I think you are missing a point...

I haven't followed the Jim/Jerry saga from the beginning, but there's something I've been noticing.
Frankly, I don't believe J/J's concern is religion/God/etc. at all. I believe his purpose is to sow as much discord and chaos as possible.

Specifically, I've noticed a pattern. While it's all over the OPF, one example is the "Stepper cult joke" JRHarris posted yesterday and Jim/jerry's first reply. The more frazzled our regular members get, the calmer J/J gets.

PEACEful places/GHOST TOWNS /everyone's DEAD

Just used up couple hours watching Ghost towns gallery---Funny no wars.no infighting peaceful cause eveyone's DEAD. No dance hall fights over the girls.guy wanting waltz music vs square dancing.guy shot the waltz guy.got hanged and now all everyone there that day is now DEAD.Places where Baptists and John Wesly Methodists and Evil-angel-yuchh-alls quietly together .no ariges no you're goin to Hell and I'm not cause there all side by side in CEMETERIES /DEAD AND PEACEFUL.

Stepper Cult Joke- When the Orange Papers Forum gets taken over by people that want "God" to be the answer to addictions, which is what AA is all about. Now that is hilarious.

Hats off to the assholes that made it this way. You are good little secret steppers and an especially loud round of applause to the sock puppets of http://nadaytona.org who helped to make this happen because instead of looking at the big picture, they wanted to shame churches and didn't care if the person wanting to do it was bashing every other free alternative they were pushing for one involving the God of his choosing.

Stepper cult Joke

The OPF 'Group Think Lynch Mob' is a true representation of the Anti Stepper Cult Movement? Now that IS a joke LOL

Stepper Cult Joke

When is a Stepper practicing 'humility?' When they are not 'more' spiritual than us lesser beings

The Heresy of the Twelve Steps - Idolatry (Part 8)

Speaking of Bill Wilson's "for-everybody religion", in the essay titled "The Heresy of the Twelve Steps", Orange says that...

"Something that tries to be everything to everybody ends up being nothing to anybody... And that is the error that the Catholic Church calls "syncretism" — uniting conflicting religious beliefs so as to reduce them to a common denominator that is acceptable to all."

WARNING: Serial Internet Pest & Forum Troll Jerry/Jim Battle

Is plaguing this forum again, banned once under his original moniker & prehaps real name Jim Battle has re-emerged as Jerry. Jerry/Jim has been banned, blacklisted & ignored on countless websites for his polite bad behaviour. He has bagged Orange & members of this forum on other websites. One of Jim/Jerrys techniques is to flood forums with spam. Members of this forum have been bitten by viruses concealed within his links. Jim/Jerry masqurades as a street preacher for which he has no qualifications.

12 Steps to Dealing with Narcissists - Emotional Self Protection and Boundary Setting (Very interesting)

1. Identify and admit
2. test : do you feel like crap when you speak to them
4. clarfiy the boundary between your problems and their problems
5. clarify the boundary that you DONT let people do this to you
6. be aware they have an agenda (and it never ends)
7. physically withdraw -- create distance
8. psychologically withdraw
9. you cant HELP or FIX, by reason


Halloween Amends

Happy for Orange, but dissapointed and sad

I'm very happy for you Orange that you just celebrated a milestone.

But I have to say I'm a tad disappointed that you've let the very sincere, noble and authentic desire to keep "Freedom of Speech" alive to the point that it's rendered your forum as virtually ineffective for it's intended purpose.

What do you believe in?

I'm an Atheist
11% (1 vote)
I'm an Agnostic
0% (0 votes)
I'm a Christian
67% (6 votes)
I'm a member of another Religion
0% (0 votes)
I dont practice any particular Religion I just think there is some other existence after this life
22% (2 votes)
I'm a stepper
0% (0 votes)
I just like attacking others on the OPF particularly Jim Battle and Jerry
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 9

Still alive, in spite of everything.

