Stepper Cult Joke

What does Costa Rica's 2014 World Cup Squad and the stepper cult NOT have in common?

Costa Rica DO get results.

aa--religious--which states?

i realize i could look this up on my own, but can someone point me in the right direction? which states have deemed aa a religious organization in their court system? merci.

Stepper Cult Joke

What have England's 2014 World Cup Squad and the Stepper Cult got in common?

They both can't get any results

Hello and a Question

I posted the below on the Introductions forum, so if you read it there, I apologize for the repetition. But I'm new here and I don't know if people read the Blogs more.


Hi everybody, I'm new here. Thank you, Agent Orange for having this board and for thinking and writing about this subject in so much depth.

Appropriate uses for the “Big Book” & other AA propaganda

NoAAUK got me going on this idea in another blog, but I think the concept is worthy of exploration in an arena of its own. So... the request is that any interested parties please contribute their ideas on good and appropriate uses for the BB and any other AA printed drivel. I’ll start it off:
Emergency toilet paper.
Campfire-starting material.
Birdcage floor covering.
Hollow it out and use it for storage of small valuable items (after all, what burglar would check a BB?).

Is it illegal to warn people of a DUI checkpoint in Ohio where Alcoholics Anonymous was born and has become the preferred State religion to be mandated too by the US court system?

Superhero for drunk drivers arrested for warning of checkpoint

By Associated Press
June 19, 2014 | 8:02am

CLEVELAND — A suburban Cleveland man says police violated his First Amendment rights to free speech when they cited him for holding a sign warning motorists to turn if they wanted to avoid a drunken-driving checkpoint.

Douglas Odolecki, 43, warned motorists with the sign Friday night in Parma that said: “Check point ahead! Turn now!”

Crazy things said in AA meetings

I was just thinking of some of the crazy things I've heard while in meetings and thought I'd share a few and hope others do the same.

Even if I wasn't a alcoholic I would say I was so I could be a member of AA.

The only reason one who hasn't worked the steps and is sober is because of God's grace and they have a year to do so.

It's better to believe in God and find out their isn't one than not believe and find out their is.

To drink is to die.

Your only as sick as your secrets.

God guided Bill's hand when he wrote the big book.

Man Guilty of Child Porn Possession of Girl Being Raped Attends Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Man Guilty of Child Porn Possession of Girl Being Raped by Her Father Attends Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

By Susan Sarkauskas

A St. Charles man was ordered Wednesday to pay restitution to a child pornography victim, videos of whom are among the most downloaded worldwide.

It was part of the sentence for Gary L. Harris, 53, who pleaded guilty in March to aggravated possession of child pornography of a victim under age 13, and to possession of marijuana.

New 1980's Rehab Drama portrayal to be shown on Showtime with Robert Downey Jr. as producer.

A new premium drama show is being developed at Showtime portraying a Rehab stint during the 1980's produced by Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey under their Team Downey Banner. Robert Downey Jr. has been in the headlines for numerous drug and alcohol problems and his wife Susan is credited with helping him with his problems. It will be interesting to see how AA/NA is shown and if the upsides as well as the downsides are explored.

Showtime Developing 1980s Rehab Drama Produced By Robert Downey Jr.

Question for Orange

Why are you leaving that wildly inappropriate and out-of-place stupidity about college essays in place?

Should we all start doing blog entries airing out our feelings about decorative gardening issues, the best ways to fix flat bicycle tires, household pet colonic health and hygiene concerns and other similarly inappropriate and out-of-place crap?

Six piece of advice to write admission essay that stand out

College application essay is the most important part of the college admission process. College admission essay must capture your character and you must explain who you are. But the best part is that you can choose what to share and how to share it. Students should take enough time to think about who might be reading your essay and how it will express your background. College admission essay provide you a chance to share your goals, personalities, lesson learned and life experience. The purpose of writing admission essay is not to write the summary of your life experience.

No more criticizing aa: "The Resilience of Alcoholics Anonymous" by Bill White and Ernie Kurtz

The Resilience of Alcoholics Anonymous
Threats faced by AA, including the intensity and endurance of polemical assaults on AA, raise the question of how AA survived these challenges to become such a dominant cultural force.

Is this a good time to start up "The Daily Bitch" again?

The idea being to keep all the daily bitching on one thread - anyone not interested can just not read it. Tried it a couple of years ago and it was a laugh. I know one of our more control-freakish members objected to the name - so what?. To bitch is using the word as a verb rather than a noun - completely different meaning.

I find it a bit disconcerting that new members are being frightened off by the actions of those more used to the goings-on on here. This is just an attempt to, maybe, insulate the off-topic moaning.

It will either work or it won't. It's up to you.

"The Buddhist Punk Reforming Drug Rehab" And you’re likely to see stickers that read, “No Gods, No Masters.”

