Doctors and their 'Medication'

An interesting article about the heroin epidemic in the US and its relationship to prescription 'medication'. It is an endless merry-go-round prescription drugs to heroin to prescription drugs to heroin. Doctor to dealer to doctor to dealer .... and on and on it goes.

Some quotes regarding the treatment received from doctors:

Off Topic: Magnetized marble runs

This is totally off-topic, but fun: magnetized marble runs. You've got to see it to comprehend it.

The Mercy Girls -- "Christian" mental health treatment

This is disturbing reading. Evangelists -- "Mercy Ministries" -- rebranded themselves and went into the mental health business. They set up a residential treatment center where the patient was denied Xanax for anxiety, and told to pray. "
The worst: It's legal.

The Original Captain Tripps

Interesting article from High Times about OSS agent and LSD advocate AL Hubbard.

"To fathom HELL or soar angELIC,

Just take a pinch of psycHEdELIC."

Psychoanalysis is dead Implications to 12 steps work

This is an old, but interesting article, and although AA is not mentioned in the article, I think one can plainly see some of the implications it would have for AA, as well as the American Mental health industry. Wondering what yo all think about it.

Analysis: Antibiotic apocalypse

Analysis: Antibiotic apocalypse

We are heading for the post-antibiotic age with frightening speed. Some really nasty germs are evolving resistance to antibiotics, and soon the antibiotics will not work.

More of a case for leaving the EU

(Another Extract from the Labour Go leaflet) "The EU's free movement of labour rules are exploiting workers, allowing unscrupulous employers to import cheap labour and force down UK wage rates. " - Kelvin Hopkins MP "The Single Market was designed deliberately to allow employers to transfer cheap labour across national borders." Dennis Skinner MP How the EU threatens our National Health Service In 2011 the EU Clinical Trials Directive was sponsored and driven through by big pharmaceutical multinationals to squeeze out smaller and cheaper new drug producers.

The Case for leaving the EU

(Extract from Labour Go leaflet) The EU's latest attack on workers rights - TTIP "Anyone who thinks the EU is protecting UK workers in 2016 is living in the past" Ian Hodson BFAWU President The EU is delivering 6 body-blows to UK Workers Rights Six actions by the EU and the European Judges are delivering hammer blows to workers here in the UK: *Zero hours contracts art being promoted under EU Flexible Labour Market rules. *Collective bargaining has been attacked and weakened in Greece. Ireland, Portugal and Romania as an EU bailout condition.

Leave Campaign News

More than 300 leading business figures have put their name to a letter to the Daily Telegraph, calling on the UK to leave the European Union as our membership is undermining competitiveness. They state that the EU is stifling Britain’s 5.4 million businesses with red tape at a cost of £600 million a week. The signatories argue that the UK will thrive outside the EU, as we are the fifth largest economy in the world, are home to three of the world’s top 10 universities and have ‘an unrivalled reputation for innovation and creativity’.


Daily Express 17/05/016 And getting out of the EU would slash bill by £1.2 billion. Mass immigration is costing British taxpayers £17billion a year, a bombshell report warned last night. But it said the UK could save £1.2billion by quitting the EU. A detailed study of the costs of migration to Britain set against its benefits showed an overwhelmingly negative impact on the Treasury. The burden of public services, benefits and pensions for migrants and their families far outstrips the income from what they pay in taxes.


Daily Mail 17/05/2016 Leaked letter reveals PM hatched anti-Brexit plot …..while still telling voters he could campaign to leave. A pact between David Cameron and big business to scare Britain into staying in the EU was exposed last night. A leaked letter suggests the Prime Minister was plotting with a multinational firm on how to hammer home the Remain case while still claiming he was prepared to campaign to leave. He had been telling the Commons that he ‘ruled nothing out’ unless he won concessions from the EU.

