Did Frank Buchman teach brainwashing to the Chinese Communists?

Recently, a thought occurred to me that has been staring me in the face for years: It is entirely possible that the Chinese Communists learned brainwashing from Dr. Frank Buchman and his wierd cult religion.

"Babylon Confidential" by Claudia Christian, a story about alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous - Naltrexone and the Sinclair Method

Claudia Christian is the the actress who plays Commander Susan Ivanova on the science fiction television series Babylon 5, and like many of the Hollywood stars had a problem with alcohol consumption. She has written a book about it which included the alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous because she found, like 95% of the people who enter the program, it didn't work for her.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) & ASAM : Practicing Quacks?

More about Coercion In most of today's state physician health programs, ―Regardless of setting or duration, essentially all treatment provided to these physicians (95%) was 12-step oriented. In these programs, ASAM practitioners routinely impose their spiritually-based 12-step abstinence recovery program. This system is imposed on medical professionals through threats to remove medical licenses or curtail practice or hospital privileges. American Society of Addiction Medicine. A made up "specialty"

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) : A Back-to-God Movement

I have often thought, as time went on, that we in A.A. during the past fifteen years are just forming the nucleus of the brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of Cod we were all intended for from the beginning. It seems to me that this fellowship stems from God and goes back to God, because the trouble with us alcoholics and the trouble with the world today is Godlessness. We have work to do, and I say to you that it is a back-to-God movement, and is fundamentally Catholic throughout. N.C.C.A. "BLUE BOOK©" AN ANTHOLOGY

The history of June and Alcoholics Anonymous, the month of June for AA - Gemini and the first day of Summer

June, the sixth month of the year is deeply rooted in the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and has been immortalized by the followers of the prophet Bill Wilson who claimed to see god and speak with dead spirits using the devils tool of the Ouija Board to write the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (12&12) of Alcoholics Anonymous. What happened in AA during the month of June in AA history?


From a post from LFOD! "Did you know that AA helped with the WWII war effort? AA most certainly did, just ask 'em.

You see, it was like this. During the years that the U.S. was involved in WWII (1941-1945), AA was able to increase the manufacturing output of the U.S. manufacturer.

AA was able to accomplish this amazing feat by reducing absenteeism of the U.S. worker since hangovers were reduced, and productivity increased.." - LFOD


Wait a tick, there are a couple problems with this theory....which is usual and shouldn't surprise anyone!

Starbucks bans smoking within 25 feet of doors, alienating AA members in time for the Stepping Stones Picnic and Akron AA Founders Day 2013

Starting June 1, 2013 Alcoholics Anonymous members will no longer be able to smoke within 25 feet of a Starbucks according to new company guidelines (, which corresponds with the 62nd Annual Family Groups Picnic at Stepping Stones in Katonah, NY.

SCOTUS rules police can swab for DNA after arrest (WASHINGTON) — A sharply divided Supreme Court on Monday said police can routinely take DNA from people they arrest, equating a DNA cheek swab to other common jailhouse procedures like fingerprinting.


I've been thinking more about disease theory and I have come to the conclusion that the only way it could be correct is if we were in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Yes, Zombies. And although they may LOOK like some people in the rooms, those people ARE NOT zombies!

Levels of coercion

Level 1: Some entity (usually the government) will physically force you to attend 12 Step indoctrination. This happens, albeit relatively infrequently. See Florida's Marchman Act for an example.* Level 2: If you don't go to AA, some government entity with the ability to incarcerate you will treat you more harshly than it would otherwise. This happens frequently in some states. Level 3: If you don't go to AA, some outside, impersonal entity will deny you some tangible benefit such as a license, job, or medical treatment. This happens frequently in some contexts and locations.

Sex for Steps

Talk about coercion. Wife won't put out unless husband goes to AA for support. "My husband is skipping his Alcoholics Anonymous meetings I've told him no sex until he gets support with staying sober." "It's not just about the drinking. It's your behaviour. You can stop and be a sober drunk you know " ~wife says. (Too much Al-Anon, ya think?) "I'm confused by what I've just said." ~wife continues. (I'm confused too. What is a sober drunk?)

Addiction: A Disorder of Choice

Addiction: A Disorder of Choice - a book by Gene Heyman

In a book sure to inspire controversy, Gene Heyman argues that conventional wisdom about addiction—that it is a disease, a compulsion beyond conscious control—is wrong.

