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Factual Stepper Cult Joke

What's the difference between an Atheist and Bill Wilson?.............an atheist who undergoes the belladonna treatment for a drink problem claims er.....whatever they claim, actually I don't know any atheists that have undergone the belladonna treatment, perhaps somebody can enlighten me as to what such a person actually claims? Bill Wilson undergoes the belladonna treatment for a drink problem and claims to have had a 'Spiritual Experience'.........and starts a cult


These years on OPF have done exactly JACK fckng shit to help me with my problems. hatred this and fck this and wussy wussy that gee this sucks and wow that sucks.but as far as helping me with my life FCK U.

Those clever steppers know how to cover their.......

So I'm reading this book by a guy name Rolf Dobelli (Gotta be a good book right? LOL) called "The Art of Thinking Clearly" and in it he totally NAILS something that AA does all too efficiently.

I'll quote the chapter (pages 35-36) and leave my commentary until the end. I think you'll see EXACTLY what he's talking about. happening in the "rooms".

Stepper Cult Joke

What's the difference between an Atheist and Bill Wilson?........An Atheist takes an Acid Tab and claims to have had a trip. Bill Wilson takes an Acid Tab and claims to have had a 'Spiritual Experience'.........and starts a cult

Stepper Cult Joke

What do you call a Stepper who claims they don't lie?................A liar

The Heresy of the Twelve Steps - Idolatry (Part 11)

In the essay titled "The Heresy of the Twelve Steps", Orange points out that AA teaches that five things won't happen for you if your personal version of "God" or "Higher Power" doesn't deliver miracles on demand.

To continue to help him show just how much AA's teachings differ from the teachings of the Bible, I'm going to address THE THIRD THING that supposedly won't happen which is...

"God won't take care of your will and your life for you in Step Three."

orange papers implosion..

i guess i came back on here to find out why Orange papers crashed,and then after that too see what had happened to the forum.But its the same?battle is still here?but he calls himself jerry now?.Same people pay him out..its groundhog day,except its worse..So many good members have left,soon it will just be a few of you fighting the walking dead.And then it will be over.Why be part of it?just ignore him..can you not do this?no i dont think you can..

AA? / Necrophelia talking to the dead? / False Idols / Satanism / Illuminati

Ex FBI Director reveals Rockefeller created 25 step plan for New World Order Mind Control

Rockefeller gives AA [Rehabs] blessing of Finance World / Interested Business men.
is aa one of the many pieces /powerlessness/ total acceptance / no anger / pacivity
Necrophilia talking to the dead / False Idols / Satanism allowed as higher power
research and ponder for yourself

Stepper Cult Joke

What's the difference between AA and NA? The AA true believer does not have to take an Acid Tab to believe God is a Doorknob

Hindu deities, Catholic saints, Jesus and Higher Powers

There is a lot of confusion about what constitutes a Higher Power. There is also much pointless discussion about what the 'real' God is. Most religions (including Hinduism with its multiple deities) accept that ultimately there is only one God but that different people around the world have different interpretations of that God.

They're Back.................Whiny Oranges**

A OrangeFlix original. Brought to you by The Orangie Hate Crew

Directed by: Concern Troll, C#nt Whisperer, A Tizzy & A Hacker

"Its like watching a series of SNL skits"

** Awarded the Emma Award


ps Hate makes you stupid

If you are Irish, can you be prevented from getting a job because the Irish are considered to have Alcoholism in their blood? In South Korea, yes you can.

Katie Mulrennan rejected from South Korea teaching job due to 'alcoholism nature of the Irish' By Antonia Molloy Thursday 06 November 2014

An Irish school teacher was turned away from a position in South Korea due to the "alcoholism nature of [her] kind".

Katie Mulrennan, from County Kerry, had applied for a job in the capital Seoul after seeing the role advertised on Craigslist.

Prooof God has Sense of Humour

WARNING DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOUR-------------------------------------Adam and God walking in garden of Eden.Adam I will give you two gifts.A brain that will allow you to create great things and do wonders.I also am giving you a PENIS that will allow you to enjoy this life and love Eve so very much.unfortuneately there is just one problem.You only have enough blood for one of these to work at a time.------------------------------------------------------

I was very concerned when this site went down

I think we have to start thinking long term on how to perserve this site , It is one of the most informative on AA history. Some will say bias I say so what. I was very concerned for Terry when the site went down, I was concerned about his health and well being.

/ I will never drink alcohol again, I will never change my mind.

