AA Canada and Prison membership continues to fall

AA have just released the 2012 membership estimates: AA membership in Canada decreased from a high of 102,499 in 1997 to 93,071 in 2012. That's a decrease of 9.2% in 15 years. Per capita AA membership in Canada has fallen from 343 AA members for every 100,000 of population in 1997 to 267 AA members for every 100,000 of population in 2012. That's a decrease in the per capita AA membership of 22% in 15 years.


I watched a programme the other week on the British TV Channel ‘Yesterday’ about the Sonderkomando. Not a very pleasant programme, not meant to be, but it happened anyway. The Sonderkomando were Jews who were allowed to live for a time in the Nazi Death Camps in order to escort fellow Jews to the Gas Chambers for execution and to deal with the dead bodies afterward.

Dr Bob Smith

his grandchildrens suicide I wasn't aware of this. 12 steps does not mean a happy family. I did come across a letter from Bill W. to Bob that that left me guessing that Dr. Bob possibly took up drinking again after his wife died.

The devil is in me

Just had an idea which might prove to be a bit of fun. How about starting to organize a Orange Papers Convention. The first Orange Papers Convention When? - AA's 80th birthday - 2015? (need a bit of research there) Where? - Well, Akron, Ohio - it's just got to It will need a lot of free voluntary help. Going to need a book, some steps, traditions of course, any other random bullshit literature, as long as people will buy it, and chips - all Orange.

I found this terribly

But I still couldn't resist the urge to post Am I a bad person or is it just that I'm powerless? Is this step 4 material? How do I go about doing my step 9 on this? Who gives a flying

Why yes, we DO have a right to "bash" AA!

I was reading one of Stanton Peele's article's on The Fix today and ran across a quote, in the comments, from a Stepper that got me thinking. Here it is: "OK you were in AA it helped get you sober, say thanks. A good, many have had the same experience years before you. Your not alone. I believe AA was built for everyone to eventually move on and practice principles that were missing in our lives." There are a few problems I have with this one here.

The 12 Promises of Leaving AA

1.If we are conscientious in this phase of our lives, and have finally left AA for good, we will be amazed before we are halfway through! 2.We are going to know a new truth, a new freedom and real happiness! 3.We will not regret leaving AA at all, and will gladly slam the door on it! 4.We will embrace the true meaning of serenity and we will finally know peace. 5.No matter how far down the ladder AA tried to bring us,we will see how intelligent & strong we really are, and how our experiences can benefit others by getting them the hell out of AA too!

Do NOT feel guilty about leaving "The Program"

I'm on a couple of other various on-line recovery groups and on one of them there was a really nice person who was feeling extreme guilt about the prospect of leaving AA even though she was now convinced of it's cult like methods and damaging messages. She had "commitments" and didn't want to let anybody down. That and the fact that most all of her friends at this point are in AA and it has pretty much become the only social (if you really want to call it that) outlet that she has. Anyway, here is my reply.....

A New Critical Viewpoint Book on Alcoholics Anonymous and American History of Alcohol Use pre order now 'HER BEST KEPT SECRET" by Journalist Gabreille Glaser

In my mail on Saturday I got my hard copy of the book, "Her Best Kept Secret -WHY WOMAN DRINK - AND HOW THEY CAN REGAIN CONTROL" Journalist Gabrielle Glaser, really tells the story... about AA, how it doesn't work, about rehab, about the 13 stepping, about the history of woman drinking in America....We have been talking for 2 years now. She interviewed many people all over the country. I was one of them. I'm in it. My whole story with the Bullshit in AA that I went through those last 2 years. ..OMFG !!! Okay its almost here.

Deprogramming Help.

Wanted to ask some people here for some deprogramming advice.

Patrick Kennedy Promotes 12 STEP Nonsense on HBO Bill Maher Tonight.

OMG- I just watched one of my favorite shows on HBO and could not believe my ears as Patrick Kennedy went on about pot , which btw Bill Maher let him have it for sure. But what was really messed up was Patrick Kennedy sitting down in the opening interview and promoting 12 step like calling it 12 step is different then saying I'm in AA! WTF???

Dissection of Step Words (Part VI)

Holy Crap! I have a double trilogy on my hands! OK! Sorry I haven't done this in a while. I have had problems connecting to the internet where I live. Honestly? Rain, blocking out my wireless signal, mixed with a Stepper douche of a landlord who won't pay for 21st century wiring for a 21st century need don't matter how hard your disease is trying!

So here it is. Part 6 of my series! I guess I just need to get used to this idea that I am going to write these...for a long time...I will never be able to get out of it....I guess I just need to accept it...

Why Sponsors Suck

The way the sheep in AA depend on their sponsors is completely vile and disgusting. What exactly are the qualifications for being a sponsor. That's right there are NONE. OK, it is "suggested" like the rest of this cult program, that a sponsor have one year of sobriety and have done the steps, but it's not written in stone. Anyway, who would know whether they have or haven't. I've known sponsors that were still drinking that had up to a dozen sponsees! There are no tests, no certification, no NOTHING! Not only do the sheep look up to

Dr. Bob, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsored over 5000 Alcoholics. How good was Dr. Bob as a Sponsor? The numbers tell the truth.

Robert Holbrook Smith, affectionately known as Dr. Bob by the members of Alcoholics Anonymous was born on August 8, 1879 and died November 16, 1950. Depending upon the date that Alcoholics Anonymous was born which is deep in controversy and misinformation, AA was born on June 10, 1935 (which according to historical records was the date Dr. Bob was at the American Medical Association conference in Atlantic City, but AA claims it was the day that Bill Wilson got Dr.

