Here's Everything We Heard Bernie Sanders Say About Drugs at His NYC Rally Last Night

Some encouraging, sane talk about drug and alcohol policies:

Here's Everything We Heard Bernie Sanders Say About Drugs at His NYC Rally Last Night

Why is Bernie Sanders the only Presidential candidate who can talk about these issues in a sane, realistic manner?

The "Addict" Debate: Why We Really Need to Keep Talking (and Listening)

Another very interesting discussion:

The "Addict" Debate: Why We Really Need to Keep Talking (and Listening)

by Johann Hari

RIP Dick B., pro AA author.

Published 46 books and 1700 Articles on AA.

d. 9/29/2015

I didn't know till now.

Why doctors shouldn't have their own secret programs to fight addiction

For the fifth time since 2008, CMA is pushing a measure in the state legislature to reestablish a substance abuse program for physicians that was repeatedly shown to be a failure during its 27 years of existence before its abolition in 2008.

The Movement to End the War on Drugs Is Going Global

The Movement to End the War on Drugs Is Going Global
By Johann Hari / Los Angeles Times

The Czech official responsible for drug policy is Jindrich Voboril. He noted:

The drug war, it seemed to him, was based on ideology, not results, just like the communist system he had fought successfully to overthrow. If you put pledges for a "drug-free world" in a different font, he says, it could be a Stalinist slogan.

Yo there Janus:

I'd like a "pro-*A" input on this, plus you often bring up the subject, so I'll direct it to you.
Either from your own personal viewpoint or what *A teaches about it:

When *A talks about 'powerlessness,' and talks about the absence of or lack of 'free will,' is it only a reference to the substance/substances a person is 'addicted' to, or does it cover the person's life in general?

(Thank you for your input)


This video raises more questions than it answers, but it is a provocative and different take on addiction.

Is this what Bill Wilson called a "Spiritual Awakening" on LSD?

"It is also related to what people sometimes call 'ego-dissolution,' which means the normal sense of self is broken down and replaced by a sense of reconnection with themselves, others and the natural world. This experience is sometimes framed in a religious or spiritual way -- and seems to be associated with improvements in well-being after the drug's effects have subsided."

Its a Wonderfurful Day in the Neigborhood, our New Neigbors

Ok, dudes, dudettes and children of all ages. It is happening. Competition. Capitalism. Two words that will drive the changes as yet unknown in the field of Addiction.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. First, Addiction Recovery is expanding into the Private Sector. Second, this sector is building for profit neighborhood Rehab Centers. And the Ugly, these centers are not looking for Medicare or Medicaid Dollars and sadly they do embrace the notion that addiction is a disease.


Richard Starnes joins Class Action suit against "secret" Interdiction List (secret blacklist in Virginia) for people believed to be Alcoholics with "no" proof of drunkenness in Virginia

Virginia Jails People for Even Smelling Like Alcohol

By M. L. Nestel 03.16.16 4:01 AM ET

A class-action lawsuit accuses cops and prosecutors of locking up people as ‘habitual drunkards’ after placing them on a secret blacklist that bans them from booze.

Richard Starnes has been thrown in jail just for smelling like alcohol.

Every time Roanoke, Virginia, cops drive by they ask him, “You drinking?”

Starnes said usually the answer is yes, but there have been times when he’s sober and police lock him up anyway.

Akron, Ohio police expand unit investigating heroin deaths and find drug dealers selling in NA/AA meetings who were arrested for involuntary manslaughter

It would appear that fentanyl is a big problem being mixed with heroin. I remember about 10-15 years ago I was given fentanyl patches for a buldging disk in my back. For the life of me I don't see how they mix it with heroin since it is fentanyl mixed with a type of glue making it impossible (it would appear to me) to mix it with anything. Anyway maybe they were smoking it or or boiling it down. I only used them as patches for about a week and they didn't seem (to me anyway) to be doing anything but making my back numb but not the deep pain.

Words of wisdom from this forums favorite user. Janus.

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"Spiritual not religious"....hahahahahahaha

Ok, everyone seems to be into pasting youtube videos and such as of late so I think it's time for some comic relief.....It's funny as hell and only 3 an 1/2 minutes long......enjoy

There’s a Way to Treat Opiate Addiction, So Why Isn’t It Being Used?

While bemoaning the loss success rates of treatment centers, one thing that this article does not mention is the fact that 75% of the treatment centers in the USA are based on 12-Step religion.

Determinism or Neuroscience?

An interesting talk by David Eagleman on the power of the unconscious mind, free will, mass murder, brain tumours, paedophilia, addiction and culpability.

City-hired attorney tells Burbank residents little can be done to prevent sober-living facilities

On Thursday, residents said they were baffled to hear that most people looking to establish a sober-living facility are not required to get a permit from the city to operate. [Of course, virtually all sober living houses are stepper-owned and require 12-step meeting attendance.]

Off topic: Sign a petittion

This is brilliant: Somebody put together a petition to allow everybody to openly carry guns at the Republican National Convention. It has over 40,000 signatures and it is growing. I just signed it.

My comment was: Yes, the convention will be SO MUCH safer when every Republican is openly carrying a gun. Why without guns, they will all be defenseless against the attacks of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and ISIS that we know are coming.

PROFILE OF AN AA/12 STEP APOLOGIST-Part 3- When “It” is the meetings…..

So after you’ve debunked the STEPS and proven that they are entirely worthless and have zero efficacy in helping one overcome a dependency issue, the AA Apologist will then do the oh so common Stepper tactic of doing a complete 180 switcheroo and claim that it’s the meetings that matter…..Ya know, “Meeting Makers Make It”…….
I’ve had fun with this one on previous blogs where my favorite observations was; “Oh really? What exactly do meeting makers make? Oh, right, MORE meetings….” But no, apparently they make “it”…..


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