Down in the Basement

Early in the evenin' just about supper time,
Ordered by the courthouse they're trying to stay dry.
Sponsors in the corner trying to pick you up.
Billy wrote a Big Book and the gurus start to harp.

Down in the basement, far from the sane,
Billy and the Steppers are chantin';
Bring a dollar; leave your brain.

Henrietta Seiberling comments on Bill Wilson's phone calls from the Mayflower Hotel in Akron, Ohio on Mothers Day May 12, 1935 - it was all made up, phony.....

Henrietta's Comments Much of the story relating to the phone calls at the Mayflower has been labeled as false by one of the people who would have known about what actually transpired there. Henrietta Seiberling, the person who arranged the meeting between Bill and Dr. Bob wrote to an early AA member telling him her side of the story. In that undated (ca. Early 1950's) letter, Henrietta wrote the following about what Bill had written in the RHS Memorial Grapevine issue.

Did Bill W relapse in 1943?

This article was pointed out to me by Avogadno and raises some interesting questions. The paragraph of particular interest is as follows :-

A&E Network helping to train criminals to be even more sadistic than they already are - Beyond Scared Straight, Oklahoma - April 2013

In a very vicious display of how to train convicts and arrested criminals "confrontational therapy" Beyond Scared Straight is still being aired on the A&E network. I just viewed Oklahoma County and what I saw was very disturbing. The "documentary" showed how the Oklahoma Jail trains inmates how to completely demoralize other people. The vicious animals that they unleashed upon teenagers sent to the program for being defiant to their parents and minor behavior problems were arrested for murder and drug charges and many were still waiting for a court appearance.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Sober houses are profitable

The Plymouth House at 446 Main Street, Plymouth, New Hampshire 03264

The Plymouth House is a retreat dedicated to teaching the life-changing principles and practices of the Twelve Steps while offering a safe and healthy environment for recovery from addiction. The Twelve Steps has helped millions to overcome their addictions, remain sober, and enjoy full, productive lives.

Los Angeles-based "Rollin 60’s Crips Gang" attacks during a Bowling Green, KY jail Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to confront a police informant

Prison gangs often have far reaching control over other people incarcerated in numerous parts of the US. One incident happened in September 2009 when Michael Devonn Davis, 23 reached out in the Warren County Regional Jail in Bowling Green, Ky and attacked government witness Adam Battle DURING an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting held at the jail. The incident appears to have been ordered by a Los Angeles-based Rollin 60’s Crips Gang whose leader is currently in jail and was found out about in April 2013 court documents.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): 12 steps: Not for dummies.

Don C., the author of "12 Steps for Dummies", a comprehensive guide for even the most chronic relapser, served as Director of one of Sonoma County's largest faith-based recovery program from 2006-2010. Don has been credited with transforming that program into one of the top ten faith-based treatment programs in America in 2009, according to World Magazine

craigslist recovery forums overrun by steppers.

That's right folks. craigslist recovery forums are now moderated by steppers.
Here is a screen shot of the new sticky post at the top of craigslist recovery forums.

Neuropsychopharmacology - Scientists try to prove that just the taste of Beer will cause a relapse in an Alcoholic (15 April 2013) | doi:10.1038/npp.2013.91

The Internet is currently all abuzz with the supposed proof that just the "taste" of beer causes a dopamine reaction in people with alcoholic tendencies and a family history of alcoholism (read you had relatives identified as alcoholics). The research was released 15 April 2013 in the Neuropsychopharmacology Journal. The result of the experiment? Just the "taste" of beer without any negligible alcohol content MAY cause stronger cravings in people with a history of alcoholism in their families. Some of the headlines this report has made.....

Attraction not promotion?

In the last two days, I've seen television commercials for both NA and Ala - non, as well as a 12 step rehab which has a huge stake in australias " recovery industry". Both the Ala-non and rehab commercials show meetings taking place. I thought this went against the traditions? Isn't it promoting the program? Could some one please explain how these commercials can go to air. I'm sure it's been said some where here before, but can't seem to find a explanation. It was on a regional station on free to air television.

the first time i saw aa literature

the first time i saw aa literature it was sprawled all over a table with needles and spoons and bags and joints beers and pills - i looked forward to hitting my first meeting. half doses availed us nothing we stood at the tripping point we were ready to be rocketed into the 4th dimension

Treatment resources telemarketing?

Has anyone ever heard of a telemarketing outfit called Treatment Resources? I received a telemarketing robo call that prompted me to press 1 if I knew anyone who was suffering from an Alcohol or drug problem. Curiosity got the better of me, so I Pressed 1. A women then spoke to me and wanted to know if either I, or anyone that I knew had a problem with Drugs/alcohol. Immediately I asked her for the name of her company their mailing/ corporate address. She seemed disturbed and asked if I would like to speak to the manager. I said Okay.

