Alcoholics Anonymous: Original Hand-Crafted Jewelry

Made with real cooper too!

Unique handmade Alcoholics Anonymous jewelry made of sterling silver, cooper and semi-precious stone agate.

More proof that the typical 12 stepper only has an 11th grade education, if that, in keeping with the example set by Bill W. back in 1912.

'Partridge Family' Star David Cassidy Arrested For Felony DWI In New York

I had this guy's posters taped up all over my bedroom walls and ceiling as a kid...
Gawd, I hope he doesn't turn into a stepper...

From Huffington Post...

'Partridge Family' Star David Cassidy Arrested For Felony DWI In New York

I Work The Steps

Sung to the tune of... I Walk The Line... by Johnny Cash I keep a keen eye focused on regrets I keep my eyes wide open for relapse I’ll have a hard time paying off my debts I work the steps, I work the steps I find it very, very easy to be untrue In church basements when each day is through With all the bullshit that the gurus spew I work the steps, I work the steps As sure as night is dark and day is light I’ll say that white is black, and black is white I know the big book always proves me right I work the steps, I work the steps We’ve got a way to keep you on our side

Twelve Step Sponsorship: How It Works

Just in time for Christmas!!! ;)

Bill could do anything!

Among his other talents and accomplishments Bill was also a life guard. Word has it that he saved 5001 lives. Dr. Bob only saved 5000 alcoholics from sure death. 2nd place again. Poor Bob.

AA in Prison: Inmate to Inmate

Hmmm... Looky at what I found on Amazon!!

12 new books from $4.86
52 used books from $0.01
Publication Date: February 1991
ISBN-10: 0916856410

OOPS- It happened again. Murder confession at Narcotics Anonymous meeting. What do you think Dear Abby and the readers said to do in Kansas?

Readers respond after letter about confession at Narcotics Anonymous August 21 By JEANNE PHILLIPS DEAR ABBY: I’m writing about the letter you printed from “Somewhere in the South,” who heard someone confess to a crime he had committed at age 12 during one of his Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. The person asked if he should go to the police. You advised him to talk about it to the “group leader.”



Over 50% of the participants at Alcoholics Anonymous Religious Ceremonies are sent by the US Court System and they can not just "stop going to meetings" - Compliments of your local AA "Corrections Committee"

Many of the brainwashed minions of Alcoholics Anonymous like to claim that it is easy as just stop going to AA meetings and AA has nothing to do with it. Please do not forget that if people just quit going to AA meetings, about 50% of them will be put in jail because they were sent there by the courts, parole and probation department.

A 12 Step Program for Global Warming. You are powerless and must pray to a Higher Power to fix the problem - Yes it does exist.....OMG

I am called to this perspective by an important friend who directed me to two websites, both of which view our deteriorating climate through the lens of addiction. The websites are: and Both sites advocate employing the principles of the 12-step program as a path toward climate change salvation.

Violins and Musical Instruments?

Howdy. I was reading some things here on the OP and other places, and my curiosity was sparked. I've seen this many places on the internet. It is from Susan Cheever's book about Bilk W. This is just an excerpt -- they were talking about the Spook Room. I'm not interested in that part. What I am interested in is... Bilk played the violins and musical instruments? It's not important, but I cannot fathom Bill as a musician.

Another Petit Family Cheshire, CT type Alcoholics Anonymous linked murder in Harrison County, Indiana AA General Service Area 22 - Aug 3, 2013

In yet another tragic occurrence of Alcoholics Anonymous recruiting from psychiatric hospitals and offering aftercare, Gary Henderson and Asenath Arnold were murdered on August 3, 2013 allegedly by patients released two months prior to the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, just like the murderers of the Petit family in Cheshire, Connecticut recently portrayed on HBO (

Malware alert

I got this message when entering Mr E's blog entitled "Hello Everybody" Danger: Malware Ahead! Google Chrome has blocked access to this page on Content from, a known malware distributor, has been inserted into this web page. Visiting this page now is very likely to infect your computer with malware. Malware is malicious software that causes things like identity theft, financial loss, and permanent file deletion. It might be a quirk of my browser, but do be careful won't you folks.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Bell, Book and Candle

Bill Wilson was a shaman. A believer in seances, automatic writing (mediumship) and the Ouija board.

Bill W. : A Chronicle of Bill W's Educational Accomplishments

I found a chronicle of Bill W.’s educational accomplishments. This document chronicles Bill W.’s early childhood grade school achievements, Bill W.’s high school accomplishments as well as Bill W.’s college days.

