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Is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) a better spiritual solution compared to Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics often pick a spiritual solution to their alcoholism. The US court system and the various US Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) departments often mandate the spiritual, not religious attendance of Alcoholics Anonymous cult meetings through direct mandating or secondary mandating through parole, probation or "treatment" providers. The poor unfortunates are given the option of "other" attendance of spiritual programs such as Celebrate Recovery, which is based on the manifesto of Bill Wilson and the Bible.

The War on Psychiatry

Cults, such as AA and Scientology, would like you to believe that Psychiatry is a pseudo science based on pure speculation. Although modern psychiatry is in it's infancy, I believe that it has been helpful to me.

I think it's irresponsible for people to run around preaching to others that the pharmaceutical industry is a scam.

I'm looking to learn more about the subject.

What are your thoughts?

Jehovah's Witnesses are forbidden to drink alcohol and smoke tobacco, is it a better way to be abstinent then Alcoholics Anonymous?

Jehovah's Witnesses are a religion that has some things in common with Alcoholics Anonymous. Jehovah's Witnesses have total abstinence from alcohol and pray a lot. They are forbidden from using businesses that are not "connected" to their church by there scripture (it is true that Alcoholics Anonymous does not have this in their scripture, but it is often practiced by its members). Jehovah's Witnesses also evangelize for new members, but it should be noted that AA normally doesn't canvas an area door to door.

What would happen if the Church of Scientology started holding AA meetings with L. Ron Hubbard as their Higher Power?

The Spiritual faith systems that Bill Wilson started to sell his manifest commonly called the "Big Book" are famous for allowing anything to be your "higher power" and claim that if you don't pick one, you are not following the program and doomed to failure. The 12 Steps are attempting to become the catchall religion where all religions are welcome and prayed to0, whether it be Christian, Jewish, Hebrew, Wiccan, etc... What would happen if the Church of Scientology started holding AA meetings with the Big Book, Dianetics and e-meters?

Alcoholics Anonymous leads to increased Binge drinking

A poster in an earlier thread mentioned that while attending AA meetings he/she became depressed and engaged in more binge drinking. Here is the clean slate on the Brandsma study

The Orange Papers: Singleness of Purpose(s)

Taken from Orange's Introduction to the Orange Papers.

Alcoholics Anonymous: THE Cult

Alcoholics Anonymous: Of Course It's a Cult! Staying Clear of Recovery Cultism The Religious Cult of Alcoholics Anonymous The Cult of Alcoholics Anonymous

The Death of Significance

There is a part of me that is thoroughly delighted that so many posters here have abandoned the focus and purpose of this forum in favor of attacking Clara. I don't believe she deserves these repeated attacks, but it's certainly true that arguing these red herrings is easier than addressing the actual topic(s). Pot shots - anyone can take them in their sleep. But discussing true atheism, or the foundation of the actual program of AA, or the alleged "victimhood" of people who must refer to themselves as "survivors" of AA are too close to the bone to be examined.

The Disease Theory versus the Buddha approach to addiction According to the article above The Disease theory gained prominence by the findings of a corrupt study done by Jellinek who lied about his academic qualifications. the concept of the disease theory or promotion was undetaken by Marty Mann and funding came from the alcohol industry. This came to be after the end of prohibition and the alcohol industry was trying to revamp its image, hence the problem lies not in alcohol but in those particular people who have a disease.

Bill Wilson and Bullsh!t

Esp , paranoramal , talking to dead people , ouiji boards. in my opiion Bill Wilson you be full of bulllll sh!!!!t.

Why the economy is a disaster


Thamkrabok Monastery Rehab

Came across this on the fix and so very different from a sober house. It is free all you pay is $5 a day for food etc. The difference between steppism and buddhism, buddhism appears to work . Cost of a plane ticket London to Thailand $650 U.S. plus $150 for 28 days of meals

Are Sober living Homes the new Monasteries of Alcoholics Anonymous spiritual worship to Bill Wilson?

A monastery is a building or group of buildings designed to be the living and working quarters of people attempting to find a spiritual path. Mostly all religions have some form of monasteries to attain this goal whether it be Buddhist, Christian, Hindu or Islamic. The principal is very simple, primarily you give up all of your worldly goods and join a monastery where prayer, work and Evangelism are practiced daily to attain a higher spiritual awakening.

Hickory, North Carolina Exodus Works.... AA, NA, no court mandated, no sex offenders and Criminal background checks - Sept 16, 2012

Hickory is a city in the tri-county areas of Catawba County, with suburbs in Burke County and Caldwell County in North Carolina. With an estimated population of around 40,000, located in Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Area 51, District 12, the city of Hickory has its problems with crime and addiction and businesses have sprung up for manual labor with employees being hired to help with their struggle with addiction who are following a spiritual path to salvation.

Clara, I don't know you that well but it doesn't matter, this one is for you...:)

"Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct or for being years ahead of your time. If you're right and you know it, speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth." -Gandhi

Free Your Mind

How They Get You

The people who put the AA program together knew that most new members would be vulnerable, and feel confused about themselves. AA uses these vulnerabilities against you. The 12 steps are designed to make you feel like a miserable wretched piece of shit about yourself. The idea is that, once you feel bad enough about yourself, you will fall to your knees and ask the AA God to forgive you. This is how they get you.



funniest of the Penn and Teller episodes

this one had me laughing. "People still convince themselves the most outrageous bullshit will help heal them". hmmm I came to believe lol.

St Jude Retreats Announces Myths about Alcohol Addiction - Sept 14, 2012

St Jude Retreats Announces Myths about Alcohol Addiction St Jude Retreats announces myths about alcohol addiction, and how to overcome using through different approaches. Amsterdam, NY (PRWEB) September 14, 2012

Drinking Situations

I have practiced Total Abstinence with regard to Nicotine and illegal drugs including Cocaine. I have not considered Total Abstinence regarding Alcohol because I enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie of drinking situations too much. No Higher Power is going to remove this desire no matter how many slogans the steppers can recite. How do others deal with this very real situation? It is the drinking venues that I long for, as opposed to the actual effect of Alcohol. Allen Carr states that Alcohol just interferes with the drinking situation eventually and for people like us he is right.

Forum Conundrum

"There is a solution" "Error 404: NOT FOUND"

Don't worry Clara...

We've got screen shots of all of the posts you are deleting.

Cool old song Waltzing Matilda by Tom Waits An awesome distraction from the drama

penn and teller esp

wow more incredible claims, hmmm, follow the money 'there seems to be no shortage of willing victims. Notes from the espisode : "people believe in this sort of think because they need to believe in it, they want some magic in their lives they want the easy way out" and your need to understand the world , a search for meaning doesn't mean your mind is a waste basket into which people can dump into it whatever they want.

Democracy and Freedom of Speech

Orange - I know the above are close to your heart. Freedom of speech can be abused. I propose that constantly rerpeating the same lying crap is an abuse of this freedom. Additionally, democracy is still considered the way to go so I understand. If the majority ask for it, will you ban that bitch Clara. The majority have had enough of her.

penn and teller talking to the dead bullshit

now we all here know that Wilson, Lois, Bob et al were involved in paranormal pursuits. Wilson claimed he was in touch with dead people , communicating with the them, one was a dead 15th century monk who according to Wilson aided him with the writing of alcoholics anonymous 12 x 12. well here goes another episode of penn and tellers Bullshit


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