My first try at living sober started in 1962.. I followed the so called big book. I worked the 12 steps. I was absent from alcohol for one year and I had a bottle of beer and I got drunk. I did not stop drinking until Feb 22, 1970. This time I did not use the Big Book, I did not work the 12 steps, I did not turn my will or my life over to the care of Jesus. I made a decision that I would never drink alcohol again, I would never change my mind, I went to the park and I burned the Big Book and the Holly Bible, page by page. On February 22 of next year I will have remained sober for 45 years.

The Heresy of the Twelve Steps - Idolatry (Part 10)

In the essay titled "The Heresy of the Twelve Steps", Orange points out that AA teaches if your personal version of "God" or "Higher Power" doesn't deliver miracles on demand, then certain things won't happen for you.

To continue to help him show just how much AA's teachings differ from the teachings of the Bible I'm going to address THE SECOND THING that supposedly won't happen which is..

"You won't get restored to sanity in Step Two.

Another piece of Oxford Group propoganda from Ontario AA Area 86 District 12&13 "The four principles, a great lesson in 2014"

The four principles, a great lesson in 2014

A Small Drop of Ink
Grimsby Lincoln News By Dorothy Turcotte

The other day I opened an old file folder full of miscellaneous items and took out a copy of a newspaper article from the Sunday Chronicle dated July 28, 1935. I have no idea where this article came from, but I know it had been in that file for decades. I finally unfolded it and read it for the first time.

What Happened?

Many of us were worried.

Subculture, Vocabulary, and "Control"

The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.
-Philip K. Dick

It doesn't matter whether a subculture is a 12-Step program, a pseudo-religion, or virtually anything else- the quote above is accurate.
The only difference is intent- some of these so-called subcultures intentionally misuse words/terms specifically for that purpose.


I've read viscious letters to Orange.Always he responds POLITELY with quotes from the bible and from Greek,ancient Roman litt which I have superficial knowledge of.Compare that with INSANE HATRED used on OPF yet claiming,Yes ,we RESPECT ORANGE, Imitation is sincerest from of flattery.try responding as Orange does with KINDNESS and some LOVE.or get off of how much you respect orange.He never attacks, even with most viscious lettres.Always shows his qualities,kindness and self-control.Facts not sucking up.he sets an EXAMPLE !

Welcome to the Horay for Jesus Orange Papers Forum of Jim Battle. Just remember that if you say anything about not liking it, the rabid followers will call you a Lynch Mob. NOW I'M PRACTICING FREE SPEECH!

Because of free speech I can voice my opinion on the Frank Buchman Oxford Group clone that is trying to take over the Orange Papers Forum, especially the ones that are running around piddling all over every thread claiming that if people disagree with turning this forum into a clone of the group that started AA they belong to a "Lynch Mob" in a very derogatory manner.

World Conference On Moral Rearmament (1950) - You don't need a church if you can use the OPF as a podium.

It has helped me it may help you.

I drank and smoked (cigarettes) for over thirty years and was in horrible shape physically. About a year ago my wife told me she was interested in joining a gym and asked if I would consider going with her. I agreed to give it a try, it was very difficult in the the beginning but the more I went the better I started to feel not only physically but mentally also. I have not only found something that is a benefit it is also something that I now really enjoy doing.

Man injured during robbery attempt after Alcoholics Anonymous meeting

A man coming out of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Arlington was shot in the abdomen during an attempted robbery Monday night, police say.

Four men were standing outside a business in the 600 block of Woodcrest Lane after their AA meeting, when an armed man approached them and demanded money, police said.

During the robbery, the robber shot one of the men and fled on foot. It is unclear whether he took any items or money.

The victim was taken to a hospital with injuries not believed to be life-threatening.

the orange papers remains a haven for freedom of speech principles

the orange papers is very unique and has held tight to freedom of speech principles that i see being lost all around us one small piece at a time by bending to cries for censorship to appease special group agendas. that actually turn them into the mirror image of aa's censorship. If you are deceptive and duplicitous - people will reject what ever you say - no matter how polite and rule abiding you act. people learn to be empowered when they see that happen in an open critical discussion.

Appeal to Orange.............. AGAIN

Mate, I don't believe I've ever asked you to ban anyone & I'm not sure I'm asking now, however the forum with no moderation does not achieve it's aims. Somebody made a suggestion about limiting posts or posts/thread but didn't know if this facility is advailable on drupal, maybe there might be another solution, maybe open recovery forums just don't work period.

Battle's God program in full force over at the FIX as well.

My original Reply to the article (Two Bipolar Chicks)


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