World Health Organization says AA is: "cult" like, anti-medication and potentially harmful

The World Health Organization in the Mental Health section of its website provides: "Evidence-based recommendations for management of alcohol use disorders in non-specialized health settings" Here, the WHO asks the question: "Should non-specialist health care providers refer alcohol dependent patients and their family members to mutual help groups such as AA?" In its reply to the question the WHO evaluates the "Balance of benefits versus harms". The following is the WHO's opinion:

The paradox of Denial and Self motivation in AA

AA's membership surveys contain information on how AA members were introduced to AA: whether through an AA member, court order, family member, health professional, etc. AA's most recent survey in 2011 shows that 29% of AA members were "self-motivated" to attend AA initially ( In fact, over the last 20 years AA membership surveys have shown that on average one third of AA members were "self-motivated" to attend AA initially.

How do you get 2000 members to join a "private Alano club" in Seattle? Michael Martin Shepard arrested for selling drugs at Nomadian Community Resource Center March 12, 2013

Feds allege man dealt drugs from private South Seattle ‘club’ Posted by Mike Carter March 12, 2013 at 12:10 PM The owner of a South Seattle nonprofit community resource “club” that hosted Alcoholics Anonymous meetings has been arrested on a federal complaint alleging he was dealing large quantities of oxycodone and other illegal pills.

Letters to Orange
Date: Mon, January 21, 2013 8:45 am (Answered 25 January 2013) From: "Mary K C." Subject: disappointment Sometimes it's unfortunate that we have freedom of speech, press, etc. This article should be banned. Mary K. C. RN Staffing Resource Office ClairVia Support 434xxxxxxx
Any thoughts?

The Alcoholics Anonymous Famous Mayflower Hotel (now called Mayflower Manor) with its famous lobby phone booth is evicting 250 residents - Gentrification March 2013

The famous Alcoholics Anonymous lobby "phone booth" at the Mayflower Hotel on 251 South Main Street, Akron, Ohio may have to find a new home due to Gentrification of the building. The AA phone booth is a pilgrimage spot for Alcoholics Anonymous members because it was allegedly used by Bill Wilson to get in touch with Dr.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): The GSR (where's dave?) Update: dave has been located - No worries

Why is the GSR so important? Duties of the GSR 1) Is the message being carried to corrections, treatment centers, Dui Schools, general public? 2) Do local doctors, psychologist, and professionals know what AA does and where to send people? 3) Volunteer, Fill Needs, & Drive Participation at AA Events GSR “Guardian of the Traditions”AA experience has taught us… I. AA must live or most of us must surely die II. Ultimate authority is a loving God as He may express himself in our group conscience.

AA member Gilbert Ray "Butch" Hannah, 64 arrested for molesting a young girl at an AA meeting in Bellingham, Washington Area 72 District 11 - Jan. 2013

In a very sick and twisted example of why you should never bring children to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, Gilbert Ray "Butch" Hannah, 64 was arrested for molesting the granddaughter of another member who had brought her two grandchildren to the meeting to have "hot chocolate" in January 2013.

NEW to 'choices'!

I'm so excited to find this blog feature of this website!

I hardly know where to begin!

But I do know that I have to be honest, genuine, and authentic!

In some circles, I'm known as a 'Maverick'.....and I don't apologize for that!

If I am faced with something I don't understand, then I must SEEK! And I don't draw conclusions from other peoples's findings, but must find my own!

Tomorrow, I'll truly 'introduce' myself. But for now, THANK YOU for this opportunity to express my true self!

Coldwater movie

This film is about to be released. I think some people here may have some interest in seeing it. It appears to be an indy film, so I am unsure when it will be available through netflix or online.

Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services accused of "patient dumping" by Greyhound Bus of mentally ill man to Sacramento Narcotics Anonymous and told to call 911 when he arrived

In a very strange case of "patient dumping" Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services ( has been publicly accused of discharging James Flavy Coy Brown to a Greyhound Bus Station with a ticket to Sacramento, giving him three days worth of medication and written instructions to follow up with Narcotics Anonymous and verbal instructions to call 911 when he arrived.

