church of Satan

Sounds like my kind of church, does anyone know if they start fights, wreck pubs & bait police, 'cos I'll convert.

Piss on the forum

The link to satan church is pretty funny, but it's not a good thing, much as that prattling preacher cunt deserves it, it's not a fair, proper reasonable thing, it's not fair to other forum members. Jim has the right to post without defacement, no matter how far off the ball he is.

Gabrielle Glaser author of "Her Best-Kept Secret" publishes "Cold Turkey Isn’t the Only Route" on the New York Times and how Alcoholics Anonymous started the abstinence model.

Cold Turkey Isn’t the Only Route By GABRIELLE GLASER Published: January 1, 2014 THIS New Year’s, a good number of those who struggle to control their drinking will resolve to abstain from alcohol. No halfway measures. Quitting is the only way. The cold-turkey approach is deeply rooted in the United States, embraced by doctors, the multibillion-dollar treatment industry and popular culture. For nearly 80 years, our approach to drinking problems has been inspired by the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The New Year is Starting Well

The “Big Bills” staying sober in a Cave

Submitted by Sober man on Mon, 01/14/2013 - 19:13 The “Big Bills” staying sober in a Cave Part 1: Sober man: Compare AA in respect of education and its lack to such an experience as this. Sober man: Picture the AA meeting of Big Bills dwelling in a sort of underground large cave with a long entrance open to the light on its entire width. Sober man: Conceive AA members as having their legs and necks fastened to their ankles or feet, so that they remain in the same spot, able to look forward only, and prevented by the restraints from turning their heads.

Lies, Damn Lies and Drug Statistics: Treatment Version

Maia Szalavitz
Posted: 12/15/08 03:38 PM ET

When Minnesota Teen Challenge (MNTC) responded to my recent blog entry about their anti-drug program, they cited a "study" to back their claims of being an effective treatment for addiction.

A Plan for 2014

Good advice

Happy 2014 everyone!

So another year passes which means it’s a good time for reflection to see where we’ve been, where we’re at and just as importantly, where we’re going.

For those of you who are new...

AA is a religious cult dressed up to look like a treatment for alcoholism. AA takes advantage of vulnerable people for the purpose of unsolicited religious indoctrination. AA didn't work for me, and the truth is... AA doesn't work for the majority of people who try it. According to AA's own statistical analysis, 81% of the people who try AA drop out within the first month, and by the end of a year 95% are gone. AA is a set of antiquated religious practices and has nothing to do with quitting drinking. AA is all about denying yourself and turning your will and your life over to God.

Is this old news?

I was reading the latest letters and there was one that suggested Googling "Plea Bargain Alcoholics Anonymous". I did so and promptly found this:- Is this the work of someone from this site? If so, well done. It says everything very succinctly. Anyone know who cthreefoundation is? The contact at is out of date.

Create Great in 2014

During the course of the last six months, I have occasionally posted on this forum. Overall, I have found the OPF to be informative and insightful. There is also an element of humor, which adds to the enjoyment of reading many of the posts. 2014 should prove to be an exciting and eventful year. Happy New Year to all!

Coming off the meds

As most would know I had a dbl hernia just before x-mass, did the first couple of days drug free then went to the doctors for some morph, fortified it with weed & even had some beers, one night I had 8 stubbys, after a few days sitting around shit faced I got sick of it big time, anyway the meds run out, I couldn't be bothered scoring more weed & there's still a 6 pack left in the carton, so much for the disease theory, it still hurts a bit but I'm more bothered by not being able to ride. Coming down hasn't bothered the head at all.

treated like a crazy person by a bunch of crazy people!

how stunned i am to find so many others have had so many similar experiences to me in this whacked out program.after almost 7yrs -cannot believe i stayed soooo long!- the final straw was when i found my ex who is still a member was a peadophile,he was molesting his cousin and had inappropriately touched our baby.i guess i kind of expected some support given the horrible nature of this behaviour and how it shattered my life as i knew it at the time,but low and behold the peadophile got the support and i was more or less treated like some kind of lepper.i was told i was too angry and that i need

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Sergeant William E. Swegan Brings AA to the U.S. Military

William E. Swegan, VICTORY OVER ALCOHOL Psychological Healing and the Twelve Steps The Psychology of Alcoholism 15. The Effects of Alcohol on Our Emotional Development William E. Swegan Editor’s Note

Happy New Year

Not still hanging around in 2013, are you? I had to laugh when I logged in - the captcha code I had to type in was "WTFAA". Good omen for

New Years Eve, watch what is happening around the world in real time video on New Years Eve. Compliments of EarthCam.

