OPF Serial Character Killer (Nonfiction)

In the coming days the true story of the OPHF serial character killer (American Psycho) will unfold before your eyes. The OPF American Psycho is of course Gunthar2000. The true tale of the American Psycho's attempts to assassinate the character of 3 people will be told. The tale will also include the exploits of the American Psycho's sidekick, JR Harrassment, the angry cuckolded ex-husband. Stay tuned you angry dry drunks.

A all loving God as we understand Him?

Can you imagine a all loving God as we understand Him to permit a sick 20 year old while boy to go into a all Black Christian Church and kill 11 of its members? Soberman

Is an NA or AA sponsor legally a "counselor or therapist"?

Should sponsors be regarded as a counselor and held up to the same standards and responsibilities?

The state of Iowa defines a counselor or therapist as “a physician, psychologist, nurse, professional counselor, social worker, marriage or family therapist, alcohol or drug counselor, member of the clergy, or any other person, whether or not licensed or registered by the state, who provides or purports to provide mental health services”.

"Danger Thin Ice!" and a history of the blogs critical of Alcoholics Anonymous

While perusing through http://www.dangerthinice.org/aa.htm I noticed that many of the blogs critical about AA have ceased to exist. I remember most of them, but they have since gone by the wayside. One that is still available is Triple A Comix and the adventures of Mildew Man.

How many of the other sites do you remember that are now dormant or non existent?

'GRESHAM'S LAW & ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS" from "24 Magazine" July 1976 - The three types of AA members. Which ones have you come across?


There are three ways to work the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. (1) The strong, original way, proved powerfully and reliably effective over forty years. (2) A medium way - not so strong, not so safe, not so sure, not so good, but still effective. And (3) a weak way, which turns out to be really no way at all but literally a heresy, a false teaching, a twisting corruption of what the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous clearly stated the program to be.

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

You can take the people out of the rooms, but you can't take the rooms out of the people.

It appears AA did more damage to certain ex-members than they care to admit. What has gone on in this forum is just as bad or worse than anything I ever saw in the rooms.

If you want to help someone recover from AA, there are resources available that will help them. Unfortunately, the Orange Papers Forum is not one of them.

AA member and sponsor charged with attempted murder and sexual abuse


Found a link to this story on NADaytona.org which has done a great job in keeping up with current events in the alcoholics and narcotics anonymous community.

Mark Retterah from Osage, Iowa - the alleged victim's sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous, has been charge with sexual abuse crimes and attempted murder.

Orange Papers Hate Forum Slogans

hate and let hate
hateful does it
but for the grace of hate
hateful things first

The HOW of the Orangies=hateful, offended, and whiny

I can't; he can; I think I'll hate him (steps 1,2,3)
I came; I came to; I came to hate (steps 1,2,3)

In your opinion, what part of the cult characteristics of Alcoholics Anonymous should be stopped.

AA working with the court system to push their pseudo religion on convicts.
0% (0 votes)
AA working with the school systems to push their pseudo religion on children.
0% (0 votes)
AA working with licensing boards to push their pseudo religion on licensed members.
0% (0 votes)
AA working with the churches to push their pseudo religion on church members.
0% (0 votes)
AA should not push their pseudo religion on anyone.
75% (3 votes)
AA should only work with part of the above. Please explain your answer in the comments.
25% (1 vote)
Total votes: 4

Yippee, Yahoo....I cannot believe it...

it's true, it is is true....


Silver Damsen has formulated a letter to judges.....that includes alternatives to AA and there is no mention of Rolf Ankermann, Freedom to Recover or 12 steps to dead....

There is a God after all.....

It's Alcoholics Anonymous Roundup Season! Round up your AA Prospects. Remember always try and bring two members to every 12 Step call for AA Team Roping. Yea Haw....

California AALA Annual Roundup
Held in the Los Angeles area West Hollywood

California Redwood Coast Annual Roundup
Annually held in Fortuna, California. "Come enjoy the beauty and serenity of the Redwood Coast for three fun-filled days of meetings, speakers, food and fellowship." Includes Al-Anon participation Ureka

Celebrating the hatefulness of the Orange Papers Hate Forum

Suggested remakes of popular songs for the Orange Papers Obsessed-With-Hate Forum.

