more mexicans die per year than all illicit drug deaths

more mexicans die per year in the war on drugs than all illicit drug deaths, its just something i been thinking about. too bad politicians don't stop to think more. gotta keep those jails cells filled - municipal bond markets would collapse. ^)*(^)(^^&%^&$$#@$^#%^)&)(_)**!

Orange Papers: Truly Delightful

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Standard AA Disclaimer

This AA product is meant for magical purposes only. Any resemblance to real substance abuse treatment programs is purely coincidental. Program results are void anywhere indicated. Use only as directed. No other warranty expressed or implied. Do not use while in the presence of non AA members. Users subject to ridicule. Apply only to affected area. May be too ridiculous for some intellectuals. For recreational use only. Do not disturb miracles in progress. All members are over 18 years of age or under 18.

Sung to the tune of the Beatles' song "Yesterday"

. Sung to the tune of the Beatles' song "Yesterday" Left A.A., No more steps to do, I'm on my way... No more service work, I seize the day... Oh, now I have more time to play... Suddenly, I am free of those zombies! I'm so happy, so I hug a tree! Oh, how much more I do love me... Why I did not leave, so much sooner, I can't say... I said, "SCREW YOU ALL! Now I'm gone! I will not stay-ay-ay-ay..." Left A.A., Burned my Big Book, I no longer pray

The Ultimate Disclaimer from Alcoholics Anonymous at the Interchurch Center - How many members does AA have as of 2013?

*1 The General Service Office does not keep membership records. The information shown here is based on reports given by groups listed with G.S.O., and does not represent an actual count of those who consider themselves A.A. members.

Everyone always points out that the AA 12 Steps are religious. AA Tradition 2 (long form) is worse - "For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority—a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience."

I believe that the Alcoholics Anonymous Tradition 2 "For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority—a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience" gives a glimpse into just how religious AA is much more than the 12 Steps which are often quoted.

Article: We should use the Rx drugs we have to treat alcoholism

. Markus Heilig: We should use the Rx drugs we have to treat alcoholism MARKUS HEILIG | physician scientist at National Institutes of Health

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Mrs. Marty Mann

Following in Bill W.'s shoes, Mrs. Marty Mann got around too!

Some photos of Mrs. Marty Mann's lovers:

Carson McCullers (author)

Mrs. Marty Mann had a short fling with Carson.

Jane Bowles (author & playwright)

Mrs. Marty Mann had a serious affair with Jane that threatened Mrs. Marty Mann's long-time relationship with Priscilla Peck.

WOMAN Found dead in NewPort Beach Who was sent to Drug Classes

Does this mean she was court ordered to AA meetings? Could this court ordered yong woman be alive if not sent to AA meetings? Nancy Renee Hammour, was dead when the officers arrived, police said. Read more: Im going to follow this story to see how it develops.

Malibu residents have had enough of rehabs

I read this in the newspaper today and, luckily, it's online. The tide is turning against the rehabs.

Steppers don't like it when people mess with their

I've just read on another blog where someone was having a bit of fun with the steppers and making corks pop left, right and centre. It's always funny when that happens. They're such an angry bunch - never more so than when they envisage an attack on the cult. The poster quoted the line from the AA GSO Form 990 returns where the organisation has to declare what it does:- "To provide services to AA groups and to co-ordinate the AA program of rehabilitating alcoholics"

Charles Jackson, AA Suicide

Until tonight I didn't realize that AA member Charles Jackson, author of the book The Lost Weekend (same title of the movie), ended up dying by his own hand in 1968. Suicide by hanging. The Lost Weekend was written in the 1940's and is based upon his own life. Alcoholic finds AA and all is well. Only for a while apparently, unless he was faking it (and didn't make it). "Sadly, Jackson never escaped the grip of alcoholism and whatever private torments he carried from within, committing suicide in 1968."

Judge Rogelio R. Flores - 12 Stepper, Liar and Hypocrite

In a recent interview with Gabrielle Glaser regarding the murder of Karla Brada Mendez by court ordered AA member Eric Allen Earle, Judge Rogelio R. Flores, stated: "I understand that AA isn't for everyone...I'm the first person to tell anyone".

