Science Supports THE BIBLE, but not The Big Book

In 1939, Bill Wilson published his infamous work called The Big Book which changed the way the world viewed "Alcoholism". Likewise, in 1859, Charles Darwin published his infamous work On the Origin of Species which changed the way the world viewed the origin of life. In the DVD posted below, astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle (PhD from the University of Colorado at Boulder) systematically dismantles Darwin's claims and shows that the very things Darwin used to propagate his ideas actually undermine them! Dr.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): AA Cults Spawned by Fruitcakes

Inspired by a recent new fruitcake recipe
The Dark Legacy of a Rehab Cult The head-shaving recovery cult of “Synanon” was a substance-abuse treatment pioneer—and a model for some more recent deviant AA groups. For a generation of drug addicts, Synanon was much more than just a bad movie— and its spiritual sequels continue to crop up today. By J.D. Dickey 05/09/12 Inside Scientology's Rehab Racket

New Fruitcake Recipe

Ingredients: -1 down and out addict -1 preacher -1 Bible Directions: Stir together ingredients. Allow ingredients to marinate until addict is thoroughly done in. Discard Bible and preacher. *If you do not have a preacher or a Bible in your pantry these items can be substituted with an AA old timer and a Big Book. The recipe will come out the same.

Christianity ALWAYS Works for True Christians

Many people certainly have trusted Christ to help them overcome addictions. They showed their trust by SINCERELY and WHOLEHEARTED following ALL of His instructions and He freed them. Here is His conditional promise to do just that although many don't really do what this verse says. Many claim that they followed this instructions but did not and, therefore, He did not free them. The following verse explain:

Jesus's crucifixion: No Big Deal

Christ got banged up on a cross, suffered & died for our sins, yeah right, codswallop, balderdash & hum bug, sounds like something some meally-mouthed,mumbling minister would come up with.

Ex-christians absolute proof jesus fails

These were real christians too, read the real bible,did the real prayers,went to real churches,really repented, really took jesus into their hearts for real, then one day they woke up to themselves, pretty much like some people wake up to the farce of A.A. Clearly jesus didn't work for them, jesus didn't save them, jesus failed them, the bibles promises didn't work, the bible didn't work for them, god did not deliver or they would still be christians, their faith failed because christianity is a failure.

What happens when Jesus lets you down.

O.k you've been saved,you've seen the light, ya taken Jesus into ya heart & you're frothing at the mouth with love for ya saviour & your still chucken down beers & runnung around the dealers, you've spent hours on ya knees, you've cofessed/repented, you've sworn earnestly ya won't do no more a the sinnen & your still getting high, do you try a muslem god next or a hindu one? which god is the most successful in the addictions curing game? I'm also in a hurry, which god cures the fastest?


Anyone can change any poll. The comments cannot be changed as far as I know. Give it a whirl everyone. Click on the poll and click edit. It should work. I think the setting in the program concerning polls needs to be changed.

A sign that the end of Stepperism is nigh

I was just checking out Reddit and came across this post.
Decided to go to my first AlAnon meeting tonight. The website said 7:30 at St. Sylvester. I got there around 7:15 and noticed I didn't see anyone around and didn't see any lights on anywhere. I figured I was super early and decided to wait until 7:30 to see if anyone showed up. I know these meetings aren't advertised with big flashy lights, but I expected to at least see the parking lot lights on, right? It was pitch black there.

Fruitcake Recipe

(From a saved email. Enjoy!) As we approach this magical wondrous time of year, here is a very special recipe to add a little something to your holiday cheer.... 1 C water 1 C sugar 4 large eggs 2 C dried fruit 1 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. salt 1 C brown sugar lemon juice nuts 1 FULL bottle of your favorite whiskey (or alcoholic beverage) Sample the whiskey to check for quality. Take a large bowl. Check the whiskey again to be sure that it is of the highest quality. Pour 1 level cup and drink. Repeat. Turn on the electric mixer; beat 1 C of

AA Parking Lot Contest: America VS Britain



George Carlin on Religion

(long, but worth it) George Carlin On Religion When it comes to bullshit, big-time, major league bullshit, you have to stand in awe of the all-time champion of false promises and exaggerated claims, religion. No contest. No contest. Religion.

I don't hate the Bible

I think it is wrong to assume something about somebody when you have so little to go on. I did not like Jim Battle's video, so what. And I am not big on bashing AA. I am for getting the truth out about AA and I think moast on the Forum would agree that Orange has done a very good job of doing that. There are others on the OPF that are doing things to get the word out. What I do not like is when this is made out to be some sort of Crusade. Everyone is entitled to do as they wish and this is an open forum. As for the Bible, to me it is a book and nothing more. I am familure with it.

Let’s talk about intent and agendas, shall we?

There’s been a lot of talk on the forum regarding this matter in regards to you know whom. Jim asked me to check out his videos and offer my analysis on just that, which I’ve done several times already. I’ve seen one of them so far and my take hasn’t changed. All I ask of people is to be upfront and transparent. So, to be fair, I thought I’d come right out and share my intent and my agenda. Yes, I have one and at least I come right out with it and did is as much in the Introduction of my book “The Freedom to Recover”.

