Noticing aa's decline

Every now and again, I will look up the meeting schedule from my 1st InterGroup. I just looked at their meeting schedule again: About half of the meetings I had once attended are gone. The "club," which used to host about 21+ meetings a week, is gone. The daily "lunch" meeting, which was held at a restaurant, is gone. I shredded all of my old meeting lists so I can't cite the exact number of meetings that have disappeared since my early aa days, but it's a lot of them.

What's the aa secret handshake?

What's the aa secret handshake? It's when you wave goodbye. :)

"You are suffering from terminal uniqueness"

Now this one rally takes the biscuit for blatant brainwashing. Talk about being bullied into conforming. In the real world uniqueness is often something to be admired - it's what sets you apart from the crowd in any given walk of life. This message of "conform or die" is simply a fucking disgrace. Whenever I heard someone use this it always brought a picture of the Chinese army under Mao to mind. I always imagined the thousands upon thousands lined up dressed in green and somewhere in the middle, sticking out like a sore thumb, would be a guy all in pink. Don't know why - it just did.

Huffington Post "How I Broke Up (And Eventually Got Back Together) With AA" - "Just when I thougth I was out.. they pull me back in!" - The Godfather Al Pacino and the Sopranos

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! - Godfather Part 3
Michael (Al Pacino) respects Joey Zasa's bold grab for power, but is determined to send him a strong response. Unfortunately, Michael suffers a stroke and collapses.

AA believes that it IS GOD and that Bill Wilson was the Messiah, and I can prove it!

AA ‘s 12 STEPS are, if you read between the lines, intended to be seen as THE WORD OF GOD. It’s not hard at all to make this inescapable conclusion. Let me explain; Bill Wilson, the Messiah (I’ll explain further) proved it when he wrote in his 1952 diatribe (Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions), the following; (Page 174) “Unless each AA member follows to the best of his ability our suggested 12 Steps to recovery, he almost certainly follows his own death warrant.” So what does that really say? It says that only AA can save you. Now let’s take a look at these divinely inspired steps.

"Living life on life's terms"

This one always left me speechless but I'll try and get over that little impediment now. WTF is this meant to mean? Did I miss the pamphlet written in very small type "Life : Terms and Conditions"? Whenever I queried WTF someone was on about when they said this, it usually degraded into some bullshit about taking your own will back or some such. This one really used to piss me off - still

"symptoms like diabetes or cancer or TB" (pg 227)

"I wasn't mad or vicious — I was a sick person. I was suffering from an actual disease that had a name and symptoms like diabetes or cancer or TB — and a disease was respectable, not a moral stigma!" The Big Book, Marty Mann, 3rd edition, Page 227
What a crock of billshit...

Rats on Cocaine #1 Late

Please visit the Substance Matters blog

"Substance Matters: Science and Addiction" (‎) is the blog of Dr. Mark Willenbring (former Director of the Division of Treament and Recovery Research at the NIAAA). Willenbring describes his blog as "The internet's voice for scientifically-based treatment of alcohol and other substance use disorders." It's a fantastic blog which focuses solely on evidence based practices in SUD treatment and does a great job of discussing and summarizing recent findings in SUD treatment research.

"Fake it 'til you make it"

This one was the first immediate Red Flag for me. AA puts so much emphasis on honesty and truth that, when I first heard this, bells started going off left, right and centre. How can you preach honesty and truth and then encourage dishonesty? I spotted the cognitive dissonance here years before I even knew what cognitive dissonance was.

"Your best thinking got you here"

Now this one is a real humdinger (practicing my I've heard it used by AA members as both a positive and a negative, but mainly as a negative. Positive : Your best thinking got you to AA. Negative : Your best thinking made you drink so much that you needed AA, so stop


Hi everyone! I just wanted to share a quick announcement-I just received a great opportunity to be a guest on Ken Anderson's HAMS (Harm reduction, Abstinance, and Moderation Support) radio show to talk about my book, "The Freedom to Recover", Tonight @ 8PM Eastern Standard Time. To listen live or at another time, go to and click on the blogtalkradio icon in the "follow us here" box. I just want to thank Ken again for the invite!

