SURE looks like this is now the ANUS/HELL MIND FORUM
all all comments are either from or to both these depsearately insane
believers in their own superiority over all on OPF>
when does that ability to IGNORE KICK IN???
noaa- is now just pitiable/pathetic his real jesu big book goddd
tells all o us how we're hypocrites =we disagree with aauk's godddd noaa
pretending to be antiAA does not help others- it simply generates hatred.

"Just Say No to 12-Step Cults!"

"Just Say No to 12-Step Cults!"
t-shirts, bags, bumper stickers, buttons, etc.
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B Wilson/Rape JOKE

Mother superiior and a novice num went to the zoo.
Some bad luck as it was feeding time for the gorillas and
idiot had left the door open.
Huge gorilla grabbed the Mother Superior,dragged her into his man made cavve
raped.then threw her out.
Poeple came running to help her/Ambualnce took her to Hospital
then seeing just few scathes and small bruises/back to their convent.
Weeks went by and the Novice nun saw the Mother Superior was crying.
What's wrong.Is something wrong??

Disease Theory of Alcoholism - A head full of AA (Part 2)

Published on Mar 14, 2015
The highly religious organization alcoholics anonymous, which believes in the disease theory, and gets recruits from courts houses, doctor offices, rehabs, and jails, etc., is known for it's members claims that they have a disease that only they can understand and that they can help someone who has it.

What exact criticism of the stepper cult does Smart Recovery want to censor?

That attendance at 12 step cults does NOT seem to work for the majority, despite claims to the contrary?
0% (0 votes)
That attendance at 12 step cults actually screws the minds of many of those that do
0% (0 votes)
That 13 stepping not only appears to be the 'norm' at many 12 step groups but is often seen as a perk of membership of the cult
0% (0 votes)
That suicide appears to be highly prevalent amongst members of the 12 step cults
0% (0 votes)
Any other aspect of the 12 step cults Smart appears to want to censor, please use comments
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 0

Who exactly does censorship of any criticism of AA, as demanded by Smart Recovery, actually help?

The Anti Stepper Cult Movement ?
0% (0 votes)
Substance Misusers in general ?
0% (0 votes)
Manknd as a whole ?
33% (1 vote)
Establishment of the Truth ?
0% (0 votes)
AA and its 12 step clones ?
67% (2 votes)
Total votes: 3

The Business of Recovery - New Documentary!

new film exposing rehab and AA. I saw it last year when the film maker and I connected. Its a really great film. SAD. good. Real. Exposing of rehab and AA. All ex steppers will love it .

Disease Theory of Alcoholics Anonymous

Published on Mar 11, 2015
Alcoholics Anonymous and 12 Step programs claim that addiction is a disease that you are powerless over, yet they have no proof of this claim and refuse to admit that addiction is a choice. Instead they claim that it is a spiritual malady that needs a spiritual solution that no other known disease needs. Can you name any other 'disease" that praying to a god of our own choosing can fix?

Self-Control, Impulse Control, an internal Locus

of control has been found to predict health and possibility of substance abuse in the future. This finding was originally noted at Stanford in the Marshmallow experiment. It has value and can be compared and contrasted with those unfortunates that find their way to AA.

How does One Embed a YouTube Video in their Blog?

Normally I'd ask JR, but I'm afraid that what he'd tell me to do is an anatomical impossibility.

A Failed LSD Experiment

I came across mention of this bizarre Canadian experiment from the 1960's in a book I am reading at the moment (The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson):

According to the book one poor teenage car thief was incorrectly diagnosed as being a psychopath and ended up being included in the experiment.

It appears there are worse fates than being mandated to attend AA meetings.

Leonard Neel arrested for bringing loaded sawed off .22 rifle to Wichita Falls, Texas "Something New" Narcotics Anonymous meeting and has shotgun in car as backup

Man Arrested With Gun At Narcotics Meeting

Posted: Mar 02, 2015 3:42 AM UTC Updated: Mar 03, 2015 1:33 AM UTC

Police have released the name of a man who police say showed up with a gun to Something New, a narcotics anonymous meeting, Sunday night. Leonard Victor Neel has been charged with Possession of a Prohibited Weapon.

Wichita Falls police say it happened at the corner of Avenue J and Grant.

