What would be a good name for a press package explaining the problems with AA/NA/12 Step? Please explain your answer.

Why AA might not be good for you.
14% (1 vote)
Why 12 Step programs are not good for you.
14% (1 vote)
Why AA and all 12 Step programs are a cult.
29% (2 votes)
Other, Please give example of name and give reason for use.
43% (3 votes)
No need to write a press package since AA/et. al. will just lie about it.
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 7

Orange, what security do you have in place on the forum?

Hi Orange,

Not long ago, I had one of my OPF posts hacked and my words were redirected to aa. My thread, which you had to fix, is here:

Checking Out

Thanks for the OPF, and all that gets done (and not done...lol) on this site. I haven't been active regarding topics here since taking up another cause, and am working hard to start something positive for people dealing with other health issues. I enjoyed my time here, and with a few exceptions, the friends I made. I never formally said goodbye, but felt I should at least put up a "goodbye" post.

Al-Anon Makes Me Angry

Sometimes, after I go to Al-Anon meetings I get very angry about the things that addicts and alcoholics have done to their families. There are women and men there who have been physically and emotionally abused. I listen to their stories and it breaks my heart. Then I get in the car and I become angry at my husband for using drugs and I start wondering about things. Is he still using drugs and lying about it? Has he had affairs and neglected to mention it in his "amends" (because it might cause more harm)? Has he sexually abused our daughter?!

Robert Downey Jr's son arrested for cocaine.

Statement from the actor...

Massachussets General Hospital (MGH) to start mandatory substance abuse screenings of all patients and "Recovery Coaches" to take people to AA - Fall 2014

MGH to screen all patients for substance abuse

Querying part of effort to treat addiction
By Liz Kowalczyk | Globe Staff June 30, 2014

Massachusetts General Hospital will take the unusual step of questioning all patients about their use of alcohol and illegal drugs beginning this fall, whether they are checking in for knee surgery or visiting the emergency department with the flu.

Hi Folks!

Orange has given me a second chance.
I'd like to say I'm sorry for what happened on this forum a while back.
I hope that all of you can see it in your hearts to forgive me.
Looking forward to participating here in the future.

Lord's Prayer

My husband has been in A.A. for over three years, going 5-7 times per week and I never asked him anything about it. I didn't want to know. I figured it was his business, just like the addiction. I was angry, hurt, disappointed to find out he had been using and hiding it from me. I told him he had a get out of jail free card, that this was his one fuck up. I didn't want it in my life or the kids' lives.

The news from Box 459, Summer, 2014 issue.


Items of interest:

1. Subscriptions to the Grapevine continue to decline. There were 77,126 Grapevine subscriptions in 2013, and 2014's subscription estimate has been revised to 73,401.

2. The January 1, 1014 estimate of aa's membership is:

well 95% of people at AA are actually anti aa(s)

well 95% of people at AA

Alternatives to AA

When anyone anywhere reaches out for stepper cult deprogramming.....I want the hand of AAA to be there always.

The only requirement for membership of AAA is a desire to expose the stepper cult.

God grant the me the courage to change the things that I can.......especially the false public perception of the stepper cult.

OPF Circle Jerk

I *see* you. :) Thanks for letting me beat everyone; it's **totally** my empty mind that allows me to kick everyone's ass. Hope all is well. I wish you'd give us a bit more insight into who you are. Another anti aa-er from the ST days or even from right now? Hmmmm. Or maybe you' re yet another AAer with an ax to grind? Put in some clues even if they're overly general memes. C'mon!


#1-POWERLESS-all those robberies and that one time
when girl was home and I accidentally RAPED HER
now I'm freed from guilt-OMG I was powerless.see
cool,huh and Unmanageable=God sould ahve been
watching me and given me a spiritual ENEMA
to help me.It's all GOD's FAULT.
#2.God restore me to sanity=no d-blasted shrinks
Prison that blasted psych knew all about how my shitty daddy
kept hitting me beating me and my mommy was drunk
did not protect me.Psych even knew how I hated everyone !!

munchousen by proxy alcohol disorder? it IS catchy.....

munchousen by proxy alcohol disorder? it IS catchy.....

