Teach a baboon to knit

This blog post made me laugh

Apparently explaining AA is like teaching a baboon to knit.

We get these type of meetings in the UK as well and they are total crap.

More and more people are seeing through the 12 step crap put out by Wilson and his ignorant followers and posts like this defiantly get the attention of people outside the recovery world who have no idea about the crazy workings of the 12 step world.

Lets Talk About "Will Power" #2

Which comes first, the thought or the decision?
I think therefore I am?
I think of taking a drink?
I think of smoking a cig?
I think of eating a pie?
I have no "Free Will' with respect to a thought.
I cannot control a thought.
It just happens.
I don't drink and I do as I please?.
I have been doing this since Feb 22,1970
I am 80 years young.

Clara's Campbell's Crab Bisque Recipe

2 cans cream of mushroom soup
Your life and your will
1 can tomato bisque soup
3 cups dry sherry
1 c. light cream
2 c. milk
1 (7 oz.) can lobster or crab with liquid (I use crab because lobster is so expensive; lobster tastes better)

Drink 2 cups of sherry. Turn your life and your will over to the God of your understanding. Blend 2/3 cups sherry, milk, and cream into soups in saucepan. Add lobster/crab and heat gently, stirring often, until hot. Do not boil. Add 1/3 cup sherry. Very good for lunch with green salad and sherry.

Often wondered if liver diesease and DT's played a part in the...

concept; alcoholism is a disease? For example long term smoking can cause cancer a disease.
Can long term drinking cause alcoholism? It has been proven. It has also been proven long term drinking causes diseases to manifest in your body.
Btw, this article also suggests that AA helps alcoholics to stop drinking before the diseases can take hold.

The Epidemiology of Alcoholic Liver Disease

Alcoholic Flies Show Human-like Desperation, Relapses - Can Bill Wilson save them?

Scientists attempting to Isolate the Spiritual Malady of "Alcoholism" gene first identified by the Bellandonna and LSD fueled hallucinations of Bill Wilson. Can the AA god help them?

Alcoholic Flies Show Human-like Desperation, Relapses
Matt Kaplan

National Geographic News

Published December 11, 2009

After scientists had gotten them hooked on alcohol, fruit flies—apparently desperate for a buzz—drank even repulsive concoctions and relapsed after an enforced dry spell, a new study says.

Lets Talk About "Will Power"

My Question?
How do we define the will?
When and how does it occur?
Can I the alcoholic make the decision to never drink/drug again and never change my mind using will power?
Think about this?

Don't drink, do as you please?

Alcoholics Anonymous in Newspapers, Magazines and Other Periodicals >>this website has many, many articles on AA.

Here is a sampling:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Source: Newsweek©, February 19, 1940.

Science Column

Miracles Performed, One at a Time

Hells Angel Finds God at the Bottom of Bottle of Booze,2933,576047,00.html

For most of his years, Richie Kane struggled through a living hell of physical and sexual abuse, alcoholism and membership in one of the most notorious gangs in the country.

Show Me the Money

Your guide to program rates at Hazelden in Center City, Minnesota

Residential Evaluation Program

Natural Recovery.....Self-Recovery.....Spontaneous Remission

Most substance abusers quit their DOC on their own, with no treatment whatsoever.

Over 70% plus, in fact, quit on their own.

See "The Surprising Truth About Addiction", an article in Psychology Today.


Open question to Clara or Becket, and any other apologists

Is there ANYTHING you feel AA does improperly?

If you're using pills, you're not sober or living the AA way of life.

"The AA who takes pills is trading the devil for the witch. If you are using pills, openly or secretly, don't try to convince anyone that your sober or living th AA way of life. It just aint so."

~1948 Works Publishing, Inc

Project Prevention Sterilization RV canvases Florida and was in Boca Raton June 15, 2012 - They pay druggies $300 to get Sterilized

In a rather bold move for a very controversial organization, Operation Prevention has gone on the road in Florida in June of 2012. Targeting addicts in Jacksonville, Tampa, Fort Myers and Boca Raton they pay addicts $300 who voluntarily "prove addiction" to use either permanent or long term sterilization methods.

South Florida Druggies, This Lady Will Pay You $300 to Get Sterilized

By Rich Abdill Thu., Jun. 14 2012 at 10:41 AM

Wisdom of George Carlin

I don't know how to make the pic come up so here is the link.

Salaries of Trusted AA Employees

I have noticed these salaries bother the Anti-Establishment here on this site. I am trying to reconcile why at this time? Does anyone have ideas?