Sunday June 9, 2013 8am motorcade to Dr. Bob's Grave in Akron, Ohio on Aqueduct Street

I sure am impressed, I'm sure that all of the residents of Akron just love being woke up at 8am on the second Sunday of June every year..... The noise, confusion and people pretending to be Bill Wilson on his Harley trying to con widows out of their second home when their husbands die with the help of AA real estate agents (i.e. Helen Griffith and Stepping Stones and real estate AA member Joan C.

Expose AA on blog talk radio Safe Recovery 06/11/2013

LFOD and I will be on Safe Recovery, on blog talk radio, 7PM eastern with host Monica Richardson. Please tune in...

Why the 12 STEP Religion is a BAD recovery model!

First off, let me state that I am NOT against religion. The great monotheisms of the world all offer sound moral codes by which to live by. Altruism, empathy, compassion, do unto others…, the commandments, forgiveness, etc… are all ideas that benefit mankind and are hard to dispute. Some might argue that you can live a secular life and incorporate all of the above attributes as well and that is certainly true. There are certain areas of religion, however, that are promoted by some devout hardliners and that can be very dangerous to those who suffer from addiction and

Happy 78th Birthday Alcoholics Anonymous - June 10, 2013 - too bad you got caught in YET another lie and made up story

June 10, 1935 is often quoted by Alcoholics Anonymous as the birth date of the movement. June 10th supposedly marks the day of Dr. Bob's last drink given to him by Bill Wilson so he could perform surgery and is celebrated in Akron, Ohio (Dr. Bob's House), East Dorset, Vermont (The Wilson House) and Katonah, New York (Stepping Stones conned out of the widow Helen Griffith) as well as all over the world by AA missionaries trying to grow the movement. Unfortunately, the date of June 10th being Dr.

"Is Abstinence The Answer to Alcoholism?"

[The following transcript is from debatesdebates, a nationally-broadcast public television show produced and directed by the late Warren Steibel at HBO studios in New York City. This show, entitled "Is Abstinence The Answer to Alcoholism," was taped on November 19, 1997. Show #219. Please contact debatesdebates for permission to reproduce this transcript. See also several news items as follow-up on topics addressed in this debate.] "Is Abstinence The Answer to Alcoholism?" Debatesdebates Show #219 November 19, 1997

Addiction Solutions in the 21st Century

This video captures a presentation by Joseph Gerstein, M.D. to a large audience of addiction professionals at the Maine Medical Center in 1999.

"Big Book Study Movement is outside the structure of Alcoholics Anonymous in Ireland." A friendly reminder from the GSO Handbook Ireland

Unlike the rogue members of Alcoholics Anonymous in the US, the General Service Organization of Alcoholics Anonymous in Ireland ( realize that over zealous AA members are over stepping their bounds when it comes to trying to attain AA Guru status and start "Big Book Study Groups" to enhance their EGO and manipulate members to believe they know the "Real AA." Excerpt from page 12 of the 2012 "AA General Service Conference of Ireland" (

How Your Higher Power will Blink Out the Universe!

A major problem I have with the idea that I can just "give over" my will and my life to a Higher Power is the idea that said Higher Power is omnipotent and him reclaiming what he/she/it has given me will end....with the undoing of the universe!

If my Higher Power is omnipotent, that means they were perfect in giving my my will in the first place. In taking it back from me, they admitted they were wrong (maybe powerless?) and therefor, are NOT omnipotent, and therefor, ending all existence!

Nope, sorry guys, I guess we are just stuck with our free will after all...

Did Frank Buchman teach brainwashing to the Chinese Communists?

Recently, a thought occurred to me that has been staring me in the face for years: It is entirely possible that the Chinese Communists learned brainwashing from Dr. Frank Buchman and his wierd cult religion.

"Babylon Confidential" by Claudia Christian, a story about alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous - Naltrexone and the Sinclair Method

Claudia Christian is the the actress who plays Commander Susan Ivanova on the science fiction television series Babylon 5, and like many of the Hollywood stars had a problem with alcohol consumption. She has written a book about it which included the alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous because she found, like 95% of the people who enter the program, it didn't work for her.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) & ASAM : Practicing Quacks?

More about Coercion In most of today's state physician health programs, ―Regardless of setting or duration, essentially all treatment provided to these physicians (95%) was 12-step oriented. In these programs, ASAM practitioners routinely impose their spiritually-based 12-step abstinence recovery program. This system is imposed on medical professionals through threats to remove medical licenses or curtail practice or hospital privileges. American Society of Addiction Medicine. A made up "specialty"

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) : A Back-to-God Movement

I have often thought, as time went on, that we in A.A. during the past fifteen years are just forming the nucleus of the brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of Cod we were all intended for from the beginning. It seems to me that this fellowship stems from God and goes back to God, because the trouble with us alcoholics and the trouble with the world today is Godlessness. We have work to do, and I say to you that it is a back-to-God movement, and is fundamentally Catholic throughout. N.C.C.A. "BLUE BOOK©" AN ANTHOLOGY

The history of June and Alcoholics Anonymous, the month of June for AA - Gemini and the first day of Summer

June, the sixth month of the year is deeply rooted in the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and has been immortalized by the followers of the prophet Bill Wilson who claimed to see god and speak with dead spirits using the devils tool of the Ouija Board to write the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (12&12) of Alcoholics Anonymous. What happened in AA during the month of June in AA history?


From a post from LFOD! "Did you know that AA helped with the WWII war effort? AA most certainly did, just ask 'em.

You see, it was like this. During the years that the U.S. was involved in WWII (1941-1945), AA was able to increase the manufacturing output of the U.S. manufacturer.

AA was able to accomplish this amazing feat by reducing absenteeism of the U.S. worker since hangovers were reduced, and productivity increased.." - LFOD


Wait a tick, there are a couple problems with this theory....which is usual and shouldn't surprise anyone!


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