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2014 22:16:47 -0500 (10/17/2014 08:16:47 PM)     (answered 21 October 2014)

From: Starmom

To: Orange <orange@orange-papers.org>



This email address didn't work the last time, but will try again.

If you receive this, can you pop over to the forum and let us know you're o.k.?
Some of us have been worried about your long absence...


Hello Starmom,

The Heresy of the Twelve Steps - Idolatry (Part 7)

In the essay titled "The Heresy of the Twelve Steps", Orange says that...

"Bill Wilson's goal was ostensibly to be ecumenical, universal and all-embracing, to avoid religious conflict, but his solution to the problem was hardly sound theology."

In other words, Bill wanted AA to influence, apply to, and include all alcoholics no matter what they believe about God. But was this because he simply wanted to help as many drunks as possible? No.

love me some antidepressants

And anyone that gets in my way just watch out.

That is my reality and why I am REALLY here. Anyone else like to share their truth and stop hiding behind the anti-aa agenda?

Getting honest one day at a time…one hour at a time!

A.A., Christians, and WIIFM

It should not be surprising that individuals who have no desire to clean up their acts and turn their lives around use any means at their disposal to continue their "lie, cheat, and steal" lifestyles. And religion is not an exception.

Freedom of speech

I didn't favour Oranges policy of freedom of speech at first, at least regarding steppers posting on the OPF. But now I see why you need it. Its not only the correct way to present alternative views and debate them, but it is also the only way to expose steppism for the false harmful cult it really is. Let the steppers post their view, then counter or exposé it from a Christian or other religious point of view or atheist point of view.

Unhealthy places.......the 12 step cult?

I was researching about support groups for people who have had a loved one die. Apparently there is a so called support group for people who have suffered from the bereavement of a child. This support group is described by somebody as being 'very unhealthy' for those undergoing grief. They constantly repeat stories of the death of their children, they constantly declare that other peoples grief was not as great as theirs and the grief becomes a way of life and there is no healing process for this grief. No moving on.

The Heresy of the Twelve Steps - Idolatry (Part 6)

In the essay titled "The Heresy of the Twelve Steps", Orange asked a very good question:

"Who says that everybody's understanding of God is correct?"

The answer is SOME PEOPLE. I have actually heard some people in AA say that everybody's understanding of God is correct, even if the understandings contradict one another at the same time and in the same sense. For example, one person can say that God is an inanimate object (like a doorknob) and another can say that He is not an inanimate object but a living person and these AA members believe that both are true.

What about Powerlessness? Does it exist? By Rolf Ankermann

Of the 100’s if not 1000’s of lies that AA pushes down people’s throats, probably the most damaging one is the directive that one admits that they are “powerless” over alcohol. This is of course boldly stated right in their very first Step towards recovering for eternity.

Of course it gets even worse when they “suggest” that you surrender your will and your life in Step 3, thus rendering you powerless in every other area of your life as well.

But let’s just stick to that first wretched declaration.


Orange I see your on the forum tonight it's been awhile I hope all is well nice to see you back

Have you seen a drug pusher lately?

This is one of the few topics on which I agree with "the programs." Both A.A. and N.A. state a person's health care is between himself and his doctor.

However, with "meds" being a topic of disagreement, I'm taking this opportunity to present my POV, as well as some information.

1. Are you aware of how much pharmaceutical companies pay health care practitioners (physicians & mental health) to prescribe these medications?


How do people handle grief when somebody or animal close to them has died? Abuse of alcohol can momentarily blot out the pain but we all know it won't bring them back and will just cause more and more problems. Is there a solution to this agonising feeling or do we just have to endure the situation as best we can until we at last accept our loss? I do take comfort of sorts from the notion that 'unless you have felt love, you will not feel grief' I just wondered if anybody has any information on how to handle grief soberly. Alcohol does ease pain, but at what long term cost?

The Walking Drunk


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