Can't seem to find the money!!!!!

Recently I was trying to find some information which involved going through the GSB Form 990 tax returns. This site seemed to have all the information I needed :-

Is Psychiatry and the new DSM-5 (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) learning from Alcoholics Anonymous and the Big Book how to write circular logic?

The fifth edition of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM-5, DSM-V) is planning on hitting the book stores next month. The DSM-5 is the new bible of the liberal artists that define mental illness, addiction and the substances or actions that they diagnose people with for a few hundred dollars an hour and then send them to rehab at about a $1000 a day. With this new tool, scam artists will be able to spawn newer cottage industries that they can get insurance companies to pay for.

The 'Program' is perfect, but the people are not

This diet is perfect but the people who follow it are imperfect, that's why most people on this diet gain weight. The law firm is perfect but the lawyers are not, so you'll have to put up with the fact most cases the firm takes on are lost. Our government is perfect but the elected officials are not so just smile and let them pass any law they want - don't complain. Corporate America is perfect but the people running the corporations aren't, so don't complain about the economy crashing - just put up with those imperfect greedy bastards.

The Program

Not posted for a while, maybe a break was what was needed to really realise the absolute nonsense of this 12 step thing. I know this thing kills and screws minds up, but this book, the BB, is total garbage. I dont understand now how I ever took this stepper garbage serious.

How they get you

This is from a story titled A Drunk Like You in the 4th edition of the Big Book. Notice the shifting that goes on here on pg 399-400: 1) Dude goes and sees Liberal Artist Therapist. 2) Liberal Artist Therapist tells Dude to limit his drinking to 5 a day. 3) Dude successfully limits himself to 5 drinks a day.

A Pathway of a Different Sort

I keep going to AA meetings even though they lost much of their attraction. Actually, I feel more disconnected with each meeting I attend. It never use to be this way, I always enjoyed a close kinship with the people of AA. For 24 years I've benefited from the groups' wisdom, the camaraderie, and watching people rise above dreadful conditions. I've taken pleasure connecting with AA members and I liked the feeling of being accepted no matter what AA door I passed through whether the door was in another city or another state. AA has given me a rewarding life filled with many friendships.

Not Beholden to the Cult of AA / yes I know I am speaking to the choir

There was a time that I " drank like a pig " probably threw up more alcohol than some folks consumed. Did this for quite few years and at one point was conned into believing ,when I was very young to seek out AA, with promises of fellowship, connections, and "true happiness' in the form of sobriety.

BREAKING NEWS KARLA BRADA CASE finally has a pre trial date . May 22, 2013

19 months after the death of Karla Brada finally , finally a pre trial date. I went all the way out there and missed the few moments I waited for last time...that took all day ....but today was different. Eric Allan Earl is going to go to trial for the alleged murder of Karla Brada , daughter of Hector and Jaro Mendez, two of the sweetest , most wonderful people.

Nothing is over!

Sponsorman: You did everything to make this private war happen. You've done enough damage. This mission is over, Pennywise. Do you understand me? This mission is over! Look at them "out there"! Look at them! If you won't end this now, you will relapse. Is that what you want? It's over, Penny. It's over!

Congratulations Orange Papers

Over 2.8 million hits in March - a new record. Soon going to be breaking the 3 million mark. The word must be getting out.

Bill Wilson Meets Ebby Thatcher

Boniface the musical

Who protects abusive treatment programs? Senator Diamond Bill, that's who

A review of his book (with Wayne's permission) The two ex Elan staff members in comments are both steppers of the lowest order The author is a fraud January 3, 2013 By Wayne Kernochan Format:Kindle Edition

All You Need Is AA

AA, AA, AA. AA, AA, AA. AA, AA, AA. There's nothing you can do that can be done. Nothing you can drink that can be drunk. Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game. It's easy. Nothing you can make that can be made. No one you can save that can be saved. Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be someone else in time. It's easy. All you need is AA. All you need is AA. All you need is AA, AA. AA is all you need. All you need is AA. All you need is AA. All you need is AA, AA. AA is all you need. Nothing you can know that is known. Nothing you can see that isn't shown.


It’s been a while since I posted on these pages, and I think it’s time to update you all on my thinking.