Watch live streaming video of the 2014 New Year's celebration in Times Square. Enjoy streaming video and audio from multiple webcams and watch as the world ushers in the New Year! Watch at:

FFRF Stops mandatory treatment prayers (October 22, 2013)

Military veterans sent to substance abuse treatment by the Sacramento Veterans Administration in California will be offered an alternative to religious programs because of an FFRF letter of complaint. FFRF was contacted by a veteran who said that in his program, he was forced to take part in prayers and meetings that emphasized God. Despite multiple talks with counselors about his beliefs, he was threatened with expulsion if he so much as stepped out of the room during prayers.

The TRUE Christian Alternative to 12-Step & Recovery Programs - Part Three (Following Jesus Christ)

This is PART THREE of the introduction to The Battle Plan, titled, "The True Christian Alternative to 12-Step/Recovery Programs". This is not from the book titled Twelve Steps To Destruction, by Dr. Martin and Deidre Bobgan. However, I still highly recommend that you read this book and I will get back to commenting on it later. You can read this book for free online at: The Bible says... "[God] giveth grace to the humble" (1Pe 5:5 KJV) Humbling Ourselves

Pledge to not engage the preacher prick......

The undersigned hereby do swear not to engage the Troll, & invite other forum members to pay out them should they fail in the quest..

When Quitting Drinking Is On Your Resolution List

When Quitting Drinking Is On Your Resolution List Published on December 20, 2013 by Anne M. Fletcher, M.S., R.D. in Inside Rehab Whether awareness has been lingering or it’s newly obvious that too many problems in your life stem from alcohol (or other drugs), the start of a new year often signals time for a change and deciding how to go about it. Typically, people decide to make a change when the costs of “using” (hangovers, fender benders, anger management issues, forgetfulness, lost work days) outweigh the benefits (getting a buzz, mental escape, temporary anxiety and stress management.

The TRUE Christian Alternative to 12-Step & Recovery Programs - Part Two (Following Jesus Christ)

This is PART TWO of the introduction to The Battle Plan, titled, "The True Christian Alternative to 12-Step/Recovery Programs". This is not from the book titled Twelve Steps To Destruction, by Dr. Martin and Deidre Bobgan. However, I still highly recommend that you read this book and I will get back to commenting on it later. You can read this book for free online at: The Bible says...

Facts are facts!

This is the graph from AA's own triennial surveys that measures the % of those coming to AA within the first year that have remained the indicated number of months.

As you can see, the graph begins at the end of the first month, where only 19% remain. That means that 81% have already dropped out before the end of the first month.

AA simply dismisses anyone who didn't make it a month as irrelevant.

Adopting AA's isms.

AA turned me into a worthless, needy, incapable piece of crap. Sure… There were people in AA that said, “I can help you with your drinking problem, but I can’t help you with your personal problems.” Looking back, I wish that I had never become dependent on any of those people. But I did become dependent. I looked to AA to help me with various problems I was having, associated with addiction… mostly emotional problems. It seems I turned to AA every time I had a feeling that made me uncomfortable. AA encourages this, no matter what some of them say.

Name that God quiz

I found this site many years ago and spent quite a few hours (most at flipping through it. There's a lot of interesting stuff on here. I remembered there was a God quiz and thought it might be fun to try it out here. Have a go - spot the God. The answer is on a link at the bottom of the quiz

Meanwhile in Detroit, Novi District Judge Brian MacKenzie is getting heat over alleged testing for profit and mandating AA in General Service Area 33

Novi judge denies conflict over ties to testing firms 11:35 AM, December 30, 2013 By John Wisely and L.L. Brasier Novi District Judge Brian MacKenzie is known for his get-tough brand of justice, ordering those who appear before him to undergo months of daily drug and alcohol testing and use interlock devices on their cars. His court offers the thousands of defendants who pass through annually a list of suggested local testing facilities and interlock vendors, which are privately owned businesses.


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