Debunking Alcoholics Anonymous: Behind the myths of recovery

I found this article while I was searching on the web and thought others would enjoy reading it.

Acting ondcp Director Michael Botticelli

I apologize if we've discussed the current activing director for Office of National Drug Control Policy. I have seen a few vague references online about how "this stepper" is foistering his "stepper shit" on us. This is sort of laughable. While I have made it clear that I think AA does very little to embrace options other than AA, I certainly do not think a "sober" member of "AA" has a "stepper agenda" just b/c they're in AA. Yes, sometimes. Not always. Or if he does, this needs to be found in our media and pointed out.

New column started on Beliefnet "Fellowship of Saints and Sinners" stating Alcoholics Anonymous could possibly be the “Third Reformation” in the history of Christianity.

“AA” Recovery Groups—Spirituality for the Non-Religious, Hope for the Church?
posted by Kristina Robb-Dover

Consisting of the usual AA propaganda of Spiritual, not Religious, the author does explain the path she will be following over the next few weeks with her column.

Husband is Now OUT of AA

My husband is now pretty much out of AA. He has only attended once day a week for the last two or three months because he wanted to fulfill a commitment. Now that commitment is up and he says he wants to pick up a four-year chip and tell people that he won't be attending any more because he doesn't feel he needs it any longer (although he told me he is keeping the door open if has an addiction crisis). He says he wants to pick up the chip so that people will know that they don't have to stay in if they don't think they need it.

Stepper Cult Joke

Reality is for those who can't handle the Stepper Cult

The Promise of 12-Step

I was reading the California Fouth-Step document that Violetagain posted and it made everything seem so easy. If I just do everything right -- like not carry resentments and be cheerful and be grateful and do the right thing and be an ethical person, etc. -- then everything will fall into place and I'll be happy. It almost seemed like, wow, this is the secret to happiness. And then I remembered, duh. I already knew all of this, everyone does. It's obvious. It's the actually doing it that is so difficult. It's the same with staying sober. The key to staying sober is not using a substance.

Still Don't Get It - Janus? Someone Else?

How does believing that you are powerless help you stop using abusing alcohol or another substance? How does believomg that there is a power greater than yourself help you stop abusing a substance? How does listing your character defects, confessing to someone and making amends help you stop abusing a substance? I'm not being perverse. I just do not get it. It someone explains it, it almost makes sense, and then when I think about it myself I completely lose it.

Assimilation and intellignce

Two weeks ago I posited the following theory, which I'd like to discuss more:

Suggested prayers for AA funerals

Here's a link with prayers for AA funerals. Note the special prayer for cases of suicide:

Newcomers stumble into a twelve-step meeting, weeping and crying, as they choke out their story past their sobs. And finally someone in the group says quietly, “Welcome home.”

Is Mariuana a addictve plant?

Is Mariuana a addictive plant or is the addictive substance placed there by those who sells the plant on the streets? Soberman

Must Read: Erin's Story. The Devil of AA

Must Read: Erin's Story. The Devil of AA.

I stumbled onto a story about a girl named Erin just a bit ago. I came across it in the weirdest way; while looking for the an old Alcoholics Anonymous pamphlet (1950's) titled the Devil in AA.

That's why I've added a byline to "Erin's Story" ...."The Devil of AA"

Sultans of Step

Sultans of Step
by Liar Baits:

You get a liver with a scar
Or drive drunk in your car but meantime
Down in the basement you stop and you hold everything
A clan is blowing Billshit double for an hour
You feel alright when you hear a higher power

Well, now you step inside but you don't see too many faces
Coming in out of rain to hear the chants go down
Logical thought in other places
Oh, but the drones, they're blowing that sound
Way on downtown, way on downtown Stepper town

Self Loathig, the Programs very big on that one

I was originally going to post this blog on the UK Forum, but I consider it of monumental importance to the growing Anti Stepper Movement in general, whatever nation they live in and whatever their other personal beliefs. For some time I have followed Peter Barlow's struggles with the booze on the premier British Soap, Coronation Street.

Why do we reach out for help?

I guess we are all different but I suspect that most people seek help getting clean or sober is because of the negative ways their addiction affects them. That's why I did. Initially I set out for a medical, or assisted, detox. It was there and in the next few weeks that I learned that I wouldn't be able to get by without involved treatment, ie a lifetime of 12 step participation. That info was shoved at me with 'tag for my toe' attached, just in case I didn't agree to do it (It is by fear and intimidation that it works!).