"Don't leave before the miracle happens"

Another con trick. What if the miracle never happens? The assumption seems to be that, when the miracle happens, you won't want to leave. So both pre and post-miraclees are trapped in AA for life. Did you ever sit in a meeting and ask yourself if everyone there was faking it until they made it?

AA is counter therapeutic: Shame about alcoholism causes relapse, deepens depression

An article by Maia Salavitz in Time magazine titled "Being Ashamed of Drinking Prompts Relapse, Not Recovery" from earlier this year quotes a report from the University of British Columbia which shows that shame about drinking prompts relapse and the extent of the shame is reflected in the extent of the relapse: More shame = More relapse drinking. The article states:

General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc. suggests that AA groups send the GSO 30% of whatever is collected after expenses (MG-15) - On average each AA group sends $97 to the GSO, but is costs the GSO $137 (F-3)

Many people claim that Alcoholics Anonymous does not solicit money to be sent up to the main offices of AA at the Interchurch Center located at 475 Riverside Drive in New York City. While they don't demand money, they "suggest" the following percentages from the AA Groups in America and Canada to be distributed to the AA District, AA Area Committee, GSO at the Interchurch and the local AA Intergroup (see MG-15 A.A. Guidelines - Finance pg.5

"Look for the similarities, not the differences"

I read this on another forum recently - a response from one of the faithful - and it got me thinking. What a nasty, deceptive piece of brainwashing hogwash this is. What they're really saying is IGNORE the differences. I think you would have to go pretty close to either end of the human spectrum to find two people without any similarities. We've all got something, somewhere in common.

AA member Troy Stills, kidnaps two people in Roby, TX AA General Sevice Area 65, District 24 to go on a ride to kill his Ex-wife and Children. On the way there he stops off at his AA Sponsors house? June 2013

Apparently AA member Troy Stills in Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Area 65 District 24 (, Greyson County, TX, was upset with his ex-wife and children and decided to go on a wild ride and kill them. To get there, he also had to tie up his mother who he was living with and her boyfriend and take them along on the ride to Abilene.

My favorite drinking song :)

Verdi Traviata:

A message for us Anti-AA & ex Steppers

And in particular, a message for Simon and Denise.

Is Orange Papers a Cult?

I was having my daily dose of fun on Craigslist when one of the faithful posted this link as an answer to the above question. I was Am I in a cult? This deserves further investigation. As it turns out, the above webpage is only one of, I relaxed a little, but we've got to be ever watchful. Don't want to get involved with ANOTHER

The Golden Doorknob of Craziness

Just a suggestion for a new competition. Let's list some of the crazy things steppers say and do and the last Sunday in the months we'll have a poll to select a winner. Let's get those entries coming in

Now - ain't that a prize worth

Addition : As a winner is going to be picked as a result of votes in a poll, could I ask that entries be limited to one-liners so they will fit

Tierra Blanca Ranch, a canned hunting and troubled teen ranch on 30,000 acres in Deming, NM under investigation for shackling and beating children. Search warrants turn up disturbing facts. Director Scott Chandler can't be found.

Published on Oct 14, 2013
Governor Susana Martinez addressed the ongoing investigation at the Tierra Blanca Youth Ranch Monday, revealing new details about what investigators uncovered at the ranch property. She also fired back at allegations from the ranch owner's attorney that ranch kids were never in danger.

"Disturbing Experience in AA chat room" AA members use rationalizations and excuses to keep newcomer of 13 days from leaving. Can you spot the minimization and rationalization technique?

Disturbing Experience in AA chat room

Hi guys,
13 days sober here and was spending the past week or so in an iPhone AA chat room getting support and making new friends. I'm also in an intensive outpatient group program for three hours per day as well (by my own choice), and have attended two AA face to face meetings so far.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Exposing the AA Religion Utilizing the 12 Rules for Radicals

I used these rules to expose & ridicule several steppers (now banned) here some months ago. The tactics I used were especially effective on becket (a/k/a marietta) & Clara (a/k/a frydbreadsam).

AA, 12 step and alleged fraud & alleged corruption?


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