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What happens when Frankenstein meets Alcoholics Anonymous?

The Friendly AA meeting listening to Frankensteins "Share"....

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Member Medications and Other Drugs (pamphlet P-11) is Conference Approved and confesses to suicides

A.A. members and many of their physicians have described situations in which depressed
patients have been told by A.A.s to throw away the pills, only to have depression return with all its difficulties, sometimes resulting in suicide.


The "confession" from Alcoholics Anonymous then continues....

The 40-80-90 rule: What AA's GSO has known about its low member retention rate/effectiveness for over 20 years

Much has been written about the fact that based on its 1989 internal report "Comments on A.A.'s Triennial Surveys" (COTS) AA's GSO knew that the drop out rate of new members was a minimum of 50% within the first 3 months and a minimum of 74% by the 12th month of attendance. What is rarely mentioned is that the COTS report also shows that in 1989 AA's GSO was well aware that the long term retention of members was abysmal.

Bill W., AA, 12 steps, Detox Centers: Follow The Money

Trinidad, Colorado was persuaded they needed a detox center. So an Executive Director of a detox unit in a nearby city gets together with law enforcement officals to create a need for the "needed" detox unit.

It seems the Tinidad Police Department decided to arrest anybody they wanted to.

Time To Revisit My Cure

I still think this might work for alcoholism!

100% Drug Free!
Helps with noise anxiety
Helps with separation anxiety (loneliness)
Helps with hyperactivity
Money back guarantee!

"We use Thundershirts at my clinic and the feedback from our clients is very positive.”
Dr. Donald Heagren, DVM


Thank you Gunthar and Live Free

I appreciate your honorable service to our country!

Parents Arrested for Faith Healing Death. Are Alcoholics Anonymous gurus that far behind? Sept 18, 2012 at 6:01 PM PST

The Sponsors of Alcoholics Anonymous claim that praying to a "Higher Power" will cause a miracle to happen and you will be saved. If someone dies because of this "Faith Healing" should they be arrested like Brandi and Russel Bellew?

Parents plead guilty in 'faith healing' death

By Lauren Lee, KVAL News Published: Sep 18, 2012 at 6:01 PM PST Last Updated: Sep 19, 2012 at 7:53 AM PST

Profiles in Courage

Do you have what it takes to be a martyr?

Anyone Else Ever Heard of AWOL?

AWOL is supposed to be a wicked intense way to work through AA's 12 steps.

Never did one, but I've been around people who have.

Psst... Danny S. is a bit crazy.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): More AA lies

As told by Mitchill K, renowned AA Historian:

This letter is written by nationally recognized historian, Alcoholics Anonymous archivist and author Mitchell K., a witness in the German court case, updating a previous report on this court proceeding.

German Court Orders A.A. Books Destroyed

There is good news, and there is bad news...

Clar/Fry Bread Sam Takes Her Act to E-AA

Re: The sub-culture of anti-A.A.

AA membership in Canada has been shrinking for 14 years

In Canada the number of AA members, the number of AA groups and the per capita AA membership have all decreased from 1997 to 2011.

After increasing steadily for many years the membership of AA in Canada decreased from a high of 102,499 in 1997 to 93,983 in 2011. That's a decrease of 8.3% in the fourteen years between 1997 and 2011. The number of AA groups in Canada decreased by 4.8% from 5,277 in 1997 to 5,025 in 2011.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Rx for Sobriety

The Rx from AA for sobriety is:

One AA day for the rest of your life. What a joke!

Recovery guaranteed? An even bigger joke!

You know what is guaranteed in AA? Relapses. And sitting next to violent criminals.

AA is a magical-based, faith healing-based, utterly ridiculous religious program with one tenant, that god will perform a miracle to relieve one of an "incurable" "disease".

Pure fantasy, AA is.

Marijuana Prohibition repealed in Washington State and Colorado - What's next?

