Breathalyzer tests compulsory on all vehicles in France

Breathalyzer tests compulsory on all vehicles in France: All vehicles travelling on French roads must carry a chemical or electronic breathalyzer test beginning Sunday, under new rules aimed at reducing alcohol-driven accidents. "Alcohol has been the main cause of mortality on roads since 2006," according to road security authorities. About a third of fatalities on French roads is due to drink driving, a rate that far surpasses the 17 percent recorded in Britain or 10 percent in Germany.

Let's argue about Step 2 (or, Are You Insane?)

July 9, 2011

Steven Orma
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Step Two: Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

"AA says that you must give yourself up to a Higher Power in order to overcome your drinking problem.

Chapter 8 - To Wives (By Lois Wilson)

Chapter 8 - To Wives (By Lois Wilson)

Possible new coercion technique?

"People can remove themselves from the chance of getting publicized further by paying a one-time fee of $199.99 or — if they aren’t in a hurry — by performing 180 hours of community service or attending 90 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings."

Study points to the fact that AA trolls on the Orange Papers have the same Spiritual Malady as drunk people and are actually relapsing

Anonymous alcoholics? Study finds web trolls get a feeling of abandon similar to drunks

EVER wonder why you come away with a sense of exhilaration after a hard day of trolling the internet?

It could be because you're drunk with power.

A new study has found that anonymity gives people the same feeling of abandon as power and alcohol intoxication.

Researchers at Northwestern University in the US found that all three states led to extreme behaviour — both good and bad.

4th of July Fires

On a different note, my family and I were going to be spending the holiday visiting family near St. Louis. Practically all fireworks displays have been canceled! This is a major bummer but since the conditions in the midwest have been brutal in terms of drought and fires, I can understand the reasoning. It's a shame for all those that have been suffering through the worst of it.




Do you keep falling asleep in meetings?
What about all those long and boring drunkalogs & endless war stories?
Get tired of the same old sloganeering, psychobabble and never ending Treatment Center ideas having NOTHING to do with the AA Program detailed in the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous”? Or how about members who are continuously bring up up the same personal problems over and over and over – the same defects – the same painful relationships – some for months and years on end?

1941 Letter Bill W. to Dr. Bob -Stealing funds from AA

The following is a two page letter written by Bill W. to Dr. Bob, the co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Dated 1941, the same year that the Alcoholic Foundation (now the GSO) was practically bankrupt, Bill admits to Dr. Bob that he has been using funds from AA for his personal living expenses. Note that hundreds of dollars in the 1940’s is equivalent to thousands of dollars today (2012).

Stepper Spiritual Growth

How do stepper truebelievers measure spiritual growth, is it purely how long you have been in a stepper cult? Or can you grow spiritually faster by attending three or four meetings a day? Can you overtake somebody who has been in AA a lot longer than you by going to every meeting you can and getting more spiritual growth? Can it be possible to overtake your sponsor in things pertaining to the spiritual and thereby become your sponsors sponsor and listen to his/her step 5 and then get your own back and tell everybody in the home group their darkest secrets?

Texas AA member convicted of hate crimes against Muslim Mosque - February 2011

AA member Henry Glaspell, 34 of Arlington Texas has more than a problem with Alcohol, he has a dislike of Muslim's and took it out on their place of worship, the Dar El Eman Islamic Center with 1,000 active members in Arlington Texas on July 25,2010. Charged with a federal hate crime, Glaspell faces a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for burning down $20,000 worth of CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND equipment and posting SEXUALLY EXPLICIT GRAFFITI for the children to find in the morning.

Argument Number 2?

And once we have finished arguing about Step 1 and once again established that it is the first lying scaremongering doctrine of the lying scaremongering predator cult of Alcoholics Anonymous, lets move on to the first Chapter of 'More Revealed' the chapter entitled 'In the Beginning'

To quote the relevant extract:-

Let's argue about Step 1

A Critique of the Twelve-step Model

July 9, 2011

Steven Orma

Shot of Whiskey

What do you want to argue about?

You go first.

88 ‘Books That Shaped America’

88 ‘Books That Shaped America’. Library of Congress issues list that reflects a restless, diverse nation. Most great book lists concentrate on works of the highest literary or scholarly merit. Think of the Harvard Classics, Harold Bloom’s “Western Canon,” the Modern Library’s selection of “the 100 best novels of the 20th century.” Here, the compilers imply, are our cultural masterpieces, the Mount Everests and K2s all literate people should scale in their lifetime. You haven’t read Immanuel Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason” or James Joyce’s “Finnegans Wake”?

Columbia University think tank reports doctors aren't trained to treat addiction - 44% get sent to AA by the Criminal Justice System

Report shows disconnect between addiction science, treatment

Columbia University think tank reports doctors aren't trained to treat addiction
By Jaclyn Cosgrove | Published: June 26, 2012

Although scientific research shows that addiction is a complex brain disease, many people still misunderstand it as a moral failure or lack of willpower, according to a report released Tuesday.

The one valid thing in the book is the recognition of the seriousness of addiction to alcohol.......

