Survey (a good idea I think?)

I'm interested in doing another survey. It would have 18 questions: I would like to do a mass mailing/emailing? Does anyone know how? Anonymous Survey 1. Have you known someone who died by suicide? if not please skip to question 7. thank you! 2. If so, how many? 3. How many were involved in an addiction issue? 4. Do you know how many believed in a religious philosophy? 5. Can you tell me which religion it was? 6. Do you know how many if any, ever attended a 12 step program? 7. Have you tried to kick a real bad habit like drugs or alcohol, food addiction, or gambling?

Yet another reason to hate 12-step philosophy

This is from a Reddit thread -- I'll give the link if it's wanted -- and was written by a stepper who I think is probably in her mid 20s.
I have a broken front tooth that reminds me why I can't even take one sip. I purposefully haven't gotten it fixed yet, as it is a reminder each and every time I look in the mirror that my actions have consequences. I know that it looks bleak, but I have been sober since the night I broke my tooth. That was the last straw. I feel so much better. Don't get me wrong, I still struggle with large amounts of shame and guilt....

Two of the Most Powerful Words

Are you a permalink? That's right, AA wants to apply a demoralizing, debilitating label to you. AA needs to Shape YOUR Reality.

AA needs to be your Life Director, forever "suggesting" your next move.

How do you finish the sentence?

I AM .............................................................................


My name is permalink... and I'm an alcoholic.


Sorry about last night. I'll try to keep my mouth shut in the future.

Letter to ‘Alcoholics and Addicts’ from Anonymous

Hi, I’m writing to you because I have discovered something that you may be interested in. You see I spent 25 years of my life believing in AA and the 12 step method of recovery and everything else they had to say. 21 of those years I spent sober, doing it the way you probably are now. Man what a lot of work! I barely had time for a life outside the rooms.

AA 'success', a murican thing.

I was throwing away a cheap plastic broken kids toy today, and it occurred to me one of the reasons AA is such a 'success'. It is a uniquely 'murican' thing, no? We just love to consume, mostly cheap gimmicky, mass produced plastic crap, that is worthless. A lesson that sadly, many of us never learn. You get what you pay for, or not.

Is AA itself a mental illness?

I know it screwed with my thinking at times - caused me to believe thing that I knew intuitively were wrong. It caused me depression and a lot of self-doubt. I'm 100% sure that it caused relapses to be more severe than they would have been without exposure to the cult. The Orange Papers Horror Stories are littered with accounts of marriages breaking up for no reason, people making crazy financial decisions etc - all because of what they learned in the cult. Is there a case for AA membership being recognized as a real mental illness in the DSM-VI?

Sung to the tune of "All You Need is Love"

drunks drunks drunks drunks drunks drunks drunks drunks drunks There's nothing you can do that could be right They’ll tell you that it’s black when it’s really white Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game It's easy No one you can step that can't be stepped No one you can schlep that can't be schlepped Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be a good little stepper in time It's easy All you need is two drunks a coffee pot and a resentment All you need is two drunks a coffee pot and a resentment

Join Monica Richardson and Terry, founder of the Orange Papers on Blogtalkradio on Safe Recovery Tuesday Oct 5, 2013 4pm PST – 7pm EST !

Exciting News all you ex steppers/anti steppers and the like… The Founder of famous and million hits a month blog ORANGE PAPERS will be the guest of Monica Richardson on Blogtalkradio tomorrow Tuesday Oct 5, 2013 4pm PST – 7pm EST. Please join them for a one hour show. Replay are usually available shortly after the show if you miss it.

November's Golden Lightbulb of Craziness

Congratulations CthulaAnne for October's winning entry :-

"I feel that is a 100% success rate. Screw all the stats and polls. Those people are not in the program anyway."

ooooooh - Them Steppers is just

Please start your entries for November's competition. And try and keep it to one-liners please.

Remember what you're playing

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Was Bill W. Saved or Not?

Was Bill W. saved or not? An article from: How can someone acknowledge a person is not saved while simultaneously insisting that the person is saved? Welcome to the A.A. co-founder Bill Wilson/pro-A.A. author Dick B. conundrum. As many are aware, Dick B.’s assertion is that both A.A. co-founders Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith were Christians.

Persecution lol.

Have you ever heard someone on the internet play the victim of persecution, after a little digital ridicule they could easily avoid? lol

What is the difference between an "Addiction Ministry" and Alcoholics Anonymous?

Recently there has been some discussion of a new trend of a Texas Christian Evangelist who has a bus stating something along the lines of "Alcoholics Anonymous is Dangerous" (can't find the original posting because it was buried by multiple postings of the same thing on all of the different forums) who is against AA dogma and given numerous postings to call 623-255-7888 for more information.

Alcoholics Anonymous Alternatives....What do you think?

