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Stolen Boniface

Not saying this was done by steppers, but one might look at whether the church hosts any AA meetings:

More on why psychiatry is bullshit

This is from Eanest Kurtz's website:

Ernest Kurtz received his Ph.D. in the History of American Civilization from Harvard University in 1978. His doctoral dissertation was published as Not-God: A History of Alcoholics Anonymous.

So his doctorate is in liberal arts, not medicine or science.


If there are AA supporting professonals, such as doctors and such, I would like to debate with you on this forum or in some other public venue such as a call in show or whatever.

Remembering Bill C. (Help needed)

I think about Bill C. a lot. I think about his hopes, dreams, and accomplishments. I wonder what sort of man he was and could have become. It breaks my heart to think that he is widely known as the guy who stole shit from Bill Wilson's testing lab, err, apartment. I somehow doubt his story is accurately described in the Big Book. If anyone had any info on Bill C., even his last name, it would mean the world to me if you shared it.

Thanks so much.

Why Fred Phelps was excommunicated.

According to the dogma of the Westboro Baptist Church, no member of the church is supposed to die. Rather, they believe they will be taken directly to Heaven. Unfortunately, Phelps, being old an all, was going to die soon. Thus, rather than acknowledge they were wrong about no church member dying, they excommunicated his ass so they could cling to the claim that no true WBC member has ever died.

Remebering Florance Rankin

Goodbye Florance R.
We all remember who you are
You tried so hard to deprogram
And now you're shining like a star
You did all of your stepwork
And they stole your Victory story
They put you in their Big Book
And they took your inventory

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a stepper on the fringe
Never knowing how to pull back
When you're on a binge
And you would have liked to moderate
But it was such a sin
Your candle burned out long ago
Without a chance to win

Steppers literally trivializing Bill C's suicide

Need something fun to make your AA group's newsletter more entertaining? How about a Big Book trivia section where you can make light of real life AA deaths!

List of AA holy sites

1). Stepping stones

2). Wit's end

3). Bill W's grave

4). Nantucket Whaling Museum

5). The Wilson House (Bill's birthplace where that dude got a DUI on the lawn recently)

6). Dr. Bob's house

7). Abby of Fulda (Boniface's tomb)

8). Dr. Bob's grave

9). Mayflower Hotel

Any others?

Nantucket Whaling Museum

This is one of the most important, yet often overlooked AA historical sites. For it is here where steppers claim Bill Wilson's superpowers were supposedly confirmed. I always shook my head at meeting whenever steppers bragged about this spot, as the fascinated newcomers gasped, "wow, amazing!"

David Morrow

David Morrow was born in 1824 and married Elisa C. Bunker before he enlisted. The muster role from the USS Hartford dated July 1, 1864 notes one:

"David Morrow, quarter gunner, enlisted September 18, 1863, in Boston, for 3 years, first served on USS Ohio, born Salem, Massachusetts, age 39, black eye color, black hair, dark complexion."

Steppers, riddle me this

On one hand steppers make a big deal about death and dying, while on the other hand they maintain that the dead still exist and can remain in direct communication with the living. For example, steppers believe that Bill Wilson was in contact with not only Boniface, but also other spirits such as two sailors named Pettingill and Quigley. Now, no matter how long we live, we'll be dead for much, much longer. So really, what's the big deal about drinking yourself to death if death is merely a transition to some other realm where we can still communicate with the living world?

Was Boniface evil?

As we all know, AA claims that Bill Wilson received supernatural guidance from St. Boniface when Wilson elaborated on Steppism in the 12&12. According to this site, Boniface was one of the ten most evil people in the 8th century. What say you?


Hilarious exchange

Ok, so I was doing some research on AA on the white nationalist website Stormfront (no, I'm not a white nationalist). Anyway, I cracked up at this:

Poster 1:

Alcoholism, as well as other addictions are progressive. Sadly unless arrested it will get worse. Certainly as a first instance seek a medical opinion on where you are at this point in time.

Escapism via alcohol will eventuly fail to work.

Poster 2:

Justifying liberal arts and AA

Can you notice some of the similarities between this article and some of those written by AA boosters such as George Vaillant?

My oldest child, Emma, just returned to campus after a long holiday break to finish up her last semester of college.

But even before she has put the final period on her senior thesis, friends and family have begun bombarding me with one question: What is she going to do after graduation?

Rounding out the edges of life

Stepper Man v2

To Neil Young's Southern Man:

Stepper man
better lose your head
Don't forget
what your Big Book said
Stepper change
gonna exterminate
Now your 12 Steps
You'll laminate
Stepper man

I saw coffee
and I saw coins
AA gurus
In pigeons' loins.
Stepper man
when will you
Let me join?
Cause slips need signing'
and Billshit lying
How long? How long?



How can AA claim on one hand to be nonsectarian, while on the other hand claim to be inspired from supernatural communications with Boniface, who was decidedly sectarian (he martyred himself for the Church):

Steppin' My Life Away

Eddie Had-it ~ Stepping My Life Away

Well the 12 Step pedagogue
bore me with a drunkalogue
smoke break up ahead
slow me down makin no time
Gotta keep ranting

those 12 Step vipers
blowin' out a gasket
keepin perfect rhythm
till it's time to pass the basket
gotta keep chanting

Ooh I'm stepping my life away, looking for a better way, for me
Ooh I'm stepping my life away, living Bill Wilson's way

Liberal Arts Overload

If I were going to write a parody simultaneously mocking both AA and liberal artistry, I would have written something like this:


A Happy Story

So I was watching this old video where Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) appeared on a The Jerry Springer Show featuring kids with AIDS.

Razor tells the kids that it's not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up, and that if you never give up, you never lose.

I was thinking, "fuck, these kids are probably dead now." Well, I did a Google search, and found this about the girl named Hydeia:

What if your Client Doesn't Go to AA?

This liberal artist performs court-ordered evaluations. Can you smell the smug air of superiority?

What If Your Client Doesn't Go To AA?

Psychiatrist gives tips on how to get patients into AA

Another gem from these esteemed doctors of medicine:

This article originally appeared in The Carlat Psychiatry Report -- an unbiased monthly covering all things psychiatry.
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Speaking of Hell...

Tyson goes to AA

In AA or not, I've always loved this guy:

Stage one: Coercion



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