Alcohol is killing people.

This is a study from the World Health Organization (WHO) as of 2011. (2 separate articles) (As you can see I am not posting a study done a decade ago or more.) Alcohol Fact sheet February 2011 Key facts *The harmful use of alcohol results in 2.5 million deaths each year.

Catholic prayer to Boniface

Interesting parallels:* Prayer to St. Boniface Dear Winfred, a British Benedictine, you were called Boniface by the Holy Father who sent you to evangelize Germany. Aided by many monks and relying on God's grace obtained through assiduous prayer, you made countless converts. Inbue us with great missionary zeal and help us in our spiritual renewal, O Leader who died for for the Lord.

AA for the 21st century 1. Admitted that we were complete failures and decided to blame it all on alcohol. 2. Decided to give authority one more chance. 3. Agreed to let God (as we would like God to be) take care of us. 4. Took a moral inventory of everybody else. 5. Tried to impress God, ourselves, and another human being with the drama and glamor of our drinking story. 6. Became entirely ready to have God on our side. 7. Humbly asked Him/Her to make us perfect.

This is a REAL deadly problem plaguing America. Deadly meningitis outbreak increases to 91 cases Rare Meningitis Outbreak Linked To Mass. Pharmacy WBZ Boston 2:00 | 0 views Health officials say a rare meningitis outbreak has sickened 26 people in five states who received steroid …

The Non-Alcoholic, Non-Addicts Speaking for the Cult of Alcoholics Anonymous, Harry Tiebout and George Vaillant

One of the tactics of the apologetic Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) faith is to claim that someone is not an Alcoholic or Addict and has no knowledge or ability to even speak about the rehabilitative (or lack of) qualities of Bill Wilson inspired Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) chanting and confessional rituals and ceremonies because of this. Oftentimes these same people base "facts" about AA on these same non-alcoholic "trustees" of the AA faith and call them "Friends of Alcoholics Anonymous."

OPINION: Is America Man Enough to Vote? (excerpt from article) "In 2008, scientists from Duke University and the University of Michigan analyzed the biological effects of voting on more than 150 voters. On Election Day, more than 150 test subjects chewed sugar-free gum after they’d voted and again at regular intervals after learning the election results.

Could Going to Rehab Kill You - You Betcha!

Death In Rehab: What Is Wrong With California's Addiction Treatment? Could going to rehab kill you? Published on September 6, 2012 by Adi Jaffe, Ph.D. in All About Addiction

Comfortably Dumb

Another Saturday meeting halfway down: Hello, Is this anybody's first share? Just nod along and listen This is your new home Come on Now We hear you're feeling down We can ease your strife Let us love you back to life Relax We'll need to do some chanting first Just the basic Steps Let us show you How it Works Don't use your brain you are receding Your sponsor's phone is on your Verizon You are always coming back insane Your knees bend But I can't hear what you're praying When I was a child I had some defects That is why I drank all that booze

Alcoholics Anonymous: Policy - The sooner the better

Children and Addiction by Matthew Bryant | Dec 15, 2011 Public Policy Statement on Children of Parents Suffering from Alcoholism or Other Drug Dependencies

The Addiction Web Site of Terence T. Gorski

Addiction Is Not A Crime, It's A Treatable Illness. Addicted People Are Not Criminals Who Need To Be Punished They're Sick People Who Need To Get Well.

Have you been declared an "Alcoholic" using DSM-IV-TR Alcohol related 303.90 Dependence or 305.00 Abuse? - the new DSM5 proposal

The "Big Book" of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has for nearly eight decades been used by untrained and non-professional cult members of AA to talk people into self diagnosing themselves as an "Alcoholic." The current Diagnostic Statistical Manual, fourth edition, third revision (DSM-IV-TR) does not use the term "Alcoholic" but instead uses the alcohol related codes of 303.90 Dependence or 305.00 Abuse. Normally the progression goes from Abuse to Dependence with the layman's normal term of "Alcoholic" assigned to people coded with 303.90 Dependence.

Boy Scouts of America being forced to release secret molester files

The Boy Scouts of America are being forced to release secret and damaging files of sexual predators that were and are operating in their ranks. Sunlight is disinfecting. It is time for other religious institutions to be forced to release all their factual inside information of predators hunting in their ranks.

Bill W. (a/k/a jesus)

News and Notes from the GSO of Alcoholics Anonymous at the Interchurch Center - Box 459 Vol. 58, No. 3 / Fall 2012

Alcoholics Anonymous Propaganda hot off the presses from the Interchurch Center in New York, Box 459 Vol. 58, No. 3 / Fall 2012. When is Breaking Your Anonymity Not an Anonymity Break? (tips on anonymity) Résumés for Trustees Election due Jan. 1, 2013 (still time to apply) Central Office/Intergroup Seminar (learn how to set up your own coven) New from Grapevine (hopefully this will make it profitable) Regional Forums (indoctrination center planning) ‘The A.A. Group... Where it All Begins’ (learn about the decentralized cell structure of AA)

How Organized is the cult of Alcoholics Anonymous in Georgia General Service Area 16 where Judges keep being caught driving drunk in 2012?

