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Please discuss the following quote: “As psychiatrists have often observed, defiance is the outstanding characteristic of many an alcoholic. So it’s not strange that lots of us have had our day at defying God Himself. Sometimes it’s because God has not delivered us the good things of life which we specified, as a greedy child makes an impossible list for Santa Claus."~ 12&12 pg. 31

Alcoholics Anonymous is Dead

At one time when I made my first AA meeting, AA was anonymous. We used only our first name. No one was permitted to tell anyone about our AA meeting. No one was permitted to tell anyone where we held our meetngs A new person to AA was introduced at our meeting by a member, a vote was made to accept him/her and he/she would be accepted. No new member was accepted without this sponcer. We did not advertise our meetings. There were no Jitter Joints to place the alcoholic. We put him/her in our home. I spent many nights sitting up with a drunk alcoholic helping him get over a drunk.

Any Doubts AA is a Cult Religion?

Really? This is how steppers defend AA as being a legitimate treatment for a disease and not a cult religion? "God and JC - was constantly around prostitutes, liars, theives and the like. He never turned one down, not once. In fact, he welcomed them, fed them, and taught them. One of the reasons why he was killed was because he was around people most didn't want to be around. He was teaching sinners forgiveness and grace was possible. - asked a drunk to save mankind -asked a murderer to save an entire population -restored a blind man's sight - brought someone back from the dead

to the tune of JINGLE BELLS...


to the tune of JINGLE BELLS...

***FEEL FREE TO SING ALONG!!!!*** AA HELL by Heavy Metal Rainbow RACING OUT THEIR DOOR! I FINALLY FOUND MY BRAIN GOT QUICK INSIDE MY CAR! SMILING IN THE RAIN! NO MORE DAMN BIG BOOKS! NOR ANY MORE LAME PRAYERS! WHAT FUN IT WAS TO FLIP THEM OFF! I GAVE THEM ALL A SCARE! HA! (chorus) AA HELL!! AA HELL!! I am finally FREE! Oh! what FUN it was to LEAVE And get BACK in TOUCH with ME! AA HELL!! AA HELL!! I am finally FREE! Oh! what fun it was to LEAVE They've seen the LAST OF ME! ;) just spreading the love, man, just spreading the love...


(I really like this! It cracks me up out loud! Thanks Orange!) NEW RECOVERY GROUP Recover From Twelve-Step Groups We have a new thirteen-step program to help you recover from the evil influences of too many twelve-step recovery group meetings: 1. Admit that you are powerless over twelve-step meetings -- that your life has become unmanageable. Scream and pass out. 2. Come to believe that only Santa Claus can restore you to sanity. 3. Make a decision to give all of your problems to Santa Claus, as we understand Him.

Wooooohooooo doggies!!! KARAOKE TIME!!

*Rainbow steps up to microphone with grandpa's old banjo in hand and a snarky-fun smile* "Hi everybody! It's nice to be here in (insert your town here)!! It's a Saturday night!!! and I'm feeling like Karaoke, baby!!! Anyhoot, ain't it great to be here at (insert your local pub here) :) I wrote a little song for y'all since it's Christmas and all. Hope ya' enjoy my song... Whooooo doggies!!!!!" :) (sung to the tune of this song that I think everyone knows real well --- open in other window)

Have a great Christmas everyone

I'm not any kind of practitioner of religion, but I do find a bit of peace at times in some of what has been written. This is probably my favorite bit from the bible. It doesn't matter what you believe in. truth is pretty universal to all doctrines or non-doctrines. In the wake of all the high feelings about the recent shootings and all the talk about non-solutions, I was, sort of, guided back to this. I don't know why.

Care to wager a BET?

A little game, shall we? C'mon, ante up, folks... (rainbow throws in a dollar and deals out the cards from a deck of 52) 2022 is my bet, but it will show signs of disintegration way before then. My handy-dandy trusty Ouija board says 2013. Let's hope it's correct. Peace Out!

Some thoughts on the recent shootings

Some thoughts on the recent shooting at the Sandy Hook school, Portland, Aurora, Tucson- the sad list goes on and on. The media, talking heads, and society has rightly focused a lot of attention on the recent mass shootings. Most of the attention is going towards the banning or control of assault weapons and adding real teeth to the mental health system. There are very real problems with both fronts.

