Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): AA History

Correcting A.A. History Some Published Information is Not Accurate The article below was written by nationally recognized historian and oft-quoted Alcoholics Anonymous archivist Mitchell K. Before continuing on with this series of articles about AA History we would like to take this brief opportunity to respond to a question asked by many of the readers. In fact, it was the most prevalent question submitted to this writer.

Steppers Just Get Dumber "I don’t remember the first thing he said but I know the first thing I heard: that the type of mantra-based meditation he taught—Vedic Meditation—stopped the aging process. As I began to listen to a lecture that I’d planned on tuning out, I was shocked to discover that everything he mentioned intrigued me just as much as the notion of being able to stay looking young without surgical measures". Stay young forever for only a weeks salary.

Bill Wilson a Republican who lived off A Bailout

I read in one of the bios that Bill Wilson was a staunch republican but all the while living in a house that benefited from Roosevelts mortgage deferment. They eventually lost the house. In his drunken stupors he would rant against Roosevelt and the New Deal If some one could find reference to this on the Orange papers I would appreciate this.

The Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Evangelist - "Don't start out as an evangelist or reformer. " BB p.89, Working With Others

The Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Evangelist are those members who train to be a prospect hunter to bring back targeted victims for indoctrination into the Bill Wilson faith. All AA members are trained at hunting the elusive prospect for Alcoholics Anonymous, but not all become a full fledged prospect hunter, some just can't be that devious and underhanded.

A word from Anonpress and a WARNING that if you are not in the USA, AAWS may bring a lawsuit against you for downloading portions of the "Big Book"

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Alcoholics Anonymous: Is it Magic?

Fighting Quackery: Tips for Activists Stephen Barrett, M.D. Many people concerned about quackery wonder what they can do about it. The crucial first step is to overcome any negative feelings about becoming involved. So before discussing techniques, let's look at the concerns faced by would-be activists. The Fear of Libel

$100M per year for bad coffee and terrible advice

Ever wondered just how much money goes into all the AA baskets each year? The latest figures from GSO (2011) show that in the USA and Canada there were 1,384,699 members attending an average of 2.6 meetings per week and one would assume (since alcohol is cunning, baffling and powerful and doesn't take vacations) attending 52 weeks a year. This means that over the course of a year the number of butts on seats at AA meetings would be: 1,384,699 AA members x 2.6 meetings/week x 52 weeks/year = 187,211,305 butts on seats at AA meetings in the USA & Canada in 2011.

A Preveiw of Things to Come

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): 2011 Tax Returns

The fellowship of AA is serviced by 3 NY nonprofit organizations. All 3 are in NYC. Alcoholics Anonymous Grapevine Inc. (AAGV) was formed in 1944. 2011 Tax Return >> Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (AAWS) was formed in 1962.

GSO General Manager says that there is no hope for any alcoholic without AA

GSO General Manager, Phyllis Halliday, stated the following when addressing A.A.'s 2011 European Service Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany: "One thing is certain, there would be no hope for any alcoholic anywhere if the collective pulse of this lifesaving spiritual fellowship were not lighting the way with love and trust."

Free Book beginning tomorrow Danny has already given his review. Read it for yourself. If you don't have a Kindle, you can get one free from Amazon for your PC I enjoyed this book very much as I am mentioned in it :)

Come on Boniface, let's make it a bakers dozen. We can slip in the 13th Step and no one will even realize

Using purely scientific means, the Spiritualist Bill Wilson and other members of his coven attempt to contact Boniface, the ghost writer of the "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions" and slip in the 13th Step at the Stepping Stones "Spook Room".... Unfortunately the 13th Step instructions were not formalized until after the publishing of the second manifesto of the cult commonly called the 12&12.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) : Criminals are AAproved!

Back view of a stylish all-purpose shirt/pant outfit worn by a significant number of AA members at one point or another in their lifetime.

Note the stylish head cover as well!

Orange Pickles

I have not read the book below, but I am interested in hearing anyone's thoughts on the subject matter. Specifically, the 12 steps are religious-based and are not "treatment" in any way. Can anybody really "connect the dots", in a scientific sense, between the "disease" of alcoholism and the 12 steps. The 12 steps are faith-based right? ****************************************************** From Amazon: Book Description Publication Date: October 20, 2011

Alcoholics Anonymous(AA) in Fiji, near New Zealand's North Island and Australia

Fiji is a cluster of small islands off the coast of New Zealand and Australia in the South Pacific Ocean, inhabited primarily by native Fijians who are of Melanesians and Polynesian decent who have been evangelized by missionaries of the christian faith for centuries.

