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WHEN AA DOESN"T WORK- What are the other free 6 options?

Before I left AA almost 3 years ago I had a family member who was struggling with alcohol overuse. He was not going down the AA path and many of you know my story , but if not here is my blog and you can read it there. I was searching the internet and found these other options. So I attended a Smart and SOS meeting and found there some other options that were oh so much nicer then AA.

Where did Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob learn the "special language" and "circular logic"of Alcoholics Anonymous?

Doesn't this picture of Abbott and Costello look like a sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous talking to a pigeon and explaining the special language and logic (or lack) of its use in helping someone?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): What Do AA & Obamacare Have In Common

AA doesn't Work---------------------------------------It Appears Obamacare Doesn't Work

AA Founded by Megalomaniacal Narcissist----Obamacare Founded by Megalomaniacal Narcissist

Bill W. was a liar----------------------------------------------It Appears Barack O. is a liar

AA is Bad Medicine-------------------------------------------Obamacare is Bad Medicine

Update on Heinrich Himmler the Buchmanite

This is an update to the earlier post about Heinrich Himmler being a member of Frank Buchman's cult religion, here:

LATER: 2013.11.16:

False Faith

At the time of the fall of the iron curtain in Easter Europe I had an older friend who was Czechoslovakian. She had just returned from a visit there to see her mother who was in ill health. I was very curious about what was happening there at the time, and how the people were coping with the sweeping changes taking place. Their economies in the newly liberated Russian satellite states were in turmoil as many of the government agencies were in transition to privatization.

What happened to the OPF? "Lord Of The Flies" conch shell, "Animal Farm" some are more equal than others and the Spiritual vs. Religious Debate

Can we just breathe for a minute and take a break. As everyone has noticed the Orange Papers Forum has become an incomprehensible bunch of posts. The classic literature of "Lord of the Flies," "Animal Farm" and the ever present Spiritual, not Religious debate has taken over the forum and chaos has arisen. What are the group dynamics causing this and why? It can be traced to classical literature and the ever present Spiritual, not Religious debate.

The Orange Papers – 12 Days in Review

The first 15 days of November have brought us:

An Orange Papers Forum (OPF) member’s birthday day. And it was a real honest to goodness birthday, not a made-up sobriety birthday so that an AA member can feel good about their self. Happy birthday rainbow. Rainbow declined further comment on her age.

The first-ever electronic evangelist joined the OPF.

Jim Battle’s Agenda

I realize that members of this forum might think I’m beating a dead horse by bringing this up again. Regardless, I’m going to take this opportunity to express my feelings about Jim’s “cause”. I take personal offense to some of what he speaks of, things that do not have anything to do with the common goal most of us share in exposing AA.

Jack Chick on Thanksgiving Have a good one this year, and don't give Uncle Mort any PCP this time. Haw Haw.

AA Slogans

Please tell me if I missed any. 90 meetings in 90 days. A head full of AA and a belly full of booze. AA has a wrench to fit every nut that walks through the door. Act as if. Alcoholics don't have relationships; they take hostages. All you need to start a meeting is two drunks, a resentment, and a coffee pot. Anger is but one letter away from danger. Are you in AA, or around AA? Attitude of gratitude. Be as enthusiastic about AA as you were about your drinking. Be careful what you pray for; you're liable to get it. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Everybody Needs Someone To Love

Love those brass instrumets

"The Rooooomz" A novel by Rolf Ankermann (teaser)

September 1st, 2001 (Manorhaven, NY)

Who Made These Rules?

Who came up with the idea that, as an AA critical thinker, I am somehow obligated to participate in activism, or follow a set standard for the cause? Who said this forum is about activism? Just throwing this out there... Any thoughts on this?

Let's clear up the Arid Club question

This topic first arose thus :- 'If what I recently heard is true, the comic-book style tracts I was offering in front of a big AA club in Phoenix (the New Arid Club), combined with a recorded message I was playing, got this club shut down by those who allowed them to use the building. The reason? "Too many complaints that AA was deceiving."' When pushed for more details it became :-

What is Alcoholics Anonymous hiding? Why Are they such liars and why do they allow pedophiles to abuse Children in AA Meetings?

Recently I was in NYC filming my Documentary "The 13th Step" and we took our cameras and went to the AA World Headquarters. They are so full of shit! here is a link to a 14min string out

It's like watching someone,

watch someone else pour gas on themselves and light it and scream in pain as they die, then doing the same to themselves. That is what it is like trying to talk to steppers. They violently push an alleged 'program of recovery' they don't even understand. For example, 'sponsorship'. Excerpt from pdf,..

California taxpayers fund the certification of convicts as addiction counselors!

This is what the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) - Offender Mentor Certification Program (OMCP) does: "The OMCP provides an opportunity for offenders to complete a certification program in alcohol and other drug counseling. Inmates are recruited from various institutions and transferred to the host institution for training. Once certified as interns by the California Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (CAADAC), the inmate mentors will be used to assist in the various substance abuse treatment programs throughout the state."

The Culprit: The Christian Church

The Culprit: Culprit: somebody who is responsible for or guilty of an offense or misdeed, the cause of the problem. When I made my first AA meeting, it was held in one of the alcoholic’s home, usually in the basement of the one who had been sober for a year or longer. I remember very clearly. Every morning on my way to work, I would stop by my sponsor’s home for a cup of coffee and a talk. We did not have the money to rent a private place to meet. Now this is what happened. One of the old timers decided on his own to go to his church to see about getting a room in the church for our meeting.

Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Analysis of exposing the problems in Alcoholics Anonymous - A primer for activism to expose the problems in AA

As in any activism goal, the idea is to identify the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of what you want to accomplish. What are the problems and solutions of being an activist exposing Alcoholics Anonymous for what it is?

This is by no means an all inclusive SWOT analysis of the Anti-AA movement, but it is a start and it highlights the main ideas and provides a framework of what you will be faced with in your journey.

Infiltrate AA

I stumbled across an article today that was interesting to me. An investigative Reporter had to take incentive credits at the local college to receive a pay raise and he chose "Drugs and Human Behavior". As a course requirement he had to attend an AA meeting and write about his personal reaction. He didn't know much about AA prior to going. My mouse is skittish lately so here are a few tidbits:

Over the GW - Full movie

Orange Papers on Facebook

I just got the following e-mail Jen Michael changed the privacy of the group Orange Papers from Open to Closed. Is there anyone who knows FB who can explain what's happened here? I thought Orange owned the FB page?

Could it be ....?

Could it be that AA the way it is today was not caused by the alcoholic? I attended my first AA meeting in Douglas Arizona some time in 1962. I stayed sober for one year. Those meetings were nothing more than 2 or more alcoholics helping each other to stay sober. We did not open with the Lord’s Prayer. We did not close the meeting with it. It was the same way when I returned on Feb 22, 1970. About 5 years later the jitter joint were started and they used AA. They would hold AA meeting. They would use our members to give open talks. They would bring their patients to our meeting.


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