Will Hank Skinner ever be executed for murdering women he met at AA?

AMARILLO (June 7, 2014) State and defense attorneys have filed briefs with a judge who will decide the fate of Texas death row inmate Hank Skinner, 52, who came within 20 minutes of execution in 2010.


IMO, fear and fear alone is what keeps most steppers coming back to the rooms day after day.

If not for the instilled fear of jails, institutions, or death. AA's numbers would dwindle.

Denial is a river in Egypt, by Rolf Ankermann

No it’s not, the Nile is a river in Africa you morons!

AA totally takes the meaning of denial and twists it to serve its purposes. Before we take a look at their evil use of the word,
let’s take a look at how normal people apply it in the recovery conversation.

Worshiping Boniface

I ask, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!? Very creepy:

Very disturbing documentary.

Be careful it could cause night mares. What do you think?

Methadonia - YouTube

Alcohol Problem?

Just go to AA, turn your life and will over to God, and everything will be okay.

It's not a cult! I swear!

Here are the 12 steps you must follow otherwise your only options are jails, institutions, or death...

Simply, but smilingly, he said, "I've got religion." - Big Book "Bill's Story" , p.9

"So that was it -- last summer an alcoholic crackpot; now, I suspected, a little cracked about religion. " - BB Bill's Story, p.9

"We, who have traveled this dubious path, beg you to lay aside prejudice, even against organized religion." - BB We Agnostics, p.49

" Though we have no religious connection, we may still do well to talk with someone ordained by an established religion." - BB Into Action, p.74

What is the first step to freedom from alcoholism?

I like this, I read it every day. Do I need to admit to myself that something is seriously wrong in my life? “Yes” Do I need to admit to myself that I have created messes in my life? ‘Yes” Is my whole life a mess, or maybe just important parts are a mess? “Yes” Can I admit this to myself? “Yes” Can I stop playing the game alcoholic? “Yes” Can I realize that my life has become unmanageable in many ways? “Yes” Do I continue to do things that I later regret doing and tell myself that I will not do them again, but I do? “Yes”

Don't Complain Because You Can't Order Steak At A Vegetarian Restaurant

The longer I spend on the OPF the clearer the confusion in some peoples' minds about what the purpose of the 12 Step Program is becomes.

yes you can do drugs at aa and say you are sober.... cuz bill w did,

you can do drugs at aa and say you are sober. people argue about it - whatever - still the fact is you can do drugs at aa and say you are sober - what? how? why? well if you read the AA pamphlet "drugs other than alcohol" literally it says other drugs may may may effect effect effect your sobriety. ok do you see that. its does not say you slipped. it say it may cough effect cough your sobriety cough! just hold that in a minute. and many still do drugs in aa saying they are sober and many of them are just real dishonest folks. skin popping sharing about serenity.

Thoughts on this

reminds me of the seven dwarves arguing cigarettes are not addictive?

the seven dwarfs arguing that cigarettes are not addictive.....they had "research articles" too.
but paid billions in the end.
the symptoms are self evident to me.
but people are different
some don't get addicted
to sum up
substance dependency does exist.
whether it does for you or not
is the only question.
so chill out with the argument that substance dependency disease does not exist .

Self-Efficacy/Agency/Feeling in Control

I took Psych 101 years and years and years ago and I was taught that there were studies that showed that the more people felt they were in control of their lives, the happier they were and the more effective they were. Even when the people studied, objectively, had very little control over their lives. On the other hand, studies also showed that when people left helpless they became unhappy and ineffective. Now why is "powerlessness" supposed to be good for helping you quit drinking (or doing any other compulsive behavior)? Doesn't this go against what we know about human psychology?

Oh really .... "AA can help young adults, but mechanisms unclear" - What do you think?

AA can help young adults, but mechanisms unclear

Krystnell Storr, Reuters
Posted: Monday, August 25, 2014, 10:08 AM

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Alcoholics Anonymous can help people, young and old, recover from drinking problems, but young adults seem to benefit mainly - and only - from certain aspects of the program, according to a small U.S. study.

The results may help to better tailor AA for a new generation, researchers say, and help young adults feel more comfortable in the heart of the program, the group meetings.


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