Godwin's Law and calling people Nazis

Here's a good blurb on arguments that degenerate into people calling others Nazis, but the author of "Godwin's Law".


What this doesn't quite address is the situations where people really are acting like Nazis, or promoting a Nazi philosophy.

Solar Farm will suck up all the sun

This is off the wall: A town in North Carolina rejected plans for a solar farm because they feared that the solar farm would "suck up all of the sun", and stop plants from growing, and cause cancer.

The kicker is that the local SCIENCE TEACHER "feared the proposed solar ranch could hinder photosynthesis -- the process of converting light energy from the sun into chemical energy for fuel -- in the area and stop plants from growing."

The frightening thing is, those people are still allowed to vote.

Does happiness itself directly affect mortality? The prospective UK Million Women Study

I am just wondering if this study contradicts earlier posts about the placebo effect. It has been said that that people with Faith are Happier and therefore Healthier. I remember a post by Janus which she said "Faith has great power". She also posted "So faith is in many cases as effective as medication"



Lets talk about the AA God as we understand Him

William Lane Craig: Big Bill– Opening Speech Big Bill: Good Evening! I want to begin by thanking MC Grads for inviting me to participate in tonight's debate. And I want to say what a privilege it is to be debating so eminent a scholar as Professor Curley. When I was a doctoral student writing my dissertation on the cosmological argument for God's existence, Dr. Curley's work on the famous philosopher Benedict de Spinoza was a valuable resource to me in trying to analyze Spinoza's own argument for God. So it's a genuine honor to be sharing the podium with Dr. Curley tonight.

Carlbrook School closes, something for Not in Kansas anymore


I believe Nika had some interest in this place - whether or not they will see this- one can hope - I posted it in the forums under Cults -the continuing saga -section and it doesn't appear to be showing up on the front page of the OPF.

Why is God rarely, if ever, mentioned when promoting AA in the Media?

God is not relevant except for being totally fundamental in recovery by AA's 12 steps
0% (0 votes)
Perhaps people might think AA is some sort of religious cult as opposed to a support group for substance abusers
100% (4 votes)
Especially if it is also mentioned that both Bill W and Doctor Bob were both former members of the Oxford group religious cult
0% (0 votes)
If you admit to listening to voices in your head for guidence, people might think you are some kind of nutjob
0% (0 votes)
as opposed to some selfless, beautiful, highly spritually developed and caring person
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and then call in the men in white coats with straight jackets
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Some other reason, please specify in comments
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Total votes: 4

Stepper Cult Promotion

a quick scan of recent comments will reveal that many people do not like Janus' posts. I must admit she gets up my nose often and I am far from her biggest fan. But at least Janus is honest and does not try to hide her preoccupation with spiritual development.

Recovery Road - January 25 at 9pm/8c on ABC Familly

January 25 at 9pm/8c on ABC Familly

Please some one Help, I need some Info?

I have a friend who rents a room in a boarding House. He has no education, work skills, and is at his wits end. All his room mates at the rooming house do heroin and other drugs, and he has been hospitalized for it, but he just goes out and does it again. On his Obama health care card, he can only go to a 12 step rehabs. He went to AA/NA before and it failed him. His living situation is sort of desperate on he just wanted to go there to get away from all the madness of the Boarding house, has no family or no one else to go to.

"The Power of Faith and Prayer?" Do the 12 Commandments of Bill Wilson Work?

The Power of Faith and Prayer?

Posted by Steven Novella on August 3, 2011 47 Comments

The tour from Hell: Jerry Garcia's final days

This is a fascinating, and also very sad, story. Personally, I was a Dead-head for a lot of years, and they were my favorite band. It's sad but revealing to see Jerry going through the same addiction and denial routine so many of us have been through. How human we all are.


Yahoo has a negative cash value

Here is a wild one: Wall Street pundits rate the value of Yahoo at a NEGATIVE $13 billion.

How can that be? See:


Timothy Leary, guru fraud.


A bit dry to watch, put there is a cheap thrill if you stick it out to the end.

Reading here from when I was new.