How Deep Is Your Hate, The Bee Gees
Crazy In Hate, Beyonce
I'll Make Hate To You, Boyz II Men
Hate Will Keep Us Together, Captain and Tennille

Incarcerated Felon Population by Type of Crime Committed, 1974-2012

As of 2012, there were 1,511,497 people incarcerated in US state and federal prisons and 744,500 people incarcerated in US county jails.

Felons with a sentence of one year or less normally serve their term of incarceration in county jails along with other inmates convicted of misdemeanors.

The OP Hate Forum polling results are in.

As is usual in most American elections these days polling turnout was low. As expected the clear winner of the moniker Most Hateful is gunthar2000 (American Psycho). Amongst rumors of voter fraud and intimidation at the polling site the votes have been recounted and verified. One vote had to be discarded due to a lack of rigorous honesty. Any findings of the claim of voter intimidation will be noted and measures will be taken to prevent voter intimidation by the outrage-gremlins in the next OPHF poll.

Gunther? You ok buddy?

I hope you are back on the thorazine. Although you are not clean and sober some peoples circumstances require certain cocktails to function civilly in society. Good luck buddy.

You ok buddy?


June, the unofficial start of the hunting season for Alcoholics by Alcoholics Anonymous! How many prospects can you bag this season?

June is the unofficial start of Prospect hunting season for Alcoholics Anonymous. It is the month that the AA Grapevine publishes it's "Prison Edition" on how to prospect hunt in jails, posers pretending to be Bill Wilson go to Dr. Bob's grave on Harleys, Stepping Stones has it's annual picnic to piss off the neighbors in Bedford Hills NY and The International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous meet to swap prospect hunting stories....

Are you obsessed with hating?

How long have you been hating, and how does it help you?

"i no longer think i am obsessed. but when i get obsessive, it makes me look nuts".

Get the vote out

Be certain your vote counts. Vote for your favorite hater on the OPF NOW.

Meanwhile... Alcoholics Anonymous in Akron Ohio is getting set for the 2015 80th Founders Day of Dr. Bob getting drunk to perform surgery on someones rectum. June 12, 13 & 14, 2015

And the Alcoholics Anonymous Posers are getting ready to disrupt the city of Akron with loud Harley's (and probably illegally modified pipes) pretending to be Bill Wilson on Sunday June 14, 2015 at 8:00 in the morning on Aqueduct Street on the way to Dr. Bob's grave.....

What is worse AA, or the OPF?

Starting to wonder what is worse, the OPF, or an open discussion meeting of AA. Bashing AA was fun for some time, and healthy for my recovery from recovery. Orange, wherever you are, thank you for the main page and the letters that you posted on this. Although I did not always see things eye to eye with you, I always had a lot of respect for you, your intelligence, and the sincere good intentions that you had when starting this forum. It seems like no good deed goes unpunished.

Are you obsessed with AA?

How long have you been doing this, and how does it help you?

Flawed Logic

If a drunk driver runs over and kills someone in his BMW should BMW be held responsible for the death?

If a woman meets up with someone she finds on a dating website and ends up being beaten to death and chopped up into pieces, is the dating site responsible?

If the answer to the two questions above is no, then why is it logical to try and hold AA accountable any time one of their members dies?

HAMS Network First UK Meeting

We are hoping to at last start the HAMS Network in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. The first HAMS Meeting will take place at 32 Church Street, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG18 1AE, England. Saturday 13/06/2015 at 2pm and each Saturday following at 2pm. Contact Notts Hamster email nottshamster@yahoo.co.uk Mobile 07707159639. It is to be hoped that anyone attending from a distance will eventually consider starting further HAMS Meetings. Sponsorship of meetings is to be pursued.

Wow! This forum is hopping!

The focus is entirely on Hate.

I hate AA.
I hate land manatees.
I hate free speech.
I hate people on meds.
I hate people who won't support my hobby.
I hate old men who prey on young girls.

...and the list goes on and on!

I just got an email from someone who cares... He told me I could cut it up and post it however I please, but I'm gonna post most of it without his name...

Hiys G

See you are having a bit of a battle at the moment...lol. Keep up the good fight.

I saw this comment from some stupid cunt


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