Mary Kennedy's body found by Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor

The suicide of Mary Kennedy in Westchester County New York has been having a lot of press, both good and bad. It is not known why Mary Kennedy committed suicide, but is is known that she was a coerced member of Alcoholics Anonymous for a few months and she died with no traces of Alcohol in her body. Court records are now revealing that her AA Sponsor is the one who found her.

For those of you that do not know what an AA Sponsor does, they help their prospects to confess their sins to their "Higher Power" and another person, usually the Sponsor during the indoctrination process of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics ANonymous. The confessions that are taken by AA Sponsors are eerily like other confession cults and it has been noted that Alcoholics Anonymous and its confession practice can cause suicide in the people they attempt to indoctrinate. A sponsor is not a trained therapist and it has been shown that they are often also full of narcissistic qualities. It also shows that Mary Kennedy was following the Alcoholics Anonymous program and had a Sponsor, but the AA Integroups of Westchester County appear to have infiltrated her life and failed her miserably. Do you really want what they have in your life?

Mary Kennedy's body found by Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor

12:19 PM, Jul 12, 2012

Mary Richardson Kennedy’s Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor was the person who found her body hanging from a beam in a garage at her Bedford estate in May, according to records obtained by The Journal News/

No alcohol was found in her system, the records say, though there was on odor of alcohol on her face. Dr. Kunjlata Ashar, the acting Westchester County Medical Examiner, explained the possible contradiction.

“The breath smell is not a reliable indication of the presence of alcohol. The toxicology results are correct for absence of alcohol,” Ashar said.

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As a side note it should be remembered that Mary Kennedy was in the town of Beford, not far from where the Stepping Stones compound of Bill Wilson resides on the Katonah border, where he has publicly stated he used a Ouija Board to write the "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions" of Alcoholics Anonymous commonly referred to as the 12&12.


I really wonder who becomes the sponsor for celebrities and how they can stay "anonymous" in that relationship.

Anyway, it's news to me that Bill W. claimed to use a Ouija Board to write the 12x12. That's the third story that I know of regarding how his ideas came to him. 2 by his own admission and contradictory.

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"White wouldn't confirm whether she was Mary Kennedy's AA sponsor. She did say she was Kennedy's "spiritual adviser," a role she'd been serving at Kennedy's request for the five weeks leading up to her death."

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You should be very proud of yourself! Do you search out loopholes on all of the stories about Alcoholics Anonymous screwing up?

~You can not moderate the truth. Just don't lie, steal or make stuff up out of thin air and expect to get away with it without it being pointed out to you. It's really very simple.~

White (aa sponsor) would not discuss the nature of the spiritual adviser relationship. I guess it was not helping Mary. This women needed some professional help. Not an AA sponsor. Im sure that being involved with the kennedys was more than enough of a challenge.

This comment disturbed me too:

"White said she didn't call the Bedford Road estate before arriving; she and Mary Kennedy had the kind of relationship where White could arrive at the Bedford property unannounced."

Was she led to believe that she was not entitled to any privacy. The women commits suicide and according to White, all their conversations are private. Why should they be? Seems like everything else about her private life has been exposed. Why was it necessary to mention the AA sponsor at all. Plus the story has changed regarding who found her. Very mysterious and tragic.

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Why is the world necssarily owed any kind of explanations? This woman doesn't have to disclose to a reporter anything that she and MAry talked about. You can't read anything about Mary without knowing that she DID in fact have a medical and psych team behind her, so she was getting help. She also had no alcohol in her system when she died, so that cannot be blamed. Shame on RFK Jr. for his remarks to that effect. Than again, shame on him for all his behavior pre and post Mary's death. There had been no reason to treat his wife as he had even if he did want to leave her.

Remember Christopher Stevens when you vote.

Shannon White didnt mind disclosing her picture as her spiritual adviser. We all know she was her "anonymous sponsor". Maybe that because she is a free lance reporter, In addition to being a presbyterian minister. Maybe this is the reporter side of Miss White.

If she respected Mary's privacy so much; why would Shannon White allow the details of their relationship to be drug back into the media again. She had to have approved this article; picture and all of herself. As her spiritual adviser/sponsor; It seems rather dis- respectful of her to Mary Kennedy. I hope for the sake of Marys children, this is the end of the media frenzy.

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As can be seen by the article you found, Shannon White became the go between between the family and prospect being indoctrinated and had been working with her for 5 weeks. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had helped to give Mary Kennedy to the cult of Alcoholics Anonymous and mistakenly believed that they would "miraculously" take away her depression by being in a confession cult. If you notice the cult was the first people he called when he realized that she had been "pushed" over the edge.

White, an ordained Presbyterian minister and freelance reporter for News12, said she had been Mary Richardson Kennedy's "spiritual adviser" for about five weeks and that during that time the mother of four was clean and sober.

She declined to detail the conversations she and Mary Richardson Kennedy had during those five weeks, saying only that they had spoken often, in person and on the telephone. She also declined to describe Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s emotional state during that time period. He had filed for divorce in 2010 and had begun dating actress Cheryl Hines.


~You can not moderate the truth. Just don't lie, steal or make stuff up out of thin air and expect to get away with it without it being pointed out to you. It's really very simple.~

Why not reveal some details that would give Mary some credibility and honor. Once again, why should a trusted sponsor/spiritual adviser comment at all. I doubt that Mary Kennedy would approve.

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I can't answer that, Sue. She certainly does appear to have willingly been involved with this article. I wouldn't have done it. I didn't have a spiritual advisor (which I often took to mean "sponsor #2") although I have a wonderful network of friends, and I also don't disclose anything that I generally care is kept secret. I don't really care what people know about me, but I can imagine that Mary Kennedy had a life that required a lot more discretion than the average person given the prominence of everyone involved with her.

Remember Christopher Stevens when you vote.

I found an AA sponsee dead; he screwed a pretty little AA girl, was rejected, and never made it back.

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I read a little about this Mary Kennedy suicide. Maybe i am too much of a conspiracy theorist at times, but while I was reading the above article and posts it made me wonder if she really committed suicide or was killed/murdered and made to look like a suicide if her husband wanted her gone. Oh well, I guess no one will ever know. Something just doesn't seem to add up. Not that suicides make sense, but bringing up her mental instability etc. etc. It must be dreadful for her kids to read such rumors and stuff in their time of pain over and over again if they even look on the net. Sad situation to have your private life dragged out for public fodder.

I haven't read too much about this cindee but when I first heard about her death that is what I thought; Conspiracy.

When I started reading the comments today I was thinking along the lines of privacy and letting her RIP, without the press poking their nose in. Seems it always happens and gets beaten to death. I just think of the family, especially the kids. I couldn't imagine having my Mom or loved one in the spotlight all of her life, problems, and death.

On the other hand I got to thinking that when there actually are conspiracies involved it is the press and the speculation that helps break it open.

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