"The seriousness of the psychiatric and social problem represented by addiction to alcohol is generally underestimated by those not immediately familiar with the tragedies in the families of victims or the resistance addicts offer to any effective treatment. Many psychiatrists regard addiction to alcohol as having a more pessimistic prognosis than schizophrenia.

Dr Drews 'production' team was buying drinks for the patients

on Celebrity Rehab according to a new book by Celebrity Rehab alumni Penny Flame in hopes for a dramatic relapse.

I stand by my comments of Drew 'dr death' Pinsky kills his patients. This man is sick and belongs in jail rather than being given credibility as an alleged addiction expert.

AA member Shannon Gura causes suicide of Sponsor in reverse extortion plot of $500,000 May 2010

While suicide caused by a Sponsor upon a Sponcee in Alcoholics Anonymous seems like it would be more prevalent, this is the story of a Sponsor named Dan Kreye, one of the founders of High Five Erectors Inc., a steel-construction company in Shakopee, Minnesota who took his own life because of a $500,000 extortion scheme Shannon Gura pulled on him in May of 2010 with the help of "friends." This is what happens when you mix the criminal element recruited from jails and prisons during "correction committee" prospect hunts to grow the membership of AA and high net worth Sponsors fall prey to low

Step 5

Is this really a life or death errand that will make us feel we are on the Broad Highway walking hand in hand with the Spirit of the Universe?( BB 4th Ed page 75)

The 12 and 12 states that “AA experience has taught us we cannot live alone with our pressing problems and the character defects which cause them.” Exactly whose AA experience has taught who this? Bill Wilsons? Doctor Bobs?

Judge Sheila Fell Authorized to revoke Morningside Recovery's agreement for failing to provide information on the number of parolees and probationers at each facility and various other violations - June 22, 2012

The residents of Newport Beach California have had enough with the illegal and now unlicensed drug, alcohol claims of Morningside Recovery and the court systems have taken over the issue and "Orange County Superior Court Judge Sheila Fell decided the city had the authority when it revoked the recovery center's zoning agreement in July." The issues stemming from 9 lawsuits for malpractice, one death last year, lowered housing values, exceeding the maximum number of beds at its facilities and Smoking, parking and noise disturbances have reached a peak and the court system will not allow it a

My favorite joke from the Orange Papers.

Press Release:
New Faith-Based Treatment for Alcoholism

Teach a baboon to knit

This blog post made me laugh

Apparently explaining AA is like teaching a baboon to knit.

We get these type of meetings in the UK as well and they are total crap.

More and more people are seeing through the 12 step crap put out by Wilson and his ignorant followers and posts like this defiantly get the attention of people outside the recovery world who have no idea about the crazy workings of the 12 step world.

Lets Talk About "Will Power" #2

Which comes first, the thought or the decision?
I think therefore I am?
I think of taking a drink?
I think of smoking a cig?
I think of eating a pie?
I have no "Free Will' with respect to a thought.
I cannot control a thought.
It just happens.
I don't drink and I do as I please?.
I have been doing this since Feb 22,1970
I am 80 years young.

Clara's Campbell's Crab Bisque Recipe

2 cans cream of mushroom soup
Your life and your will
1 can tomato bisque soup
3 cups dry sherry
1 c. light cream
2 c. milk
1 (7 oz.) can lobster or crab with liquid (I use crab because lobster is so expensive; lobster tastes better)

Drink 2 cups of sherry. Turn your life and your will over to the God of your understanding. Blend 2/3 cups sherry, milk, and cream into soups in saucepan. Add lobster/crab and heat gently, stirring often, until hot. Do not boil. Add 1/3 cup sherry. Very good for lunch with green salad and sherry.

Often wondered if liver diesease and DT's played a part in the...

concept; alcoholism is a disease? For example long term smoking can cause cancer a disease.
Can long term drinking cause alcoholism? It has been proven. It has also been proven long term drinking causes diseases to manifest in your body.
Btw, this article also suggests that AA helps alcoholics to stop drinking before the diseases can take hold.

The Epidemiology of Alcoholic Liver Disease

Alcoholic Flies Show Human-like Desperation, Relapses - Can Bill Wilson save them?

Scientists attempting to Isolate the Spiritual Malady of "Alcoholism" gene first identified by the Bellandonna and LSD fueled hallucinations of Bill Wilson. Can the AA god help them?

Alcoholic Flies Show Human-like Desperation, Relapses
Matt Kaplan

National Geographic News

Published December 11, 2009

After scientists had gotten them hooked on alcohol, fruit flies—apparently desperate for a buzz—drank even repulsive concoctions and relapsed after an enforced dry spell, a new study says.

Lets Talk About "Will Power"

My Question?
How do we define the will?
When and how does it occur?
Can I the alcoholic make the decision to never drink/drug again and never change my mind using will power?
Think about this?

Don't drink, do as you please?

Alcoholics Anonymous in Newspapers, Magazines and Other Periodicals >>this website has many, many articles on AA.

Here is a sampling:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Source: Newsweek©, February 19, 1940.

Science Column


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