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I Have a Goldfish That Tell Me I Do Not Have a Goldfish

What awesome person on here said this about two months ago? Maybe three? I have thought of it every day since and it makes me smile each and every time. :)

Quotes for VIOLET

LOST YESTERDAY.between sunrise and sunset-4 golden hours each set with 60 diamond minutes. no reward is offered as they aer gone forever. 19th century/horace Mann I fight with my opponent,my failures,the demons of doubt, injuries,my anonymity,and the unrelenting voice of doubt that tells me to quit. I am a fighter and one thing is certainty--I will be victorius. I still see you as a friend. I hope.

substance dependency disease and behavior disorder science

i support both
because one size or belief does not fit all

can opf members aspire to say that?
or does OPF enable "no disease" group think mind control behavior?
wo confronting it.

do you argue that disease science is absolutely wrong - for others!
do you literally argue to negate it for anyone and everyone?

What actually is IT ?

IT gets better......It works if you work it........what exactly is it? I know it is spiritual and most definitely NOT religious, but has anybody got any ideas what this 'it' thing actually is?

Phil Collins disses AA, rejects "alcoholic" label

I've always liked the guy and think he's a straight shooter. I was pleased to read the following because it confirms my high regard for him.

Phil Collins Reveals He Nearly Died, Ended Up In Alcoholics Anonymous And Developed Pancreatitis As A Result Of Heavy Drinking

The Huffington Post UK
Posted: 29/09/2014 15:46 BST - Updated: 29/09/2014 15:59 BST

Advice from Doctors or from AA regarding addictive medication?

On the subject of AA's warnings against the abuse of prescription medication, a report has been produced by the American Academy of Neurology on the dangers of prescription opioids:

The article is 3 pages and is worth reading in full. Here are are few relevant quotes:

"Between 1999 and 2010 more than 100,000 Americans died of opioid overdoses....far exceeding the 58,000 US military casualties of the Vietnam War."

AA’s 12 Steps don’t teach you how to stop drinking and neither do their meetings! Part Four- by Rolf Ankermann “The DRUNKALOGUE”

So after the demeaning introductions where we all have to identify ourselves as alcoholics even though we don’t drink anymore and the ridiculous readings that are designed to beat us down and convince us that we are all terminally diseased and that are only hope is a lifetime of AA, we are then ready for the meat of the meeting, the DUNKALOGUE.

When Steppers Own/Run Treatment Centers Advertised as Non-12-Step

Parable (?). A "treatment center" advertises itself as non 12-step, or as 12-step neutral. People client trusts have brought client that referral. A client locks in resources and makes commitments (family, time, financial, geographic, psychological, etc.).

Said treatment center has just been bought up by owner who is 12 step (though clients may come to doubt owner's "sobriety" in 12 step terms). Said treatment center continues, for months even to this day, to advertise non 12-step and/or 12 step neutral professionals and treatment team.

Alcoholics Anonymous Slogans

"One Little Pill" Documentary narrated by Claudia Christian about the Sinclair Method (Naltrexone) coming out in 2015

"One Little Pill" Documentary narrated by Claudia Christian about the Sinclair Method (Naltrexone) coming out in 2015

Published on Jul 31, 2014

Steppers please tell me this as well

How long does the stepper god, who can be a light bulb or a cricket (or baseball) bat or whatever, remove your shortcomings for if you ask Him to humbly. This bat, whether cricket or baseball is a male bat female bats presumably wear a dress. Anyway there must be a time limit involved in removing shortcomings otherwise you would be miracled perfect as soon as you did step 7 and would no longer have to constantly inform the solemn head bobbers about your exaggerated character defects and resentments that they keep on regurgitating at those macabre cult indoctrination sessions/meetings.

Controversy over AA leadership....AA has a Responsibility!

Controversy over Alcoholics Anonymous leadership.

AA has the responsibility to adequately serve, inform, and protect their members!

AA also has the responsibility to inform the same societies of which they also recruit for membership of AA's: religious components, potential dangers, and results of studies regarding the successes (lack of).

