The Truth About Clara

It’s beyond high time to respond to clara’s allegations and to highlight her passive-aggressive abuse and baiting the members of this forum, which has been going on since February. Clara has repeated a lot of exaggerations, half truths and outright lies about certain member’s of this forum. It’s her hope that by repeating these lies over and over that she will be able to, not only gain sympathy, but also get people to not trust us and to scare new members out of posting here. It’s her hope discredit members of this movement.

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

Where did "Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities" come from?

The Evangelists of Alcoholics Anonymous love to quote the, "principles before personalities" and "Anonymity" clause of the Bill Wilson manifestos of Alcoholics Anonymous, but where did they come from and where are they in the "higher power" scripture? Are they even in the sacred first 164 pages of the original "book of shadows" of Bill Wilson called Alcoholics Anonymous and commonly referred to as the Big Book?

BB p.562(564), Appendix I, The A.A. Tradition (Obviously not in the first 164 pages.)

The "free" program of The Alcoholism Cure Foundation in Jacksonville, Florida shut down - Sept 10, 2012

The Alcoholism Cure Foundation in Jacksonville, Florida was owned by Robert Douglas Krotzer and claimed to be able to cure your alcoholism forever, one bill at a time. Being advertized as a "free" service that did require "other" commitments, Mr. Krotzer was able charge up to $20,000 per customer. The requirements were easy, you just had to prove you were an alcoholic, which most likely also exposed all of your sins as in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Self Helpless Penn and Teller
Quotes from the episode:
"one of the most tragic thing about this industry is that it attracts those people that are the most vunerable and easily taken in"
"in this country we luv slogans, and so its not surprising that self help gurus would have dozens of these tidbits to throw out, they are enticing , they are attractive and they sound like they are going to solve everything, they have absolutely no value what so ever."

penn and teller the ouiji board

I know it is old news Wilson. Lois , Dr. Bob and et al were involved with the ouiji board and channelling up dead people. This is uploaded in three parts.
part 1
part 2
part 3

If these terms don't apply, why do Alcoholics Anonymous members take offense against them?

Alcoholics Anonymous Prospect hunter
Alcoholics Anonymous Evangelist
Protector of the Alcoholics Anonymous Faith
The recruitment tactics of Alcoholics Anonymous
Alcoholics Anonymous Guru

Are 12 Step Rehabs and Counselors enabling the cult of Alcoholics Anonymous to make people hit bottom and become nonfunctional?

One problem with the Minnesota Model of Addiction Recovery devised by Hazelden (an offshoot of Bill Wilson worship that is in denial about it) is that it often requires the need for some form of rehab either on site for 28 days or as an out patient basis. The main problem with this is that they teach Bill Wilson philosophy so that it can be used as an adjunct and aftercare of their process of making someone hit bottom so that they will loose all of their money and become a low bottom drunk.

What are the dangers and benefits of protecting the Alcoholic? Are you an Enabler? Are you in Denial?

One of the biggest issues that is highlighted by Alcoholics Anonymous and the Al-Anon family groups of Bill Wilson design is the families tendency to protect the "Alcoholic" from loosing their job and becoming unfunctional. They call this enabling and denial. The enabling issue has to do with helping the Alcoholic live their lives as best as possible and denial has to do with the tendency to claim that there is not a problem.


"95% out of a 100 leave AA because, they either don't need it, want it or still feel like partying, 5% hang around because they realized it is helping them."

Is this a true statement? Is it just another myth propagated by AA members to explain why so many people run from the cult of Alcoholics Anonymous? Is it a canned speech of the evangelists of Alcoholics Anonymous telling people that if you leave you will end up in relapse?

penn and teller

haven't seen this for some time it is a good laugh love the humor

Today I Went to an AA Meeting...

Three years sober and two years without AA thanks to the Orange Papers, yet today I went to an AA Meeting (my old home group).
AA says to take the “cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth.” Fine. After two years these people were telling the exact same stories (almost word for word) and I ask myself, “Where is the growth that AA keeps talking about?”
I have grown more in sobriety as a man without AA than I would have with AA.
My simplistic conclusion is this: Is AA a cult? Damn straight it is. There is no way out…there is just “Keep coming back.” BS!

Alcoholics Anonymous - Is AA Harmful?

We had a poll question that asked OPF members whether or not AA/12 steps kills people. I believe the results were about 82% of respondents said yes, that the 12 steps of AA has caused people to suicide.

IN addition to AA/12 steps causing suicides, what other ways does AA cause harm to the substance abuser seeking help?

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) - Character Defects

We all know the 12 steps of AA do not work.

The Professor (or ted or FTF) has told us so on this forum.

So that means all those AA'ers and folks in "treatment" are forever defects as that word applies to character.


Poor defected bastards. HA!

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye


Vermin (or varmint[1] or varmit) is a term applied to various animal species regarded as pests or nuisances and especially to those associated with the carrying of disease. Since the term is defined in relation to human activities, which species are included will vary from area to area and person to person. The term derives from the Latin vermis (worm), and was originally used for the worm-like larvae of certain insects, many of which infest foodstuffs.[2] The term 'varmint' (and 'vermint') has been found in sources from ca. Beware becket bollocks....


Why the fuck is Clara still hanging around? She is so frigging annoying!!! Please Clara /Susan FUCK OFF!!!!

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye


Alcoholics Anonymous - A Celebration. YEAH!

Apparently this is recovery month?

What do AA'ers celebrate? Their sobriety? HA! The AA/12 step program should celebrate RELAPSE. After all, that is one of the foundations of AA, one of thge 12 R's.

How about the AA'er celebrating the new "birthday" they get to enjoy each and every day! REPETITION! After all, that is all AA can give the AA'er, by Alcoholics Anonymous's own admission. Repetition is another foundation block of the 12 step religion.

myth of powerlessness and hitting bottom

Interesting blog spot named good therapy with a list of different topics and here are two

good therapy blog spot |August 2012

DO NOT CLICK TEDS new Blog entry

he has hacked, may not be the right word site. and your IP address and host will show up on something he calls TED TRACKER, Ted is out to destroy orange forum, who's paying you ted?

Good Bye.

One can spend too much of one's life locked in stuffy rooms seeking out obscure truths, searching, researching, until one is too old to enjoy life.

-Jimmy Sangster

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye

A special thanks... and goodbye


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