Out of the blue I had this silly idea for another recovery book; ready? AAA Alcoholics Anonymous Alternatives "The Bigger Book" It could have contributions from the leading voices of all the "alternative" methods that exist. You know, Ken Anderson could contribute a chapter about HAMS, James Christopher about SOS, etc.... Their could be other chapters from people like Massive, Kenn Ragge, etc... on other AA/Recovery issues as well. Just a silly thought. I know a lot of these people already, so I think I could possibly pull it off if I thought it would be helpful or viable.

Going Inside the Trenches of Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings as an ex ANTI STEPPER!

I had to take my Producer to see first hand what it's like. So sitting in different parts of the room we sat. There was a typical share after share about how they all felt so safe and how much they owed their lives to AA...blah blah blah, But then about 40 minutes into the plethouric shares of how GOD had saved them one Man spoke up, a man who sounded sane to me, a man who was sitting amongst the hungry ghosts, but had no idea that there was a woman , me , sitting there just waiting for him to speak, the truth....someone please >......SO

ANTI AA Steppers TALK TO Alcoholics ANONYMOUS Members by Miley Cyrus on SNL If you haven't seen this it's good for a laugh. Instead of the government I imagine singing this to AA members who think they are the shit.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Is the Big Book of AA no longer?

The Life Recovery Bible is today's #1-selling recovery Bible and is based on the 12-step recovery model. It was created by two of today's leading recovery experts, David Stoop, Ph.D., and Stephen Arterburn, M.Ed., to lead readers to the source of true healing—God himself.

Orange Papers goes over 4 million hits

And Live_Free_Or_Die owes me $12 (£7.49)

G,day Soberman

How is it ol' mate, don't drink. do as you please. Not a truer word spoken. Glad to see you haven't taken the desert option with the sex fiend & the drugs & the alcohol exit, seem to remember somthing about you being to old for that now & you love your wife, well I bought some m/cycs, a shed full of 'em 'cos I always wanted to die at full throtle, & I just putting around in the bush 'cos all them trees & rocks look hard & I love my wife & I think I'm to old to put in that much effort either. Still it's the most pants on fun I've had in a while. GR8 TO SEE YOU MATE.

Warning: Spiritual Disease outbreak imminent

The horrendous spiritual disease of Candyism is the illness that children get from eating too much candy. It closely resembles the spiritual disease of alcoholism. The dreaded Candyism is particularly prevalent around October 31st. Some researchers have speculated that the seasonal increase in that nasty spiritual disease is caused by the numerous evil spirits that are known to roam the Earth at Halloween. Somebody should call Ghostbusters.

Stepper who's practicing Medicine without a License

This is too much: The OP is concerned about her family history of alcohol abuse, which included recently her father's death. She's 18, does not drink much as a rule, and even cites not wanting to drink because of also taking an anti-depressant medication. She gets told:

First Orange Papers Lawsuit Threat

Back in March of this year, the diligent and hard-working poster J.R. Harris posted a story about Richard Bradford, who was convicted of first-degree murder for killing the clerk of a quick-mart during an armed robbery, and who was sentenced to life in prison. But he got out after only serving 7 years. (Strange, yes?) But then he skipped out on parole and lived as a fugitive for the next 32 years, using an alias and a foundation to hide behind, even running a drug and alcohol rehab center in Pasadena, California. The story is here:

AA - The Musical

Now, I can see this one being a real money-spinner folks. It's going to take a bit of work, though, so I hope everyone will step up and do their bit. First, we need a title, a name - "The Ass Doctor and the Conman"? Mmmmm. Not sure - not as snappy as "Les Mis" or "Cats" - needs a bit of work. Next, we'll need some ideas about which Hollywood recovery whores can play which parts. Lots of scope here. Next - What songs are going to be included and who is going to be singing them? Anyone producing anything new will be required to sign a royalty waver - standard practice, you know.

Noticing aa's decline

Every now and again, I will look up the meeting schedule from my 1st InterGroup. I just looked at their meeting schedule again: About half of the meetings I had once attended are gone. The "club," which used to host about 21+ meetings a week, is gone. The daily "lunch" meeting, which was held at a restaurant, is gone. I shredded all of my old meeting lists so I can't cite the exact number of meetings that have disappeared since my early aa days, but it's a lot of them.

What's the aa secret handshake?

What's the aa secret handshake? It's when you wave goodbye. :)

"You are suffering from terminal uniqueness"

Now this one rally takes the biscuit for blatant brainwashing. Talk about being bullied into conforming. In the real world uniqueness is often something to be admired - it's what sets you apart from the crowd in any given walk of life. This message of "conform or die" is simply a fucking disgrace. Whenever I heard someone use this it always brought a picture of the Chinese army under Mao to mind. I always imagined the thousands upon thousands lined up dressed in green and somewhere in the middle, sticking out like a sore thumb, would be a guy all in pink. Don't know why - it just did.

Huffington Post "How I Broke Up (And Eventually Got Back Together) With AA" - "Just when I thougth I was out.. they pull me back in!" - The Godfather Al Pacino and the Sopranos

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! - Godfather Part 3
Michael (Al Pacino) respects Joey Zasa's bold grab for power, but is determined to send him a strong response. Unfortunately, Michael suffers a stroke and collapses.


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