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My Story: I Was Accused of Being an Addict

Here's an interesting and different point of view:

"Calling me an addict just because I treat my pain with opioids is simply cruel.

How desperately I wish I were “just an addict”.

"On the basis of reports by addicts, I can say that a ‘fix’ does indeed exceed in quality any known sexual pleasure."

"On the basis of reports by addicts, I can say that a ‘fix’ does indeed exceed in quality any known sexual pleasure."

“Studies of the reaction addicts have to a single dose of morphine reveal that many experience a feeling of exhilaration akin to an orgasm discharged in the abdominal region."

"It is entirely possible that the intensity of this pleasure exceeds any pleasure known to non-addicts."

Never hate your enemy......

Somebody said 'Never hate your affects your judgement.' I do agree with Orange, constant personal attacks on individuals does not help people to deprogram from 12 cult indoctrination. But I find it extremely hard not to 'hate my enemy.' Particularly with this EU thing, but more importantly with regard to the OPF, the stepper cult. I've had a very nasty experience with the stepper cult and have seen people directly die as a result of this lying scare-mongering, exploitive indoctrination......and all these stepper cult gurus can say is 'prove it.'

Sex offender arrested for stalking woman he met at an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting in Berkley, Callifornia AA General Service Area 06 (CNCA) Alameda County

Sex offender set to enter plea after stalking, threats

July 28, 2016 1:03 pm by Emilie Raguso

A convicted sex offender who left “disturbing” notes for a Berkeley woman he met through Alcoholics Anonymous is set to enter a plea Monday after being charged with stalking by the Alameda County district attorney’s office.

According to court papers, 58-year-old Carl Jones left notes for the woman in early July after they met at AA in June and “developed a friendship to help each other with recovery.”

Another cult pretending to be a charity

Notice many of the usual cult characteristics like suppression of dissent, demands for unwavering loyalty, and demands that you are in for your whole life, and the cult is more important than your family.
Also unquestionable dogma, and the inner circle and the outer circle, and hidden goals.

Whatever you do unto the least of my little ones...

Jesus Christ is reputed to have said "Whatever you do unto the least of my little do unto me" (No doubt many people can quote which line and verse). Maybe its about time some US Judges and US/UK Alcohol Treatment Therapists start to contemplate those words before they mandate or advise some other victim to become a member the 12 step cult for life

title = treatment rank or why does janus enable aa financial abuse

Treatment Modality Rank % Excellent
Brief interventions 1 53
Motivational enhancement 2 50
GABA agonist (Acamprosate) 3 20
Community Reinforcement 4.5 71
Self-change manual (Bibliotherapy) 4.5 53
Opiate antagonist (Naltrexone) 6 0

Ironic quote of Carl Jung's

Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections

“Schizophrenia was considered incurable. If one did achieve some improvement with a case of schizophrenia, the answer was that it had not been REAL schizophrenia" -my emphasis.

Perhaps Bill read this and decided it was a good argument against alcoholics getting sober outside of AA. That and "denial" being a symptom of alcoholism are such absurd arguments that I can't believe they are ever accepted. Are they? LOL

Read this for the comments section

This article isn't in itself saying anything new on the topic of addiction being a disease, however, the comments section underneath the article is fascinating. It contains the most varied collection of opinions on addiction I have ever come across. It pretty much covers the whole spectrum of opinions on whether or not addiction is a disease and whether or not the 12 Step Program is helpful/dangerous etc. and everything in between.

Stepper Cult Tip

Don't ask a doorknob to give you spiritual advice when you've dropped an Acid might just do that

(Sick) Stepper Cult Joke

When is a lying, scare-mongering, control freak and sexual predator.....NOT a lying scare-mongering, control freak and sexual predator? When they are a 12 step spiritual guru and 12 step life coach

Off Topic - The good in people, Inmates in Parker County Jail, Texas break out of cell to save Officer having a heart attack. AA General Service Area 66 Sanctity of Life.

(CNN)A group of Texas inmates are being hailed as heroes after they bust out of a holding cell -- to save a corrections officer's life.
The Parker County Sheriff's Office just released security camera footage of the June 23 incident.

List of reputable Doctors who claim Addiction is not a Disease

Dr. Stanton Peeles says addiction is not a disease.
Dr. Mark Willengbring says addiction is a disease
Dr. Lance Dodes says addiction is not a brain disease nor a DSM diagnosis
Dr. Gabor Mate says addiction is a disease
Dr. Marc Lewis says addiction is not a disease
Dr. John Kelly says addiction is a disease
Dr. Carl Hart says addiction is not a brain disease
Dr. Marvin Seppella says addiction is a disease
Dr. Gene Heyman says addiction is not a disease
Dr. Lee Ann Kaskutas says addiction is a disease

B.I.T.E cult awareness.

If you attend alot of AA meetings, watch the posted video and aswer all the questions honestly.

Caroline Aherne RIP

It is with great sadness that I heard of the death of Caroline Aherne from Cancer at the age of 52 as the main story on the News at the weekend. She was a truly great comedian and always managed to have me laughing fit to burst, whether as Mrs Metron or in the Royle Family on TV. Heaven will be far funnier with her in it. Thank you Caroline for hours of laughter, even in my depths of alcoholism and drug addiction always managed to make me laugh and I like to laugh.....thanks

AA Tradition 8 as first presented by Bill Wilson in the A.A. Grapevine, April 1946. Why was Tradition 8 written and what does it have to do with AA 12 Steps? Were Bill W and Dr. Bob compensated for 12th Step Work?

8. Alcoholics Anonymous should remain forever non-professional. We define professionalism as the occupation of counseling alcoholics for fee or hire. But we may employ alcoholics where they are going to perform those full-time services for which we might otherwise have to engage nonalcoholics. Such special services may be well recompensed. But personal Twelfth Step work is never to be paid for.


Somme Centenary

Its a hundred years yesterday since the 'bloodiest day' in British Military History.....the Battle of the Somme. At 7.30 am 1st July 1916 the men went over the top, by the end of the day 19240 of these men had died. There have been remembrance events across the UK and France. The Battle raged for a 141 days during which time a million men died on all sides. The name Somme has come to be synonymous with the senseless slaughter of the Great War. It is good these men and their ultimate sacrifice are always remembered every year

Russell Brand Full Interview for promoting AA/NA

At about 8:10 Peter Hitchens destroys Brand. Personally I am of the opinion that drugs should be purchased at the Pharmacy as long as you can prove your age, pay a tax and sign a waiver, but I sure love the way Hitchens destroys Brand, and the highlights the fact that the Rehabs don't work either.

Referendum + day 5

Well its day 5 after Britain voted to leave the EU and there has been NO World War 3, no signs of any Martians or other aliens invading the Earth, all the kittens have NOT exploded and the world has not ended. Are we now safe from the impending doom promised by the Remain Camp?.....or should we still hold our breath? Over to you Janus

RIP to my friend

Just heard a friend and former drinking partner of mine has died. He left the chip pan on and burned himself alive when intoxicated. We hope he was so drunk that he did not feel any pain when he passed over.

ASAM plan to have doctors drug test Almost everyone using non- FDA approved testing

This is appalling. ASAM is so crooked that they should all get busted and put out of business.

ASAM plan to have doctors drug test Almost everyone using non- FDA approved testing


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