The Buddhist Punk Reforming Drug Rehab

Tech + Health 06.16.14
Stephen Krcmar

Noah Levine is a heavily tattooed , formerly incarcerated addict. Now sober, he’s trying to reform drug rehab through Buddhism and punk music.

Scientific American article, "How the Brain Makes and Breaks Habits"

The June, 2014 issue of Scientific American caught my attention as the cover reads: The Neuroscience of Habits: how they form and why they are so hard to change.

A snippet from

What is wrong with US?

JR has a problem with these individuals: Mark, llse, massive, AntiDenial, Lovinglife52, LFOD, Jim Battle

JR has a problem with the following websites: Stinkin’ Thinkin’, Leaving AA, RecoveringfromRecovery, Expaa, NA Daytona

Who has the problem..?

Does neuroscience hold the solutions for overcoming addcitions?

Science and more so neuroscience, are increasingly becoming looked at as the possible answer to unraveling drug/alcohol dependency. After some research and some conversations with a few friends in the mental health arena, I've come up with a few ideas on the subject. Again, just my ideas and I'd love to here yours.

Neuroscience may answer the question as to why we become “addicted” or as I prefer to call it (dependent) but that doesn’t necessarily give us the solutions as to what to do about it.

reading "self help" wrote by "someone else" may cause oxymorons

reading ""self help"" wrote by """someone else"""
may cause you to become an oxymoron.

deprogramming thought ......for..... forever!

what gets me is calling it self help
when its really all written someone else....think the same way that helped someone else

they should call it the selfhelplessness section in book stores
this section is for people who can't think their own thought
and need others to tell them what to think
people are being mis lead by word twisting

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Do You Need A Meeting?

Wellington, New Zealand AA meetings on the air.

Listen to drunkalogues in New Zealanderese. Enjoy!

One more time....

I am not Subhuti, I have been here for how long and I haven't had one problem with anyone, then SandyB and Matt show up and all of sudden I am accused of this crazy talk, Subhuti is spouting off.
Are we all sleeping or what....this is the same person SandyB = Subhuti = Felice Eliscue. She is concocting this whole charade because I won't engage her, so she'll come up with anything to get me banned.

Catholic's nor AA make any sense/intertwined

A Catholic Vicar ,to raise money for the church tried
to buy a Racehorse,but he only had enough money
to buy a Donkey.He entered the donkey into a race.
The Donkey came in third.
Next day ,headline in racing papers
"VICARS ASS SHOWS" Pleased with how his donkey had done
The vicar tried another race and the donkey won.
Headlines in racing papers 'VICAR'S ASS OUT IN FRONT."
CATHOLIC BISHOP read he news and got upset
He told the Vicar-No more races for the donkey.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Predators Preying

McKinney man gets maximum 20-year sentence

By Valerie Wigglesworth

9:26 am on December 27, 2013

Going to Al-Anon Last Night

I've been trying to get out the house on my own as much as I can recently. I try to schedule something to do for myself every day. I've had three and half years of my husband going to A.A. 5-7 times a week and, well, I feel I deserve at least as much. Last night I noticed I had scheduled an Al-Anon meeting, one where some of the people are interesting me. But since the last Al-Anon meeting I had gone to was such a disaster, I didn't know if I should go or not. I noticed there was a meditation drop-in class at my local yoga studio so I went there.

Can the internet be moderated?

0% (0 votes)
Yes, & Orange will doing some moderating this weekend
100% (3 votes)
Total votes: 3

I do what I do simply because........I care......

I'll try to keep this fairly short and to the point. First and foremost my apologies to anyone who happens to peruse this site and that has had to endure this bizarre warfare. Why I was targeted is still kind of a mystery to me, perhaps I'm viewed as a threat by those who want to keep the unhealthy 12 step methodologies alive as the accepted paradigm for overcoming one's alcohol/drug dependencies.

bmoore888888 hands his ass, on The Fix

Stanton Peele bmoore888888
7 days ago
I actually think that Juliet's resolution -- "I'll organize a group that works for me for my year on probation, then I'm done; I'm trying to live my life, not be a group member" -- is a better model of group support than AA and other permanent group memberships.
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Drug Counselor gets 55 years for driving with dying man on her car
LOS ANGELES (AP) — A substance-abuse counselor was sentenced Thursday to 55 years to life in prison for hitting a pedestrian with her car and driving through a Los Angeles suburb with the dying man on her windshield.

Texas Governor Rick Perry compares Homosexuality to Alcoholism in AA General Service Area 65, 66, 67, 68

In a very controversial move, Republican Texas Governor James Richard "Rick" Perry compares being a homosexual to being an alcoholic and continues on his platform backing reparative therapy (often termed as pray the gay away) to "fix" people who are gay . Rick Perry is the 47th Governor of Texas with the longest serving tenure of any Governor in Texas taking the reigns in December 2000 from George W, Bush when he resigned to run for the US Presidential Office. Running for US President in 2010, Perry suspended his presidential race in 2012 endorsing Mitt Romney.


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