My guess is that Alcoholics Anonymous in Georgia is pretty organized......
For an interactive map to see just how organized Alcoholics Anonymous in General Service Area 16 in Georgia is -

Did Massachusetts member of Alcoholics Anonymous chapter complain "AA anonymity should be respected" ?- Oct 3, 2012

In a backlash from what appears to be a member of Alcoholics Anonymous in General Service Area 30 in Massachusetts (, a reader writes to the Wicked Local Plymouth newspaper complaining that "AA anonymity should be respected" due to an article written Sep 22, 2012 about Henry Mahon, 19 who was arrested for setting fire to St Bonaventure Parish (Plymouth), 799 State Rd., Manomet, MA in which Alcoholics Anonymous was mentioned three times and the words "GOD DID IT" were prominently displayed in the title.

Alcoholics Anonymous - The Delusion Crew The Deluded World of Addiction Experts Addiction experts are like Republicans – deniers of reality! Published on September 29, 2012 by Stanton Peele in Addiction in Society Following are five key ways in which addiction experts demonstrate this detachment from the most self-evident truths about addiction, and what causes their addiction delusions.

Alcoholics Anonymous - AA Magical Mystery Tour

AA Magical Mystery Tour The Beetles “Magical Mystery Tour”. Roll up! Roll up for the magical mystery tour! Step right this way!] Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour Roll up (And that's an invitation), roll up for the mystery tour Roll up (To make a reservation), roll up for the mystery tour The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away Waiting to take you away Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour Roll up (We've got everything you need), roll up for the mystery tour

Narcotic Anonymous (NA) friendship ends in death for Ronald Matthews and 18 year in prison for Walter Davis - Oct 2012

In a very familiar scenario of violence resulting from the meeting between two people at a 12 Step "fellowship" based on the scripture of Bill Wilson that claim they are safe to go to, David Mathews. 61, ended up being killed during a robbery by Walter Davis, 53, at the Alexandria Apartments on William Howard Taft Road in Cincinnati, Ohio by someone he had met at the 12 Step spin-off of the Alcoholics Anonymous faith called Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

Bingo the Clowno Dude in the beginning was exactly how Danny acted when he gave general meetings Sick shit

AAWS Guidelines for AA members on use of the Internet - MG-18 A.A. Guidelines - Internet - Alcoholics Anonymous

It has come to my attention that Alcoholics Anonymous members have been breaking the "MG-18 A.A. Guidelines - Internet - Alcoholics Anonymous" published by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (AAWS) at the Interchurch Center on 475 Riverside Drive in New York. Per directives from the AA Interchurch main office, AA members are not supposed to be going to places such as the Orange Papers Forum (OPF) and engaging in arguments over "Spirituality", "AA members", "Groups" and many other things.

Debunking the 36% Retention Lie

Last week danny posted some figures quoted by Loran Archer, claiming AA has a 36% retention rate. I said I would debunk this claim. Sorry it took so long, but I’ve been very busy. The 36% I’m using is from graph from the triennial surveys from 77-89 and shows the distribution of AA members with differing lengths of sobriety (they are conflating retention with sobriety). It shows an average of 36% of AA members are newcomers with less than a year.

Debunking the 36% Retention Lie

deleted until I can get formatting to work

Alcoholics Anonymous attendance used against Air Force promotion - October 1, 2012

People are finding out that attendance and participation in the cult of Alcoholics Anonymous is detrimental to your future career path, especially if you are Master Sgt. Russell Granger of the US Air Force.

How can you prove that you or anyone else is a member of Alcoholics Anonmyous? The apologetic AA trolls want to know....

One of the most common means of deception of the apologetic internet missionaries of the cult of Alcoholics Anonymous is to claim that someone is not a member of one of the 12 Step cults that Bill Wilson spawned when he founded Alcoholics Anonymous to fund his adulterous lifestyle. Common excuses are, "you aren't a member", "they weren't a member" and "you have no proof they are a member."

Divorce, Murder, Arson by AA member David Trauger, 67 in Georgia AA Area 16 - Aug 13, 2012

David Trauger, 67 was the owner of a Great Harbour trawler berthed at St. Marys Boat yard in Camden County, Georgia and on Aug 13, 2012 something went terribly wrong with this Alcoholics Anonymous member in General Service Area 16 ( As is all too often reported in the rooms of AA, Mr. Trauger was going through a divorce and had sought help by the untrained and unprofessional Evangelists of Alcoholics Anonymous who are not qualified and obviously not very good at helping David Trauger.

Squabbling in the Alcoholics Anonymous Stronghold of Ohio - Sound Familiar?

Does the squabbling in the Alcoholics Anonymous Stronghold of Ohio - Sound Familiar? The cult of Alcoholics Anonymous being questioned in Ohio.
12 steps not a medical cure: letter to the editor Published: Tuesday, September 25, 2012, 4:08 AM It was nice to see The Plain Dealer and ideastream present a weeklong series on addiction. As the series demonstrated, addiction is too destructive and far-reaching a disease not to attack seriously.


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