What ever happen to "Soberman"

Good morniing everyone, and you to btnben. I Soberman do declare that on Oct, 7 2013 I will be 81 years young. I had my last drink on Feb 22, 1970. I stopped smokeing 2 years later. I have been sober over 42years. I have made over 10,000 AA meetings. I sponsored over 500 drunks. I can find only 2 that stayed sober. I have not made a AA meeting in more than 10 yeare. I burned my Big Book over ten years ago. I don't drink and I do as I please. Soberman Don't drink, do as you please?

Dissection of Step Words (Part V)

!ts been a while since I did one of these, but I thought it was time for Part V or Five, of my little mini-series!

I have been pouring over words for a while, trying to pick the right one. There's some obvious ones, like Higher Power, Spirituality, and Inventory for example, but I wanted a challenge! I wanted to find a word so innocuous that no one would have thought of it. The other night it came to me!


Yes, I just saw your brow furrow, but that's OK! You'll understand in a minute.

Massachusetts Doctor Fights 12 Step Coercion




AA "words" as pictures

Inspired by Rexy's excellent analyses of the way AA screws up the meaning of words, I thought it might be fun to try and compile some visual examples.

First effort :-

BillW®: My Whorey Story

We met at an AA meeting in 1952. She was 45 years old; I was 57. I remember the moment vividly. It was in New York City, the City that never sleeps, ya know? This was a few years before my wife had her heart attack. Anyway, I said to myself, “I have to hit that”. The Guys had not yet set up the Watch Committee. Those meetings, for me, were really carnivals of sin. In the spirit of anonymity I will not reveal her name.

Alcoholics Anonymous events June 1, 2013. What can you do if you can't make the Stepping Stones Annual Picnic? You could pay $30 to watch the movie Bill W in Vermont...

“Bill W.” – a Documentary about the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous will be playing in Manchester, VT on Saturday, June 1st- 1 p.m. at the Riley Center for The Arts at Burr and Burton Academy (the same school that Bill W. attended). There will be a featured talk by Mel B., well known author and historian. Also enjoy Q & A time with film director, Kevin Hanlon. A reception for attendees will take place at The Wilson House from 4 to 6 p.m. The price of a ticket is $30. All proceeds will go to support The Wilson House.


I was trying to have a nice night, just playing some Skyrim ( on my XBox, when this random character shows up and says she is having trouble at work. She said she was sorry to her boss multiple times, and he can't understand why she shows up to work like she does!

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): The 12 Beads

Some use the Rosary for devotion to prayer. Yet others use the 12 Beads for prayer devotion.

A string of prayer beads? And they say AA ain't a religion!
Twelve beads - twelve steps.

When repeating the steps, promises and traditions, beads may be used to enhance reflection.

Could A A become a home grown Al-Qaeda?

AA has been under attack from many sides for several years. Now that it has increasingly become the source of material for mainstream comedy, its days truly are numbered. AA members are leaving in such numbers that AAWS now won’t publish figures of membership levels. How does this affect the demographics of AA? What kind of people are remaining in the cult?

The Plea for a Bill W Postage Stamp on June 10th, 2013, the 78 Anniversary of the Cult of Alcoholics Anonymous

In yet another case of Promotion, instead of Attraction, the makers of the documentary film "Bill W" are going against AA Traditions and having a "film debut" on June 10, 2013 where they are handing out postcards addressed to the United States Post office asking for a "Bill W" Stamp to be made. Stating that Bill Wilson deserves his own US Postage Stamp because he made the Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of the 20th Century. It should be remembered that Bart Simpson was also on that list and I think he deserves a US Posptage Stamp also.

Fill In The Blank Step Work!

One of the supervisors at work showed me a site today that has easy to fill out, "official" forms for communicating with other people. A few of them caught my eye!

From the Bureau of Communication comes...


The first one makes Step 9 easy and much less time consuming, If you are the Stepper on the go, then this one is right up your alley! Which is funny because the alley used to be your house....I kid I kid!

Dissection of Step Words (Part IV)

First, I have to say it took me a minute to figure out what the Roman Numeral was for four...then I remembered Star Wars! Nice!

OK, so it is time for part four of my little series. Are you feeling thankful, appreciative, maybe even a little...grateful?

If so put your hands together because its time for a little gratitude attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First the Stepper perspective, then the reality and then my judgement!

Let's go:

Buchman lives

Alcoholics Anonymous tracking the indoctrination of Cuba by AA missionaries from Ontario, Canada

Alcoholics Anonymous República de Cuba ~

AA is almost an underground movement in Cuba, it is not recognized by the Cuban government, as they believe that their hospitals under the "Departamento de Higiene and Mental Health" can provide health care to cure their alchoholism problem in the country.

How our little group of Canadian members got involved:


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