Im curious

What would the reaction be if a bunch of us that dont like AA went and trashed an AA site like the AA trolls attempt to do here ?

Scientists and engineers in AA

While I am sure there are some exceptions, by and large, most people I have known in AA either: 1) didn't go to college; 2) majored in liberal arts; 3) majored in business or something related to finance. Rarely have I encountered a stepper who majored in science, math, or engineering. Any thoughts on this? Has anyone else noticed this? *Coercees don't count.

It is well established that AA is a dangerous mind bending drug

Unfortunatly it hides under the cover of religion and is actually only snake oil(all profit no product) and cant be touched by the FDA or it would have been banned long ago. Here Lets list the best protections and detoxifications from the poison of AA.

Alcoholics Anonymous: Does AA Work?

Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work? Do you want to be a 12 year-old the rest of your life? Do you really need a bunch of trinkets, medallions, bumper stickers and such? Intewesting!

Bill Wilson a conman

Wow stuff on this man keeps popping up everywhere

Serenity from In The Rooms

AA is a dangerous drug even if used as prescribed

Any drug has a list of possible side effects. These side effects can range from a minor inconvience to deadly. Lets list the side effects of AA here for all to see.

If There is a God...

If there is a god who is willing to help alcoholics recover, why doesn't he just cure all of the alcoholics and get it over with? If God is so much against overindulgence, why did he create alcohol in the first place? If alcoholism is a disease, and alcoholics are "powerless" to control their drinking behavior, why do most sober houses and rehabs deny services to those who become symptomatic? If willingness to believe in God is the key to lasting sobriety, why do so many people who claim to believe in God relapse?

Alcoholics Anonymous: Once an Alcoholic, Always an Alcoholic

AA Will Fuck You Up! This case is representative of how AA and the ignoramuses that support the hokey religion of AA can totally fuck your life up. They do like their labels! 172 Ill. App.3d 498 (1988) 526 N.E.2d 894 PAUL B. YOULE, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. JIM EDGAR, Secretary of State, Defendant-Appellant. No. 4-88-0005.

Mandated Population Dallas, L.A. and Boston.

Pennywise, an anti aa member here made a comment, "that if all the mandated people were to either stop coming to AA or leave immediately that AA would collapse". "If you take away the coercees, the Cult won't survive in its current form."

CNN reports the fastest growing "religious group" is the "Spiritual, not Religious" movement - Oct 9, 2012

CNN Dan Merica reports that the fastest growing "religious group" in the US is the it's "Spiritual, not Religious" movement and one in five people in the US appear to be in this group. The "Spiritual, not Religious" movement was started in the US by Alcoholics Anonymous, which currently inhabits the 10th and 11th Floor of the Interchuch Center "which houses offices and agencies of various religions, and of ecumenical and interreligious organizations" on 475 Riverside Drive in New York (

Dexter's gone all 12

I was told by another member today that, in the latest series of Dexter, he may be going to get 12 Step style help for his serial killing. Apparently, his sister found out what he had been doing and was trying to intervene. Is this another example of the TV industry pushing the 12 Steps or is it, as I hope, another example of the fact that someone else has seen through the Billshit and is mocking. Ridicule is a powerful tool. I will be watching with interest.

How Anti-AA'ers create their arguments.

Here is a perfect example of an Anti-AA'er creating his argument. This post below; Well I guess Danny/Marti can't define "success" in AA either. Maybe there isn't any "success" in the cult of Alcoholics Anonymous? I'll take that, AA has a 0% success rate. Thanks becket...

I was unaware that being in AA for years meant you are successful. The Triennal Studies are saying this?

I was unaware that being in AA for years meant you are successful. Did AAWS say this somewhere or is this an anti-AA thing. I don't even think they implied this message. I believe this became a way for anti-AA's to create a debate, the first chip in the granite. AAWS nor the BB is saying that just because you are at the same meeting 20 years later that this makes AA or yourself successful. Why is it so important to anti-AA's to create this argument? Remember this is your argument not AA's.