Compare and Contrast

This has some graphic shots of drug use: I am interested in this approach to addiction, which has been sanctioned by the govt. in India and two other countries (I forget which. It's in there.). It boasts a 75% success rate, which isn't much higher than the spontaneous remission stats LFOD posted on the other forum. However, those studies were in the U.S., and this is in a remote part of India and a different drug, with different properties.

USF Scientists prepare to exhume bodies at Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, Florida. The main reason to document who, what and where Institutional Abuse is happening

This video about the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, Florida is from Mar 27, 2013 and the process of exhuming bodies is just starting now. While some of the deaths are from the very early 1900's, many are from the 1940's and beyond. The problems that have surfaced in identifying the children buried and the way they died is that very few know their names, what happened to them and if they were abused who did it. The School was officially closed on June 30, 2011.

Committee on Addiction

Are these two guys steppers? Brand & Somers?

Speaking of Trolls......

It would appear that our Dear Mr. E is active all over the place. Last week he was defending the cult as Euan, Euan, Euan on "Secular Recovery on Facebook". I got into it with him then and then all of a sudden, this week he calls himself....Mis ter E. I called him out as a troll and for what he tried to do here and he didn't even deny it; not yet anyway. He'll be back both there and here with a new alias. I'll bet he's on the AA freakin payroll!

Where the AA circle-triangle-symbol really came from...

Maybe it was from here...

Or maybe during one of his many LSD trips...

Or maybe when he was catapulted into the Fourth Dimension, where he stole it from Pink Floyd...

: )

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): God has a personal relationship with all AA members

God Loves the Dallas Cowboys!!

Does that mean all AA members are Cowboys fans?

The nomination for the most "12 Step" court mandated sober home goes to the Koala House in Tampa Bay, Florida! Helping to strip you of your 1st Amendment US Constitutional rights and coercing you to pray or go to jail!

Koala House Court ordered Recovery provides court ordered drug and alcohol addiction treatment in a sober living home. We understand the importance and need for extensive supervision for court ordered Koala House residents. Koala House Court ordered residents must attend 12 step meetings daily and participate in all Koala House functions, including extensive work with a 12 step sponsor.

AA: Spiritual Milestones in Alcoholics Anonymous

Spiritual Milestones in Alcoholics Anonymous Or, religious milestones in AA Be advised, the 3 Wise Men show up in this early Akron AA document FEW, IF ANY, men or women have completely fulfilled the aims of Alcoholics Anonymous without at least some grasp of the spiritual, or to use another term in it's broadest sense,

Mrs Marty Mann Would Be Pleased.

Treasury and IRS Announce That All Legal Same-Sex Marriages Will Be Recognized For Federal Tax Purposes; Ruling Provides Certainty, Benefits and Protections Under Federal Tax Law for Same-Sex Married Couples

The jig is up. Care2 make a difference with over 23 million members just published "Can a Court Sentence People to Religious 12-Step Program?" Aug. 29, 2013

More main stream journals and publications are catching on to the Alcoholics Anonymous "it's Spiritual, not Religious" con and realize it is nothing but a lie. In this scathing report by Julie M. Rodriguez, she uses as her basis of proof the same things we have been talking about for years. The cat is out of the bag and AA can't lie anymore.... Interestingly the author used the August 2013 National Geographic article "Does Science Show What 12 Steps Know?" that many of us commented on.

What's on my mind?

Member of AA joined this site from Kamuela, Hawaii Sobriety date: Sept 1, 1985. First time user

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Radio & Television Programs

Radio and television programs

On March 5, 1945, Time magazine reported that Detroit's WWJ radio station was running broadcasts by AA members in a radio program called "The Glass Crutch":

Alcoholics on the Air
Time, March 5, 1945

Alcoholics Anonymous(AA): AA Goes to Prison

"The program for this Silver Anniversary celebration indicates that the first Louisiana A.A. meeting was held in the Angola Prison in 1942. This would have been the first A.A. group in the state, since I believe the generally accepted date for the first meeting in New Orleans is spring 1943."


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