Advertising executive with a $10 million budget follows the Jellinek Curve

Corporate drop-out's game plan helps level the playing field in Kenya

October 22, 2012
By Julie Power

FIVE years ago, Mike Flynn dropped out of corporate life in Australia.

''I had a $10 million advertising budget but a part of me was saying: 'What is the legacy?''' the former Ikea Australia marketing director said.

The Stepping Stones Foundation sets it's eyes on government grant funding for the compound of the Spiritualist LSD fueled Bill Wilson

With the making of the Stepping Stones compound of Bill Wilson on 62 Oak Road in Katonah, New York a National Landmark, the organized members of the cult of Alcoholics Anonymous are now set to start prospecting for government grants to immortalize the adulterous LSD spiritualist Bill Wilson for decades, if not centuries to come.

Counselor Chick what happened

She arrived and ripped on the board for a few days , posted a number of blogs , then deleted them all and dissappeared. What Happened?

AA member John Kalisz sentenced to death for the murder of two Hernando County women.

"John Kalisz, the murderer of two Hernando County women and a Dixie County deputy, stood before Merritt on Tuesday afternoon. His head shaved and eyes dull, Kalisz stared at the judge and chewed on his gums. He had apparently forgotten to wear his false teeth." ********************************************************

Alcoholics Anonymous in comic strips, It Happened to Alice, or should it be "Go Ask Alice"

Print media has always been very powerful. This is just one of the 95 strips that were produced between 1968 and 1974, apparently for the gateway cult of Al-Anon, but they appear that they were also used by the evangelists of Alcoholics Anonymous in their faith conversion initiatives. It is unknown if the 1971 book "Go Ask Alice" by Anonymous (listed as Beatrice Sparks by the U.S. Copyright Office) was inspired by these comic strips.

I Do Not Need Anger Management, You Just Need to Shut Up!!!

I Do Not Need Anger Management, You Just Need to Shut Up!!! Your new motto...:-)

Why does an "alcoholic" drink? And the Required Admission

This is from an AA group. An interpretation of what competent mental doctors think are the reasons one drinks. ****************************************************** Having decided that we are alcoholics, it is well to consider what competent mental doctors consider as the reasons why an alcoholic drinks: As an escape from situations of life which he cannot face. As evidence of a maladjusted personality (including sexual maladjustments). As a development from social drinking to pathological drinking. As a symptom of a major abnormal mental state.

Im Puzzled

For starters; I posted comments on these two blogs and they no longer exist. I did not delete them. Does anyone know what happen.

The Mathematics of the AA membership

For anyone who would like a reasonably clear explanation of the mathematics of the AA membership in the USA and Canada there are two documents on Orange Papers that will hopefully do a lot to clarify many of the questions we have about the number of members and retention in AA. Only AA data is used in the analysis. The first document covers: The logistic nature of the growth of the AA membership How the AA membership is self limiting - the larger it gets the harder it is to grow Decreasing per capita AA membership from 1992 - 2007.

Congratulations Orange!

Congratulations Orange for 12 sober years!

Orange Papers 2003

What did the Orange Papers look like back in 2003? You have to give it a minute to load.

The beginning of Genetic Segregation in United States of America - 11 yr old Boy told to leave School because he has a non-contagious Gene - Oct 2012

In what could be a very dangerous precedent of Genetic Segregation stemming from a self-report questionnaire that was filled out by the parents of an 11 year old boy during enrolling in school, a Palo Alto, California School has decided to Segregate the student, not because he has a disease, but because he carries the genetic markers of someone who has cystic fibrosis.

Becket has been banned!

What an Academic Who Wrote Her Dissertation on Trolls Thinks of Violentacrez

What an Academic Who Wrote Her Dissertation on Trolls Thinks of Violentacrez WHITNEY PHILLIPS - Whitney Phillips is a lecturer at New York University. OCT 15 2012, 12:32 PM ET 123 A critical look at trolling subculture and how we talk about it.


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