Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): AA Reality Check

Letter to Editor Newsweek - AA Reality Check AA Reality Check 07/16/2007 I applaud your recent article by Michael D. Lemonick, “How We Get Addicted”. It rightly points to the true hope of a medical cure for addiction. But I must take issue with Mr. Lemonick’s comments on Alcoholics Anonymous. Has AA really “…. managed to get millions of people off the bottle….”? Is it “…. astonishingly effective for some people….”? Does it really have a 20 to 40 % success rate?

The Mythology of AA

They simply make shit There is so much BS surrounding AA, I thought it might be fun to make some sort of list of all the crap they sell. Let's get started with the one that gave me the idea for this blog. Dry Drunk - A mythical creature on a par with unicorns. The term is used in a derogatory sense to describe anyone who realizes that the program is a crock of shit and people can stay sober, usually more happy, without it. Alcoholism - A mythical disease, completely unrecognized by the medical profession, that the whole bag of tricks depends on.

laughing again

because I wrote that poll and someone changed it. What is so funny to me is that I thought I was supposed to write a sentence. lol Where did that idea come from? Quirky brain. lol All of this could have been easily avoided had I just noticed! LOL

Obamacare & Addiction Treatment...

They really are pushing addiction as a "chronic illness & disease" and pushing "rehab treatment" too...
How Obamacare Could Revolutionize Addiction Treatment

Speaking of Hell: Part II

Death toll likely exceeds 1,000 after typhoon slams Philippines. My thoughts and best wishes go out to these people, and in particular, I hope Simon Templar is doing OK. Simon, I hope you are doing OK.

Speaking of Hell...

Sung to the tune of,.. Iron Man

Has he lost his mind? Can he see or is he blind? Can he walk at all, Or if he moves will he fall? (the gif of him swaying in his chair here) Is he alive or dead? Has he thoughts within his head? We'll just pass him there why should we even care? He was turned to leader in the great delusion feeder When he travelled time for the future of mankind Nobody wants him He just stares at the world Planning his vengeance that he will soon unfurl Now the time is here for Bill wilson to spread fear Vengeance from the grave Kills the people he failed saved Nobody wants him They just turn their heads

CL Stepper posts very old racist joke/story, other steppers play ignorant and defend it.

Excerpt; Ron, a fellow I knew was a member of the < GentleAngel > 11/08 11:52:09 Inuit tribe in Canada, and after living a horrible drunken life came into AA in the S/E to find a better existence for himself. The meeting he attended was made up of many Inuits and as he listened it became clear they all relied on what he took to be a native Spirit Guide called "Hyapowa" that gave them the strength to do life well without a drink.

Does 10 day "free" Alcohol Rehab work in Iceland? 12.8% of the population has gone to rehab with a 60% 1yr success rate

Rehab Nation

They tried to make me go to rehab, and I said, "Yes, yes yes."

8.11.2013 by Anna Andersen

Worldwide, drug and alcohol rehab is closely tied to celebrity culture. It’s thought to be for people like Amy Winehouse, who died prematurely due to alcohol intoxication just three years after releasing her hit single “Rehab” in 2007, and Lindsay Lohan, who reportedly wants to open a rehab centre in her name, given her extensive experience in such facilities.

Test Survey.

I found a bit of motivation after reading itisis survey thread, and had a go at making a survey with google docs. Just a goofy test to see how it works. Any and all participation would be appreciated.

Alcoholics Anonymous and the use of the Bible by Dr. Bob before the 12 Steps were even written

When most people think of Alcoholics Anonymous, they think of Bill Wilson, often forgetting the other co-founder, Dr. Robert Smith often called Dr. Bob. Dick B. is one AA historian that has written extensively about Dr. Bob and links it to the Christian bible ( along with Anne Smith, Dr. Bob's wife and their catholic upbringing (

God, Freedom and Alcoholism

"The way you use the word `God' does not show whom you mean but, rather, what you mean" Natural Theology: at¬tempt to prove that God does exist Natural a-theology: at¬tempt to prove that God does not exist What do we mean by God as We Understand Him? Suppose we go back in time. Suppose we regress to Just before the first ‘real thing’ was created. We are looking at ‘God’. We are looking at ‘I AM’. We are not permitted to ask the question ‘Who created God’. We will assume that ‘I Am’ exists.

I love God

What’s problem? AA fucks with atheists big time and I find it cruel. I find it just as cruel that they mess with the head of a believer and try to sway their personal beliefs. It’s more infuriating that it’s being done purposely when the person is not well. Both are equally as spiritually abusive as the next. I’ve never tried to evangelize here or anywhere else, and I cannot recall seeing another do that on the OPF. Although I may have missed the occasional AA creep that tries to educate us on what AA really is, they get their shit fed back quickly to them as they should.