How Fulton Ousler a Class "A" member of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) helped spread the cult to the Non-Alcoholic

Fulton Ousler (January 22, 1893 Baltimore, Maryland - May 24, 1952 New York City) is a relatively unknown person in the cult of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), but he helped to spearhead the growth of AA with his position as author and editor of Liberty Magazine and Readers Digest. Ousler was a Non-Alcoholic Class "A" trustee of the cult of Alcoholics Anonymous (at first called the Alcoholic Foundation) and a fiction writer for such periodicals as The Black Cat, Detective Story Magazine, The Thrill Book, and Mystery Magazine.

Alcohol is killing people.

This is a study from the World Health Organization (WHO) as of 2011. (2 separate articles) (As you can see I am not posting a study done a decade ago or more.) Alcohol Fact sheet February 2011 Key facts *The harmful use of alcohol results in 2.5 million deaths each year.

Catholic prayer to Boniface

Interesting parallels:* Prayer to St. Boniface Dear Winfred, a British Benedictine, you were called Boniface by the Holy Father who sent you to evangelize Germany. Aided by many monks and relying on God's grace obtained through assiduous prayer, you made countless converts. Inbue us with great missionary zeal and help us in our spiritual renewal, O Leader who died for for the Lord.

AA for the 21st century 1. Admitted that we were complete failures and decided to blame it all on alcohol. 2. Decided to give authority one more chance. 3. Agreed to let God (as we would like God to be) take care of us. 4. Took a moral inventory of everybody else. 5. Tried to impress God, ourselves, and another human being with the drama and glamor of our drinking story. 6. Became entirely ready to have God on our side. 7. Humbly asked Him/Her to make us perfect.

This is a REAL deadly problem plaguing America. Deadly meningitis outbreak increases to 91 cases Rare Meningitis Outbreak Linked To Mass. Pharmacy WBZ Boston 2:00 | 0 views Health officials say a rare meningitis outbreak has sickened 26 people in five states who received steroid …

The Non-Alcoholic, Non-Addicts Speaking for the Cult of Alcoholics Anonymous, Harry Tiebout and George Vaillant

One of the tactics of the apologetic Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) faith is to claim that someone is not an Alcoholic or Addict and has no knowledge or ability to even speak about the rehabilitative (or lack of) qualities of Bill Wilson inspired Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) chanting and confessional rituals and ceremonies because of this. Oftentimes these same people base "facts" about AA on these same non-alcoholic "trustees" of the AA faith and call them "Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous."

OPINION: Is America Man Enough to Vote? (excerpt from article) "In 2008, scientists from Duke University and the University of Michigan analyzed the biological effects of voting on more than 150 voters. On Election Day, more than 150 test subjects chewed sugar-free gum after they’d voted and again at regular intervals after learning the election results.

Could Going to Rehab Kill You - You Betcha!

Death In Rehab: What Is Wrong With California's Addiction Treatment? Could going to rehab kill you? Published on September 6, 2012 by Adi Jaffe, Ph.D. in All About Addiction

Comfortably Dumb

Another Saturday meeting halfway down: Hello, Is this anybody's first share? Just nod along and listen This is your new home Come on Now We hear you're feeling down We can ease your strife Let us love you back to life Relax We'll need to do some chanting first Just the basic Steps Let us show you How it Works Don't use your brain you are receding Your sponsor's phone is on your Verizon You are always coming back insane Your knees bend But I can't hear what you're praying When I was a child I had some defects That is why I drank all that booze

Alcoholics Anonymous: Policy - The sooner the better

Children and Addiction by Matthew Bryant | Dec 15, 2011 Public Policy Statement on Children of Parents Suffering from Alcoholism or Other Drug Dependencies

The Addiction Web Site of Terence T. Gorski

Addiction Is Not A Crime, It's A Treatable Illness. Addicted People Are Not Criminals Who Need To Be Punished They're Sick People Who Need To Get Well.


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