My brother and me: what Alcoholics did to our lives and families

My brother was a good person and a good parent, and so was I. After seeing PA/PAS destroy his life, the same thing happened to me. The only actual difference was the “alienator” in his life was his ex-wife, while my experiences occurred from an individual who simply walked into my life and took over. I watched his relationship with his daughter go from good to nonexistent to horrible, and then the same happened with mine. Kids of any age can be vulnerable to PA tactics, and solid family relationships can be destroyed.

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12 Step member commits suicide

12 Step member commits suicide, but family thanks Judge that sent him there?

24 year old David Julian Chalmers took his own life (2007) less than two weeks before he graduated from Albany Drug Court. David was posthumously granted his diploma which was accepted by his parents.

It's about time!

Merry Christmas


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The New Twelve Steps

MerryChristmas/Happy HolyDays/any good news

Buddhist ,but yes I do believe that guy died and came back 3 days later.just today Religion is distorted Somehwat of an excuse for WARS. ANYWAYS with all the bad things in thisn world.anyone got good things happening for them??? I'm on table.Life's getting bettre problems getting cleaned up. aanyways Happy Holy Days to one and all.I'll leave the debates for another time.Hope this one day does bring some PEACE to people's livees/.As Tiny Tim said"Why can't we ahve Christmas all year long

Bill Wilson: Lord, Liar, or Lunatic?

Christian apologist C. S. Lewis presented the following trilemma regarding the claims of Jesus of Nazareth:

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Just 4 Xmass the worst AA troll we've ever had is????

Jim Babbling bullshit & the like do not apply, I want the most beserk or bizzar or full of it troll we've had??

The Alcoholics Anonymous Judge, Rogellio Flores, re: Karla Brada, Eric Allen Earle

Rogelio Flores is the judge that sentenced Erica Allen Earle, a violent convicted felon, to AA. Earle had been sentenced to AA by the judicial system a couple of dozen times and admitted to using it to pick of fragile women to take advantage of. After seducing Karla Brada and financial breaking her, Eric Earle beat her then later murdered her in a drunken rage.

Judge Flores was also an elected Class A trustee for the General Service Board of AA. Below is a historical account of Flores found on the AA website (it was also released to the press).

I moved into a new place

Things do get better... even without joining the cult.

Imagine that?

Alcoholics Anonymous - Sponsor vs. Therapist - A classic youtube video

Uploaded on Sep 25, 2008
The following appeared in the Northern Illinois Area Service Newsletter. It is clearly a war on self.

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Remember the 80s?

How is AA going to be brought down?

Ok, before you all go off screaming bloody murder, this is simply MY opinion.

AA the way it is today was not caused by the alcoholic?

Could it be that AA the way it is today was not caused by the alcoholic? I attended my first AA meeting in Douglas Arizona some time in 1962. I stayed sober for one year. Those meetings were nothing more than 2 or more alcoholics helping each other to stay sober. We did not open with the Lord’s Prayer. We did not close the meeting with it. It was the same way when I returned on Feb 22, 1970. About 5 years later the jitter joint were started and they used AA. They would hold AA meeting. They would bring their patients to our meeting. Alcoholic or not. That’s the way it all got started.

First came Angry Birds, then came Angry Orangies

Hello again, Eddie,

Thanks for the letter and the compliments, and the vote of confidence.

I'm really sorry that the hard-core anti-Steppers drove you off of the forum. That does not help the cause.

Suicide in AA

I've got plenty of other things to do at the moment, than to ONCE AGAIN troll through the Anti Stepper Cult Websites and video's to extract some evidence of the stepper cults obscene suicide rate (and sexual predation rate).

Youngsters and teenagers in AA, despite denial by brainwashed members

All too often AA trolls come along and claim that children or young people don’t go to meetings and carry on try to defend the dangers of the program as it might relate to adults. I personally have seen children, teenagers, and young people at meetings on a regular basis. Some were there because their parents didn’t have a sitter for them but the bulk that I have seen were members themselves. The followings is some back-up to show that young people are regulars in the program.

Brake fluid Addiction

There's a bloke in town who's addicted to brake fluid, but he says it's no problem, he can stop anytime.

wonder what AA úd make of him.

Happy Birthday Florence R.

Florence Rankin Kalhoun was born on December 17, 1895. Her troubled life would be plagued by bouts of heavy drinking, which ultimately led her to the basements of Alcoholics Anonymous. Florence's story hit the big time when "A Feminine Victory" made the first edition of the Big Book, where she wrote,

I know that my victory is none of my human doing. I know that I must keep myself worthy of Divine help. And the glorious thing is this: I am free, I am happy, and perhaps I am going to have the blessed opportunity of "passing it on." I say in all reverence-Amen.


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