What have you accomplished since leaving XA?

I borrowed this topic from another poster. Hope you don't mind. : )

This has the potential to be a good topic. My own experience with AA was 20 open meetings that I was mandated to as the result of DUI. I have never been to a closed AA meeting in my life.

I have not had a drink of alcohol for over 2 ½ years now. I used to spend over US$1,000 each month on alcohol (this dollar amount would increase in connection with the NFL season). So now I am saving at least that much each month.

Who done it.

Adam said it was Eve's fault Eve said it was the devils falt and the devil says it is nobodys fault.Bill w can fix it.

OK Here it is IFOD (AKA LIAR)

Ifod said that he was in the Air Force and then went to CalState.
He was questioned about both and refused to answer either. But......
When he asked Gunthar whether there was a USMJ (UCMJ) or not he tipped us off that he really had no clue. Now I will admit I did not help myself by screwing up the second letter and the meaning of the first two, it has been a while...but once again IFOD should have known what they meant. It took him well over 30 minutes and asking Gunthar to figure out what the letters meant.

OK LisaMarie (a/k/a Danny) - Here it is, and its all yours

Sun, 08/19/2012 - 19:10

I thought you said you were

I thought you said you were in the Military.

USMJ = United States Military Justice/Law for the Military
JAG = Judge Advocate Generals/ Judges, Prosecutors, Lawyers and Court

Ifod, stop with the name calling and act as if you went to CalState and were in the military.


Danny, there is no such thing known in the US Military as the USMJ.

US Supreme Court Denies Benefits to Military Veterans (1988)

485 U.S. 535 (1988)


This case denied G.I. Bill benefits to veterans that claimed they missed the 10 year window of benefits availability due to drinking lots and lots and lots of alcohol (a/k/a alcoholism)

The Supremes ruled that the vets missed their deadline due to "willful misconduct".

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

Friend Bill (another boring meeting)

Another lame meeting down. Boniface bless the I-phone. Anyway, here's what I got done:

To the tune of Fred Bear by Ted Nugent ~

There I was, back in the roomz again
And I felt right at home where I belong
I had that feelin' comin' over me again
Just like it happened so many times before (yeah)

Orange - Do the FBI have our information?

As per this entry

" I got the IP addresses for the regulars on this forum from the bureau when investigating the emails."

Did you realease our info to the FBI? Clara claims you did. It would be nice to know if this is true

Craigslist Recovery Forum Needs Your Help!

There are few alternatives posted over there. It's a 24/7 AA festival where strong willed AA members rule the board. Please go over there and give them the help they need.

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

Let Me Do Sobriety My Way

While I may not be your definition of sober, I am mine. So stop telling me that I’m dry, addicted to chocolate or need an exercise intervention.

Happy, Joyous, and Free is a Bunch of Bullshit.

No one is happy all of the time. Tears, pain, emotional upset are also a part of the human experience.
AA is full of shit when they make these promises.

celebrity rehabs joey kovar found dead!!!

well another one bites the dust , looks like they are not going to make The celebrity rehab roundup. So far the death list includes jeff conoway, mike starr layne, rodney king
maybe its time dr drew had a talk with Dr. Johnson

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

Coach Loren LeBeau pleads not guilty to the hit and run death of 7 year old Donovan Maldonado, must go to AA 4 times a week on bail

On July 25, 2012 Donovan Maldonado was fatally killed in a hit and run accident on the Sugar Pine Trail while crossing Shepherd Avenue in Fresno, California. Central High School Coach Loren LeBeau has been arrested for the hit and run incident and has pleaded not guilty and is out on bail. With the enormity of the incident understood, LeBeau as part of his bail must wear an ankle monitoring device for alcohol and attend 4 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a week.

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

This Has Gone Far Enough

Danny has effectively ruined this site... Someone get in touch with me when he is banned for good.



I kid you not. Check it out...

Farmville Intervention (6 minutes) -- actual family intervention of a mom who gets seriously way upset when her sons won't let her get on the computer to harvest her crops.

Orange paper letter

here we have a guy whose mission is to inform newcomers of what AA isn't telling them and look at the response, the so called serene members are behaving with open hostility and hatred, now if that doesn't read like a cult.

The psychopathology of the 12 Steps

Fast forward to about 1:02:50 and apply the reasoning to the 12 Steps. Are the 12 Steps psychopathic thinking? Thoughts?

If Bill was still alive?

I have often wondered if Bill was still alive, would the conversations we are having today about him, would we still have them?? I bet they might be different.
The fact that he is dead and has been since 1971, does this have influence on how we speak about him? Do you feel free to express yourself anyway you see fit? What the heck, Bill can not rebut, right?
Do we really know who he was? Is it important? Do we care?



The 12 steps are not a "treatment" for alcohol abuse.

The professor said: “I do not believe the 12 step programme is a treatemnt for alcohol abuse.” Ok. The professor’s opinion? Seems to be.

So I asked the following question of the esteemed professor: “What, in your opinion, is AA/12 step if not, in your opinion, a treatment for alcohol abuse?”

The Prof’s response: “I don't have the answer to that.” Ok. Is the prof dodging the question? Seems to be.

So if the 12 steps are not a "treatment program" for alcohol abuse, What are they?


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