David Korsh sermon

Note the strikingly similar to AA ritual chanting:


The word "creator" appears 12 times in the Big Book, and 5 times in the 12&12:


Yet Steppers can pick ANY higher power? But that's billshit, because what if your HP is a bedpan that does not create anything?

Homemade Boniface dedications


Personal Attacks?

I'm addressing this to Orange, who does still run the OPF despite the constant attacks on others by 'the gang.' What actually constitutes a personal attack on someone? Swearing at someone seems the norm on the OPF now, two regular posters on here have been doing it continuously as far as I can remember. It seems posting about Jesus is classed as 'offensive' on the OPF. Is the OPF now a forum for swearing Non Christians?

Racing with the wind "On any Sunday"

Race day ta'morra, m/cyc racing, observed trials racing, gonna go spend the day with a gr8 bunch of people average normal everyday people who know nuthing of being a drunken fk'd up addict much less AA or steppism. I couldn't be there if I was still out there & I couldn't be there if I was in a AA meeting or putting my recovery before all else.
I just wanted to say there's a life out there after using after 12 steps, it's good real good.
The Play Bike.

Today’s question from Rolf Ankermann to all the visiting AA members is simply this; what, if anything, in the Twelve Steps enables or teaches people how to STOP drinking?

This might sound like a ridiculous question because one would think that for such a dominant and “successful” program, the answers would jump right out at you. I must be missing something because I’m not seeing or feeling it, so join me as I try and figure this out, one step at a time.
1-Step One- We admitted that we were powerless over alcohol, that our lives had become unmanageable.

Serenity... Sung to the tune of Me and Bobby McGee

Busted with a case of booze
Driving down the street
Feeling just as helpless as I could
My lawyer said that maybe I
Should head out to AA
The judge was gonna tell me that I should
I got a little drunk
And I missed a couple meetings
And I worked the program
Just the best I could.
Half measures availed me not
I gave the program all I got
I gave that program everything I could

AA's Belladonna and LSD Hallucination awakenings

picture your self in a boat in a meeting
with tangerine slogans and Ouija board eyes
some body calls you
you answer quite slowly
bill wilson the chairperson
with kaleidoscope eyes

and they did not want me talking about drugs in aa meetings?
i relapsed i felt so rejected and terrorized
then the rehab manager said
aa is not against drug addicts
but wilson said addicts can not be reall aa members
because they can not give an aa message
the aa crazy ran wild
the moment i walked in the door

Footnote 125 of The Soul of Sponsorship

Mary Darrah in her book on Sister Ignatia tells the story of the time Sister Ignatia prayed the Stations of the Cross with Bill Wilson. "Bill began to sense a relationship between the cross of Christ and the suffering of the alcoholic." Bill identified most with Jesus being nailed to the cross (Station 11) and the plea of the dying Christ, "I thirst! My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? 133.

Footnote 106 of The Soul of Sponsorship

This is published by Hazelden, the world's foremost authority for treating the medically recognized disease colloquially known as "alcoholism":
Pass It On, Chapter 16, has a wonderful description of the time Bill heard voices who gave him their names in Nantucket. Their exact names checked out both in the graveyard and in the whaling museum.

Hall of Trolls

At a little over 3yrs old it strikes me we've seen a few Trolls & survived more than one war. Prehaps we should have a troll register or even a specific place to debate them. Anyway I thought I'd start a list of memorial troll names.

I just commented on the fix

I'm laughing at myself cause it came out so poetic. It's one of Julliet's articles titled 'The 12 steps backwards." Really creative enjoyable read.

The Neglected Spouse/Family

Why is this considered acceptable in A.A.? (Even the Big Book says that the family will feel neglected, but just fuck 'em.) Shouldn't addicts be working on repairing their relationships with their family? It just doesn't make sense. Here are some random posts I found on the Internet. This is a COMMON problem.

Consolidating Efforts & holding out olive branches (Part 2)

In my first entry I appolagized for my behaviour & suggested if we worked together even a tiny little bit & pushed, consistantly in the right direction we would go on to gr8 things, at the very least given social media & skills of some of the writers/posters here we could certainly raise awareness of the problems/dangers of 12 steps.

