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There’s a Way to Treat Opiate Addiction, So Why Isn’t It Being Used?


While bemoaning the loss success rates of treatment centers, one thing that this article does not mention is the fact that 75% of the treatment centers in the USA are based on 12-Step religion.

Determinism or Neuroscience?

An interesting talk by David Eagleman on the power of the unconscious mind, free will, mass murder, brain tumours, paedophilia, addiction and culpability.


City-hired attorney tells Burbank residents little can be done to prevent sober-living facilities

On Thursday, residents said they were baffled to hear that most people looking to establish a sober-living facility are not required to get a permit from the city to operate. [Of course, virtually all sober living houses are stepper-owned and require 12-step meeting attendance.] http://www.latimes.com/socal/burbank-leader/news/tn-blr-me-0326-soberliv...

Off topic: Sign a petittion

This is brilliant: Somebody put together a petition to allow everybody to openly carry guns at the Republican National Convention. It has over 40,000 signatures and it is growing. I just signed it.

My comment was: Yes, the convention will be SO MUCH safer when every Republican is openly carrying a gun. Why without guns, they will all be defenseless against the attacks of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and ISIS that we know are coming.

PROFILE OF AN AA/12 STEP APOLOGIST-Part 3- When “It” is the meetings…..

So after you’ve debunked the STEPS and proven that they are entirely worthless and have zero efficacy in helping one overcome a dependency issue, the AA Apologist will then do the oh so common Stepper tactic of doing a complete 180 switcheroo and claim that it’s the meetings that matter…..Ya know, “Meeting Makers Make It”…….
I’ve had fun with this one on previous blogs where my favorite observations was; “Oh really? What exactly do meeting makers make? Oh, right, MORE meetings….” But no, apparently they make “it”…..

PROFILE OF AN AA/12 STEP APOLOGIST-Part 2-When “It” is the Steps…..

In part 1, I noted that the “it” in “It works if your work it” can be either the “Steps” or the “Meetings” depending on the AA apologist’s argument or defense at that moment.
Today we’ll play with “The Steps” being the “it”….. The AA apologist will tell that you have to “work a good program” which entails getting a sponsor and “working” the Steps. Uh huh, fine.

Fentanyl replacing heroin?

Apparently, Fentanyl is showing up as a heroin substitute, and causing a lot over overdose deaths:



Let’s start with the extremely vague and essentially meaningless promotional mantra spewed by loyal 12 Step members; “It works if you work it!” And what exactly is this profound “It” to which they refer?
Well depending on what argument they’re making or what position they’re trying to defend, they will claim that “It” refers to either the content of the 12 Steps or the actual “meetings” themselves.

A Wise Move on Marijuana by the Supreme Court

Interesting note: The Supreme Court refused to hear a lawsuit launched by Nebraska and Oklahoma, who declared that they were unhappy with how Colorado legalized pot. The Supreme Court said that they didn't have a case based on evidence.


Here's what it's like to lose your child to heroin addiction

Here is a sad story of a young man dying from a heroin overdose. Unfortunately, it is just loaded with misinformation:


1) "And one symptom of his disease is that he didn’t even seem to care." Addiction is not a disease.


Ithaca’s Anti-Heroin Plan: Open a Site to Shoot Heroin

This isn't news: lots of harm reduction programs do needle exchanges and give clean, safe, places to shoot. I have to congratulate the mayor for his political courage to do the right thing, though.


Recent terrorist attacks

The news is full of stories about the recent terrorist attacks in Belgium. Coincidentally, there is also a story about how Boka Haram suicide bombers attacked a refuge camp in Nigeria.

BBC: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-35869254

Bernie Sanders Town Hall: We must rethink the failed war on drugs.


What is amazing is how few Presidential candidates seem to have a working brain.
This is all so obvious, and yet, almost nobody gets it.

Pay-to-pray scam

Another pay-for-prayer scam:


It reminds me of the "Tower of Prayer" operating in Tulsa, Oklahoma, some years back. The workers there just opened the envelopes and took out the checks, and ignored the letters that begged for prayers for someone or some thing. There was no tower filled with praying people.



Told you all there was going to be a follow up story about the Elan Corporation/Center/ school.

As an Elan activist and Elan survivor , it makes the past 16 years of speaking out about this sadistic, brutal, violent soul eating hell hole - just all the more worth it.

NA Degenercy on full display taking over a public park


My deep respect for the creator of the NADAYTONA site.

Pictures say a thousand words.
I dare anyone to defend NA taking over a park, and then threatening all the other citizens like a bad motorcycle movie from the 70's



Great Article - I believe I have talked about the death of Phil Williams from a hot box session he received from Elan 's notorious ring, many times before and not just here - looks like some one listened . Now you can read about it in news print.

There is going to be a follow up story - you can bet on that.

Matt Hoffman

ATLANTIC MONTHLY: The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous

This may be old news to some, but I just found it:

The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous

Its faith-based 12-step program dominates treatment in the United States. But researchers have debunked central tenets of AA doctrine and found dozens of other treatments more effective.




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