Visa –free Turkey ‘terror threat’

Headlines ‘Daily Telegraph’ 17/5/2016 Terrorists are more likely to attack European countries as a result of a controversial deal to allow Turkish citizens to travel across the continent without visas, the EU has admitted. Foreign terrorists and organised criminals are “ expected” to seek Turkish passports to reach continental Europe “as soon as” the visa waiver programme comes into force, a European Commission report said.

World War Three

Just when you think Cameron can’t possibly ‘scare’ the British Public into voting to stay in the fascist EU anymore…….he once again takes Scaremongering to new and higher levels of excellence and ups the stakes ‘project fear’ to astronomic proportions. A British Prime Minister has told the British people that leaving the EU could result in World War 3. Is that person sane? Even the Presenters on Sky News had a laugh about that threat.

Ian Botham joins the Leave Campaign

Dear Friend, Did you see the official funding figures? I’m speechless. The pro-EU Remain campaign has raised over £6.8 million, to our £2.7 million. That means they’ve got more than twice as much money to spend on their propaganda. Worse still they’re being funded by big American investment banks like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley. Remind me why it’s any of Goldman Sachs’ business how Britain votes in the referendum?!

Arthur Scargill

Arthur Scargill has finally come out and backed leaving the EU. I was born and bred on the North Nottinghamshire Coalfield, raised at a 'pit'village and of Coal Mining stock on the English side of the family. Years ago I too worked underground as a Coal Miner and was a member of Arthur Scargills National Union of Mineworkers (the NUM), the most militant of the British Trade Unions by far. I was also a member of the Labour Party those days. I also agree with Arthur Scargill when he says he doesn’t understand how anybody who claims to be a ‘socialist ‘ can back the EU.

‘Jails, Institutions or Death’ words of wisdom from the "bibles" of AA written (plagiarized?) by Bill Wilson in the "Big Book" and 12&12"

"Each AA member is to follow the 12 steps to the best of their ability or face jails, institutions or death. Therefore, we are disciplined by the spiritual principals of the steps and a higher power of our own understanding. Just as every AA member takes the steps to the best of their ability, each AA group as a whole must follow the traditions…

Expose of Scientology by FATHER of Scientology leader

This is very interesting:

The viewpoint is very unusual: The author is the father of the current Scientology leader, David Miscavige. The father said of his son that he proves the truth of the old saying about, "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Fascinating. The comments are good too.

Apropos of Nothing, Really

I just found this to be so very cool. Some kind of Chechen Sufi thing, I gather.

OPF Membership declines for 3rd year in a row

Analysis and observation reveals that OPF membership has dropped 95% over the 3 year period in the Orange Park Study.

Membership is down to the Orangered Orangie Old-Timers. These OOOTs are the hard-core members of the Orange Cult.

McDonald's vs Treatment

Just saw some recent stats that put the number of McDonald's restaurants in the USA at 14,157 and the number of substance abuse treatment facilities at 14,148. That's...
14,157 McDonald's, and
14, 148 Treatment facilities

I think that's worth thinking about.

North Korea Cracks Down On Smoking But Kim Jong Un Still Puffs Away

This is both amusing and outrageous hypocrisy. "Dear Leader" gets to smoke all he wants while everybody else is supposed to quit smoking. I guess he gets to smoke because he is "special".
Reminds me of Bill Wilson.

Cameron's Turkey Deal means that the UK's new border is with Syria and Iraq

We send £350 million a week to the EU – enough to build a new hospital every week 250,000 EU migrants a year come to the UK and five new countries are in the queue to join – including Albania, Serbia, and Turkey – it’s out of control and damages the NHS It’s safer to take back control and spend our money on our priorities Imagine if we Vote Leave in 49 days’ time… We can take back control of key decisions affecting our security services from the European Court. New EU border proposals make us less safe

Leave the EU 23rd June

If you don't care about people (ie you are an unscrupulous Businessman or Landlord, Politician etc ) then at least spare a thought for innocent animals:- 'The EU thinks that live transport of livestock for slaughter is not inhumane. The UK wants to ban it but the EU says we can't. Banning this practice would be illegal under EU law!'


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