Do we need a "Jesus Christ" to get sober or to stay sober?

1. Suppose that Jesus Christ in his ‘God Uniform’ is omnipotent, omniscient and wholly good. 2. Evils caused by members of AA exist. Is Alcoholic Anonymous the best treatment Jesus Christ can come up with to treat alcoholism? If Jesus really is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and all loving, then He would want every alcoholic who joins AA to get sober and stay sober? The question is almost an embarrassment for AA today.

What is with the Forum?

Slow access to the blogs, forums and posting? Whats the deal?

A Sad Day.

Stephen Baldwin Arrested for Tax Evasion: God Is To Blame

Actor Stephen Baldwin has had his share of money woes, and one website is looking to help him out, Bible-style. The Restoration of Stephen Baldwin seeks support and monetary donations for the born-again Christian actor. According to the website, the movement was inspired by the Biblical story of Job, a man of great wealth who went through a rough period after he stood up for his faith, only to have his wealth eventually restored through token donations.

The "War" on the "Drug War" - "The House I live in" Documentary by Eugene Jarecki

Countries around the world are coming to the conclusion that the war on drugs is failing and causing more damage than good. With the legalization of pot in two states in the United States and jails and prisons overflowing with people on drug charges, what would happen if the "War on Drugs" were to just stop?

Dear Amy, my mother is going through a divorce and smokes pot for her back pain. What can I do to really piss her off?

Well,let me see...... If I really wanted to piss someone off whose life is spiraling down and going through a divorce who smokes pot for back pain, I would side with the dad and have him try and put mom in rehab, then disassociate from the mom to "help" her hit bottom as quickly as possible. If they end up committing suicide because I pushed them over the edge, I can claim it was just their disease because some journalist told me my mom was really sick and I should really try to piss her off......
Ask Amy: Daughter worries about mother's pot addiction (12/10/2012)

In the beginning

The doctrine that you are "powerless over alcohol" is also a ready-made excuse for drunken binges, the morning after — "Honey, it isn't my fault that I got drunk last night and went on a huge binge and threw a screaming drunken temper tantrum and tore up the house. Dr. Silkworth says that I have a disease, and I'm powerless over alcohol, so I can't help it."

Xmas Music

Ding Dong Merrily on High plus nine more if you open and read The Most wonderful time of the year White Christmas The Christmas Song Carol of the Bells

Powerlessness re-thought

I have been intrigued by the arguments advanced by Soberman that in reality we are powerless over our choices. In essence, I sympathize with the claim that free will is but an illusion and that in truth we are mere biological puppets to our neurochemistry. Below are two short videos (part 1 and 2) of a lecture delivered by Stephen Hawking. I encourage you to watch the videos and share your thoughts:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Protecting the Image of AA

AA certainly goes to herculean efforts to protect the AA brand! Every year AANY puts out a letter to the media to "suggest" not printing stories about AA ============================================= How Sexual Deviance Could Have Crippled Alcoholics Anonymous By Amanda Smith inShare.2Feb 17 2012, 11:04 AM ET Instead of fight for her mother's inheritance—and risk exposing her sexuality—Felicia Gizycka dropped a lawsuit to protect a developing AA.

The desiderata, and a little cat story.

This is the first time I have posted in Blog form , forgive me. I learned of this poem from a woman who is in prison. She is in prison for being an accessory to two murders. She provided the alibi while her boyfriend murdered her parents. I met this woman because of a cat.

The myth of AA

Stephen Mohr Exposing the myth of AA little blogs are popping up like daisies on the net.

AA follow the money Bill willed his portion of royalites to Lois , at the time of her death Lois estate was valued close to $4 million dollars. Interesting to say the least. An earlier discussion I came across on this subject using the google

Wilson employment history???

In Charles Bufe Book , Wilson was not a stock broker but a stock investigator, what exactly is that? Clarence Synder notes that by 1944 Wilson had not worked for nine years yet came by a $27000 house and a cadillac. What was Wilsons employment from 1929 to 1935?

The Beast

In this discussion I will take you through a decision-making process that leads to immediate recovery from addiction to alcohol. To come along with me, it will be necessary for you to suspend all of your beliefs about the nature of addiction and recovery. Then, you can build a foundation for self-recovery based upon your own original values and beliefs which were clear to you as a much younger person, even before you became involved with alcohol.


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