomings now, I’m so great I’ve got serenity, shortcomings and spiritual (not religious) growth coming out of my ears, grovel and worship me if you like, now Bill W is dead.’

Had the

Referring back to the chapter in the 12 & 12 on Tradition one, which concerns AA unity. A cult unity which is born out of fear of death if a dissenting cult member does not attend the cult meetings/indoctrination sessions regularly and continue to recruit fresh victims for the cult. This chapter states that back in their cave so called alcoholics would wonder ‘what a great thing AA might have been.’

the only requirement is a desire to stop using drinking etc

the only requirement is a desire to stop using drinking etc
that's how i justified myself being there
i did not have to believe what aa said
and no addicts should be denied fellowship with other addicts etc
because of not wanting to agree with everything aa says / or anti aa's
now of course this is a set up for a lot of discord
but i used this as a excuse / reason to hang out somehow w people who were not getting high
and just talk with people cause i was lonely
and there was no anti aa movement in 1980

Why Rehabs Fail

An important article...possibly Terry could have a link on his front page to articles such as this:

What are all the last polls choices:- Death, God, Resentment, Character Defect, Recruit, Sponsor connected with?

Carrying God’s (who can be a light bulb) message of the 12 steps to the alcoholic who still suffers
0% (0 votes)
Cult Recruitment
100% (1 vote)
Other (I dont think there is any other choice except Cult Recruitment but I'll give this choice anyway)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 1

What is the first step to freedom from alcoholism?

What is the first step to freedom from alcoholism?
Do I need to admit to myself that something is seriously wrong in my life? “Yes”
Do I need to admit to myself that I have created messes in my life? ‘Yes”
Is my whole life a mess, or maybe just important parts are a mess? “Yes”
Can I admit this to myself? “Yes”
Can I stop playing the game alcoholic? “Yes”
Can I realize that my life has become unmanageable in many ways? “Yes”
Do I continue to do things that I later regret doing and tell myself that I will not do them again, but I do? “Yes”

Which word is constantly repeated the most at stepper cult meetings?

20% (1 vote)
20% (1 vote)
20% (1 vote)
Character Defect
20% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
20% (1 vote)
Other, please specify in comments
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 5

"For Those Who Still Wish to Go -- AA Attendees' Mental Health and Survival Guide" by Joe Berenbaum

This is an old article from aadeprogramming, now archived thanks to morerevealed. I've included both Joe's article and Apple's follow-up comments.

For Those Who Still Wish to Go -- AA Attendees' Mental Health and Survival Guide
by Joe Berenbaum


aa does not accept not accepting things
aa has a long standing resentment against resentments
aa is disturbed whenever anything disturbs anyone
aa really does not like anger
aa says there is no geographic cure then they say stay away from people places and things
aa blames people for blaming others
aa complains about complaining
aa says only all powerful god can keep you sober but only if you do the work

Narcotics Anonymous

Hi Everyone,

After coming across a random discussion about geographic changes being bad for "recovery", I recalled that this reference was from NA.

"Some uf us sought spiritual guidance through churches, different religions, meditation and cultism. Some of us sought cure by geographical change, blaming our surroundings and living situations for our problem. This attempt just gave us new people to take advantage of" ~NA Basic Text

A.A./N.A. and "Self-Help" Material

“The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use them.” Philip K. Dick.

Stepper Cult Joke Number 4

Little Bill asks Big Bill ‘Did you have a spiritual (not religious) awakening as a result of the steps and carry the AA message blah! Blah! Blah!’

‘Yes’ says Big Bill ‘We’d better look for a room with a double door for future meetings, my heads grown so big with all that tolerance and humility and spiritual stuff, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it through a single door much longer

do we also abuse when we discredit others idea of recovery?

do we define and limit any individuals definition of recovery or improvement? to explain my question, i will (slowly) respond with our past comments and responses. i will show where we promoted some of the same behavior we claim to abhor in aaism. i posit this with all due respect because i think we should be careful not to react with the same mind controlling we all experienced. which is a common issue with abuse victims. aka re-perpetration. feel free to begin yourself.

AA and NA want to be your higher power and they want you to own an ugly blue book.

They are the church and the 12 Steps is the religion. But it’s not quite that simple. The argument can be made, and it’s clearly evident in the writings of the Big Book and the 12&12, that Bill Wilson wanted to convince everyone that they must surrender their will and their lives over to God or else they were doomed. But was that really his intent?

Stepper Cult Joke Number 3

Little Bill asks Big Bill ‘have you made another searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself?’

‘Yes’ says ‘Big Bill ‘ I’ve made up so many character defects, I should be able to dominate all meetings of this group for at least another week!’

Did that stepper who locked me out and took over my Smart meeting take direct instruction from God to do so?

Yes, God told her to lock you out and pass on AA's message to the alcoholic who still suffers
0% (0 votes)
No, it had nothing to do with God, she just wanted to run another meeting
100% (2 votes)
Total votes: 2

"intervention" coming back to television

it will be shown on the LMN network starting with a marathon tomorrow.

I guess they found a network that will air this emotional porn for fun and profit, without regard for the human toll this industry costs.

Justice Allows Prayer at Government Meetings

Just today the Supreme Court gave limited approval for prayer to be conducted in New York town board meetings.

Very odd and I'm surprised by this ruling. Supreme Court? Prayer is OK? What's going on in this country....

Article on Psychology today has me thinking - A LOT

There is a wonderful article on Psychology Today right now by Ann M. Fletcher, the author of “Inside Rehab”. It is called “The Tricky Business of Defining Addiction Recovery”.

afghan poppy + world H epedemic + jails&rehab profits = social engineering

poppy was 99% eradicated in Afghanistan prior to the US invasion - the US is 99.9% responsible for the resurgence of heroin - and the drugs are being steered to liberal socialist countries and states - norway & vermont to name a few very odd infestation targets. and i mean deliberate targets - how else with the $50 billion home land security population control industry could deliveries get through - anyone else see nefarious patterns and plans n motives. i.e. demoralize liberal socialist bastions.

Is AA a Religious Cult? True or False?

Most of the information in this article came from chapter 3 of the book "The Case Against Christianity", Written by Michael Martin.

If AA is a “Religious Cult” Then the “Power greater than our self” who keeps them sober is “Jesus Christ” True or False?


Sunday Night is Music Night \m/

How SMART could help their own cause (and ours as well)

SMART Recovery is most excellent but their stance of neutrality towards the 12-Step model should be abandoned and here is why, IMHO.
I like SMART but for sure they should take a stand and man up against AA. I mean if you read their handbook, it is clear that their views are 180 degrees opposite of those of the 12 Step model. They don't believe in the "disease" model, they don't believe in "lifetime" recovery and they encourage self-empowerment as opposed to powerlessness and surrender.

I must have struck a nerve!.......

So I was on another site and someone questioned why I considered myself as
recovered and not recovering and why I felt the need to criticize AA, can't wait
for the responses.
I must have struck a nerve because the post was deleted on 2 sites. Bear with me
because I kind of tell my story again and for those of you who know me, you've
heard it all before but I use it to make a point and apparently I did, hence the
deletion of those sites. The original post was on the Addiction Professionals Support

my comments are about issues not people or locales where issues occurred

my comments are about issues not the people or locales where the issues occurred
i suggest people should not reveal their address or locale
also i use tor which sends my ip around the world,
i am untrackable
privacy should be important to you all

cigarettes and sugar are killing more people - where are the jails?

where is the shame and human degrading! ..upside down world.


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