Painful Text Messaging

ME: Al-Anon scares me because I don't want to go outside of our marriage to get my emotional needs met like you have had to do. I know I haven't been a good wife. I can't compete with the Program or even the women you have made strong friendships with there. Your sobriety is at stake and I don't want to put that at risk. But the type of marriage the program wants me to settle for does not seem fulfilling to me. What is the point?

Heroin Addict Sentenced Differently....Not AA

An Ohio judge that sentenced a 30 year old woman to receive a shot of Vivitrol each month instead of jail time. Vivitrol is an opiate-blocking medication that reduces cravings and causes precipitated withdraw if an opiate is used.

Any thoughts about this? Certainly better than 12 Step groups or a 12 Step Rehab but it is forcing a medication on a person.

I haven't seen many news articles about this kind of sentencing but I'm thinking that research into this would be interesting.

Now that the downsides of Alcoholics Anonymous are starting to hit major news outlets again it is important to remember the lessons learned by The New Republic because of Stephen Randall Glass in 1998

Stephen Randall Glass was a reporter at The New Republic Magazine and was caught prefabricating stories and can explain why integrity and traceability of sources is so important in the Anti-AA movement, especially if we go to the media with them.

This Forum is Fucked

The likes of Danny Bennison, well Danny Bennison himself, have screwed yet another forum. This will not go away until the majority of the membership does something about it. I'm tired of trying...lol. Used to be fun, but now it's just boring.


Eye Opener

From day one I felt that their was something off about AA but said to myself what the hell i'll give it a shot. As time went by and I continued to go to meetings I still questioned as to weather I should continue with AA, things still didn't seem right. It was suggested to me that I start attending the primary purpose big book study in which they go through the book line by line with a question read out of a manual and the answer was a sentence from the big book going line by line from start to finish, doing this was when my eyes really started to open and see AA for what is was.

Stepper Cult Joke

What do you call an Ass/arse ole with a Ph.D?

An Ass/Arse ole with a Ph.D

I hate running into stepper cult members.

It's always the same question "so have you been drinking" .they seem disappointed when I tell them no. Then they precede to tell me how worried they are about me. When I was asked why I was no longer going to meetings I told them strait up I could no longer buy what AA was selling.

2nd edition, quitting and without aa, etc. HELP

yes, i am becoming an annoyingly lazy person. but i am an idiot about navigating the opf. someone posted on here recently that somewhere in the 2ns edition the bb was actually "humble" enuf to mention drinkers who've gotten well on their own and who've lived quiet normal lives, etc. fucking fuck. i cannot find it. i promise this is my last question outta the blue like this. why'd they change it? i have been thinking about this all day today. the post i read (re: the 2nd edition, etc.) also had a super smart point about marty mann, etc.

Which enity is THE MOST reponsible for Alcoholics Anonymous being so prevelant in today's society? Please explain.

Alcoholics Anonymous World Srevices, Inc (The publishing arm)
0% (0 votes)
General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc (Logistics and planning arm)
14% (1 vote)
Alcoholics Anonymous members (In entirety following the instructions of the two entities above)
71% (5 votes)
The court systems allowing people to be mandated to AA
14% (1 vote)
Probation and Parole systems forcing attendance at AA
0% (0 votes)
Politicians allowing the prevalence of AA in Court, Probation and Parole systems.
0% (0 votes)
Media outlets pushing AA as a cure. (Newspapers, Film and Radio)
0% (0 votes)
Landlords renting or allowing AA meetings to be held on their property
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 7

Stepper Cult Joke

What does Costa Rica's 2014 World Cup Squad and the stepper cult NOT have in common?

Costa Rica DO get results.

aa--religious--which states?

i realize i could look this up on my own, but can someone point me in the right direction? which states have deemed aa a religious organization in their court system? merci.

Stepper Cult Joke

What have England's 2014 World Cup Squad and the Stepper Cult got in common?

They both can't get any results


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