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Finally found out what a "real alcoholic" is.

Janus has used the 'real alcoholic' or 'real addict' defense over a dozen times in her tenure on the opf. In another thread that she started about mystical experiences, she expands on what the addict is really searching for. In a nutshell, the real addict is one that desires an ego deflating spiritual experience, which of course she claims AA and NA provide.


Bill Wilson rips the wife

We are all familiar with the degrading and chauvinistic chapter "To Wives" from the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book. Forum contributor 'The New Black' made a post recently that reminded me of that chapter when he mentioned how the 12 Steps aren't even about alcoholism.

Slimy - that is the word!


An oldie, but a goodie that hasn't been posted on the orange website yet. Written by a Catholic Priest and a good description of religious contradictions of AA. This was written early on in AA history. I commend people that penetrated AA's mask of "spiritual, not religious". This is a good reference for anyone that would like to describe some complications the 12 Step approach could have on many different religious people.

From the ECCLESIASTICAL REVIEW, Vol. 106: 285-288, April, 1942, by Paul L. O'Connor, S.J.

Works Publishing Stockholder Reports

More documents from Works Publishing, 6/30/1941, regarding profits, assets, shareholders, and future expectations for the Alcoholics Anonymous text.

Interesting findings:

Greetings on our Tenth Christmas ~from Bill

I typed out just a few lines from this little gem; a letter from Bill Wilson to "All All Members".

There isn't anything written about alcoholism recovery or sobriety, like in the steps (or spoken of at meetings) for that matter. The religious overtones are overwhelmingly present, as usual for AA and Billy.

12 Step member commits suicide


12 Step member commits suicide, but family thanks Judge that sent him there?

24 year old David Julian Chalmers took his own life (2007) less than two weeks before he graduated from Albany Drug Court. David was posthumously granted his diploma which was accepted by his parents.

The Alcoholics Anonymous Judge, Rogellio Flores, re: Karla Brada, Eric Allen Earle

Rogelio Flores is the judge that sentenced Erica Allen Earle, a violent convicted felon, to AA. Earle had been sentenced to AA by the judicial system a couple of dozen times and admitted to using it to pick of fragile women to take advantage of. After seducing Karla Brada and financial breaking her, Eric Earle beat her then later murdered her in a drunken rage.

Judge Flores was also an elected Class A trustee for the General Service Board of AA. Below is a historical account of Flores found on the AA website (it was also released to the press).

Youngsters and teenagers in AA, despite denial by brainwashed members

All too often AA trolls come along and claim that children or young people don’t go to meetings and carry on try to defend the dangers of the program as it might relate to adults. I personally have seen children, teenagers, and young people at meetings on a regular basis. Some were there because their parents didn’t have a sitter for them but the bulk that I have seen were members themselves. The followings is some back-up to show that young people are regulars in the program.

Orange..links on website

Hi Orange,

I'm unable to open http://www.orange-papers.org/orange-root570.html#Dinger

I found the link @ "Added more documentation about the Catholic Church banning Dr. Frank Buchman's Oxford Group and Moral Re-Armament, here."

I'm interested in reading that and also want to give you a heads up.


love me some antidepressants

And anyone that gets in my way just watch out.

That is my reality and why I am REALLY here. Anyone else like to share their truth and stop hiding behind the anti-aa agenda?

Getting honest one day at a time…one hour at a time!

Controversy over AA leadership....AA has a Responsibility!

Controversy over Alcoholics Anonymous leadership.

AA has the responsibility to adequately serve, inform, and protect their members!

AA also has the responsibility to inform the same societies of which they also recruit for membership of AA's: religious components, potential dangers, and results of studies regarding the successes (lack of).

Must Read: Erin's Story. The Devil of AA

Must Read: Erin's Story. The Devil of AA.

I stumbled onto a story about a girl named Erin just a bit ago. I came across it in the weirdest way; while looking for the an old Alcoholics Anonymous pamphlet (1950's) titled the Devil in AA.

That's why I've added a byline to "Erin's Story" ...."The Devil of AA"

Why do we reach out for help?

I guess we are all different but I suspect that most people seek help getting clean or sober is because of the negative ways their addiction affects them. That's why I did. Initially I set out for a medical, or assisted, detox. It was there and in the next few weeks that I learned that I wouldn't be able to get by without involved treatment, ie a lifetime of 12 step participation. That info was shoved at me with 'tag for my toe' attached, just in case I didn't agree to do it (It is by fear and intimidation that it works!).

More AA Propaganda: Check it out but beware, Stepper spouting and slogans galore. Bring a barf bag..

I briefly read through the text on this website which is promoting and seeking monetary support for a new film in the making.

It is clearly an advertisement for AA and 12 Step Recovery (religious dogma) which is also against the traditions of AA (that are broken regularly).

Hazelden is providing materials to package along with this film will be made available to public schools, Universities, Community Colleges, Prisons and Military Installations.

The intent of this film is to INFORM

AA group breaks traditions and get filmed.

Alcoholics Anonymous Tradition 6:

"An A.A. group ought never endorse, finance, or lend the A.A. name to any related facility or outside enterprise."

Uhhhh...But isn't this against AA Tradition?

