The "Theatre Conspiracy" Planning to spread the Gospel of Bill Wilson in "PASS IT ON" July 27, 28 & 29 and July 28 2pm - $20

Theatre Conspiracy 10091 McGregor Blvd Fort Myers, FL 33919 239-936-3239
PASS IT ON...AN EVENING WITH BILL W. AND DR. BOB July 27, 28 AND 29 at 7:30pm AND July 28 at 2PM Produced in conjunction with Unflappable Recovery Entertainment. An inspirational and often hilarious play which dramatizes the astonishing true story about the drunk doctor from Akron and the drunk stockbroker from New York City who stumbled on the cure for alcoholism in 1935. Tickets are $20 A fund raising benefit for Y.A.N.A club of Fort Myers and NCADD, Inc.
Auditions for the Theatre Conspiracy 2012-13 season will be held June 30 from noon-3 p.m. Call 239-936-3239 or message Bill Taylor on Facebook for an audition slot. Theatre Conspiracy will also produce a July show. "Pass It On: An Evening with Bill W. & Dr Bob." "Bill W. & Dr. Bob" is the true story about the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous. I reviewed the play when it opened at the Off-Broadway Palm in August 2009. The show went on to tour Florida and the U.S. "Pass It On: An Evening with Bill W. & Dr Bob." will run for just four performances over three night. The $20 ticket price is a fund-raiser for the Y.A.N.A (You Are Not Alone) Club of Fort Myers and NCADD, Inc. "Pass It On: An Evening with Bill W. & Dr Bob." plays at 7:30 p.m. on July 27, 28 and 29 with one 2 p.m. matinee on July 28. Tickets are $20. Call 239-936-3239 or online at
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This would be a fabulous opportunity for you to picket and pass out leaflets describing Bill Wilson in those loving terms of yours, JR Harris. Wouldn't it be worth a round trip ticket to fuck up this experience for anyone attending?
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Hope they serve drinks at this theater.

Hope they serve drinks at this theater.
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The Fort Myers, Florida production of "PASS IT ON...AN EVENING WITH BILL W. AND DR. BOB" is till going strong and teaching would be AA Sponsors how to talk people into believing and admitting they are an Alcoholic and god has nothing to do with the rituals, ceremonies and praying in Alcoholics Anonymous. With Broadway actors who have made a profession out of portraying how to coerce prospects for AA, the show is going strong and does appear to be a first class act. Don't forget that Tickets are $20 and a fund raising benefit for Y.A.N.A club of Fort Myers and NCADD, Inc.

12 more steps taken toward debunking AA myths

A new drama sheds light on 'Bill W.' and 'Dr. Bob,' the beloved founders of Alcoholics Anonymous.
7:02 PM, Jul. 26, 2012

As a recovering alcoholic, Gary Kimble admits he does everything to excess.

That includes his own recovery.

So Kimble attends 12-step recovery meetings every day. He’s read hundreds of books about Alcoholics Anonymous founders Bill Wilson and Bob Smith. He’s visited the founders’ former homes, AA museums and the AA archives in Akron, Ohio.

And now he’s turned AA into a full-time career.

Kimble co-starred in the AA drama “Bill W. and Dr. Bob” four years ago at Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre, and heco-wrote and co-stars in a new sequel, “Pass It On.” That sequel plays today through Sunday at The Alliance for the Arts in Fort Myers.

“It’s unbelievable,” Kimble says. “This really touches a nerve in people. And it all started for us in Fort Myers.”

There’s obviously an audience for AA-related theater. Kimble and co-writer/performer Richard Springle took their version of the off-Broadway hit “Bill W. and Dr. Bob” on the road in 2010, and they saw sold-out shows across the country.

“Pass It On” is already shaping up to be an even bigger hit.

After announcing the new show in January, Kimble says, his email in-box was flooded with about 3,000 requests for performances throughout the United States – not to mention Dubai, Ireland, New Zealand, The Philippines, Argentina and many other places.

And that’s before most people had even seen the thing. The show goes on the road next month.

“It’s ridiculous,” Kimble says. “It’s just coming in a flood.”

Springle takes that analogy even further.

“We’re riding a tsunami,” he says, “and we best not look back. We just try to keep looking down the nose of that (surf)board.”

In “Pass It On,” Springle and Kimble star as the two former drunks who founded Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935. Both actors are recovering addicts themselves.

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The Y.A.N.A Club in Fort Myers which is helping to put on to this show-

Y.A.N.A Club
1185 Lake McGregor Dr.
Fort Myers, FL 33919
(239) 481-2539

Also see:"A review of the AA Documentary "Bill W" by Schaper's Corner May 19, 2012"

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The play "Pass It On" put on by the Theatre Conspiracy in Naples Florida had a sold out seating on Friday July 27, 2012. As expected AA members came to bask in the fictional remake of AA lore where Bill W and Dr. Bob talk to each other on Mothers Day May 12, 1935 at the home of Henrietta Seiberling and devise a way to talk people into believing the only way to stop drinking is to chant to a pagan "higher power" and join their cult. Reminiscent of tours of the Spiritualist compound of Stepping Stones in Westchester County in New York, people arrived at the play and wept and shared prospect hunting stories. They also most likely left with more ways to talk people into joining the cult that Bill Wilson started. "Review: 'Pass it On' offers illuminating look at AA" by Charles Runnells 11:06 AM, Jul. 28, 2012

~You can not moderate the truth. Just don't lie, steal or make stuff up out of thin air and expect to get away with it without it being pointed out to you. It's really very simple.~

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Pass It On... An Evening with Bill W. & Dr. Bob is an inspirational, educational, and often hilarious live stage performance. It is designed as a centerpiece for fundraising events that celebrate recovery and increase your organization’s presence in local media. Pass it on. Spread the word.
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Thanks JR and Alkie, this play is wonderful. Of course it depends upon the actors but if you can refrain from being to critical, it is decent. JR, once again thanks for advertising this event, people need to know about the creative art AA has to offer. The gifted artists that have populated AA are legendary. Guess what? They are still here....:) Conan, you are so gullible. We are going to have fun together...:)
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____________________________________________________________________ AA is a religious cult dressed up to look like a treatment for alcoholism. Link to original Orange-Papers website...

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Critics getting wise to the propoganda of "PASS IT ON" in Naples Florida in this self explanatory piece entitled,"Review: 'Pass It On' offers intriguing, if frustrating look at founding of AA" By CHRIS SILK Posted July 31, 2012.

~You can not moderate the truth. Just don't lie, steal or make stuff up out of thin air and expect to get away with it without it being pointed out to you. It's really very simple.~