The Big Plan

I read this somewhere... I did not make it uP. Soberman Work the 12 steps or… Don’t drink, do as you please? If the alcoholic could manage all their affairs by a certain plan, or if fortune were always favorable to them, they would never be in the grip of addiction. But since the alcoholic is often reduced to such straits that he can bring no plan into operation, and since he generally vacillate wretchedly between hope and fear, from an immoderate desire for the uncertain goods of fortune, for the most part his heart is ready to believe anything- at all.

Big Bill, Little Bill

I was a big Bill. For 33 years I went to meetings at least 5 times a week. I neglected my family. I became addicted to the meetings. I think that being addicted to the meetings become a much more serious mental illness than alcoholism. I wrote this about 2 years ago. Read it and we will talk more about AA meetings. I think this is good. Soberman Big Bill: Is a man/woman who attends AA meetings regularly, and abstained from alcohol/drugs for 20 years or longer. This person usually starts meeting, will lead meetings or will choose who will lead the meetings.

The 12 steps of AA

I think I copyed this from RR. Soberman The Twelve-Step Program is not about addiction recovery; it is about Alcoholics Anonymous, a religious denomination that binds its membership together with fear of self-destruction, surrender of autonomy, unwholesome introspection, prescribed meditations, and the promise of divine intervention. When freely chosen, religious solutions may benefit individuals and society; when forced, they cannot quell the animal desire for self-intoxication. Indeed, forced participation in religion kills the human spirit as surely as addiction itself.

Deep Rooted Fear...

Instill enough fear in anyone that will take to it and they will do what they're told.. Adolph knew this...

Survey (a good idea I think?)

I'm interested in doing another survey. It would have 18 questions: I would like to do a mass mailing/emailing? Does anyone know how? Anonymous Survey 1. Have you known someone who died by suicide? if not please skip to question 7. thank you! 2. If so, how many? 3. How many were involved in an addiction issue? 4. Do you know how many believed in a religious philosophy? 5. Can you tell me which religion it was? 6. Do you know how many if any, ever attended a 12 step program? 7. Have you tried to kick a real bad habit like drugs or alcohol, food addiction, or gambling?

Yet another reason to hate 12-step philosophy

This is from a Reddit thread -- I'll give the link if it's wanted -- and was written by a stepper who I think is probably in her mid 20s.
I have a broken front tooth that reminds me why I can't even take one sip. I purposefully haven't gotten it fixed yet, as it is a reminder each and every time I look in the mirror that my actions have consequences. I know that it looks bleak, but I have been sober since the night I broke my tooth. That was the last straw. I feel so much better. Don't get me wrong, I still struggle with large amounts of shame and guilt....

Two of the Most Powerful Words

Are you a permalink? That's right, AA wants to apply a demoralizing, debilitating label to you. AA needs to Shape YOUR Reality.

AA needs to be your Life Director, forever "suggesting" your next move.

How do you finish the sentence?

I AM .............................................................................


My name is permalink... and I'm an alcoholic.


Sorry about last night. I'll try to keep my mouth shut in the future.

Letter to ‘Alcoholics and Addicts’ from Anonymous

Hi, I’m writing to you because I have discovered something that you may be interested in. You see I spent 25 years of my life believing in AA and the 12 step method of recovery and everything else they had to say. 21 of those years I spent sober, doing it the way you probably are now. Man what a lot of work! I barely had time for a life outside the rooms.

AA 'success', a murican thing.

I was throwing away a cheap plastic broken kids toy today, and it occurred to me one of the reasons AA is such a 'success'. It is a uniquely 'murican' thing, no? We just love to consume, mostly cheap gimmicky, mass produced plastic crap, that is worthless. A lesson that sadly, many of us never learn. You get what you pay for, or not.

Is AA itself a mental illness?

I know it screwed with my thinking at times - caused me to believe thing that I knew intuitively were wrong. It caused me depression and a lot of self-doubt. I'm 100% sure that it caused relapses to be more severe than they would have been without exposure to the cult. The Orange Papers Horror Stories are littered with accounts of marriages breaking up for no reason, people making crazy financial decisions etc - all because of what they learned in the cult. Is there a case for AA membership being recognized as a real mental illness in the DSM-VI?

Sung to the tune of "All You Need is Love"

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November's Golden Lightbulb of Craziness

Congratulations CthulaAnne for October's winning entry :-

"I feel that is a 100% success rate. Screw all the stats and polls. Those people are not in the program anyway."

ooooooh - Them Steppers is just

Please start your entries for November's competition. And try and keep it to one-liners please.

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