Alcoholics Anonymous: God-Based AA program Harms Monday, April 26, 2010 Christian Shocker: God-Based AA Program Harms Alcoholics Did you know that the Alcoholics Anonymous twelve-step program, which has God as the foundation of its program, doesn't work? Not only doesn't it work, but many scientific studies have shown pretty clearly that it does more harm than good! What's more, it appears that the religious component of the AA program is the culprit.

Did Bill W start AA as a con from the very beginning?

In one of his earlier writing (can't remember which, but someone will) Bill W stated that you had to approach several hundred alcoholics to get just a handful interested. Did Bill W accidentally come across the spontaneous remission rate for alcoholics and turn it to his own advantage?

The "Back To Basics" sub-cult of Alcoholics Anonymous sample letter begging the courts to send them prospects as part of sentencing...

Subject: Court Ordering Alcohol and Drug Offenders to the Back to Basics Beginners' Meetings Dear (Judge/Sheriff/Officer, etc.) (Addressee Name) (Mr./Ms) (Back to Basics Meeting Leader) has asked me to write you about an option that is now available to the (City/County/ State) judicial system. Instead of ordering alcohol and drug offenders to "open" A.A. or other Twelve-Step programs, we request that you consider sending them to the Back to Basics Beginners’ Meetings

Sexual Harassment =13 Stepping in AA /NA world

WHy didnt I put two and two together when I was in there trying make it safer? Every where we went they said "thats an outside issue" "No its not" we Yelled back! But is was these past few months where I realized when the older dudes meets miss newcomer, its in a meeting and he begins to flirt with her there. Even if a guy makes sexual slurs you have rights. Its Sexual harassment. Its against her/or his civil rights/ get his full name and begin to sue all of them

Coercion by a Rock Band into AA, NA and to stop taking medication? The Strange but true story of Great White and Jack Russell - March 2013

In a very strange course of events the rock band "Great White" ( attempted to coerce its once lead singer Jack Russell into going to AA and NA meetings every week and to stop taking medications such as "prednisone" a steroid and "methadone" a Doctor prescribed maintenance medicine before he is allowed back, despite being hospitalized and in Rehab many times before. Mr. Russell even ended up marrying one of his nurses.

Coerced to be There

To the tune of Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer: Tommy got caught driving drunk Placed on probation He knows it's all's bunk, so bunk Gina is no longer confined Ordered by the man, she gets her slip signed For court - for court She says: We've got to hold on and keep coming back It doesn't make a difference If we fake it or crack We've been mandated and that's so whack For court - we'll give it a hack Nooo...we don't really care Woah...coerced to be there Take my hand and we'll chant the Lord's Prayer Woah...coerced to be there Tommy brought his I-Pad to play

The true story of a Hit man hired from Narcotics Anonymous who killed Dr. Gulam Moonda on a highway in Ohio May 13, 2005

Fatal Vows (S1): #7 The Moonda Case on the Crime and Investigation network ( portrays a real life problem with allowing 12 Step groups into your loved ones life and telling them all of your darkest secrets. The 2005 story of the murder of Dr. Gulam Moonda in Youngstown, Ohio and others have been hitting the news with ever increasing frequency, and they all seem to start in Rehab ....
Fatal Vows: The drug addict wife who hired a killer - The Moonda Case

Things liberal artists say

Post your favorites:

A letter complaining about the religious nature of AA

This has been posted before, maybe a year ago or so, but I can't find it, so here goes again. I think it succinctly covers the heretical nature of AA. I wonder how many church basements would still have AA meetings in them if the clergy knew the truth? Any comments Larry? "Dear Father XXX

How to report the news and maintain Anonymity of a famous AA member in Birmingham England - March 2013

Mum charged with turning up for AA meeting drunk with child By Jeanette Oldham 25 Mar 2013 Well-known figure in the West Midlands entertainment industry arrested at home A mum has been charged with being drunk in charge of a child after turning up at an evening AA meeting with her toddler daughter. The 40-year-old, a well-known figure in the West Midlands entertainment industry, was arrested at her home following the incident at a city church.

You can have a copy of the "signed" "Original" non-conference approved "Big Book" that was bought by Ken Roberts for $992,000 signed by someone making money off AA for only $125

Imagine the shock and awe from newcomers as you pull out a copy of the original monolith manuscript that was promised to the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous by the person that Lois Wilson gave it too, then sold numerous times for around a million dollars by the recovery whores of Alcoholics Anonymous!


The Book That Started It All: The Original Working Manuscript

First Printing September 2010 stated


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