As one can plainly see, Bill W.’s educational accomplishments were extraordinary.

I inherited an anti-AA Facebook ...

...and I have no idea what to do with it.

The 13th Step the Film is up on Indiegogo PLEASE GO WATCH the Video

FINALLY TWO YEARS OF WORK and now we have a video and hours and hours of interviews. I have many more interviews to conduct. Please go to the website and watch, share, and donate whatever you can to the campaign!!!

A Turd in the Bathtub

Having a discussion with a Christian Proselytizer Bill Maher asked, if the Christian Religion was water in a bathtub would you take a bath if you knew there was a big "Turd" in it? My question to the alcoholic and AAis...... If AA was water in a bathtub, would you take a bath if you knew there was a big "Turd" in it? PS: The Christian did not respond, How about you? Soberman After being sober over 43 years, this is all I have to offer the alcoholic. Don't drink, do as you please.


There's always someone to say-well you should be nicey nice and not express your anger. It's not nicey nice.with soo damned many LOGICAL EXCUSES for what is basicly an anti-human Christian theory of how you SHOULD BE.On OPF there's an open door to vent and to criticize when you disagree. to stiffle this release of anger is soo wrong.this forum is about healing not bout how well in AA we teach how you should BRAY oops I mean PRAY for anyone that you are angry with.Be nicey nice.BRAY-there i go again pray that your RAPIST will be happy,happy,happy.that is what GGGG's US would want you to do.

30 Things to Start Doing for Yourself (after leaving the cult!)

1. Start spending time with the right people. – These are the people you enjoy, who love and appreciate you, and who encourage you to improve in healthy and exciting ways. They are the ones who make you feel more alive, and not only embrace who you are now, but also embrace and embody who you want to be, unconditionally.

The truth is funny sometimes.


After you watch this please tell me if there is any hope that we can bring this bullshit 12 step culture to its proper size and reason. Bring it to it's knees. Do they realize that women will go to these meetings now and not know that pedophiles and rapists are going there intentionally? OMFUCKING GOD!!!! How can these actors be in this film. Its hopeless..... This is beyond depressing. Massive:(

Kickstarter Campaign The 13Th Step was Rejected because it was CAUSED BASED! BIG DEAL WE MOVED it to Indiegogo!!!

After working for months on this Kickstarter Campaign, today they sent me an email rejecting my Documentary Film camapign on the grounds it is too"caused based' Really.... Lets talk about the Film The ANONYMOUS People, a totally pro AA doc film, or Freedom Fighters which is caused based, or Above ALL Else XL Pipeline Doc. which is also caused based. We wrote back asking them to explain what makes mine so different. The replies were inane. So we are moving it to Indigogo. I guess there is a huge stepper running KICKSTARTER!!! Am I surprised? NO!

OOPS - All Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at Anna Jaques Hospital in Newburyport, MA banned for second time in General Service Area 30 - Aug. 2013

Anna Jaques Hospital is a non-profit located at 25 Highland Avenue, Newburyport, MA 01950 ( that employs roughly 1000 people including about 250 doctors. For some reasons that I am sure are not being completely divulged, all Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at the facility are being banned for a second time in recent history.

All Drugs are Artificial

Something in my reading has really gotten me lately. It is the idea that certain drugs are ok and some are not. Certain drugs are "nasty" and the others are not. Certain ways of imbibing in drugs are ok ad some are not. Many will se the marijuana argument coming, but there is more. Heroin, Cocaine, Alcohol, LSD, Mushrooms, Peyote, Mescalin, Benzos, Caffeine, Nicotine, Barbiturates, Meth, and every other drugs you can name is artificial. Let me give you the best example: Weed.

recovery & deprogramming brain storming

Firstly, for the steadfast anti AA's who will not tolerate AA - any effort to eliminate AA will be exceedingly difficult i.e. like Scientology or Mormonism, AA will most likely be around a long time.

Necessities for quitting/controlling alcohol/drugs

With more KNOWLEDGE every day about the human body and mind,understanding how to quit or to control, what has spun out of control, is available.ON Forum ,there is learning and knowing that the AA pogram for quitting does not work.So what does ?How can someone who is self-medicating with alcohol and or drugs level out and have a good happy life?Also the person who has only alcohol for friend to fill the empty spaces inside find another way to acheive some genuine satisfaction.gratification?


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