More AA Fallout

We're not doing well financially. So my husband asked if he could spend some money, $700, for someone to look at/edit a book he wrote and I felt like I couldn't say no because of a number of reasons. And this woman who he gave the money to has been ducking him and he just found out today that she's in rehab and I wonder why I could have been so stupid to let my husband give that much money to someone who is in AA. Fuck I hate these people.

Daily Reflection for Sept. 24, 2014

From the fatherly and archaic Daily Reflections book, comes today's injection of PTSD. Be scared, be VERY scared!


We have seen the truth demonstrated again and again: "Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic." Commencing to drink after a period of sobriety, we are in a short time as bad as ever. If we are planning to stop drinking, there must be no reservation of any kind, nor any lurking notion that someday we will be immune to alcohol.

The Litmus Test

What if p.H. was your H.P.? Then you use litmus paper to tell how much God loves you.

Steppers please tell me

Steppers please tell me why oh! WHY....your version of God, who can be a doorknob or a watering can or whatever other crazy idea you choose, can only expel the obsession to drink alcohol and NOT miracle an individual to be able to drink normally like normies and thus solve the drink problem for ever.....ONCE AND FOR ALL.......PERMANEANT. Is it perhaps because steppism is nothing more than a lying, fear-mongering, coercive, predatory cult? Will somebody please answer this question just once as I consider this ONE question as fundamental to the whole 12 step concept.

I LOVE When Antis/AA Skeptics REACH People (ie. MIss Juliet):

Check this out!!!!

Current blog entry from 9/2014:

I went to a traditional A.A. meeting today with the topic taken from Daily Reflections, a book that includes a daily quote from A.A. literature followed with commentary by an unnamed A.A. member.

Anne Smith and the 28 Oxford Group Principles

Anne Ripley Smith was the wife of Dr. Bob. She had a profound influence on the development of AA in its formative years and was known as the Mother of AA. Strangely, she is not well-known and there is little written about her or her influence on Bill W., the establishment of the 12 Steps and the content of the Big Book. Anne Smith was an Oxford Group member from 1933 to 1939 and kept a "spiritual journal" of her experiences and observations. This material comes from Dick B.'s, the exhaustive and best-known AA history site:

Measuring Success?

Studies into the effectiveness of the 12 Step Program all have the same problem. There is no universally accepted definition of what 'success' means when treating addiction.

The positive side of my brainwash experience..

it was discovering what AA is that led to me being the way i am now, and its a good place to be. and im really greatful for that,shit dont i sound like a "stepper" now! getting brainwashed into a cult religion at a hospital,operated by the state,at 20 years of age really opened my eyes..although it took another twenty years for that lesson to sink in. my brain is on fire

This Should be Interesting...

AA’s 12 Steps don’t teach you how to stop drinking and neither do their meetings! Part Three- by Rolf Ankermann “The Promises”

I talked about “How It works” in the last blog and today I’ll cover the other most common reading spouted out at meetings; THE PROMISES.

It starts like this;

“If we are painstaking about this phase of our development, we will be amazed before we are half way through. We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness.”

Hazelden Meditation for the Day 9-21-14

This is just off the wall, coming from medical professionals:

Same Feeling

When I was in Al-Anon I experienced that same feeling that I did growing up Catholic - that there was something wrong with me because I just didn't get it. I did't believe in God and I didn't get feelings of awe or serenity when I contemplated God's greatness. And I didn't get anything out of confession...

Is AA's 13th step justice process fair or unchecked bias and lies?

anyone who does not see AAs 13th step justice process as prone to extreme bias and abuse is not thinking critically or ethically. its absolutely sickening to me to see that AAs 13th step witch hunts are supported by opf members rather than using real court system actions that have many safe guards against biased witch hunting hysteria. AAs 13th step justice mechanism is AAs creation - but opf members support AA's 13th step justice process wo question. its sickening just sickening. its not justice in any way shape or form.


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