This was a comment on another site.

"just was researching this

the salaries ,traveling and convention expenses astound me

I will NEVER put money in that basket again
the amount of time compared with salary paid to assistant sec .... just wow

I am still processing this info... probably will print it out...dunno
maybe of interest to some of you:"

"The Crime" as Anti's say. Was it a crime? Does AA own the copyrights?

The individual in Germany and the group he belongs to had translated and printed A.A.'s basic text into their native tongue. They printed first 164 pages of the original text, now in the public domain due to the lapse of the copyright. Their purpose was to carry the message of recovery in accordance with A.A.'s 5th Tradition: "Each Alcoholics Anonymous group ought to be a spiritual entity having but one primary purpose - that of carrying its message to the alcoholic who still suffers." (Long Form)

The Slippery Slope of DNA Research for the Alcoholic Gene - What are the dangers?

Members of Alcoholics Anonymous, guided by the literature published by AAWS at the Interchurch Center in New York and The Hazelden Foundation in Minnesota often claim that Alcoholism can be inherited through a persons DNA gene sequence. Simply put, they often claim that you can be an alcoholic because your parents or relatives were. Hazelden is the main researcher for this Spiritual Malady Gene sequence and is feverishly searching for a way to detect alcoholics so they can be put into treatment as quickly as possible, maybe even at birth.

Alcohol Detox Procedure

Kind of difficult to follow but nevertheless interesting to those that are curious about what can occur in a hospital detox unit. The use of meds was helpful to me in understanding what alcoholics go through during a wd.

Date and time: Name: Age: Allergies:DOB:

1. Admit to: [ ] Acute Care [ ] Day Bed [ ] SCUnit [ ] Telemetry
2. Attending Dr: Younger
3. Admitting Dx: Acute Alcohol Intoxication
4. Contributing Dx:
5. Condition:[ ] Stable [ ] Fair [ ] Serious [ ] Critical
6. VS:qid with blood pressure sitting and standing.

Government involvement in behavior modification programs

Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402 (Stock No. 5270-02620, $5.35)

Publication Date:




Pub Types:

Legal/Legislative/Regulatory Materials




Cynicism vs Skepticism?? What say you??

From the Recovering from site - Horror Stories Forum (drug addicts @ AA meetings)

Forum admin wrote:
Don't knock cynicism. It stopped me from completely falling for cult bullshit for a lot of years.

Would you pay $2,500 for an Autographed Picture of Bill Wilson?

Alcoholics Anonymous Bill Wilson Signed 8 x 10 Photo

Rodney King is dead

found at the bottom of a pool and details are sketchy.

Another of Dr(?) Drew Pinsky's celebrity rehab patients dead with an autopsy pending.

He joins the dead pool of Mike Starr (former Alice in Chains bassist) and Jeff Conaway (Grease) of Pinskys celebrity rehab alumni who are now prematurely dead.

Draw your own conclusions.

Would you pay $40,000 for a 1st Edition, 1st Printing of "Alcoholics Anonymous" signed by Bill Wilson to Margret (Bobbie) Burger ?



Alcoholics Anonymous First Edition, First Printing 1939 (Big Book)

SIGNED by Bill Wilson to Margret (Bobbie) Burger Her Personal Book, With ORIGINAL Dust Jacket !

NY: Works Publishing Company, April 1939

AA's attempt to get the Gov't Invovled.

AA's attempt to get the Gov't Invovled.

Paragraph; The Lunacy of Alcoholism"



Carl Jung, the cultist that made Bill Wilson, the man behind the cult of Alcoholics Anonymous proud of "ONE" letter

Carl Jung is often touted by the AA faithful cult members as agreeing with Bill Wilson and his plans to make the "Secret Society" of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Who was Carl Jung and what was his agenda?

Much has been said about the "work" of Carl Jung, but is it all good? Did Carl Jung start his own mind control cult? Did Carl Jung, believe in the Occult practices like Bill Wilson of Alcoholics Anonymous Infamy? Why would the AA faithful even want to be associated with him? Do a little research and you will find a surprise!



Had a productive meeting today

Just got through another meeting. Here is what I worked on:

To the tune of "A Country Boy Can Survive" by Hank Williams Jr. ~

The stepper man says you better walk the line
And go to lots of meetings if you wanna stay dry
Gods the only way, so you best hit your knees
"Cause you're gonna get drunk
if you do what you please


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