A Thought I'd Like to Share

I would like to share a thought that arose from reading something Orange said in his essay titled "The Twelve Biggest Secrets of Alcoholics Anonymous". He said "The Twelve Steps do not work as a program of recovery from drug or alcohol problems." I agree. I also agree with those who don't believe that Christianity works as a program of recovery from drug or alcohol problems." Why? Because The Bible does not teach Christians to use programs of recovery for these problems. Of course, they are free to do so if they choose. However The Bible says:

Brainstorming for Science.

So what if we succeeded in 'taking down' aa? What could be the scientific approach? I was thinking may be society could open clinics run by therapists and addictions counselors. They could run walk in group therapy a few times a day, open to the public, and have educational tools, and short term voluntary hospitalization available. The police would always be accessible etc.? Any other ideas? Recovery programs could be shut down completely? Or they could be paid for by the patient only? I think it would end up saving society some money? I don't know. Just an interesting thing to ponder.

Sung to the tune of "Please Release Me"

Please delete me, let me go For I don't want to blog here anymore To waste our lives would be a sin Jim Battle has hijacked a thread again I have found a new blog, dear And I will always want it near The threads are warm while yours are cold Delete me, my darling, let me go (Please delete me, let me go) For I don't want to blog here anymore (To waste my life would be a sin) Jim Battle has hijacked a thread again Please delete me, can't you see Jim Battle and AntiDenial are both crazy It seems they both have gone insane So delete me and let me blog again (Let me blog, let me blog)

You know you are brainwashed when.............

You know you are brainwashed when ... (fill in the blank). I actually didn't know but I should have known that I was brainwashed. when I contemplated my "alcohol problem". I hadn't had more than a dozen or so total drinks in over 10 years (I was involved with the programs of NA/NA because of an opiate addiction). However, I was practically convinced that I was also an alcoholic and feared that if I didn't attend meetings I would become a drunk. As silly as it sounds, I was really really worried that I would be overcome by powerlessness and start drinking uncontrollably.

Why the 12 STEP Religion (Or any religion) is a BAD recovery model!

With everything that is going on on the forum as of late, I thought it would be an appropriate time to re-post a previous blog with a few revisions, most notably what was added in the title in parentheses along with my take on relgion. Not that it's anybody's business but my own, I will however, state my view on religion because I believe in being transparent to a fault. That's why I put my name on everything I write and post. I'm a big boy and I take the good with the bad; the criticisms with the praise.

The Sponsor

I was in an AA meeting when an old-timer came in and sat himself down and began to take over the meeting. First he began to lament the loss of the “old AA”. He demanded a show of hands – “Who has worked on their steps today”, as if it was the golden rule of sobriety to do so. He then went on to say that he had sponsored many and a number of them that had not faithfully worked the program had ended up committing suicide. Instead of feeling remorse at this he wore it as a badge of honour that he had endured this.

Keeping it hush hush

Ok, so heres my story! When I came into AA I was desperate and sincere about wanting to stop drinking! My life had spiralled out of control, you get the picture, we have all been here!

Never Mind

jimbattle just wants to fan the flames and argue.

This forum has gone to shit.

The only way we're going to clean it up is to do something. I've written to Orange (content below). If you care about this forum, I suggest you do the same. "To Orange Nov 29 at 10:22 AM Hello Orange Whilst I have always agreed with your stance on not censoring people I do feel that a line has to be drawn somewhere. The Jim Battle/AntiDenial debacle is making a mockery out of the forum. It's become a series of self-pitying and unfairly judgmental posts that are turning other members away. Example :- Praise God for Fairminded Supporters!

On the topic OA is Toxic: those 2 aa/oa women

So, I had been deemed an aa "old-timer" at very young chronological age, and so when I first attended oa, I didn't mention my other 12-Step status. (I personally didn't think the one should have anything to do with the other -- but that was just me.) There were 2 long-time aa women who turned oa's stuff into a religion. One looked like a curly-headed Shelly Duvall from "The Shining" and the other looked like Mama Cass.

Anyone else hate Over-Eaters Anonymous?

Oa is low on my list of "resentments" but it's on there. Anyone else want to examine and critique oa with me?

Why Not Treat Addiction With Science

Hey LOOK! A Thread About AA/NA!!

Hello, forum. I just wanted to start a thread here about 12 step programs! There are plenty of topics to choose from, but how about discussing these programs for a slight change in programming? Were you hurt by these programs? How did you heal once you got out? Do you still struggle with the problem that landed you at meetings in the first place? If not, how did you help yourself/find help?

Bretts True blue christian ministry

I've seen the light, gods entered my soul & he called me, he wants me to stand up for jesus & lead deceived christians away from the darkness, verily he sayeth unto me " gather thy sheep & yard 'em, so they maybe shorn,butchered or sold, turneth away not one, be it gay,lesbian,transexual,black,brown,brindel,jewish,arab or notus even a real sheep, take them all into the fold"

God, Freedom and Alcoholism

"The way you use the word `God' does not show whom you mean but, rather, what you mean" Natural Theology at­tempt to prove that God does exist Natural a-theology: at­tempt to prove that God does not exist What do we mean by God as We Understand Him? Suppose we go back in time. Suppose we regress to Just before the first ‘real thing’ was created. We are looking at ‘God’. We are looking at ‘I AM’. We are not permitted to ask the question ‘Who created God’. We will assume that ‘I Am’ exists.

Alcoholics Victorious

Spin off of AA that recognizes Jesus Christ as there Higher Power. I don't know much about this program at all, besides what they put on their website. I've learned not to trust mission statements though. I'm wondering, any inside information about this model for Christians? Other thoughts about it?


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