Rising Suicide Rates Spur Global Push on Prevention

Rising suicide rates spur global push on prevention

By Michael DharPublished

The stigma surrounding issues of mental health and suicidal behavior still stands as a sad barrier to treatments proven to save lives. Today (Sept. 10), a global event aims to blunt that stigma and raise awareness that suicide is preventable.

National Center For Safety Initiatives

http://www.ncsisafe.com/ Website for NCSISAFE


Anonymous People

I just saw this documentary. While I agree that people with substance abuse problems need help, what can we actually do for them? 12-Step doesn't work. Do we really want to bankrupt our already overburdened healthcare system by mandating that insurers pay for 12-based inpatient recovery programs?

The Rise of Islam and Boniface

This looks like a snippet from a larger lecture, so Islam is not mentioned much. Still, good AA history:

The "cult" with no leaders, no covert goals and no mechanisms for control

According to the Orange Papers, AA is a cult. Cults can only operate if someone is in control because cults need to have power over their members. So, who is pulling the strings in AA? Names? We know the names of the leaders of cults such as Scientology, but the only name we have for AA is Bill Wilson. However, as he has been dead for a long time, he is in no position to exert any control. There are no leaders in AA.

Why i don't like the label "stepper"

Granfalloon..a feeling of them..and us. A cult tactic,i learnt that by reading the Orange Papers. When i read about it i instantly identified from my years in AA,the term "normal people" was always used,i seldom went to a meeting where i didn't hear it. As a disturbed and lost young person it reassured me in some way,i think it was the thought that the people "outside" were different..and that the people around me were like me,my family..this is exactly what i was seeking at the time,reassurance,love and most of all acceptance. i was like the fly and the spider web.

"Drunks" by Peter Cohn. "The Ground Breaking Feature Film About Alcoholics Anonymous" and the 1995 propaganda associated with it, an all star cast and I have never heard of it before...?

Published on YouTube Jan 18, 2014

Actor-comedian Richard Lewis and Academy Award winners Faye Dunaway and Dianne Wiest lead an all-star case that includes Amanda Plummer, Parker Posey, Spalding Gray, Calista Flockhart and Sam Rockwell in this poignant story of friendship, survival and redemption.

Jim Battle is gone

I hate to have to ban people, but the situation in the forum became totally wrecked and out of control.
The people who were begging for a few people to get banned were right.

I had to block Jim from posting, and also an opponent who viciously attacked him, calling him a cunt.
I know I've been too tolerant of attacks on others, but the rule still exists, and I'm going to have to enforce it more if things don't cool down.

So now we have no need of any further attacks on Jim Battle or his religious proselytizing. It's history. He's gone.

The Religion of Jim Battle

Our Jim, who aren't in his right mind,
Hollow be his head,
Thy bullshit come & won't be done,
In heaven much less earth,
Give us this day, our daily spam,
& persecute christians that don't agree with you
Lead us not into false churches,
But deliver us to be "real" christians.
In the name of true christians, whose proof is on you tube, the bullhorn & the bus

Compare these quotes

Bill Wilson:
Arrived at this point, we were squarely confronted with the question of faith. We couldn't duck the issue. Some of us had already walked far over the Bridge of Reason toward the desired shore of faith. The outlines and the promise of the New Land had brought lustre to tired eyes and fresh courage to flagging spirits. Friendly hands had stretched out in welcome. --Big Book pg. 53
Boniface: http://www.biography.com/people/st-boniface-9219073#becoming-a-missionary

Orangies Implosion in Process


Support Janus, AntiDenial, Jim Battle, Simon Templar and NoAAUK.

Jim Battle counterfeit christian cunt

Fuck off Jim

Are Christians Narrow-minded? (Overcoming "Addictions" and "Cult Religion" - Part 5)

Before A.A. came on the scene, millions of drunks became Christians and quit drinking immediately and for good. So why do some people believe that this doesn't happen now? To answer this question let's look at ten very poor reasons people give for rejecting Christianity. In my last post we looked at the third reason, now let's look at the fourth.

4) It is narrow-minded to think that Jesus is the ONLY way.

Is Jim Battle a Asset or Liability to this forum.

A) Asset
29% (5 votes)
B) Liability
71% (12 votes)
Total votes: 17


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