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First large-scale study to address treatment of prescription opioid addiction

I think it was here on OPF but recently someone posted a desire to be involved in a study about opiod dependence.

I just came across this article this morning, and they have studied prescription pain killer addicts. Participants were treated for free with Buprenorphine and counseling.

This study is already complete but according to the article they indicate the need to do more. If you want to be a part of a long term study (free treatment perhaps), I'd contact them:

13 Stepping

grampahaas recently posted about witnessing a young woman getting taken advantage of AA. In response to that I want to share an "article" I just wrote on the same topic:

(much of the formatting was removed in the copy/past transfer)

The 13th Step and Related Crime in Alcoholics Anonymous

If you’re addicted to religion, God, or even AA....

Episcopalian Priest, Father Leo Booth might have an answer for you. He is a a recovered alcoholic, co-dependent, religious addict and spiritual abuser, and author of: When God Becomes a Drug.

Some Symptoms of Religious Addiction:

ST Blog Closed

For those that are wondering about the blog Stinkin Thinkin, here is link that might answer your questions.


I regularly posted there and will miss it.

Best to all,
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Coming To Vancouver

The Vancouver Sun – November 19th, 1932

“The Oxford Group party is coming to Vancouver in January.

SMART Recovery

SWFAS introduces 'Smart Recovery' self-help program

October 4, 2011 – Naplesnews.com


“A new self-help recovery program that is the first of its kind in Southwest Florida is being introduced by Southwest Florida Addiction Services (SWFAS) for individuals with addictive disorders of all types.

Doctor Hits Oxford Group. -The Vancoucer Sun - Dec. 29th, 1932

This is an old article criticizing the Oxford Group.

I couldn’t find reference to this article in the Orange Papers and thought I would share it here.

I thought it very interesting that an M.D. in the 1930’s wrote about the principles of the Oxford Group as being negative. With the similarities that those principles have with AA principles, I wonder AGAIN why there are so many professionals that agree with this kind of therapy (AA) now.

Compliments of Marietta

Man gets 5 years in prison for Ponzi scheme
Sep. 17, 2011

"Richard Horace Mayfield was sentenced Friday to five years in prison after being convicted of running a Ponzi scheme for more than 20 years.


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