Just feeling very grateful to keep feeling more and more sane after leaving AA/NA. I no longer need a group to help me manage my life. I have friends and family who adore me and we have a lot of fun together. I also enjoy that voice in my head. The enemy is no longer in between my ears! What relief! Leave today and get normal! It's much more fun being a "normy"!

Has anyone actually heard mention on ANY version of God on a UK TV stepper cult promotoin?

Yes the stepper cult ALWAYS mentions God when promoting the cult on TV, they are TOTALLY HONEST in their promotions
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No, they like to lure people in pretending to be a genuine support group and then terrorise victims into joining the cult
100% (1 vote)
Other- Once again there is no other, The stepper cult is either TOTALLY HONEST or VERY DECEPTIVE in its promotions
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Total votes: 1

Emmerdale update

Lauren has been six months sober and has asked Ashley to accompany her to an open AA meeting to collect her chip (I didn't realise AA gave out chips for a mere six months alleged sobriety?, not long in stepper cult 'time' terms, you need at least 20 years ALLEDGED sobriety to be a bonefide stepper cult old-timer come most highly developed spiritual guru).........still NO mention of God though, albeit a stepper cult puppeteer version, who can also be a doorknob and just loves people constantly woffling on about character defects and other guilt inducing topics and totally abandons anybody who

Sacred Knowledge: how psychedelics shaped an academic's life

This is quite interesting. This guy is a researcher who dates from the old days when psychedelics were an experimental treatment for alcohol abuse and drug addiction:

Sacred Knowledge: how psychedelics shaped an academic's life


Does having only a cellphone lead to more binge drinking than having a land-line telephone? According to a CDC study it just may

Are you still seeing that correlation with risky behavior, or are we maybe approaching a point where only having a cellphone is more of a factor of convenience?
We still see it in the general data, so if you take a look at the report, you can see that 29 percent of wireless-only adults are binge drinkers whereas only 18 percent of adults living in landline households drink heavily.

What have you meditated about recently

A doorknob?
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A Tree?
0% (0 votes)
A Rock?
0% (0 votes)
A character defect?
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Other..please specify in comments
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Stepper Cult Joke

Whats the difference between the Nazi Party and the stepper cult? The Nazi Party's dream of world domination ended in 1945......the steppers STILL dream of world domination

AA's 11th Step practice of so called "meditation" is just more petitioning of the Lord, i.e. Prayer.

There is absolutely nothing in any of the Steps nor the literature that comes anywhere near the Buddhist or Zen like ideas of "meditation" that are so popular in our culture these days.

Step 11 is nothing more than a continuation of the petitioning of the Lord that brings about the miracle conditional cure to be found in Steps 6&7. One needs to do no more than read the literature that describes these steps in further detail. Take some of the following quotes for example.

The dangerous circular logic of Donald Trump

This article gives some more examples of propaganda and debating tricks:


Trump's argument boils down to this: I don't care what published fact-checks say. I have heard from people on Twitter who tell me they saw the same thing I did.

Return of Werner Erhard

This is appalling: Werner Erhard, the cult leader who created "EST" and ripped off millions in the "Hunger Project", is supposedly making a return to respectability.


Here are some links to Werner Erhard in the Cult Test:

2 drunks talking to another

Twentieth Century Influences on AA
Posted on November 18, 2012
By bob k

It is fairly common knowledge that there are religious roots to AA. Much has been written about our earliest existence as part of the Christian revivalist Oxford Group. From Carl Jung comes the need in the chronic alcoholic for some form of “spiritual awakening.” These awakenings are also described as “huge emotional displacements and rearrangements,” “personality changes,” “a profound alteration in his reaction to life,” and the like. One man’s miracle is another’s psychology.


Last week the 'Lords Prayer' made the UK news. Apparently they wanted to show an advert featuring the 'Lords Prayer' at the Cinemas, but it was considered 'offensive' to those of other faiths or atheists and was banned from being broadcast. Last I heard the Church of England was taking legal steps about the matter. What about AA? I know I am not the only one by far who finds the 'promotion' of this vile and dangerous cult by the media as terribly OFFENSIVE.

Fascism, then and now

SALON.com just published an interesting article about Donald Trump's fascist attitudes. I found it interesting to compare the definition of fascism there with the definition as applied to the Mussolini's Italian fascists and Hitler's Nazis:


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