By popular vote during the presidential election of 2012, the recreational use of marijuana has been decriminalized in both Washington State and Colorado. The move is expected to save millions of dollars a year in both states and provide millions of dollars of revenue to state tax coffers. The only problem is that on a federal level, marijuana is still illegal. The question still remain "what's next" and will the federal government crack down on the states that have decriminalized pot? What happens to the people still in jail or that have minor pot criminal charges in their past?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Plans on taking its own Inventory at the 63rd General Service Conference (GSC) April 2013

A.A.'s General Service Conference

The General Service Conference (GSC), consisting of 93 delegates from A.A. areas in the United States and Canada, and trustees, A.A.W.S. and Grapevine directors, and staff from the General Service Office and the Grapevine in New York, meets once a year and provides a link between the groups throughout the U.S. and Canada and the trustees who serve as custodians of A.A. tradition and interpreters of policies affecting the Fellowship as a whole.

Sane Gallery

Does the alcoholic have "Free Will" with respect to drinking alcohol

Does the alcoholic have "Free Will" with respect to drinking alcohol?
Origin of the Will
We are conscious of only a tiny fraction of the information that our brain is processing each moment. Although we continually notice changes in our experiences, in thought, mood, perception, behavior, we are utterly unaware of the thought process that produces them. In fact we can be very poor witnesses to experiences itself. By glancing at your face or the tone of your voice, others are often more aware of your state of mind and motivations than you are.

Barrow County, Georgia AA General Service Area 16 Zone B gets ready for influx of court mandated AA members

Barrow County, Georgia is covered by the Athens, Georgia Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Intergroup in General Service Area 16 Zone B ( and it is getting a big boost by the establishment of a Drug/Mental Health court in the county seat of Winder with Project ADAM, a program set up for DUI/DWI offenders and Criminal justice clients (

Hello everybody

Glad to see the "old timers" hanging in there. I've been offline most of the year though thats not to say I haven't been actively 'carrying the message' the baest way I can, word of mouth still has a lot of wieght going for it. Hope to be back in the cyber scene again soon & chatting to you all

This attorney hits it home

I posted this in another thread, but feel it deserves a blog of its own. It nicely sums up my own position, which I formulated before finding this article today:

Why Psychiatry Should Be Abolished
as a Medical Specialty

by Lawrence Stevens, J.D.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): The Assault on Cleveland, OH

Alcoholics Anonymous Makes Its Stand Here


Much has been written about Alcoholics Anonymous, an organization doing major work in reclaiming the habitual drinker. This is the first of a series describing the work the group is doing in Cleveland.


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Built on a Foundation of Lies

The founding of AA was built on a hotbed of propaganda and lies:
• Bill W. did not write the big book
• The big book was actually a conglomeration of 3-4 previous writings by various authors on the subject of alcohol & religion
• Bill W. did not get “guidance” from a dead monk in writing the 12x12
• Spiritual not religious
• AA’s effectiveness
• Will not remove defects of character
• God will not perform a miracle, but only for those that have thoroughly followed the path of AA
• Not possible to recover w/o AA

There is alot of anger about AA. Anger can create energy.

How can an individual use this energy to bring care for people with addiction issues to the 21'st century? How can we gain the strength to make this happen?

Should parents bring their children to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings? What is a "child friendly" AA meeting?

Questions still arise as to whether people should bring their children to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings where many of the attendees have been recruited from jails and prisons or mandated to attend because of sexual assaults or domestic violence. The average 12 Step member will claim they are the safest places in the world and if you find a dangerous one, just go to a different meeting. But lets face it, these people are living in a delusional perfect world that is non-existent.

Mentos... Fresh and full of life!

Did you ever notice in those Mentos commercials that someone is always doing something their not supposed to be doing, and when they get busted they just pull out some Mentos and everything is fine? It's like somehow Mentos is the get out of jail free card... one can do no wrong so long as they have some Mentos in their pocket... All they have to do is whip them out and smile, and all is forgiven.


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