60 Minutes tells the Oxford House Story

Uploaded on Dec 3, 2009 Sedona "Would you be shocked to learn that a bunch of recovering alcoholics and addicts would like to rent the house next door to you?" "Well the man who would like to make that happen is Paul Molloy. Why does he want to put those people next door to you? And who is he anyway?"

Finally found out what a "real alcoholic" is.

Janus has used the 'real alcoholic' or 'real addict' defense over a dozen times in her tenure on the opf. In another thread that she started about mystical experiences, she expands on what the addict is really searching for. In a nutshell, the real addict is one that desires an ego deflating spiritual experience, which of course she claims AA and NA provide.

Alcoholics Anonymous & The Powerless Problem - The whole truth

Published on Jul 11, 2013
A breakdown of the first 3 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and why the powerless concept doesn't work, some basic history, some questions, and some common sense. A list of alternative non 12 Step websites are included at the end.

Neural Pathways.....

There is discussion at times concerning who we are, what we are, why we do what we do etc....and if you look at the following sentence, I noticed and ask you to do this as well the following....

"What I do know is that I’m not completely at the mercy of these neural pathways, that I do have a say in “which path I follow”!"

I am not at the mercy of neural pathways. Is this saying that I am not my brain?

I do have a say in which path I follow. Is this saying that something other than the brain guides our behavior?

Do 24-hour detox centers hurt neighboring properties?

“If we are not careful we will become the detox center of the nation,” warns Kelly Smallridge, CEO of the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County. / Damon Higgins, PB Post

February 16, 2015 | Filed in: Children/Families, Drugs, Florida, Housing, Tourism.

Not a week goes by that Boynton Beach’s planning and zoning director doesn’t get a call from someone looking to open a detox or rehab center in the city.

Freedom To Recover...Double Messaging....questions need answers

I have a few questions, as a professional, for Mr. Ankermann. He has self described himself on Amazon as follows:

"Rolf Ankermann is one of an ever-growing group of professionals working in the dependency field who flat out do not accept the "disease" model of addiction., Held in high regard in the industry, "

Freedom To Recover...Double Messaging....questions need answers

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my experiment with drinking moderately is over

I cant think of anywhere else to say it,so i will be honest with you guys. just a big fat disaster in the end,i wont drunalogue but all the familiar problems have surfaced again.The thing i learnt here is it dosent have to be a big deal,not like my aa days,returning to the group to regain "support",shareing the stories of how bad it was out there,starting the steps again,having a sponser design me a routine to get me "well" again, no way do i need that shit,i can simply stop. frankly im not getting a buzz from the stuff anymore.i feel good about freeing myself from it.

Pretend/Ignore Religion in GOVT.

Alll this time everyone wants to ignore facts: that slowly but surely erosion of seperation of church
and state has taken place.Officials trying to keep freedom of religion have been replaced with
ones who co-operate with religious right wing.Judgiciary stacked with religious wing nuts.
while despising the Democrats/the Obama haters / for trying to protect
the Constitution.we see with AA/NA how govt has become controlled by right wing christism.
Literally $ billlions have poured into campaigns from the religious right wing

Mystical Experiences in Addiction Treatment

An interesting update to the research carried during out during the 20th century on using LSD to treat alcoholism:

Note the quote:

"The stronger the person's subjective response to psilocybin and the more they reported dimensions of mystical quality to the experience, the greater their clinical improvement in terms of both their drinking and their psychological status."

It's now officially "The year of the sheep" and therefore time to reveal the big secret to the herd

For all of the cute but disillusioned and brainwashed sheeple in the rooms, today is the day that they can unshackle the
the chains that bind them and they can for the last time chant in unison those immortal words; "WE THINK NOT".
Only this time they can scream that chant when asked "Are you an alcoholic?"

How Is Recovery Portrayed on TV - Nurse Jackie (Showtime)

Nurse Jackie is an American medical dark satirical comedy-drama series. It premiered on Showtime on June 8, 2009.[1][2] The show's seventh and final season will premiere April 12, 2015.[3]

How Is Recovery Portrayed on TV - Mom (CBS)

Mom is an American sitcom that premiered on September 23, 2013, on CBS. The series stars Anna Faris and Allison Janney and was created by Chuck Lorre, Eddie Gorodetsky, as well as Gemma Baker. On March 13, 2014, CBS announced the second season renewal of Mom.[1]


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