Mayor of Glen Lyn, Virginia, Thomas “Rick” Ould to continue attending Alcoholics Anonymous in General Service Area 71 due to pointing loaded gun at wifes head - April 2013

Glen Lyn is an extremely small town in Giles County, Virginia bordering West Virginia and only occupies a land mass of .7 square miles in the 24093 zip code and 540 area code (,_Virginia) . With a reported population of 151 during the 2000 census, Glen Lyn is in Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Area 71 and has no registered AA meetings (

Let's start pulling things together

It's clear from reading this forum, and from other chats that people have had, that there are several members who are engaged in collecting and collating various forms of information about the "not so publicized" goings-on in AA. I know from my own experience that there is a lot of useful information contained in these blogs that is becoming more and more difficult to find as the size of the forum's history grows.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Bill W.'s Royalties funded Stepping Stones Foundation

Bill W.'s royalty payments, part of which rightfully belonged to St. Boniface, fully funded the Stepping Stones Foundation, after Lois' death in 1988. The house Bill W. stole was valued at $1,400,000 when Lois died.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Accepting Money for the Cult

They tell us that no outside contributions are accepted in AA.

The Cult of AA has also accepted cash (bribes?) from cities to influence where their AA conventions are held.

Have You Been Sexually Harassed, Assaulted, Molested or Raped by an Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous Member

Posted on April 8, 2013 4 I know I have asked this before on my but I am not sure if I ever asked this here. Please contact us now if you want to get justice served. CALL HOTLINE – Phone # 424-543-4310 for confidential help. 1) were you a child who was molested by an AA/NA member. ( it doesn’t matter how long ago) 2) your child was molested by an AA member 3) you were raped by a man you met in AA/NA 4)you were grabbed on your boob by a man in a meeting. or anywhere else on your body…

Alcoholics Anonymous 62nd Annual Stepping Stones Picnic on Saturday June 1, 2013 - AA Pilgrimage Comes of Age

Stepping Stones, the pilgrimage spot of Alateen, Al-Anon and Alcoholics Anonymous is planning the 62nd Annual Stepping Stones Family Groups Picnic, 12 noon-5pm on Saturday June 1, 2013. For 61 years the AA Mecca of the historic home of Bill and Lois Wilson on 62 Oak Road in Katonah, New York has been a magnet for this picnic on the first Saturday in June. You will be provided a chance to pay homage to Bill Wilson and you can still see where the miracles happened.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): The Cure

Here is some artwork that was done for a dustjacket for the big book.

Note the subtitle "Their Pathway to a CURE" Ha!

The AA apologists insist that Bill W. and AA have never said drinking lots of alcohol is a disease, but yet here we have artwork that was commissioned for the big book as a dust cover that implies a disease by the use of the term "Cure". Before the publishing of the big book in 1939. Just more proof of one of the many lies that laid the foundation of AA.

turn aa upside down for better results?

if aa has 5% sucess rate perhaps turning the wholeprogram upsidedown would give 95% success 1. we admitted we had power over "whatever" 2. we admitted we were not nuts and nothing else was gonna help 3. stopped waiting for santa claus 4. made a list of people we wanted to have fun with.... 5. realized the nothingess of it all 6. became semi-ready even where impossible to have fun 7. arrogantly stumped up and down until we where tired of it 8. made indirect amends to people we never harmed 9. took people to court who screwed us 10. discontinued to make silly resolutions

spiritual experiences unrelated to aa?

i had some funny things happen that make me believe in the supernatural - now whether it helped me get sober or not is besides the point. i'm sort of a schism in this regard, half of me believes and half doesn't depending on the day or the situation or which side of my brain i use. well I'm usually pretty stable I'm just saying. i'm a wandering free thinker on the subject.

Can't seem to find the money!!!!!

Recently I was trying to find some information which involved going through the GSB Form 990 tax returns. This site seemed to have all the information I needed :-

Is Psychiatry and the new DSM-5 (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) learning from Alcoholics Anonymous and the Big Book how to write circular logic?

The fifth edition of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM-5, DSM-V) is planning on hitting the book stores next month. The DSM-5 is the new bible of the liberal artists that define mental illness, addiction and the substances or actions that they diagnose people with for a few hundred dollars an hour and then send them to rehab at about a $1000 a day. With this new tool, scam artists will be able to spawn newer cottage industries that they can get insurance companies to pay for.

The 'Program' is perfect, but the people are not

This diet is perfect but the people who follow it are imperfect, that's why most people on this diet gain weight. The law firm is perfect but the lawyers are not, so you'll have to put up with the fact most cases the firm takes on are lost. Our government is perfect but the elected officials are not so just smile and let them pass any law they want - don't complain. Corporate America is perfect but the people running the corporations aren't, so don't complain about the economy crashing - just put up with those imperfect greedy bastards.

The Program

Not posted for a while, maybe a break was what was needed to really realise the absolute nonsense of this 12 step thing. I know this thing kills and screws minds up, but this book, the BB, is total garbage. I dont understand now how I ever took this stepper garbage serious.


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