Fill In The Blank Step Work!

One of the supervisors at work showed me a site today that has easy to fill out, "official" forms for communicating with other people. A few of them caught my eye!

From the Bureau of Communication comes...


The first one makes Step 9 easy and much less time consuming, If you are the Stepper on the go, then this one is right up your alley! Which is funny because the alley used to be your house....I kid I kid!

Dissection of Step Words (Part IV)

First, I have to say it took me a minute to figure out what the Roman Numeral was for four...then I remembered Star Wars! Nice!

OK, so it is time for part four of my little series. Are you feeling thankful, appreciative, maybe even a little...grateful?

If so put your hands together because its time for a little gratitude attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First the Stepper perspective, then the reality and then my judgement!

Let's go:

Buchman lives

Alcoholics Anonymous tracking the indoctrination of Cuba by AA missionaries from Ontario, Canada

Alcoholics Anonymous República de Cuba ~

AA is almost an underground movement in Cuba, it is not recognized by the Cuban government, as they believe that their hospitals under the "Departamento de Higiene and Mental Health" can provide health care to cure their alchoholism problem in the country.

How our little group of Canadian members got involved:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Your Personal Jesus

Another AA theme song.

This guy is coming to Kansas City and is billed with Alice Cooper.

Marilyn Manson sings "Personal Jesus"

Bill W. - The Original 13th Stepper

In commemoration of Memorial Day and remembering BillW®’s legacy, I dedicate a song to BillW®. This seems only appropriate since the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc., Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. and the General Service Conference all seem to be POWERLESS in stopping violent sexual predators in being mandated to AA meetings.

In fact, it seems that ever since BillW® 13th Stepped his first victim it has almost become a standard practice in AA.

Dissection of Step Words (Part III)

So I left off last time with disease. Tonight I am delving into the depths of Serenity...if only!

Just like the other ones, I will start with what Steppers believe, then show some reality, and then place my judgement on the two!

Here we go:

Quick one for today...just for today! HA!

Just a quick one. Here's the lyrics to a song I have been listening to. Seems appropriate:

MUSE - Supremacy:

Wake to see - your true emancipation is a fantasy.
Policies have risen up and overcome the brave.

Greatness dies, unsung and lost, invisible to history.
Embedded spies brainwashing our children to be mean.

You don't have long,
I am on to you
The time, it has come to destroy...

Your supremacy

Your supremacy


Dissection of Step Words (Part II)

I did powerlessness yesterday, so i thought it would be good to go into disease today. I have been putting some thought into it, and I have come up with some disturbing ideas! So lets take a look shall we? Just like yesterday, I will first define it according to Step, then show the reality, and then place a judgment on the word! Here we go...

Dr. Phil explores the "teen treatment" industry in depth - Is Dr. Phil helping or hurting the "troubled teen" Rehab industry designed for profit? Nick Baglia and his sister talk on Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil Show - Children Sent Away: Trapped and Tortured Pt. 4 with Nick Baglia and how he escaped

Dr. Phil Show - Children Sent Away: Trapped and Tortured Pt. 1 How the treatment industry conned parents

Dr. Phil Show - Children Sent Away: Trapped and Tortured Pt. 2

AA Monopoly

The new game soon to be sweeping the recovery world!!! Anyone who's been to AA will know of the plethora of AA merchandise there is for sale. The books, the jewelry, the stickers, the t-shirts, more books, the cards, the prayer boxes, the CDs - and did I mention the fucking books? The list goes on and on. Now, it's about time for something that has never been available in the past. AA the board game. Something along the lines of monopoly but with no money involved. That's all been sent to AAWS to pay the salaries and pensions. Instead, players will amass Serenity Points and Guru Stars.

Nick Gaglia, activist and film maker on the "Troubled Teen" industry on Safe Recovery "live" Tues May 21, 2013 7PM EST 4PM PST

Nick Gaglia will be on "Safe Recovery" on BlogTalkRadio to discuss the troubled teen industry on Tuesday May 21, 2013 7PM EST 4PM PST( Nick is extremely active in documenting and exposing the "Troubled Teen" Industry and the damage it has done.

Dissection of Step Words (Part I)

The last time I was in a treatment center, I heard a story from one of the "counselors" that told of how the idea of powerlessness came up in one of his classes. The girl who brought up the concept said she didn't like the idea that people with addiction issues were told they were powerless.

Abstinence vs Moderation

Is there anyone here who was in AA/NA for a long time. Abstinent....left, deprogrammed and is successfully moderating easily and no prob... Please contact me asap. You must be willing to go on the record and use your name.

The Rise of SYNANON and Charles Diederich using the Bill Wilson LSD Ouija Board Business Model of Alcoholics Anonymous

The link between SYNANON, Straight, Inc, The Seed, Elan School and Bill Wilson is often missed by the casual observer, but for those that are familiar with these teen torture camps for fun and profit, the link is very obvious because the confrontational therapy model they employed all came from the teachings of Charles E. "Chuck" Dederich, Sr., (1913–1997) who was enrolled in the same LSD study from the University of California that Bill Wilson was in during 1957 (

Trial of Aaron Harris, 36 for murder of Sarah Winters, 40 that he met at an AA meeting in General Service Area 24, District 14 Mason City, IA 2012

Sarah Winters, 40 was strangled to death on July 10, 2012 in a boarding house at 410 N. Washington Ave in Mason City Iowa. Arrested for her death and currently on trial is Aaron Harris, 36 who met her at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in 2010 in AA General Service Area 24, District 14 (

Cult Test

I found this, just for a bit of fun at first, but was surprised by how they define a cult. By my reckoning AA scores 33, but I may be a bit biased. Have a go and see how you rate them.

Synanon preaching with rattlesnakes

4 feet of going to any length in the mailbox. Serenity terrorism courtesy of Synanon.

Let's have a laugh

WE had a blog on here about a year ago, maybe more, where people posted funny YouTube links re AA. It seems like a good time to resurrect it, and hopefully add to it, as we seem to have quite a flow of new people coming in. Here's 3 links to get the ball rolling Penn and Teller - 12 step Bullshit Roseanne - My name is Bev A UK comedy duo - Hale and Pace - Alcoholics Anonymous

Ouija board, ouija board....

Growing Up in AA Culture, A Childs Viewpoint! on Blogtalkradio Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Join one woman as she tells us her tale of how her fathers membership in AA outweighed her own birthday cakes. AA teaches adults to become even more selfish? Call in to speak with the host (818) 475-9211


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