March 16, 1965
A motion picture crew breaks during the filming of an Alcoholics Anonymous group for a government-sponsored film series on alcohol rehabilitation.

And this?

Charles Manson is the son of early Alcoholics Anonymous Member

Born in November, 1934 to Kathleen Maddox in Cincinnati Ohio, General Hospital. His real father is thought to have been Colonel Walter Scott, however Kathleen married William Manson.

Kathleen (imprisoned in 1939) was an alcoholic who attended AA meetings in the early 1940’s. Even though she attended many meetings and met another husband (she had several) Lewis ?, at a Ohio meeting. Kathleen was able to maintain periodic sobriety but Lewis did not. Neither were long time members.

I wonder if young Charlie (8-12 years old) attend meetings with his parents?

1952 News: Bill Wilson brings amazing spiritual experience.

Buffalo Courier Express, May 31, 1952

Norman Vincent Peale tells the story about Bill Wilson's "strange power" to cure alcoholism.

"That man in Brooklyn was un-
known then; he is famous now as
'Bill,' the founder of Alcoholics
Anonymous. He talked to my friend
from the waterfront about his theory
that people who had been through
the same problem could help each

And then Bill said, "but, most
important, you have got to put your
trust in a Higher Power."

"Fake it till you make it" and "Act as if"

"Act As If"

Easter Sunday, B.C.

A viral "news story" published on DailyCurrant.com claims that former Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin proclaimed during a recent TV interview that "We need to return Easter back to the way it was when Jesus was alive."


Sarah Palin claimed today that Jesus Christ celebrated Easter during his time on Earth.

Interesting article about "SBNR", Spiritual but not religious.

Below I've pasted the beginning of the article. One thing I've noticed is that they seem to try and trick people with the numbers (first paragraph), to make it appear that there are more supposedly "spiritual but not religious" people than there really is. Perhaps a better math person can point out the specifics.

Heroin Addict Sentenced Differently....Not AA

An Ohio judge that sentenced a 30 year old woman to receive a shot of Vivitrol each month instead of jail time. Vivitrol is an opiate-blocking medication that reduces cravings and causes precipitated withdraw if an opiate is used. Any thoughts about this? Certainly better than 12 Step groups or a 12 Step Rehab but it is forcing a medication on a person. I haven't seen many news articles about this kind of sentencing but I'm thinking that research into this would be interesting.

Road Less Traveled author Peck, AA thoughts

Not too long ago a post of mine mentioned Peck and a few members here who had been a "fan" of his were discouraged by his AA interests. I just came across an interview Peck had with Playboy Magazine, 1991. The q&a was about Alcoholics Anonymous. Here are the few relative paragraphs: " Playboy: You've said that the success of "The Road Less Traveled" is connected to the proliferation of groups such as A.A. Why are A.A. and its offshoots so popular?

Narcotics Anonymous

Hi Everyone, After coming across a random discussion about geographic changes being bad for "recovery", I recalled that this reference was from NA. "Some uf us sought spiritual guidance through churches, different religions, meditation and cultism. Some of us sought cure by geographical change, blaming our surroundings and living situations for our problem. This attempt just gave us new people to take advantage of" ~NA Basic Text

Justice Allows Prayer at Government Meetings

Just today the Supreme Court gave limited approval for prayer to be conducted in New York town board meetings. Very odd and I'm surprised by this ruling. Supreme Court? Prayer is OK? What's going on in this country.... "(CNN) -- The Supreme Court gave limited approval on Monday to public prayers at a New York town's board meetings, citing the country's history of religious acknowledgment in the legislature.

The profit behind 12-step treatment

May 3rd, 2014 Bain Capital's grip on addiction--The profit behind 12-step treatment by Jamie Wendland This article is 3 pages long and I've only posted the first page here. Use the link for the rest. http://www.opednews.com/articles/1/Bain-Capital-s-grip-on-add-by-Jamie-W...

AA Keeping Safe

An anonymous member in Washington explains how the group tries to keep members safe from predators. Specifically a 13 year old girl.

Did they notify AA? Yes
Did the GSO or AAWS intervene? No.
The group was told to handle it at their discretion. So.....
Did anyone from the group call the police? No!

As we all know there aren't any safety procedures set or guidelines to follow. If other members don't see or aren't watchful, or if there isn't an alert “old-timer" member that cares enough to step in, the predators continue to victimize.

Alcoholics Anonymous' Online Store

https://b2c.aaws.org/default.aspx Alcoholics Anonymous' Online Store Although I only go to the aa.org occasionally to track down a quote or something, I thought I new what they were up to at least mainstream. I didn't know they had an online store/website.

AAWS Highlights

Interesting read that made me raise my eyebrows. http://www.msca09aa.org/documents/Reports/2013-03-15%20AAWS%20Highlights... AAWS met with Gil Kerlikowske, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (the “Drug Czar”). Mr. Kerlikowske sat in on AA's Board Meeting in March, 2013. The visit "offered an opportunity for exchanging information and exploring ways to cooperate. ...Director

The Anonymous People

Documentary on the "disease" and "recovery" movement. Has anyone seen this? Can it be found online anywhere? Here is a link to the Trailer https://gathr.us/films/the-anonymous-people


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