True-believer syndrome and "Unwise" Crowds

An interesting piece on True-believer syndrome from The Skeptic's Dictionary: (lots of other interesting topics also) Neatly explains why overwhelming evidence of a hoax won't shake a true-believer's faith in the unbelievable.

Dr writing blog in support of Drew 'Dr Death' Pinsky I am guessing my comments will not make it through Drews ADMIN. Perhaps others may wish to comment :) DeCon March 2, 2013 Reply Perhaps if Drew would evolve from the 1930′s. stop being an evangelist for the AA faith, he would not have such a disastrous mortality rate. Perhaps if he were more honest about the fact that alcoholism and drug addiction is a behavior rather than an alleged ‘disease’ he would kill less people.

Scared Straight Abuse? Sensory overload is one of the techniques used by deputy sheriffs in the video. In my opinion this represents cruel and unusual punishment.

Alabama introduces "Long's Bill" that would take your kids away if you have been treated 2 times in 5 years and relapse - Feb 2013

Alabama, also known as the "Yellowhammer State;" Heart of Dixie" or the "Cotton State" has a very big problem with Crystal Meth. A new proposed "Long's Bill" would make it mandatory that people will loose their children if they have been "treated" twice (2) in a five (5) year period. Currently the Bill includes both Alcohol and Drugs, but they are working on ways to eliminate Alcohol from the Bill.

The Jesus Fish 500

When I was a kid I got the shit kicked out of me a couple of times a week. My mom would make me strip naked and she’d beat me with a plastic belt. She’s tell me that I was getting nine lashes and, “You little bastard, if you even move an inch or make a single peep I’ll cut your balls off and give you another three lashes.” I never knew my dad when I was a kid. When I was 8 days old he shot a guy and went to Walpole prison. After 4 years he got out on parole and ran to Canada. I met him a few times in my 20′s, but I soon decided that I’d be better off not getting involved

Silence of the HAMS

Scene: In a dark church basement William "Buffalo Bill" Wilson: It puts the dollar in the tin. It does this whenever it is told. Prospect Patti: Mister... my lawyer will file suit. Whatever religion you're pushin' on me, he'll fight it. William "Buffalo Bill" Wilson: It puts the dollar in the tin or else it makes amends again. [to his sponsee, Precious] William "Buffalo Bill" Wilson: Yes, it will, Precious, won't it? It will make amends!

Court mandated AA member Colin W. Estes found over bloodied woman in Anderson, Indiana Madison County - Feb 21, 2013

Colin W. Estes, 27 is a court mandated Alcoholics Anonymous member in Anderson, Indiana AA General Service Area 22 ( District 83 ( In 2005 Estes was mandated to AA for a drinking related charge in Madison County and has repeatedly been sent back to jail for probation violations.

"There are over 200 million people in this country alone..."

There are over 200 million people in this country alone impacted by the disease of alcoholism.

Judge Rogelio R. Flores ignores the constitutional rights of 20,000 citizens in California.

Judge Rogelio R. Flores, Superior Court Judge in Santa Barbara County, CA, is not only a judge in the Santa Barbara Substance Abuse Treatment Court he's also a trustee of the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous. Does anyone else see a conflict of interest here? The Santa Barbara County Substance Abuse Treatment Court mandates A.A. attendance:

Guaranteed Recovery?

I just saw a commercial on television guaranteeing recovery, if you complete their 90 day program. If you relapse they will give you another 30 days free.
Our Brand Promise If you successfully complete our 90-day program, we guarantee you’ll stay clean and sober, or you can return for a complimentary 30-days of treatment. I wonder exactly what kind of addiction treatment these guys are offering.

It's official: AA is the only way to stay sober!

Rev. Ward Ewing, Class A (nonalcoholic) Trustee and Chairperson of the General Service Board of A.A. says that A.A. is the only way to achieve long term sobriety. Speaking at A.A.'s 2012 Pacific Regional Forum, Rev. Ewing stated the following: "The spiritual program of A.A. is the only program that provides long-term sobriety." and "We have a powerful spiritual program that works - the only program that truly works for long-term sobriety." and "This is the only way that has ever worked effectively over the long term."


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